Onyx Mafia: Insatiable - Episode 5: (Lia and Meghan) (Onyx Mafia: Insatiable Book 1)

BOOK: Onyx Mafia: Insatiable - Episode 5: (Lia and Meghan) (Onyx Mafia: Insatiable Book 1)

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Insatiable: Episode 5

I. Lia’s story

II. Meghan’s Story

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Onyx Mafia: Insatiable

Lia and Meghan

Episode Five

by Nova Black

Lia’s story

e stopped at a small family run restaurant tucked away along a side street. Brenda and I enjoyed watching Zi trying to charm Meghan with all the subtlety of a hurled brick; she had warmed to Meghan and was now purposely masking her regard with over the top innuendo and flirtatious touching.

Meghan, for the most part looked bemused, thinking the gregarious Zi was having a bit of fun at her expense, unaware Zi was getting her used to these joking advances. Getting her used to her touch.

I leaned back in my chair and enjoyed the banter, a pleasant ache from today’s activities muting my desires to background noise.

Brenda leaned over to me, “They seem to be having fun. “

I nodded. They looked good together, their complimentary sense of humor bonding them. I would have to decide what to do about my growing feelings for Meghan soon, before Zi became too attached.


She was breaking a piece of bread, placing half on my plate, the other on hers.


“I am sorry about making you uncomfortable earlier. Truly.”

She sighed. “Lia, you know I care for you-”

“You love me.”

She smiled. “Yes. I love you dearly. But, I thought we had an agreement that this,” she waved her hand between us, “would never be that.”
Her swung to a laughing Zi and Meghan.

I was silent, watching her eat her bread. Depending on her mood she either ate the crust or the soft middle, rarely both. “Would it be so bad, Brenda? Zi and I have found a comfortable solution.”

“Well, two things.” She held up her fingers. “One, Zi accepts you as you are, you can do whatever the hell you want and she doesn’t mind. Some shit wouldn’t fly with me, Lia.”

“There’s room for compromise, Brenda.”

She ignored my words, eating the crust. “Two, you and Azina are the same damn person. Right now your girlfriend is trying to score with your lover and it amuses you. You
encourage it
. When Azina brought that other woman Emily over she was literally eating from your hand in less than ten minutes. You two are a little pack, sharing your dinner.”

Brenda shook her head, staring at the broken pieces of bread on her plate. “I’m not dinner, Lia.” Her mouth twisted and she looked up, eyes fierce. “And I am not a lion. I am also not a gazelle. Lia, what I am is your friend. Let’s just, let’s leave it at that.”

I contemplated her, the proud tilt of her head, the way she returned my gaze in defiance, knowing I could read the attraction she held for me. Knowing that, if I were so inclined, I could break that once strong resolve.

She trusted me. She trusted the silent truce we held for years. But I was hungry. Oh, so hungry. And I…

Ah, I just wanted a taste.

She was not a gazelle, but she could be chased. She could be caught. Would she struggle against her desires even in that moment, her eyes glittering, fixing on me as she climaxed? The little wrinkle on her brow, the one that only appears when she’s furious, would it make its appearance at the peak of her pleasure? Or would a new expression make its debut, one I’ve never seen?

She blinked at my expression, her voice strained. “Please, Lia. Don’t.”

The temptation was getting to me, coloring my thoughts. My hand gripped the table, fingers digging through the cloth to the wood below. Two sentences, no more, and I could bed her, make love to her. In the bathroom, even. It had the room. Spacious and clean. Two sentences…

She leaned in, voice low. “You need a friend, Lia. And I need you.”

None of my relationships have lasted as long as ours. I treasured it, our friendship rare and precious to me. I admired her. I’ve never admired anyone the way I do Brenda. She loved me without the promise of pleasure. She loved me explicitly denying herself such pleasure.

She loved me.

If she could hold back, so will I. I touched her hand, my gaze resting on them. Capturing the image. The memory. When we finally succumb and make love it will be both one of the greatest and worst days of my life.

But, not today.

I looked away, my breath was as weak as my smile. “So, the grand gesture of remorse. Balloons? Fireworks? Skywriting?”

Her answering smile was relief mixed with shadowed disappointment. I closed my eyes, swallowing the impulse to kiss her. Kiss her and fucking be done with it.

She gave me a moment, leaning back expansively, her tone forcefully cheery. “That would only require money, not effort. I want sweat and tears, Lia. Let’s meet in the middle. What about one of your famous beach blowouts?”

Hmm. I cut my eyes to Meghan.

“She likes the ocean, does she? Swims well?” Brenda asked, mouth twitching.

I raised my brow, taking a sip of water. “Amazing aquabatics.”

She smiled despite herself. Shook her head. “Who will you invite?”

“Whomever you want, dear. Even Married John, if you like.”

She grimaced. “No. But there’s a new guy in IT I’ve been eyeing. Aaron something...”

I knew him. He would be a good match for Brenda. Too good.

Her dark eyes studied me. I’ve never outright sabotaged her romances, but I’ve never played wing-man, either. The idea of her with someone who loved her pleased me. The thought of her turning away from loving me filled me with dread.

“I’ll invite him,” I said softly. “I do want you to be happy.”

Azina interrupted, hand moving around Meghan’s shoulder. “Are we having another party?”

Meghan inconspicuously tried to inch her shoulder away, making me smile into my cup.

“It appears so.”

My phone and Brenda’s rang almost instantaneously. We rolled our eyes as we checked the caller id. Brenda received three texts at once and showed one to me.

