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The Living

Book 2


Deausha Kristal




Copyright © 2015 Deausha Kristal


This book is a work of fiction, names characters, places and incidents are the product of the author’s imagination. Any resemblance to actual events, places or persons, living or dead, is coincidental.

No part of this publication may be reproduced, distributed, transmitted or stored in a database in any form, without the prior permission of the publisher.

This book shall not be lent, resold, hired out, or otherwise circulated without the publisher’s prior consent.

Published by Deausha Kristal 2015

All rights reserved.

Cover Artist: James Price

Editor: Melissa Matheson




Kitty, you have been my best friend forever.

You pushed me when I needed it.

We have laughed and cried together more times than I can count.

You are the true definition of a best friend.

We’re Bonnie & Clyde.


Chapter 1

2 months later…

There is nothing like starting a new day than with a hot shower. My family and I survived the zombie outbreak for two months. Things have been pretty easy, as long as we are here at the house. The last time we left, we lost a member of the family. That has been very hard to get over. After that, we have just stuck around the house—putting supplies away, keeping inventory, and living. But now, my mom has run out of the medicine that she has to take on a daily basis. Without them, she could die. So, we are deciding on where we need to go to get them, and when. It looks like we will be going to Youngstown for them. They have an enormous pharmaceutical company that makes them. Youngstown is all but destroyed and is in chaos! We will have to go through a big section of gangs. Then there is Sal. We are still the same, maybe a little bit closer, but not together!

I do not know if I am ready for a relationship yet. My mind is going 50 miles an hour as I get into the shower to clear it. I see that the shower has really helped. Turning off the water, I hop out and get dressed. I just know as soon as I walk out of my bedroom the chaos will begin. UGH! Maybe I just should stay in my bedroom all day. Grinning, I strap my gun on my hip. “Come on Rufus, baby Herk. Wanna go outside?” Opening the door, they follow me out into the hallway. Walking past the hallway bathroom, the door is closed. Someone is in there. That bathroom is seldom empty anymore.

Making my way into the dining room, I open the glass doors and let the dogs out. They shoot out the door barking. Well if people are trying to sleep they will be awake now. Laughing to myself, I turn to go into the kitchen and almost run right into Sal.

“Good morning, Egypt.” He says, handing me a cup of coffee.

“Jeez! Sal, you scared the shit out of me! What are you doing up this early?” I ask as I walk to the table to sit down.

Sal does the same thing. “Oh, I switched shifts with Nate this morning, he’s not feeling too good.”

Taking a sip of my coffee I look over to him. “Really? He just happened to give you his time?”

Sal slowly grins. “Well, OK, you caught me, I just wanted some extra alone time with you,” he says.

Standing up, I let the dogs in. “Well, that sounds about right. And Nate went along with this?”

Sal walks over to get the dogs some food. They have really taken to him. The little traitors! “Yeah, he did, Egypt. We're getting along better now,” he says laughing.

Shaking my head, I start to go out into the garage. Pete is sitting in front of the computers. Walking up behind him I give him a big hug. “Hey Pete, anything going on?”

Looking over his shoulder at me, he responds, “Just a few trucks going past, the same ones as before. We had a few zombies lingering, but they went down the road."

Hearing the door, I look over and see Sal coming out with the dogs in tow. Shaking my head smiling. “OK. Pete, we got this. Go to bed.” Pete gets up and walks over to Sal. I can see them looking over at me once in a while, and then looking the other way. Really? I’m not stupid. I know where talking about me. I seem to be everyone’s topic of conversation lately!

“OK guys, it’s beautiful out so I’m going up top to keep watch,” I say. Heading for the steps, I take them, two at a time, getting to the top. I walk over to the railing and look around. It’s starting to get light out. It is a bit humid out and it is only 5:45 in the morning. I know it’s going to be a scorcher today. I hear Sal coming up the stairs. Looking over my shoulder I smile at him. He walks over and stands behind me. Slowly, he wraps his arms around me resting his hands on my hips. I rest my head on his chest leaning back into him. I cover his hands with mine. “I’ve missed you, Egypt. This alone time. We’ve been so busy and now it is just you and me,” he says.

