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Never Trust a Bad Boy

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Never Trust a Bad Boy

a story by Minx Hardbringer

Copyright© 2016

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Chapter One


When Mrs. Hadley called me down to her office, my heart tries to jump out of my chest. For a brief moment, I think I could be in trouble for something, although I have no idea what I could have done wrong. I’ve never been in trouble in my life, but that’s the kind of girl I am. I’m always concerned with making my parents happy and with doing my best. It’s funny because I’m pretty sure I don’t even know how to get in trouble.

This meeting isn’t about discipline. I’m being named class valedictorian, and I couldn’t be more stoked. I’d worked hard since elementary school for this honor, and my parents are going to be thrilled. I bounce out of the office, and go straight to my locker. I plan on sending my dad a text message telling him the good news, but then Josh walks by my locker. I call already tell by the cocky ass smile on his face that my good mood is about to go down in flames.

Right as I’m going to hit send, he walks up behind me and smacks my ass hard.

“What’s up Patty Prude? You let anybody pop that cherry yet?” He taunts, and all of his friends start laughing. “Maybe someone will give you a pity lay at Houser’s party. Probably not, though. Girls like you want an engagement ring before they’ll let a guy have a piece.”

The whole group howls at his mocking, and then continues down the hall. I don’t bother hitting send. Telling my parents about my news will make them want to celebrate, and all of a sudden, I don’t feel like having fun.

“I’ll tell them this weekend.” I whisper to myself and shut my locker.

My next class is AP chemistry, but there’s a substitute today. While everyone else is using the time to prepare for finals in two weeks, I’m sitting here thinking about Josh.

I hate him so much, but he’s totally gorgeous. Every part of me wishes that he would be nice to me, or at least ignore me so I can forget about him. He’s constantly teasing me and taunting me, and I have no idea what I did to draw so much of his attention. Ugh. I don’t know who I hate more, him for being such an insufferable prick or me for sitting here mooning over his intolerable ass.

I would never tell anyone, not even my best friend Stacey, that I’ve been crushing on him hard since the sixth grade. No matter how mean he is to me, it only makes me want him more. It’s twisted, I know. Ever since I first laid eyes on him in Mrs. Lott’s class, he’s made my blood pressure shoot through the roof in good ways and in bad.

I’ve never been with a boy, but I do wonder what it would be like with Josh. Sometimes I wonder what it would feel like to kiss him, or see his muscular chest without his football jersey.

“Ms. Miller. Shouldn’t you be studying?” The substitute’s voice breaks my daydream.

Two Weeks Later

I can’t believe I told Stacey I would go to this party with her. Graduation is tomorrow, and I should be working on my speech. She reminded me that I didn’t have a party for my eighteenth birthday, and I feel guilty. I’ve spent so much time studying that I’ve neglected my best friend.

Stacey really wants to go, so I agree to drop in and make an appearance. I’ve spent the last hour trying on different outfits, and so far nothing looks right.

“Girl, wear the black skirt and the red tank.” Stacey says without hiding her exasperation.

“I bought that to use as a Halloween costume.”

“And, you never wore it. Ditch the devil tail and the pitchfork, though.” She says and throws the tank top at me.

“I can’t wear that.”

“Yes you can. Stop being a prude. You’ll look hot. You need to have fun tonight. It’s like, your last chance. At the end of the summer, you’re going off to college, and I know you. You’ll be buried in books until you graduate law school.”

“Fine, throw me the skirt too.” I’m going to regret this.

I put it on, and I feel slutty. It’s okay to dress smutty for Halloween, but wearing something so revealing to a regular party doesn’t feel right to me. Stacey, on the other hand, threatens to set my graduation speech on fire if I take it off.

“It’s on my computer, dummy.” I tease her.

“Then I’ll set your computer on fire. Are you ready to go?” She gets up and walks towards my bedroom door without waiting for me to answer.

When we get to the party, I immediately find a corner to hide in, and Stacey wanders off to find something for us to drink.

“You want a beer?” She asks over her shoulder as she’s walking away.

“No.” I answer firmly.

“Will you drink a beer if I bring you one?”

“No.” Then she disappears around the corner.

After a few minutes, I start to wonder if I need to go looking for her. When I’m about to emerge from my corner, a guy named Johnny from my AP Literature class walks up and starts chatting with me. He congratulates me on making Valedictorian, and slaps me on the back. Johnny was my competition earlier in the year for the honor, but a nasty round of flu that kept him out of school for three weeks knocked him out of the running. We’re talking about our plans for the summer and where we’ll be going to college in the fall when I hear a familiar voice behind me.

“Hey Patty Prude. Looks like you’re trying to cash in that v-card pretty hard tonight.” Josh teases me loudly enough for the entire room to hear.

I’m sure I turn every shade of red visible to the human eye, and even Johnny starts to laugh. I feel something rising inside of my stomach, and my skin feels like it’s buzzing with electricity. Before I know what’s happening, I open my mouth and shriek at him.

“What the fuck is wrong with you, Josh? Why do you always have to be such an insufferable dick?” I regret yelling as soon as I’m done, and hot tears flood my eyes and run down my cheeks.

I run out of the room and down the hall. When I find an empty bedroom, I slip inside and shut the door behind me. After a couple of minutes, there is a soft knock on the door. I don’t respond at first because my face is in my hands and I’m sobbing. I’ve never been so angry, embarrassed, and turned on at the same time.

Why the fuck am I so turned on?