“There’s a work “emergency”. Zi can you drop us off there and drive the car back home?”

“Sure.” She glanced at Meghan. “Are you coming home with me?”

“What? No! I, uh, have interviews to conduct anyway.”

Brenda looked at her watch, grinning. “It’s almost 5:30. Everyone who hasn’t left for the day is probably leaving soon.” She smiled helpfully, “Since the dinner party is at 7:30, there’s no reason to stay in the office.”

Meghan shot her a look. “Thank you,
. But I need to stop by my hotel room to get ready for tonight's party, anyway.”

Everyone turned to look at her and her very baby-gazelle-like stumble.

She closed her eyes as Zi chuckled. “Perfect. We’ll swing by your hotel room before heading home. I’ll help you pick out something… nice.”

The others piled into the car. I pulled Zi aside. Kissed her fondly.

“Be nice.”

“Lia.” She watched my eyes. “If I’m not nice… have you asked?”

I tugged a errant tendril of her hair. “Ocean.”

She grinned and nodded, kissing me behind the ear before going to the driver’s seat, the curve of her ass and the bounce of her breasts making heads turn.

I slipped in the back with Meghan, who jumped nervously when she saw me.

“Come here.”

She practically leapt into my arms and I held her, kissing her neck.

“If you would prefer Zi to leave you alone, say so now and I will speak with her.”

She shivered but kept silent. Her emotions warring with her innate sense of self preservation. Desire won.

After a moment her eyes slid to me. “Are you upset?”

“Of course not. I care for both of you.”

She sighed. “I don’t know what, if anything, I want to… you know, do with her.”

“I told her your safe word.”

“What!” She flushed hard, slinking down.

I smiled, kissing the top of her head. “She generally has stronger… tastes than I. I felt it prudent for her to know.”

Meghan had covered her eyes, but I could feel the curiosity peaking.

“Like, uh, what…like whips and stuff?”

My own pulse quickened with the undercurrent of eagerness threading her voice. The things I will do with this one.

“Would you like that, Meghan?” I whispered into her ear, “Would you like to be held down, face deep in my pussy while Zi fucks you with one of her toys? My hands on your head, pushing you deeper into me? You writhing while she spanks you?”

She shivered. I pulled her closer, almost on top of me.

“I wouldn’t let you go, Meghan. You would struggle, try to pull away. Your voice would be muffled, begging. You'd scream when Zi starts whipping you with her leather strap. You'd scream and scream, vibrating into my wet pussy with every lash.”

Brenda cleared her throat. “I can hear you back there.”

Zi’s voice was hoarse. “I’m about to fucking crash. Jesus, Lia.”

I smiled unapologetically. Meghan was breathing hard, her thighs clenching inside her blue dress.

“Soon, Meghan,” I said in her ear.

She nodded, once, and shivered.

I kissed her temple. “Here we are.”

The car rolled to a smooth stop in front of the main entrance. Brenda and I stepped out of the car, her flat stare meeting me over the open door.

“I know you meant for me to hear that, and the answer is still no, but goddamn if I’m not really starting to regret it.”

I held her gaze. “Whenever you are ready. I’ll wait, Brenda.”

She gave me a considering look, speeding my already throbbing pulse. I touched her hand and she moved it away gently.

“I don’t want a fling, Lia.” She flicked her eyes at Meghan in the backseat. “That’s not waiting. What you are doing is…,” she sighed, “Lia, it’s the opposite of waiting.”

The moment passed and she shook her head, smiling. “Come on, horn dog. Whatever’s happened is big enough they’ve moved the meeting to the west conference room.”

She bumped my hip as we walked into the building. “Whips, huh?”

I smiled, the points of my teeth showing. “Oh, yes.”


The room was filled with dour looking high level management, Pamela, and two very nervous IT guys – one of whom was Aaron.

“We’re not saying it was hackers, Mrs. Benson, we are saying we are not sure if it was hackers. It is not improbable that the backup servers simply suffered a system wide failure that caused a cascading crash. The data is there. We just need time to rebuild it.”

“I want to know exactly what happened as soon as possible. Hourly updates.”

Aaron nodded. “Yes, ma’am.”

Brian, the poor guy in charge of IT stepped in. “In the meantime we are asking for all staff to properly create a current local backup of their data. Our IT staff will be busy recovering the main and backup servers, so you will have to rely on tech savvy support staff to create your backups.”

Pamela looked livid. “What can we do to ensure this does not happen again, Mr. Maloney, Mr. Donovan.”

Brian shrugged, looking as if he had checked out long ago. Aaron cut him a nervous glance and stepped in, “What Brian means is that these things sometimes happen, even with multiple redundancies. I think perhaps the next step is to have a separate backup offsite, one not directly connected to our network.”

She nodded. “Send me a report on your recommendation once the computers are reinstated. Thank you, Mr. Donovan. That will be all, everyone. Brian, may I have a word with you?.”

“Oh, shit.” Brenda whispered, “He just pissed off the wrong person.”

Indeed. Pamela’s voice was even and clipped as she dressed down the hapless IT manager, her stance showing no mercy. People gave the two a wide berth as they headed out the doors, some shooting pitying looks at the soon to be demoted worker.

I watched her, remembering when she was splayed out on a bench in my showers, quivering with the aftermath of rolling orgasms.

No one would believe which side of the whip she prefers.

She turned, catching my gaze, a flush filling her face before she turned back to Brian.

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