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“Yes,” Tony said. “I am sorry.”

“What are you sorry for?” Trina asked.

“Before I came to San Francisco, you were not in my dreams,” Tony said.

Oh, that’s so sweet.
“I’m in your dreams now.”

“But Angela and Aika are still there, too,” Tony said. “I only want you in my dreams.”

Trina hugged him tightly. “Tony, that was the nicest thing anyone has ever said to me.”

Tony sighed. “Why was Naini in my dream? I do not know her. I know Aika, and I know Angela. Why won’t Aika and Angela stay out of my dreams?”

I’m no psychologist, but . . .
“Because you care about them. You may even love them.”

“I do not know if I love them,” Tony said.

“Sure you do,” Trina said. “Do you ever dream of your parents?”

“Yes,” Tony said. “We are back at our house with Tonto.”

“You dream of the people you love, Tony,” Trina said.

Tony blinked several times. “Why do I dream of you with only blue underwear and a shirt?”

I am in no way qualified to explain this.
“I don’t know. Maybe you like the way I look.”

“I like the way you look in anything you wear,” Tony said.

“Thank you. Did you, um, get excited when you saw me in your dreams?”

“No,” Tony said. “I did not get an erection.”

He knows about erections. Of course he does. He’s a forty-year-old man.
“Did any of the other women in your dream make you excited?”

“I should not say,” Tony said.

He was excited. I need to know who . . .
“Did Naini make you excited when she took off her clothes?”

Tony looked away. “Yes. She had a snake tattoo. It started on her small left breast and ended at her brown vagina.”

“Didn’t Jasmine have a snake tattoo?”

“Yes,” Tony said.

Some part of all of Tony’s women was in his dream.
“Well, I wish I had your dreams.”

“You wish to have Angela and Aika and Naini naked in your dreams,” Tony said.

“No,” Trina said. “I wish I had people I loved in my dreams. I wish I could see my grandmother again.”

“Is your grandmother in heaven?” Tony asked.

“Yes,” Trina said. “She raised me after my mama died. She made sure I went to college, but she died before she could see me graduate.”

“I have never been to college,” Tony said.

“You’re still young enough,” Trina said. “You could go.”

“I am not smart,” Tony said.

“I think you are one of the smartest men I have ever met,” Trina said. “You are an expert musicologist.”

“I am not a musicologist,” Tony said.

“Yes, you are,” Trina said. “You hear music in your dreams. You write music listening to cable cars, buses, and sea lions. Only an expert musicologist could do that.”

Tony nodded.

Trina sighed and kissed his neck. “I wish I could remember all my dreams, but I don’t need to dream about you if you’re here with me. I think living a dream is better than dreaming one.”

“I do, too.” He lifted his arms and rubbed Trina’s back.

He has so much strength in his fingers. I feel like putty.
“What are you thinking about at this moment?”

“Your back,” Tony said. “It is hot. It is sweaty. It has many muscles. My chest is hot and sweaty, too.”

“Because you’re pushing all my buttons,” Trina whispered.

“You have no buttons,” Tony said. “Your back is smooth.”

“I meant that you are making me feel good,” Trina said. She kicked her legs out, sat up, and straddled him.

Tony’s eyes widened. “Are you having an orgasm, Trina?”

I wish!
“Why do you ask?”

“Aika has orgasms when she sits on Angelo like this,” Tony said.

No ... way.

“Yes,” Tony said. “The door was cracked. She shouted, ‘Oh God, Angelo, I’m coming.’”

Trina pressed her hands into Tony’s chest. “Do they know you saw them?”

“I told Angelo,” Tony said, “but Angelo told me not to tell Aika.”

tell Aika.” She squinted. “I know this is none of my business, but why were you at their door?”

“I heard noises late at night,” Tony said. “I liked the sounds. I wrote music to the sounds. Naomi Stringer will like the music.”

He has to be kidding.
“You made up a song while listening to your brother and Aika . . . getting busy.”

“Yes,” Tony said. “They were very busy. Aika was bouncing up and down. She has very firm buttocks. Aika likes to shout. I will now call the song ‘Getting Busy.’”

