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My Kind of Girl


My Kind of Girl




Candace Shaw



© December 2014 by Candace Shaw


Edited by Melissa M. Ringsted



Shaw Press

Atlanta, Georgia


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Dr. Sean Arrington loves his family, patients,
and the ladies. With no interest in settling down with one woman,
he dates women—who like him—just want to have fun with no
commitment and no strings attached—unless they like being tied up.
Literally. However, when he lands his eyes on the cute-dimpled,
quirky botanist Traci Reed, something tugs at his heart and he
figures rules can be broken.

Traci has been infatuated with the
rivetingly handsome bad boy since his mother showed her Sean’s
picture a few years ago. When he asks her to design the gardens in
his backyard, Traci can’t refuse. After they share a heated first
she can’t believe Sean actually has
feelings for her. She’s drawn to his smooth charisma and intellect;
however, she’s cautious for she knows he prefers his bachelor
lifestyle. Can Sean prove to Traci she’s his kind of girl after

Chapter One

Dr. Sean Arrington groaned as his cell
phone on the nightstand blared through the bedroom. Turning over in
its direction, he opened his eyes slightly and smiled at the pretty
young thang next to him who has cuddled under his arm. He couldn’t
remember her name offhand, but he did remember the wild time they’d
had the night before. Something like Amy or Amber. Maybe it was
Amanda. He decided to use a universal word of

Babe?” he asked in a
groggy tone, wiping the sleep from his eyes as the phone ceased to

Yes?” two female voices
answered cheerfully.

The other voice reminded him that they
weren’t alone, and a wicked grin crossed his face. He looked to his
other side and discovered Amy or Amber’s friend laid with her
double D’s pressed into his bare back as her big, shiny doe eyes
rested on him. She was another PYT—he also couldn’t remember her
name at the moment—whose long, sexy legs were wrapped over his
naked right thigh. The three of them had an erotic time last night,
mostly the ladies as he sat back and watched. He’d met them at an
after party for a local rapper’s concert that he’d counseled. Going
home with two models hadn’t been on the agenda for the evening, but
they’d flirted with him and each other all night.

Can one of you beautiful
ladies hand me my phone?”

The one closest to it slid the phone
off of the nightstand and placed it in his palm.

He glanced at the name of the missed
call. Mother. It was seven o’clock on a Saturday morning. She
rarely called him that early on the weekend, for she knew he slept
in to nine o’clock on the mornings he was able to, and a
concernment formed in his head.

Sean pushed the comforter back—as bras
and panties fell to the floor—and crawled up the middle of the bed.
“Ladies, I need to take this in the other room.”

Plopping on the leather couch in the
girls’ living area, he called his mother back. Sean hoped
everything was okay as his heartbeat raced, and he ran his hand
over his black wavy hair.

Hello, my dear,” she said
in a voice that was way too chipper this early in the morning,
which eased his mind of something being wrong. It also informed him
she’d had her morning coffee. “I just need a favor from my other
favorite son.”

You only have two

And you’re both my
favorites,” Dr. Darla Chase-Arrington explained in a pleasant tone.
“Now, you know your dad is in Nashville at Meharry this weekend for
a medical conference. He drove his car and my Lexus won’t

Relief washed over him. “Oh … I can
call someone to pick it up for you.”

No need. I did that, but
the only other car is your dad’s Corvette, and you know I can’t
drive a stick shift. My orchid class starts at nine at the
Botanical Gardens.”

I can take you,” he said
matter-of-factly. His mother and three sisters, as well as his
sister-in-law, were the only women in his life that came

Thank you. I’d hate to
miss it.”

Stepping over a lace black bra and a
purple, slinky dress, he headed toward the kitchen as the rumblings
in his stomach reminded him it was time to eat. “Mother, you have
five children who all love and adore you. You aren’t missing that
class. We know you love your gardening. I’ll see you around quarter
after eight.”

Perfect. We’ll see you

He opened the refrigerator and
wrinkled his brow when he saw green juice in a container, a few
pieces of fruit, and a box of organic cereal. He preferred eating
healthy as well, but he was in the mood for bacon and

Who is we?”
Oh great. Some of her garden club friends.
The last time he drove them all somewhere his car
smelled like menthol ointment and Chanel Number Five for almost a

Me and four orchids. It’s
the beginning of spring, so it is time to repot them. Don’t worry,
I have newspaper.”

They can ride, too,” he
said, heading back to the bedroom to grab his clothes and
skedaddle. He needed to go home first to shower and change
vehicles. “See you in a few.”

After saying his good-bye, he slid on
his boxers and jeans, which he’d found in the hallway, and jetted
back to the bedroom.

The taller one with a long, jet black
weave walked toward him and handed him his shirt.

