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My Little Secret

BOOK: My Little Secret
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My Little Secret
Anna J.
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February 9, 2007
Ask Yourself
She feels like melted chocolate on my fingertips. The same color from the top of her head to the very tips of her feet. Her nipples are two shades darker than the rest of her, and they make her skin the perfect backdrop against her round breasts. Firm and sweet like two ripe peaches dipped in Baker's chocolate. They are a little more than a handful and greatly appreciated. Touching her makes me feel like I've finally found peace on earth, and there is no feeling in the world greater than that.
Right now her eyes are closed and her bottom lip is tightly tucked between her teeth. From my viewpoint between her widely spread legs I can see the beginnings of yet another orgasm playing across her angelic face. These are the moments that make it all worthwhile. Her perfectly arched eyebrows go into a deep frown, and her eyelids flutter slightly. When her head falls back I know she's about to explode.
I move up on my knees so that we are pelvis to pelvis.
Both of us are dripping wet from the humidity and the situation. Her legs are up on my shoulders, and her hands are cupping my breasts. I can't tell where her skin begins or where mine ends. As I look down at her and watch her face go through way too many emotions, I smile a little bit. She always did love the dick, and since we've been together she's never had to go without it.
I'm pushing her tool into her soft folds inch by inch as if it were really a part of me, and her body is alive. I say “her tool” because it belongs to her, and I enjoy using it on her. Her arms and legs wrap us in a cocoon of coconut oil and sweat, body heat and moisture, soft moans and teardrops, pleasure and pain, until we seemingly burst into an inferno of hot-like-fire ecstasy. Our chocolate skin is searing to the touch, and we melt into each other, becoming one. I can't tell where she begins . . . I can't tell where I end.
She smiles. Her eyes are still closed and she's still shaking from the intensity. I take this opportunity to taste her lips and to lick the salty sweetness from the side of her neck. My hands begin to explore, and my tongue encircles her dark nipples. She arches her back when my full lips close around her nipple, and I began to suck softly as if she's feeding me life from within her soul.
Her hands find their way to my head and become tangled in my soft wrap, identical to hers, but not as long. I push into her deep, and grind softly against her clit in search of her “J-spot” because it belongs to me, Jaydah. She speaks my name so softly, I barely hear her. I know she wants me to take what she so willingly gave me, and I want to hear her beg for it.
I start to pull back slowly, and I can feel her body tightening up, trying to keep me from moving. One of many soft moans is heard over the low hum of the clock radio that sits next to the bed. I hear slight snatches of Raheem DeVaughn singing about being in heaven, and I'm almost certain he wrote that song for me and my lady.
I open her lips so I can have a full view of her sensitive pearl. Her body quakes with anticipation from the feel of my warm breath touching it, my mouth just mere inches away. I blow cool air on her stiff clit, causing her to tense up briefly, her hands taking hold of my head, trying to pull me closer. At this point my mouth is so close to her, all I have to do is twitch my lips to make contact. But I don't. I want her to beg for it.
My index finger is making small circles against my own clit, my honey sticky between my legs. The ultimate pleasure is giving pleasure, and I've experienced that on both accounts. My baby can't wait anymore, and her soft pants are turning into low moans. I stick my tongue out, and her clit gladly kisses me back.
Her body responds by releasing a syrupy-sweet slickness that I lap up until it's all gone, fucking her with my tongue the way she likes it. I hold her legs up and out to intensify her orgasm because I know she can't handle it that way.
“Does your husband do you like this?” I ask between licks. Before she can answer, I wrap my full lips around her clit and suck her into my mouth, swirling my tongue around her hardened bud, causing her body to shake.
Snatching a second toy from the side of the bed, I take one hand to part her lips, and I ease her favorite toy (The Rabbit) inside her. Wishing that the strap-on I was wearing was a real dick so I could feel her pulsate, I turn the toy on low at first, wanting her to receive the ultimate pleasure. In the dark room the glow-in-the-dark toy is lit brightly, the light disappearing inside her when I push it all the way in.
The head of the curved toy turns in a slow circle while the pearl beads jump around on the inside, hitting up against her smooth walls during insertion. When I push the toy in, she pushes her pelvis up to receive it. My mouth is latched on to her clit like a vise. She moans louder, and I kick the toy up a notch to medium, much to her delight. Removing my mouth from her clit, I rotate between flicking my wet tongue across it to heat it and blowing my breath on it to cool it, bringing her to yet another screaming orgasm, followed by strings of “I love you” and “Please don't stop.”