“That’s a good title.”
And I think I just gave it to him. But I am going to have trouble looking at Aika from now on. She’s so quiet! It’s always the quiet ones who like to get their freak on. Of course, I’m quiet, too, but . . .
“You know what? I want to stay in bed with you all day.”

“I am hungry,” Tony said.

“We can eat in bed, too,” Trina said.


Trina moved Tony’s hands to her thighs. “You can rub my legs if you want to.”

Tony rubbed Trina’s legs, his thumbs pressing against her inner thighs. “So soft. So hot.”

So . . . erotic. Damn.

“Tony, um . . .”
How do I ask this?
“Tony, have you ever . . .”
I can’t say “have you ever been with a woman” because he’ll say yes. This might work.
“Have you ever . . .”
Made love? I’m not sure he understands the phrase.
“Tony, have you ever done to a woman what Angelo does to Aika in bed?”

“No,” Tony said. “I have not had sex.”

Trina blinked. “But you know about sex.”

Tony nodded. “Angelo told me about sex.”

“What did Angelo say about sex?”

“He said not to do it,” Tony said. “Ever. Never. Don’t even think about it, Tony. I will be so angry with you.”

That figures.
“So how do you know about orgasms?”

“I asked Angelo what an orgasm was because a girl at school called me an ‘orgasm gone bad,’” Tony said. “Angelo said to look it up. I looked it up in the dictionary.”

“Do you still remember the definition?” Trina asked.

“An orgasm is ‘the physical and emotional sensation experienced at the peak of sexual excitation, usually resulting from stimulation of the sexual organ and usually accompanied in the male by ejaculation.’”

There’s nothing about the female in that definition, and one hundred percent of the time there was no accompaniment with Robert. He came. He snoozed. I finished on my own.
“So you know how sex works.”

“Yes,” Tony said.

“How does it work?” Trina asked.

“I put my erect penis into your moist vagina,” Tony said.

So clinical!
“And then what happens?”

“We have orgasms,” Tony said.

Not every time, but . . .
“Would you . . .”
I can’t ask him that! But I want to know if he really wants me physically.
“Would you like to put your, um, your erect penis into my moist vagina?”


He wants me. A man wants me. Oh, I am so ready.

Tony started to unbuckle his belt. “I want to do this now.”

I know I shouldn’t have asked that, but it’s been so long!
“Um, Tony, you heard what Angelo said. No messing around.”

Tony finished unbuckling his belt and unzipped his fly. “Sex is not messing around. Messing around is staying up too late reading my map books.”

Well, in that case . . . No!
“I think he meant no messing around as in no sex.”

“Oh.” Tony zipped up his fly.

“And we just met a few days ago,” Trina said. “I’m not sure if that’s what we should do.”

“Okay.” Tony buckled his belt.

He gave up too quickly!
“I mean,
Eventually . . . maybe.”

“When is eventually?” Tony asked.

Eventually was almost a few seconds ago.
“Tony, most people know each other for a long time before they have sex.”

“How long?”

“It’s different for every couple,” Trina said.

“How long for us, Trina?”

If he keeps squirming under me, about five seconds.
“I don’t know. When the time is right.”

“What time will that be?” Tony asked.

“I don’t know, Tony,” Trina said.

“But not now.”

“No,” Trina said. “Not now.”

“I will wait until I know you better,” Tony said. He dropped his arms to his sides.

Hey, now!
“Um, it might not be

“I can wait,” Tony said.

“We’re getting to know each other very quickly,” Trina said, “so it might not be that long.”

“I can wait.”

Now he’s inert and lost in a zone again. Just when I start to get a rise out of him, I deflate him.
She flattened her body against his. “I don’t know if I can wait that long, Tony.”

“You are hot,” Tony said.

All this talk about sex has made me hot. Robert and I never discussed sex at all.
“Talking about sex makes me very hot.”

“When I get hot I take off my clothes,” Tony said.

“You want me to take off my clothes.”

“You are hot,” Tony said. “Yes. Take off your clothes.”

He doesn’t have to tell me twice.
She took off her bra and panties and tossed them toward the door.

“That is better,” Tony said.

“Yes, it is.” She kissed his neck and massaged his chest. “You excite me so much, Tony.”

“I do not know how I excite you,” Tony said.

