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Not-So-Humble Pies

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No–So–Humble Pies

150 Delicious, Decadent, Sweet, & Savory Recipes


This book is dedicated to the most important women in my life: Carol, Lee, Ruby, and Wilda. You are loved.


First, I would like to thank my editors, Lisa and Katie, at Adams Media for all their support during this pie journey. You ladies have made this whole process easy, and I owe you both for making me look so good. Thank you for giving me a chance. I owe a tremendous debt to all the people who have taste-tested recipes for me. Thank you for your feedback, and for saving my waistline from all that pie. You are all troopers!

Special thanks go to my mother, Carol, for helping me when I was in a crunch for time by testing recipes. You have no idea how much that helped. I also need to thank my best friend, Jennifer, for your long-distance support. You may be across the pond, but you are always in my heart.

Finally, I want to thank my husband, Mark, for everything, but more specifically for his patience, understanding, and love.



PART 1: Not-So-Humble Beginnings

Chapter 1: Pastry and Cookie Crusts

Flaky Pie Crust

Mealy Pie Crust

Cream Cheese Pastry Crust

All-Butter Pie Crust

Pepper Jack Pastry Crust

Almond Pastry Crust

Lard Crust

Traditional Graham Cracker Crust

Pretzel Crust

Short Crust for Tarts

Lemon and Lavender Short Crust Pastry

Spicy Cheddar Crust

Graham Pecan Crust

Ginger Snap Crust

Chocolate Cookie Crust

Blitz Puff Pastry

Cornmeal Tart Crust

Parmesan Pastry Crust

Brown Butter–Graham Cracker Tart Crust

Chapter 2: Toppings

Butter Crumble

Oat Crumble

Pecan Streusel

Cinnamon Streusel Topping

Foolproof Meringue

Sour Cream Topping

Stabilized Whipped Cream

Spiked Whipped Cream

Biscuit Topping

Salted Caramel Sauce

Spiced Chocolate Sauce

Chocolate–Peanut Butter Fudge Sauce

PART 2: Sweet-as-Can-Be

Chapter 3: Creams, Custards, and Chiffons

Pomegranate Cream Cheese Pie

Chocolate Acai Chiffon Pie

Cantaloupe Cream Pie

Mango Chiffon Pie

Cookies and Cream Mousse Pie

Brandied Sweet Potato Pie

Maple Walnut Pie

White Chocolate Chiffon Pie

Orange and Dark Chocolate Cheese Pie

Zucchini Pie

Cardamom and Saffron Chiffon Pie

Tiramisu Pie

Vanilla Rum Meringue Pie

Butternut Squash Pie

Limoncello Mousse Pie

Pineapple Chiffon Pie

White Chocolate and Prosecco Mousse Pie

White Chocolate Lime Mascarpone Cheese Pie

Key Lime Coconut Pie

Strawberry Chiffon Pie

Chocolate Almond Pie

Parsnip Custard Pie

Black-Bottom Tiramisu Pie

Triple-Layer Mousse Pie

Sweet Potato Meringue Pie

Chapter 4: Fruits, Nuts, and Berries

Bourbon Pecan Pie

Apple Pie with a Spicy Cheddar Crust

Blood Orange Curd Pie

Brandied Pear Pie

Vanilla Pear Pie

Orange Honey Pecan Pie

Lavender-Infused Lemon Curd Pie

Peach Ginger Hand Pies

Honey Lavender Apple Pie

Roasted Hatch Chilies, Apple, and Ricotta Hand Pies

Tea-Infused Pear Pie

Toffee Almond Pie

Peach Sour Cream Pie

Apricot and Walnut Pie

Pineapple Macadamia Nut Pie

Honey Cardamom Banana Nut Pie

Brandied Black Cherry Pie

Pineapple Coconut Chess Pie

Bourbon Caramel Apple Pie

Brandied Berry Pie

Strawberry Silk Pie

Green Tea Passion Fruit Mousse Pie

Triple-Berry Cream Puff Pie

Apricot Macaroon Pie

Chapter 5: Tarts, Tartlets, and Rustic Pies

Ginger Pear Tart

Pear Gorgonzola Tart

Fig Tart

Torta della Nonna (Italian Cheese Tart)

