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“When you crack open a Chapman book, you are guaranteed pure reading pleasure.”

—Romantic Times

Praise for
Moonlight Warrior
, the first book in her thrilling new Midnight Bay paranormal romance series


“Plenty of good humor. … Lovable characters, a sweet romance, and the grouchy troublemaker dragon combine for a delightful read.”

—Publishers Weekly

“A warmhearted tale of love and magic. … Full of warmth, danger and romantic passion.”

—Romantic Times

“Will knock your socks off. … A must read. … I couldn’t put it down.”

Winter Haven News Chief

“A magically believable story brimming with imaginative scenarios and unforgettable characters.”


“A charming tale with sympathetic and quirky characters. … Great fun.”

—A Romance Review

“Chapman’s romantic fantasy is a sweet and silly mythical mélange with a dark magic center. … Brimming with interesting, well-crafted characters.”

—Reader to Reader

Praise for the charming Highlanders series




“Romantic and magical. … Chapman dishes up all the passion and tender love she’s known for.”

—Romantic Times

“A humorous plot line, self-deprecating characters, and a decided dose of enchantment make this a warm read for the season.”


“Filled with poignant realism interwoven with the enchanting magic of the holiday season. … Will charm and delight readers.”

—Single Titles

“An extraordinary seasonal story full of laughter, romance, and magic.”

—Fresh Fiction



“Liberally spiced with mystery, this story has warmth and genuine love that make it the perfect antidote for stress.”

—Romantic Times



“A mystical, magical book if there ever was one. … A perfect 10!”

—Romance Reviews Today

“Chapman’s amazing ability to meld rich characterization with passion and romantic adventure is unmatched and unforgettable.”

—Romantic Times



“Chapman breathes such life and warmth into her characters, each story is impossible to put down.”

—Romantic Times



“A series that just keeps getting better. … This is Chapman’s most emotional, touching, and powerful novel to date.”

—Romantic Times

“Exciting … Janet Chapman writes a refreshingly entertaining novel.”

—The Best Reviews

And for her latest enthralling contemporary romance …




“Hidden secrets, passion, and a dash of danger all work in perfect harmony to create an outstanding read!”

—Romantic Times

“An absolute joy! Books like this are the reason I like to read in the first place.”

—Fresh Fiction

“Janet Chapman at her very best. The characters are likeable and believable, and the villain is truly vile. … One of the best romance stories—with a hint of mystery—you’ll read this year.”

—Reader to Reader

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Chapter One


race Huntsman would have punched Kenzie Gregor in the face if the bastard hadn’t looked too miserable to defend himself. So he hauled the highland warrior several yards down the driveway instead, out of earshot of the two women getting out of the large black SUV.

“Mind telling me what in hell is going on here?” Trace asked through gritted teeth. “And you damn well better start by explaining why the ‘lost soul’ moving into my house just happens to be your

“If I’d told you I wanted the apartment for Fiona, would you have rented it to me?” Kenzie asked, the determination in his eyes warring with his obvious guilt.

Deciding that was a rhetorical question, Trace looked over his shoulder to see Eve Gregor wrap an arm around her sister-in-law and all but drag Fiona toward the outside stairs leading up to the second-floor apartment of his old New England farmhouse. He turned back to Kenzie. “I
offered to keep an eye on one of your displaced time travelers; I did
agree to babysit the little sister of a powerful drùidh who will turn me into a toad if anything happens to her.”

Kenzie shot him a tight grin, although it did little to soften his expression. “It’s not as though we pulled your name out of a hat, Huntsman. Matt and I rented your apartment precisely so you can keep an eye on Fiona for us.”

“Goddamn it, she’s your sister, why can’t
keep an eye on her? Better yet, why can’t your brother? He’s a
, for chrissakes; all he has to do is conjure up a protective bubble to put around her.”

“Do ye not think we wouldn’t prefer to do just that?” Kenzie asked softly. “But what kind of life can she possibly have if we treat her like a child? Believe me; for as hard as this is on Fiona, it’s sheer hell for Matt and me.” Kenzie gestured toward the house. “Which leaves us with you. It’s our hope that by forcing Fiona to live on her own, she will eventually rediscover the strong, self-reliant woman she was before that bastard raped her and stole her courage.”

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