“Everything about you excites me.” She kissed his neck, shoulders, and chest. She wriggled lower in the bed and kissed his stomach. When she started to feel him grow between her breasts, she gave his penis a gentle squeeze.

“Oh God, Trina, I’m coming!” Tony shouted.

Trina gripped the sides of the bed.
He almost flipped me off the bed with his legs!

“I am sorry,” Tony said. “I am sorry, Trina.”

Trina crawled up his body and kissed him gently on the lips. “Why are you sorry?”

“You did not have an orgasm,” Tony said. “I had an orgasm and you did not have an orgasm.”

Trina kissed his cheek and held him tightly.
Who says Tony doesn’t have any empathy? He
— and
it—because I didn’t have an orgasm.
“We’re going to be in bed all day, aren’t we?”

“Yes,” Tony said.

She looked out the window. “It looks like rain, too. It wouldn’t be any fun to go outside in this rain.”

“You are right,” Tony said.

“And we’re getting to know each other
better, aren’t we?”

Tony nodded.

So sweet, so innocent, so giving, so . . . pure.
“I think there might be time for you to give me . . .” She bit her lower lip. “An orgasm,” she whispered.

“Trina, I am afraid,” Tony said.

So am I. This would be my first orgasm given to me by a man since George Bush was president. I might scare the hell out of Tony.
“Why are you scared, Tony?”

“I am afraid I cannot give you an orgasm.”

He almost did when I was fully clothed yesterday, when he was “playing” me last night, and a few moments ago when he was rubbing my inner thighs.
“Trust me, Tony. You won’t have to do much.”

“Teach me how to give you an orgasm, Trina.”

This has to be every woman’s dream. Did I hear him correctly?
“You want me to teach you how to give me an orgasm.”


I heard correctly. Whoo. This is a lot of responsibility.
“Well . . .”

A phone rang from the other room. “Is that yours or mine?” Trina asked.

“Mine,” Tony said.

“I’ll get it. You just . . . wait here.”

Trina raced to the coffee table and picked up Tony’s phone. “Hello?”

“Trina, is he up?” Angelo asked.

He was definitely up a few minutes ago. And oh look. I’m completely naked.
“He’s resting. Why?”

“What does he want to do today?” Angelo asked.

He wants to learn how to give me an orgasm, and you just interrupted his first lesson.
“He hasn’t decided yet.”

“Let me talk to him,” Angelo said.

Oh no! I can’t say he’s sleeping because I just said he’s resting. I have to trust Tony not to say the wrong thing.
She turned on the speaker and returned to the bed. “Tony, it’s Angelo.”

Tony picked up the phone. “Hello, Angelo.”

“What are we going to do today?” Angelo asked. “It’s raining to beat the band out there.”

“I want to stay inside today,” Tony said.

“And do what?” Angelo asked.

“Trina is going to teach me how to—”

“Get to the Museum of Modern Art,” Trina interrupted.

“I know the way, Trina,” Tony said.

“I’m going to teach you a new way to get there,” Trina said.

Tony nodded. “Okay.”

“That’s not a good idea, Trina,” Angelo said. “I took him to the Guggenheim Museum once, and he spazzed out. They made us leave.”

“There were too many colors,” Tony said. “They would not let me touch or smell the paintings.”

“How old were you then?” Trina asked.

“I was eight,” Tony said.

“Angelo, have you taken him to an art gallery since then?” Trina asked.

“No,” Angelo said.

“I think he’s changed a lot since he was eight,” Trina said. “I can’t guarantee there won’t be too many colors, Tony.”

“I like colors now,” Tony said. “They are not as loud.”

“You won’t touch or try to smell the paintings, will you, Tony?” Angelo asked.

“No.” Tony smiled.

“All right,” Angelo said. “We’re going to the museum. When should we pick you two up?”

“We can meet you there at . . .” She checked her alarm clock. “Eleven. It’s not far from here. It’s only a fifteen-minute walk.”

“What did you eat for breakfast, Tony?” Angelo asked.

“I have not eaten yet,” Tony said.

“I’ll feed him, Angelo,” Trina said. “Don’t you worry.”

BOOK: No Ordinary Love
11.56Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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