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Outlaw's Bride

BOOK: Outlaw's Bride
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Outlaw's Bride: Grizzlies MC Romance

By Nicole Snow

Table of Contents

Title Page

Outlaw's Bride: Grizzlies MC Romance

I: A Piece of Him (Sally)

II: Longing (Roman)

III: Corralled (Sally)

IV: Bang, Crash, Boom (Roman)

V: Furious (Sally)

VI: Taking Control (Roman)

VII: No More Fooling (Sally)

VIII: Bad Blood (Roman)

IX: Rampage (Sally)

X: Paradise Rocked (Roman)

XI: Blinders Off (Sally)

XII: Better Mousetrap (Roman)

XIII: Under the Gun (Sally)

XIV: Clean Cut (Roman)

XV: 'Til the End of Time (Sally)


Content copyright © Nicole Snow. All rights reserved.

Published in the United States of America.

First published in June, 2015.

The following ebook is a work of fiction. Any resemblance characters in this story may have to real people is only coincidental.

Please respect this author's hard work! No section of this book may be reproduced or copied without permission. Exception for brief quotations used in reviews or promotions. This book is licensed for your personal enjoyment only. Thanks!

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He's going to kill me when he finds out. I should've left Roman behind after our unforgettable fling two summers ago. I wasn't supposed to end up having his kid, always looking over my shoulder for the last man in the world meant to be a father.

But danger has a funny way of betraying a woman's best kept secrets, and reigniting old flames that should've died on a hot summer night.

Now, he's hellbent on claiming me in all the explosive ways that make my heart stop and my head spin. I'm losing it, or maybe just my panties.
Every single pair.

An arranged marriage with the Grizzlies MC's biggest badass? I shouldn't want this so bad...


Forgive and forget? F*ck no.

I tried like hell to push her away, spent every waking minute on whores and booze. Then I found out what she'd hidden, and I lost my damned mind.

Sally's lies stole more years off my life than prison did. She owes me big. I'm taking her for payment, and I don't care what she's got to say about wearing my brand.

No chick makes a fool outta me. And I'm not fooling when I tell her I'll get my perfect wife, even if we're faking it all the way to the altar.

Give me a week. I'll conquer her spitfire tongue and remind her what it's like to ache desire. I'm not stopping 'til her lips are on mine, making her squirm the way she used to, begging me for more...

The Outlaw Love books are stand alone romance novels featuring unique lovers and happy endings. No cliffhangers! This is Roman and Sally's story in the Grizzlies MC series.

I: A Piece of Him (Sally)

remembered him like it was only yesterday.

The heat of his kiss, the raw power in his arms as he pushed me down in the back seat, fisting my hair and making me scream when he sucked along my throat. He was going to be my first. I never dreamed in a thousand years he'd be my last.

He conquered me, and I fucking let him. I loved it. I didn't love him – at least not
– but I lived giving him my innocence.

Sex came natural to him. He forced me to recognize his awesome talent in everything he did, from the way he shoved himself inside me for the first time, to the cadence of his voice, growling in my ear, twisting my head perfectly to bring my ear to his rough lips.

“Follow my lead, Sally. You're too damned hot to tell me fucking doesn't come natural.” He paused, flicking his tongue over my earlobe until I squirmed. “Just watch and feel and learn. Every time I push my dick deep, you grind back. Meet my hips. Fuck me like you mean it, babe. Fuck me like you want it. Keep going 'til it feels like you're gonna blow, and I'll give you the final push. I'll teach you how to use that hot cunt between your legs to suck every drop of come outta a man's balls. Especially


And just like that, he fucked me. My best fuck, my
fuck. Roman shook the whole truck with his thrusts as he plowed into me, sending me screaming toward the sultry release.

I didn't know him, and it didn't matter. I was too deep in the pleasure zone after about five seconds to even care.

The way he handled me...sweet baby Jesus.

I hadn't meant to lose it this easy. Sure, I wanted to, but I didn't know this would be the day until he started pulling off my clothes.

I went down easy. One kiss was all it took to seal my fate forever.

Maybe it was his strength, or just the rogue good looks in his massive, tattooed body and chiseled face. His dark eyes told me he knew
what to do with a woman like me in every glance.

And I listened. I melted. I surrendered.

I'd never been a small girl. Growing up on my Uncle's ranch left me strong and well rounded beneath my curves. Stronger than the skinny twigs with palm sized boobs most of the biker boys in this town brought to bed, anyway.

I was pretty voluptuous, actually, which made it all the more amazing when Roman followed through on his promises.

It started with him walking me into the back, showing off the work he'd done on my Uncle's truck. He'd done the job quickly and efficiently, just like a good mechanic could, and I was gawking at him like a schoolgirl with a bad crush every time I twisted in the machine, pointing out some gear or strut.

My thoughts went everywhere. Mostly, just wondering what those big, thick hands could do besides tuning up vehicles in record time.