“I know. I’ve really missed this too,” I say. Turning around in his arms I slowly take my hand and trace his jaw. I see him grinning. Slowly, I tilt my head up to him, giving him permission to kiss me. He does not have to be told twice. He bends down. His lips coming close to mine. I look into his grinning eyes and cannot wait for this to happen. Softly his mouth comes to mine, and it is heaven! Wrapping my arms around his neck he deepens the kiss. Moaning into his mouth, our tongues play with each other. He pulls me closer so that there is no space between us now. I run my hands down his back. I can feel his muscles tighten as my fingertips trace lightly over him. My hands are where they want to be—on his hot skin. I feel every ripple of muscle. Sal moans and grabs at my hands to stop their exploring. “Egypt, I don’t want to do this. If you continue to torture me like this, I’m going to bend you over the railing and do what I have wanted to do for months!” he says.

Groaning, I ask, “Damn, why does this always happen? You come up here feeling like you do and expect me to behave?” I think that I have really caught him off guard because the look in his eyes could catch me on fire. This is not something I would normally say.

Sal leans closer to my ear and nips it. “Egypt, you can’t say things like that to me and just walk away.”

Looking up at him, I ask, “Who’s walking away, Sal? You’re all talk and no action. I see you watching me every day. You go out of your way to do it. What’s up?" Grabbing me by the hips he pushes me against the railing. Bending down he starts on my neck, nipping me. I know I’m going to have marks on my neck from this. “Sal, don’t start something you can’t finish.” Pushing him away, I walk to the other side of the roof, looking out over the backyard. It is a very nice setup. The RVs are around the outside of the property, in the middle there are picnic tables, a swing set for the kids, and a big fire pit with chairs around it. There are lines on a few trees to hang things to dry. Breakfast will be served out there at 8 am on the dot. Mom and Aunt Nancy do the cooking inside and we eat outside when the weather is nice.

Sal walks over to me and slips his hands around my waist. “You know what your body does to me, I’ll find you tonight.” Turning around in his arms, he grabs me by my hair and pulls it so that I’m looking up at him. Bending down he kisses me. Letting go, he walks back to the other side to keep watch. Shaking my head, I groan. He sure can be a tease but two can play that game. Looking at my watch, it is almost 8 am.

I see the house stirring to life. Uncle Tommy is coming out of his RV. Mack is walking into the house. I whistle at him to get his attention. He looks up and smiles. We wave at each other and he goes into the house. I know he will be talking to Nate this morning about the cameras. I like Mack. I didn’t at first. I thought he was a prick. I do not know how it happened, but I like two men. Sal and Mack. They are so different. Mack, is wild, rough and knows what he wants. Sal is just what I need right now. Sal is hot-headed and I know that could be dangerous.

I hear the bell for breakfast. I see Mom and Aunt Nancy taking the food out. We have been very blessed with the food. We have not gone without. I look over to where all the screaming and giggling is going on. The kids are running around playing. Samantha is chasing them to the tables. Shaking my head, I walk to the other side where Sal is. I notice that he is staring out to the left. Looking over that way, I see a truck parked down the road. “It’s the same truck as a few days ago isn’t it?” I say.

Sal looks away from the truck. “Yep, I think it’s the peeping toms from our last raid.”

Looking back at the truck. “Someone needs to see what they want,” I say. Turning to the steps I see Tabby coming up.

“I know what they want, Egypt, and they're not going to get it,” Sal says.

Walking over to Tabby, I greet her, “Hey, babe, how are you this morning?” Tabby hugs me, her belly is getting huge. She is seven months pregnant.

“Ugh! Mom, this heat is killing me!!”

Laughing, I respond, “It’s never easy, babe.”

She walks over and sits down in one of the chairs. “Oh yeah, you guys go eat, John and I are going to keep watch.”

Looking over at Sal, he nods. “OK, babe. Keep an eye on that truck, if it comes closer let me know.” I say.

Grabbing my walkie, I head down the steps. John is by the computers. Walking past him, I head out the door to the back yard and look at where everyone is getting food. I see the kids running over to me. Bending down, I wait for them to tackle hug me. It’s a game for them. As they reach me, I get knocked to the ground on the bottom of the screaming and giggling pile. “Hey guys, what are you all doing? Shouldn’t you all be getting ready to eat?” Laughing, I tickle all that I can. Some are getting up and running from me.

Standing up I give chase, they all run over to Mack and hide behind him. Looking up at him he crosses his arms across his chest. “I think they are safe, Egypt. You can’t get past me,” he says.

Looking him up and down, grinning. “Oh, I think I can get past you!!!” Laughing, I start to tickle him. He jerks this way and that way, and I dart past him only to be tackled to the ground. UGH! I hear giggles everywhere.