Torturing her body slowly, I continue to stimulate her clit, while pushing her toy in and out of her in a constant rhythm. When she lifts her legs to her chest I take the opportunity to let the ears on the rabbit toy that we are using do its job on her clit while my tongue finds its way to her chocolate ass. I bite one cheek at a time, replacing each bite with wet kisses, afterward sliding my tongue in between to taste her there. Her body squirming underneath me lets me know I've hit the jackpot, and I fuck her with my tongue there also.
She's moaning, telling me in a loud whisper that she can't take it anymore. That's my cue to turn the toy up high. The buzzing from the toy matches that of the radio, and with her moans and my pants mixed in, we sound like a well-rehearsed orchestra singing a symphony of passion. I allow her to buck against my face while I keep up with the rhythm of the toy, her juices oozing out the sides and forming a puddle under her ass. My lips taste salty-sweet from kissing her body. I'm loving it.
She moans and shakes until the feeling in the pit of her stomach subsides and she is able to breathe at a normal rate. I know exactly how she feels because I get that very same feeling upon orgasm when she's blessing me. She tries to get her head together, rubbing the sides of my body up and down in a lazy motion, and I take that opportunity to milk the rest of her orgasm from her body before I lay back to relax.
Valentine's Day is fast approaching, and I have a wonderful evening planned for the two of us. She already promised me that her husband wouldn't be an issue because he'll be out of town that weekend, and besides all that, they haven't celebrated Cupid's day since the year after they were married, so I didn't even think twice about it. After seven years it should be over for them anyway.
“It's your turn now,” she says to me in a husky, lust-filled voice, and I can't wait for her to take control.
She starts by rubbing her oil-slicked hands over the front of my body, taking extra time around my sensitive nipples before bringing her hands down across my flat stomach. I've removed the strap-on dildo, and am completely naked under her hands.
I can still feel her sweat on my skin, and I can still taste her on my lips. Closing my eyes, I enjoy the sensual massage I'm being treated to. After two years of us making love it's still good and gets better every time.
She likes to take her time covering every inch of my body, and I enjoy letting her. She skips past my love box and starts at my feet, massaging my legs from the toes up.
When she gets to my pleasure point, her fingertips graze the smooth, hairless skin there, quickly teasing me before she heads back down and does the same thing with my other limb. My legs are spread apart and lying flat on the bed with her in between, relaxing my body with ease. A cool breeze from the cracked window blows across the room every so often, caressing my erect nipples, making them harder than before, until her hands warm them back up again.
She knows when I can't take anymore, and she rubs and caresses me until I am begging her to kiss my lips. I can see her smile through half-closed eyelids, and she does what I request. Dipping her head down between my legs, she kisses my lips just as I asked, using her tongue to part them so she can taste my clit. My body goes into mini-convulsions on contact, and I am fighting a battle to not cum—a battle I never win.
“Valentine's Day belongs to us, right?” I ask her again between moans. I need her to be here. V-Day is for lovers. She and her husband haven't been that in ages. I deserve it . . . I deserve her. I just don't want this to be a repeat of Christmas or New Year's Eve.
“Yes, it's yours,” she says between kisses on my thigh and sticking her tongue inside of me. Two of her fingers find their way inside of my tight walls, and my pelvic area automatically bounces up and down on her hand as my orgasm approaches.
“Tell me you love me,” I say to her as my breathing becomes raspy. A fire is spreading across my legs and working its way up to the pit of my stomach. I need her to tell me before I explode.
“I love you,” she says, and she places her tongue in my slit, and I release my honey all over her tongue.
It feels like I am on the Tea Cup ride at the amusement park as my orgasm jerks my body uncontrollably and it feels like the room is spinning. She is sucking and slurping my clit while the weight of her body holds the bottom half of me captive. I'm practically screaming and begging her to stop, and just when I think I'm about to check out of here, she lets go of my clit.
I take a few more minutes to get my head together, allowing her to pull me into her and rub my back. We lay like that for a little while longer, listening to each other breathe, and much to my dismay she slides my head from where it is resting on her arm and gets up out of the bed.
I don't say a word. I just lie on the bed and watch her get dressed. I swear, everything she does is so graceful, like there's a rhythm riding behind it.
Pretty soon she is dressed and standing beside the bed, looking down at me. She smiles and I smile back, not worried because she promised me our lover's day, and that's not quite a week away.
“So, Valentine's Day belongs to me, right?” I ask her again, just to be certain.
“Yes, it belongs to you.”
We kiss one last time, and I can still taste my honey on her lips. She already knows the routine, locking the bottom lock behind her.
Just thinking about her makes me horny, so I pick up her favorite toy to finish the job. Five more days, and it'll be on again.
BOOK: My Little Secret
5.06Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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