White Chocolate Ganache Tart with Brûléed Bananas

Toasted Almond, Coconut, and Chocolate Tart

Vanilla Bean and Saffron Poached Pear Tart

Praline Crème Tart with Mocha Whipped Cream

Homemade Ricotta and Berry Compote Tart

Grilled Peach Puff Pastry Tart

Pumpkin Rum Mousse Tart

Strawberry White Chocolate Ganache Tart

Fresh Blackberry Tart with Spiked Crème Anglaise

Sour Cream Ganache Tart

Bourbon Peach Tart

Apricot Tart with a Coconut Crumble

Black Cherry Meringue Tart

Caramel Pineapple Tart

Apple Rose Tart

Blueberry Ricotta Tart

Quince Tart Tatin

Raspberry Curd Tart

Lemon Pistachio Tart

Honey Tarragon Peach Tart

Chocolate Coconut Caramel Tart

Lime Curd and Kiwi Tart

PART 3: Savory Situations

Chapter 6: Dinner Pies

Herbed Chicken Pie

Apple, Brie, and Bacon Tart

Tomato, Basil, and Mozzarella Tart

Goat Cheese and Roasted Red Pepper Tart

Onion Tart

Sharp Cheddar and Mushroom Tart

Apple and Brie Tart with Bacon Crumble

Sun-dried Tomato, Pesto, and Mozzarella Tart

Butternut Squash and Kale Pie

Herb, Fennel, and Cheese Pie

New England Clam and Potato Pie

Seared Ahi Tuna and Wasabi Crème Tartlets

Smoked Salmon and Dill Tartlets

Mushroom and Goat Cheese Tart

Caramelized Onion, Potato, and Pancetta Tart

Polenta Pie with Italian Sausage and Roasted Peppers

Spinach and Artichoke Tart

Shredded Beef Hand Pies with Spiced Cheese Sauce

Creamy Prosciutto and Leek Pie

Steak and Black Truffle Pie

Lobster Pie

Caramelized Onion and Gruyère Tart

Individual Eggs Benedict Tarts

Roasted Heirloom Tomato Tart

Duck Confit Tart

Prosciutto, Date, and Chorizo Hand Pies

Chapter 7: Spicy, Salty, and Exotic Pies

Salted Lime Curd Tart

Chipotle Fudge Pie

Salted Peanut Pie

Raspberry Chipotle Crumb Tart

Chorizo Empanadas

Strawberry Jalapeño Pie

Mexican Hot Chocolate Pie

Salted Chocolate Meringue Pie

Habanero Passion Fruit Pie

Chai Cream Pie

Chipotle Peanut Butter Cheese Pie

Spiced Nut Pie

Chocolate Coconut Curry Pie

Ancho Chili, Pecan, and Chocolate Toffee Pie

Bitter Chocolate and Salted Marshmallow Pie

Salted Caramel Pumpkin Pie

Meyer Lemon and Serrano Chili Meringue Pie

Salted Peach Crumble Pie

Salted Brûléed Apple Tart


Pomegranate. Fresh figs. Sea salt.

Sounds delicious, right? These fresh ingredients are upscale, modern, and indulgent—and they’re making an appearance in gourmet dishes across the world. But they’re also showing up in the most unexpected places, like the pie plate in your kitchen.

. The word evokes images of home, comfort, family, and everything that is wholesome and good. But a pie is only as good as the ingredients used to make it—and it’s time to say goodbye to grandma’s humble apple, cherry, or blueberry baked goods. Today’s bakers are experimenting with exciting flavors, textures, and fillings to create a new breed of pie that is as sophisticated as it is comforting. So say hello to the new generation of
Not-So-Humble Pies

These new pies come in all shapes and sizes, and can be sweet or savory. Throughout this book, you’ll find recipes that will tickle all of your taste buds—and are right for any and all upscale occasions. But when considering ingredients, remember that quality counts. For fruits and vegetables, try shopping at the local farmers’ market, and discover what’s in season where you live. You’ll be amazed at the culinary treasures you’ll walk away with; these fresh ingredients can range from locally harvested honey and free-range eggs to fresh herbs, locally roasted coffee, fresh flowers, and even freshly butchered meats. And if you’re looking for exotic spices, cheeses, or anything else out of the ordinary, take a look at the gourmet shops in your area. Not only will the staff in these stores take the time to show you around and explain what they sell, they will be able to direct you to substitutions or other ingredients you may not have considered. Do not be afraid to ask questions and use your senses.

But while what goes in a pie is important, how you present your pie to your guests, family, and friends is important, too. In Part 1, you’ll find recipes for upscale pie crusts and over-the-top toppings. You may not realize it, but you can take pie from homemade to high class with just a simple egg wash—a mixture of egg and a little water—which will give your pie a glistening finish, sanding sugars to make your pie sparkle, or fancy piping tubes that you can use to pipe detailed whipped cream or meringue designs. You can also play with chopped toasted nuts, fresh grated coconut, shaved chocolate, or even gold leaf, which you can use as a final flourish when you want a pie that is as pleasing to the eye as it is to the palate.

Above all else, pie is something to be shared and enjoyed, whether you’re hosting a family dinner or a high-end function. Pie can be impressive or homey, but it shouldn’t ever be boring. Take a chance, explore new flavors, experiment, and don’t be afraid to let your pie take center stage. Because no matter how you choose to make it and share it, today’s pie is anything but humble. Bon appétit!

Not So Humble Beginnings

Buttery, flaky, and oh-so-tender, beautiful pies begin with beautiful crusts. Your filling can be made of sophisticated ingredients that are cooked to perfection, but if your crust is bland, tough, or soggy then it doesn’t matter how good your filling is; your whole pie suffers. The same can be said of pie toppings; a weeping meringue, a grainy whipped cream, or a crumble that is mushy and watery are absolute disappointments.

Oftentimes, so much attention is paid to pie fillings that the very basics of the pie—the base and the top—sometimes get lost in the shuffle. But crust and toppings are so much more than just an afterthought. They are another place to layer in some extra flavor. Warm spices, crumbled cookies, and rich cheeses are just a few of the things you can add to a crust to up its extravagance. And when you top a pie off with a spiked whipped cream or a unique biscuit topping you create a not-so-humble pie that is impressive from top to bottom. In this part, you’ll find recipes for scrumptious crusts and delicious toppings that will make your pies even more amazing!

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