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Natural Lust

BOOK: Natural Lust
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Madison Sevier







Erotic Romance









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Erotic Romance


Natural Lust

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This book is dedicated to my husband, Mike, the only man I’ve ever met who truly knows the meaning of the words; “To love, honor and cherish”. Thank you for loving and believing in me when no one else did, for pushing me to follow my dreams and for always supporting me in everything. Because of your incredible love, I can finally say one of my “brilliant” ideas worked. You’ve made the past fourteen years the best years of my life and because I always need to have the last word, I love you more!

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Madison Sevier

Copyright © 2013


Chapter One


“Kallie, this isn’t permanent. Just take a few days off. All of this should blow over in no time. Get some rest, relax and we’ll see you back here when you’re ready to get back to work.” Joseph Blake tried to keep his tone neutral, but Kallie wasn’t the type to go down without a fight and he prepared for the worst.

“I don’t understand why I have to leave, and I’m always ready to work regardless of what is happening. Hello, I’m standing right here waiting to get to work on the many reviews on my desk. I’m not the lunatic causing these problems.” Kallie paced back and forth, her stilettos silent on the plush, beige carpet.

“No you’re not. But we still have to do what’s best for the office. Having you here is only adding fuel to the fire.”

Kallie Masters’ burning glare bore virtual holes into her boss as he leaned back in his ergonomic office chair with a sigh. She knew J.B. was right, but it still wasn’t fair. Kallie prided herself on her reviews and the fact that some lunatic was now threatening her office, and her impromptu family, was ridiculous! Why should she have to leave the job she loved because some asshat didn’t like what Kallie had said about his book? The man should be arrested! Anyone else in this country who had the balls to send threatening e-mails and letters with fingerprints, would be tossed in jail in a heartbeat. But not this douche-bag. Mr. Stanton Foley was untouchable. Meanwhile, Kallie got to live in fear and without work to keep her sane.

“Fine, I’ll go. But something better be done about this jackass before I return. I can’t live like this. Any other author would get over it. It isn’t my fault Mr. Foley can’t accept constructive criticism.” Kallie shook her head, sending her long, blonde waves swaying back and forth.

“Kallie, don’t take this the wrong way. I’m not defending Foley, but you did say “he should’ve spent his time writing toilet paper jingles instead of wasting our time with a flushable story.” I know you have the right to say whatever you want in your reviews, but I think maybe the stress of your workload has sent you over the edge. Your review dropped Foley’s sales by half and authors do not appreciate that. I understand his anger.” J.B. raised his hand to silence Kallie, “But the fact remains, you need a break. You haven’t put out one review since this whole fiasco began. I can’t have my boat going down because you aren’t able to row. I need you in top form. Take a break.”

Just like that Kallie was dismissed. She gathered a few essentials from her office and carried her laptop and purse and without so much as a backward glance, she marched right out the front door.

“Boat? Seriously? I’m beginning to think J.B. is as much of an asshat as Foley,” she mumbled angrily to herself as she slammed the door behind her.


* * * *


Kallie packed a few essentials and everything she would need for the weekend. Yes, she was supposed to be relaxing, but reading and working relaxed her. If completing some reviews happened while she was out in the woods, so be it.

During the six hour drive to Pigeon Forge, Tennessee, she had time to cool down. Maybe J.B. was right. A few days in a cozy cabin would definitely revive her. She’d star gaze and spend some time with nature, neither of which she could do living in the big city.

There was no need to stop at the cabin rental office because everything had been taken care of wirelessly. The owners sent her the code to unlock her weekend home through e-mail as soon as her payment went through. All she had to do was park and let herself in.

The cabin itself was much larger than Kallie had anticipated. Aptly named
The Playhouse
, the two-story home exceeded her every expectation. In the center of the foyer, stood a large oak tree which the cabin appeared to have been built around. The cabin’s owners had adorned it’s trunk with tiny, white lights, much like the ones used at Christmas time and it gave the whole cabin a whimsical feel. As Kallie toured the mountaintop hideaway, she walked through two bedrooms, a living room, kitchen and two bathrooms. When she finished snooping inside, she opened the stained glass patio door and found the wrap-around deck sported a patio table and chairs complete with a grill and a hot tub. She then followed the wooden stairs to the lower level where another door led to a game room containing a flat screen TV, pool and shuffle board tables, as well as adequate seating for guests.

BOOK: Natural Lust
4.48Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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