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Authors: Anieshea; Q.B. Wells Dansby

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Nookie's Secret (Nookie 2) (Nookie Series)

BOOK: Nookie's Secret (Nookie 2) (Nookie Series)
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Nookie’s Secret



Chapter One


For three months Joy and Dre stayed at the Miami Beach Resort & Spa. Since their arrival Joy loved everything about Miami. She was most excited to see the Atlantic Ocean out her front room window. Everything around her fascinated her, having been nowhere other than New York City, Jersey and Philly. The room had a living area as large as her boyfriend Shawn’s apartment with blue and white suede furniture. There were two bedrooms, one room had the largest king size bed Joy had ever seen. The sand on the beach was white and Joy stared at it for a longtime, running her fingers and toes in it.

Joy’s days were filled with going to the Spa every morning and snorkeling, Jet skiing, deep sea and surfing, scuba diving, parasailing and windsurfing. She played golf, tennis and beach volleyball.

After a few weeks Joy did everything more than once and ventured further, taking daily cabs to shops at South Beach. She went in every store on the “Fifth Avenue of the South” strip. She had more bags from Gucci, Prada, and Dolce & Gabbana then she could carry. She needed help from the bellboy when she got back to the hotel.

Joy and Dre became close over the few months they had been in Florida. He became like the brother she never had. Joy let her guard down. She respected Dre because he never came at her wrong and always was nice. But lately, he’d been acting stranger and stranger by the day. He refused to do any of the activities with her. She begged him to ride to the Miami Metro Zoo. She wanted to share the experience with him because she never had the opportunity when she was little. She ended up going by herself. Dre slept that day, went out that night and didn’t return until dawn the following day.

Joy got tired of eating out and chilling by the pool. She wanted to leave and get an apartment somewhere in Miami. Dre thought an apartment would make them hot. Joy attempted to reason with him that someone would be willing to take cash, no questions asked. She worried about the money they spent going out, with nothing coming in. Sooner than later they would need more money.

Joy sat in the living room with a duffle bag in front of her. The money that she and Dre stole was divided into $167,150 a piece and left in the bag. The bag held a little over 20,000. Joy knew that she didn’t spend that much money on clothes and fun activities. She kept all her receipts and wrote what she spent on a piece of notepad paper. The room was a package deal that they paid on arrival and had to pay a small fee for each additional week. The only extra money needed was at the spa, food and tip.

The anger and rage inside of Joy boiled in her chest every time she looked down into the bag. At first, she tired to reason that maybe he put it up so that in case housekeeping found it, it wouldn’t be a total lost. The money wasted surprised and angered her more. She couldn’t trust him. “If he was so honest, why wouldn’t he let me know?” She thought. What if he left and wasn’t coming back?

She got up and began to pack her stuff. She went to the hotel gift shop and brought three suitcases to pack her new clothes. After that was finished, she placed the bags in the second room under the bed where she knew that Dre wouldn’t look.

As soon as she closed the door behind her, Dre shot through the front door, sweating, and breathing hard. He plopped down in one of the chairs. He closed his eyes and opened them to find Joy staring.


“What you mean what?”

“Why you looking at me like that?”

“What’s up with you?”

“What you mean?”

“You come running in here, looking all crazy.”

“Ummm, I took the stairs because it was too many people waiting for the elevator.”

Joy sat back down in her seat, the duffle bag on the floor. Dre followed her with his eyes on the duffle bag. His eyes widened and he looked like he was about to bolt.

Joy asked, “Dre where’s the rest of the money?”

“Oh, it’s in the hotel’s safe. I meant to tell you, I was worried about some one stealing it from the room.”

“How could you not tell me? Maybe I don’t want them holding my money.”

“Joy, it’s cool I will get it tomorrow.”

Joy watched his eyes shift around the room and knew he was lying. The money was gone. “You don’t think the hotel would become suspicious about the money?”

“No, it’s cool Joy.” Dre said irritated.

“Okay. How about I order room service?”

“Yeah. Get me bacon, sausage, eggs and cheese grits.”

Joy went to order the room service. When she hung up the phone, she grabbed her purse and went to the bathroom. Before she closed the door, she glanced at Dre one more time. He had his head back and was still breathing heavy. She sat down on the toilet and rummaged threw her purse. She pulled out a small plastic sandwich bag. She looked at the contents and wished that it could be different. Just once she wished she could find someone honest to ride out with her.

Before she left Philly, she took with her a container of rat poison she found under Shawn’s sink. She placed the poison in her bag and planned to use it on Dre at the first opportunity. But when her and Dre became so close she changed her mind. She regretted that now.

Taking the container out the bag, she poured some of it into the plastic bag and put the bottle back in her purse. She would get rid of it later. She planned to place it in Dre’s food. His death would be slow and painful but Joy didn’t care: the hotel would be at fault because he ate their food.