Everything okay?” she

Oh yeah. Just gotta

We were hoping to cook you
breakfast and maybe take a shower together,” she purred, running
her hand down his smooth, dark-chocolate muscled stomach. “Relive
last night.”

Sean flashed a smile as she buttoned
up his shirt. “As tempting as that sounds, gotta run an errand with
my mother, but maybe I’ll see you ladies later tonight at your
fashion show.”

We hope so,” they sang in

Sean swiped his keys from the
nightstand and headed toward the door with both naked women on his
heel. Quickly bidding them good-bye, he strolled to his black
Porsche 911.

A few minutes after eight, Sean pulled
into the circular driveway of his parents’ estate in Germantown, a
suburb outside of Memphis. His mother’s orchids and old newspapers
sat on the top step of the wraparound porch and the front door was
wide open. She emerged wearing a pleasant smile that matched his
and his baby sister, Bria’s. Sean stepped out of his Porsche
Cayenne SUV and opened the back door for the plants.

I’ll grab them,” he said,
running up the steps when his mother bent down to pick up the
newspaper. “You just lock up and get settled.”

Darla patted his face. “You’re always
such a chivalrous young man. You’re going to be a wonderful husband
someday. Just like your father.”

Sean chuckled for the thought of that
was just a mere fantasy.

Yeah, maybe one day.” He
shrugged, grabbing the newspapers to spread out on the floor of the
backseat. Unlike all of his siblings who were married and starting
families, he’d rather enjoy his bachelor lifestyle. The women he
dated weren’t the settling down type either, which was perfect for
him. Instead, he placed his focus on family, his patients, and
community projects that included his concern for military veterans.
Being a psychiatrist with his family’s medical practice, Arrington
Family Specialists, he was able to provide assistance to veterans
who were suffering from Post Traumatic Stress.

At age thirty-six, Sean
still hadn’t found the one for him. At one point in his late
twenties, he thought he had and gave up his playboy ways for her.
However, when she continued pressuring him into marriage sooner
than he wanted, it only pushed him away. Afterwards, he stayed
clear of women who were eager to walk down the aisle. Instead, Sean
preferred women who

like him—just wanted to
have fun and hang out. Majority of them were in the modeling or
entertainment industry, therefore they were out of town often and
weren’t looking for a real relationship. If she was available fine.
If not, that was fine, too. He didn’t want to become attached, and
if he had the slightest inkling that they wanted anything more, he
moved on to someone else.

What time do I need to
pick you up?” Sean asked, steering his SUV into the parking lot of
the building that housed the workshop classrooms at the Memphis
Botanical Gardens.

Well, the class is only an
hour and a half. Why don’t you stay?”

He got out and dashed around to open
his mother’s door. “Nah … I’ll help you carry the orchids in. I’ll
just go hang out at the Starbucks up the road.”

Once he had the plants settled on the
work table, his eyes perused the room. Most of the women were in
their early fifties to late sixties. However, there was one young
lady standing in the front chatting with Mrs. Carson, a friend of
his mother’s. He let his eyes inspect the younger woman. She was
short, probably around five foot two. Her shape and stature
reminded him of Chilli from the singing group TLC, and he’d always
found her sexy. However, he preferred tall women with long legs for
days to wrap around his waist or shoulders. At six foot three, he
favored women closer to his height … but there were exceptions to
every rule. The way her khaki Bermuda shorts hugged her hips and
cute, rounded butt, would definitely make him change his mind. Her
golden-brown, smooth body could mesh ideally next to his hard,
chocolate one, and he had to shake his mind free of that as his
manhood stirred at the thought.

Instead, Sean let his eyes continue to
wander over her. The turquoise botanical garden shirt did nothing
to hide the bountiful breasts underneath, and they jiggled when she
laughed. An infectious one that was sincere and hearty. One he
wouldn’t mind hearing again, except the next time he wanted to give
her the reason to. He loved a woman that didn’t mind laughing out
loud. It was the perfect way to relieve stress, and he always
encouraged his patients to laugh more. Her hair was pulled back
into a bouncy, curly ponytail. He had the urge to reach over, drag
off the scrunchie, and glide his fingers through her dark brown

Remembering where he was,
he slid into the seat next to his mother and leaned over to her ear
so no one could hear him. “Who’s the girl with the cute …” Sean
stumbled on his words, stopping abruptly. He definitely couldn’t
in front
of his mother. Suddenly, the vision of loveliness rotated in his
direction. He cleared his throat. She was adorable. “Cute

That’s Traci Reed. She’s
the instructor for the class and a botanist here at the

Oh … that’s Dr. Reed? When
you talk about her I always picture an older lady with a
grey-streaked bun and glasses peering down over her nose.” Not an
endearing, young woman that had piqued his interest to the point of
staying in the class after all. Perhaps repotting orchids could be
fun. Leaning back in the seat, he placed his shades and cell phone
on the table.

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