I should want to hit him, but more than anything, I want to rip his clothes off and show him that I’m not a prude. The knock comes again, and this time it’s a little louder. When I don’t respond again, the knob turns and the door starts to open. I curse myself under my breath for not locking the door.

A soft gasp escapes my lips when I realize it’s Josh.

“Can I come in?” He asks quietly as he shuts the door and locks it behind him.

“Looks like you already are anyway.” I say and shoot him my best death glare.

“Wow, you are hot when you’re angry. Did you know that?” He says and a devilish smile crosses his perfect lips.

“Are you for real flirting with me right now? Or, are your boys going to jump out of the closet so you can all laugh at me some more.” I do my best to maintain my death glare, but his smile is melting my anger away fast.

“Zoe, I’m so sorry. I didn’t realize you were actually mad. I thought we were just bickering. I think in a way, all that bantering was my pathetic way of flirting with you.” He says and sits down on the bed next to me. “You are so beautiful.” Josh whispers and brushes a strand of my hair behind my ear.

Chapter Two


Zoe is truly gorgeous. Most of the guys at our school don’t realize it because she’s also practically a genius. She might be a genius. When I pushed her hair back behind her ear, it felt like lightning struck me. I’ve never wanted to be with someone so much in my life.

I have a secret. I’m a virgin too. If Zoe knew that, I’d be humiliated. Maybe if I keep up the cocky, arrogant, alpha male persona she won’t be able to tell.

I grab the back of her neck and claim her mouth. My tongue pushes against her lips, and while she resists at first, Zoe eventually parts her lips and allows me to caress her tongue with mine. It doesn’t take long for her to come back to reality, though.

“What are you doing?” She says when she tries to pull away from my embrace.

‘Whatever I want. Now, hush. I can’t please you if you don’t let me.” I tell her and hope she doesn’t punch me.

Zoe moans and my mouth covers hers again. I stand up and pull her to her feet so I can strip off that slutty little outfit she’s wearing.

“I like this.” I say and throw the tank top on the floor at our feet. “But if you ever dress this way for anyone other than me again, I’ll take you over my knee and spank that gorgeous ass.” Then, I yank her skirt down.

She’s standing there in just her bra and panties, and a deep blush colors her cheeks. I grab her and take her over my knee. Her panties are soaked, and the first slap that lands on her round ass echoes through the room. I slap her buttocks a few more times before I strip off her panties and unclasp her bra.

Now that I’ve got her naked, I throw her down on the bed and stand up. While I’m taking off my clothes, Zoe gets up on her elbows and watches me undress. She bites her bottom lip in a way that makes me feel like I’m losing control.

She scoots to the edge of the bed and surprises me by taking my cock into her mouth. Her pouty lips wrap around the head and it takes all of my strength not to cum right then and there. Zoe wraps her soft hand around the length of my shaft that she can’t reach with her mouth and strokes me as she slides me in and out of her mouth.

Zoe looks up at me, and I’m undone. I shoot a load of sticky cum into her mouth, and she surprises me by swallowing every drop. After she slowly pulls my cock out of her mouth, Zoe reclines on the bed and spreads her legs for me.

“You’re quite a bit more wild than I expected.” I pant out as I try to catch my breath.

It was a mistake to say it, because she instantly looks humiliated and tries to cover her breasts and pussy with her hands.

“Oh, no. Baby. Don’t do that. It’s good. It’s real good. Now, let me see you again. Spread your legs wide.” I tell her and kneel down between her legs.

She’s glistening with need, and smells like honeysuckle and strawberries. I lean in and flick her clit with my tongue, and Zoe cries out so loud I know somebody at the party can hear her.

“Lie back and try to stay quiet, or I won’t let you cum.” I tell her, and she reclines back on the bed.

I run my tongue up each side of her nether lips and she shivers from the sensation. I flick her clit with my tongue over and over until her body is so tense that I know she’s about to explode. When I start to suck her, Zoe’s hand comes down and grabs my hair. She pushes my face into her and grinds against me as her body quakes with climax.

When we’re done, I lie down on the bed and pull her into my arms. Feeling her warm breath against my neck makes me much happier than I thought possible. I’ve had a bit of a crush on Zoe since the sixth grade, but I never thought for a second that she would go for a guy like me.

Many of the girls at our school like the fact that I’m rich and I play football, but Zoe’s different. After tonight, I hope that she’s seen through who I pretend to be for my father. I want Zoe to fall in love with the real me.

I smile when she starts to snore softly against my chest. She looks like an angel when she’s sleeping. My heart feels full for a brief moment, and then I hear my phone going off several times.

I slip off the bed without waking her and pull my cell out of my pant pocket. I’ve gotten twenty texts that all say the same thing.

“Josh, please help me.”

Chapter Three


I wake up just in time to make it home before curfew. I’m alone in a bed that I don’t recognize, and it takes me a minute to remember everything that happened tonight. I smile when I think of how Josh made me feel, but I’m a little concerned that he’s gone. It’s not a big deal. Maybe he just wanted to let me sleep, and I’ll get to see him again tomorrow at graduation.

I pull my clothes on and try to fix my hair so no one can tell it’s messed up because I was fooling around with a guy. Most of the people at the party are completely trashed, and nobody pays any attention when I leave. Making it home on time means I don’t have to explain anything to my parents. They just tell me good night, and I go to my room.

BOOK: Never Trust a Bad Boy
6.01Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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