Looking over my shoulder, Mack is on top of me. “OK, kids, get her!” Oh, I’m in trouble this time. Mack flips me over so that I am on my back. He straddles my hips and holds my arms above my head. The little ones pounce on me. Some are even climbing on Mack! Looking up at him, he is just watching me.

“You better be able to keep all this weight off me or you will squish me,” I say with a laugh.

He chuckles. “Oh, I want to squish you, but I can wait, remember?” Looking at him, I know he will wait until I am ready. It does not matter how long it takes. Mack starts to get up, hanging onto the kids that are on his back. He takes off jogging with them giggling on his back. 

A hand reaches down to help me up. Sal is smiling and shaking his head. Laughing, I take his hand and he pulls me up to his hard chest. I grab his belt buckle so that I don’t fall back down.

“Ready to eat, Egypt?” he asks.

The kids are busy now so I had better take advantage of it. “Yep, I’m starving.” Looping my arm through his, we head over to the food. Walking over, I grab a plate and pile food on it. Nothing like eggs, bacon, and fresh fruit in the mornings. Looking around there is no one sitting on the deck, so I head over there. Climbing the stairs, I take the chair that is by the house so that I can see what is going on.

Hank walks over and sits down next to me. “Morning, Egypt, I see that the kids got you good.”

Laughing, I say, “Yes, they sure did. But I’m thinking I’m getting a bit too old to be hitting the ground like that.”

Mack and Sal walk over and sit down. They are laughing at something Mack said. Sal sits a cup of coffee in front of me. Smiling I grab it and take a drink. Everyone makes small talk as we eat.

Finishing up, I sit back just drinking my coffee while I look out over the back yard. There is so much to do to get ready for winter. The guys have been cutting wood across the road in the woods and hauling it back here. I have four wood burners in the house. Two small ones are in the last two bedrooms, one is in the basement, and one in the garage. I have the fireplace in the living room. We have to get kerosene heaters for the RVs. The electric is still on, but that can go at any time.

Looking at the guys, I smile. “OK guys, have a great morning. I’ve got some stuff to do.” Getting up, I walk into the house. I hear the guys start talking again. Rufus and baby Herk follow me inside. I see my mom and Aunt Nancy washing the dishes. Walking over to my mom, I hug her. “I’m going to be going for a run. Where’s Tomas? I told him he can go with me this morning,” I ask.

Mom stops washing dishes and looks up at me. “I think he’s outside with the others,” she said.

“OK. Thanks, Mom, I’m going to go change.” Walking to my bedroom, I open the door and walk in. Taking off my clothes, I look for my shorts and a half top. They were in my closet. Putting them on, before I grab my boots and throw them on. Yeah, OK boots, I know funny, right? But I'd rather have them on than anything else. Going to the bathroom, I brush my hair and pull it into a ponytail, then walk out of the bedroom as the puppies run down the hall and back outside.

“Hey, Aunt Egypt. You ready?” Tomas asks.

Looking outside he’s walking to the deck. Walking out to meet him. “Yep, I’m ready,” I say. Sal and Mack are staring at me. “So, uh, we will meet you in the woods in about an hour?”

Mack is grinning from ear to ear. “Yeah, that will work. Maybe one of us should go running with you,” Mack says.

Rolling my eyes, I say “Really? It’s the end of the world, almost everyone is dead. I think we will be fine going ourselves.” I add, “Unless you know something I don’t?” Looking at the guys I can see they are trying not to look at each other.

“Nope, we know what you do, Egypt,” Sal says.

Hank stands up and walks over to me. “Egypt, you need to get your 9mm, don’t go anywhere without it,” he says.

“I know, Hank. It’s in the house. OK, guys, see you in a little bit. We’re going to do the usual trail, staying off the roads.” Walking into the house, I grab my gun and strap it onto my hip. Now, I really must look funny: spandex shorts, a sports bra, gun, and my boots. Sexy all the way. Laughing, I walk to the front and wait for Tomas. I stretch so that I don’t pull something when I’m running. I’m not a spring chicken anymore.

Turning I see Sal, Pete, and Mack walking towards me. “Hey, be careful out there,” Sal says.

Walking up to him, we duck behind one of the truck. I wrap my arms around his waist and kiss him long and hard. “I’m promised a good night, I’ll be careful,” I say, grinning.

BOOK: Outbreak The Living (The Outbreak Series)
2.18Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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