She heard a knock at the door. She stuffed the bag in her jean pocket and made her way out the bathroom. Dre was still in the same position. She heard someone shout room service. She didn’t bother to look. Opening the door wide enough for a food cart, four men stormed through. Before Joy could speak one of the men grabbed her and put his hand around her mouth.

“Tie this bitch up,” the man said in an accent.

Two other men tied her hands and feet then sat her on the sofa. They went over to Dre who didn’t move. They tied him up, stuffed rags in their mouths, and wrapped duck tape around their heads.

Joy squeezed her eyes shut and tried to think of a way out. She had a sinking feeling but was determined not to die. There was no telling what the men would do.



Chapter Two


Joy struggled and forced open her eyes. She looked across at Dre, tears and snot poured down his face. She felt disgust for his weakness that and she wished they killed him first so she could watch. The situation was his fault. He did something, she didn’t know if it was gambling or drugs but they were tied up for a reason.

Closing her eyes again, Joy prayed that God would rescue her from death. She had never been introduced to any religion, but she believed that there was a God. She hoped that
would save her.

One of the men walked up to Dre, pulled out a .45 and pulled the trigger. Joy heard a faint noise only a little louder than someone spitting across the room. She heard the thud as the bullet entered Dre‘s forehead. Her heart began to jump in her chest. If the gun had a silencer on it that meant nobody would’ve heard the shot. She had no chance of someone coming to rescue her.

The men stuffed Dre’s body into a suitcase. One of the men walked over to Joy, shook his head and raised the gun to her head. One of the older men noticed and came over and in a Russian accent said, ”Don’t mess up her pretty face so she can have an open casket.

The one holding the gun lowered it to her chest. Joy shut her eyes. A bright light flashed and then there was darkness.


“Ahhhhhhhh.” Joy screamed; waking up to Dre slamming the car door at the same time she got shot in her dream. “That shit was a dream.” Joy said stunned, wiping the cold out her eyes. Rain tapped the window, lightning flashed, thunder roared right behind it. Joy didn’t know where she was. Could the whole thing be a dream? She wiped her eyes and looked out in front of her. She noticed an illuminated Wawa sign and saw Dre in line. Behind her she saw the gas station pumps with attendants pumping the gas.

Dre returned to the car and tapped a pack of Newport’s against his hand before pulling one out. He offered the pack to Joy who took one. He lit hers, then his and started the car.

“Where are we?”


“That’s it?”

“What you mean? I’ve been driving for like 45 minutes.”

“It seems longer.”

Joy laid her head back and thought about how real the dream she had seemed. It may be a warning. She studied the side of Dre’s face.

“You must’ve been tired. You was snoring and shit…”


“What’s wrong with you?”

“I was thinking maybe we should go some where else.”

“Why? What’s wrong with going to Miami like we talked about.” he rubbed up and down her thigh.

Joy fought the urge to move her leg, so Dre wouldn’t know that she didn’t want him to touch her ever again.

She leaned back farther in the seat and tired to still the crazy thoughts running thru her mind. The night she ask Dre to help her set Shawn up ran thru her mind.


Dre came over to meet up with Shawn, who was running late. Joy let him in and they both sat on the sofa waiting for Shawn. Scared of how Dre would react knowing he was Shawn’s boy, Joy almost chickened out. After only a few seconds of thinking this, Joy took a deep breath and blurted out, “Yo, I know where Shawn stashes his money.”

“Yeah? He told you that?”


“What you telling me for?”

“I thought you might want to know.” Joy began to think she fucked up, when Dre asked, “You got a plan?”

“Not really.” Joy shrugged her shoulders. Hoping Dre would show some sign that he was with it.

Dre looked at Joy with a puzzled look and said, “You playing, right?”


“Alright. So you’re saying that you know where the money at, why you just don’t take it and leave?”

“Look, are you going to help me or not, because I can‘t have Shawn coming after me.” Joy yelled; worried Shawn would come back before Joy knew if Dre was down or not.


Joy took another deep breath. Dre did most of the talking from there, telling Joy what was going to happen and who he would get to help him.

As soon as the two hashed everything out: Dre’s phone rung. When he hung up, he said that Shawn changed his mind and that they would meet up later at Rob’s house. Joy got up and walked Dre to the door.

“Before I go, we have to seal the deal.” he cheesed.


Next thing Joy knew, Dre had her pinned against the door giving her a wet and sloppy kiss. Caught off guard, Joy just stood there. She then tired to follow his rhythm but that didn’t work. Finally, she turned her face and he began to kiss her neck and unbutton her pants. “Take them off,” he demanded. And she did, along with her panties.

Dre unzipped his zipper and pulled out his dick. Joy quickly looked down to see what he was working with. She didn’t see anything at first glance. She looked down again and saw the head of a very small dick. She almost sucked her teeth but thought twice about it.

BOOK: Nookie's Secret (Nookie 2) (Nookie Series)
11.6Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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