If only I'd just wondered, fantasized, and left it at that.

I shouldn't have let him pull me inside for a closer look. All alone too – nobody else was in the garage. It must've been a light day for the Grizzlies Motorcycle Club, or maybe his brothers had other business.

I should've put up a fight, especially when his hands grabbed mine, bringing my trembling fingers to his lips. It couldn't possibly mean anything good except some incredible sex.

I was young, but I wasn't stupid. I knew the average badass wearing the Grizzlies MC patch offered nothing except a heart stopping romp between the sheets – or maybe somewhere wilder.

These boys didn't do relationships and dinner dates. They flirted, they fucked, and they moved onto the next hot ass within grabbing distance.

I knew better, and I didn't listen to common sense. The second we locked lips, lust did all the talking.

Maybe I shouldn't look back and be so hard on myself.

After all, it's hard to say no when you're twenty-one years old and still a virgin, and suddenly the biggest badass in all of Redding has his hands reaching for your bra clasp. And it's even harder when a tattooed giant like Roman shoves his fingers on your thigh and squeezes until it hurts because you want it so bad.

Lust never lies. We melded, a perfect fit, even before he maneuvered his huge frame between my legs, pressing the swollen cock behind his jeans to my panties. The honest
in his body fed hunger in mine.

Nature took over. Before I knew what was happening, my shirt was off, and the seat flopped back, leaving ample space for me to open my legs.

The things he did with his mouth set my pussy on fire. When he shoved his hands between my thighs and brushed my wetness, asking me if I'd ever been with a man like him before, I couldn't hide it. I told him I'd never been with any man.

The look he gave me was like a wild animal locking onto its prey. He told me not to worry. He'd take care of everything. He'd teach me all about pleasure, the flesh,

Lesson number one didn't truly sink in until he stripped me naked, shoved his broad face between my thighs, and ripped down my panties with one rough hand. I creamed the instant he started sucking my clit.

Sure, I'd read about the wonderful things a man's tongue can do in dirty romance books and even seen it in some porn. But it was
compared to having him there, shaking his huge head from side to side, pulling my clit between his teeth and crashing his tongue against it until my entire body exploded.

I came so fucking hard I almost went blind.

Five minutes later, I'd barely come down from the high, and he'd flipped me over in my stupor. One hand pulled me open, baring my virgin slit for his cock. His pants were off, and I caught a quick glimpse of his rock hard, throbbing, insanely huge dick.

I didn't know how he'd ever fit. He didn't care.

There wasn't time for any questions before he pushed himself inside me, all the way, stretching everything wide open for his cock. He sank deep, held it for a moment, shaping my pussy to fit his length.

It didn't hurt much. After several seconds, it started feeling pretty damned good actually, and then
fucking amazing
when his thrusts picked up speed. A dozen strokes in with my legs splayed wide, taking his massive cock, and I couldn't think straight.

I couldn't bother with right or wrong, or what time Uncle Ralph wanted me back with his workhorse on wheels, or even the fact that I couldn't check if the outlaw between my legs rolled on a condom first. Roman taught me a lot that day, especially about losing my mind.

Good sex was worse than good whiskey.

A woman couldn't think about
when her nerves were on fire, blowing all her circuits. I stopped trying when he rocked my body harder, shaking the truck along with it, quaking my whole fucking world apart.

The things that came out of my mouth probably made mama spin in her grave. Especially when he slowed his thrusts, just enough to let me form words, urging me on.

“You like that, woman? Fucking tell me you do. I wanna hear you beg for this dick. Start talking. You'd better practice talking dirty awful fast if you don't want me to pull out right now and shoot my load on your tits.” Then his hand came down, slapping my butt for emphasis.

“Oh, don't stop! Please don't pull out. Please
keep fucking me.
” If only I would've known those words sealed my fate.

“Fuck you like what, babe? I don't give a shit if you're a virgin. I don't do gentle. I don't do slow. I only know how to fuck sluts.”

“Then fuck me like one.” His hand reached around and cupped my breast. Pushing into his palm, I moaned, praying he'd understand my body's needs.

“Bullshit. You're a good girl, Sally. I've never seen you so much as hanging around a hog roast out here before. You're not a biker bitch. You're not a club whore. I can't fuck you like one unless you make me believe it.” Growling, he pulled out, resting his cock between my ass and rubbing it up and down.

“Anything. Do you want this?” My cheeks burned bright red as I shoved my ass cheeks against him. Yes, he had me so drunk on his body I offered him everything that moment, and I would've given it to him too – anything to bring him back to the fire he'd kindled inside my pussy.

Silence. Until I heard the thunder building in his throat. With a snarl, he tilted my head to the side, jerking my hair in one fist, pushing his lips close to my ear again.

“You're lucky the thought of fucking a virgin cunt no man's ever been in makes my dick pulse lava, blondie. Turn the fuck over. I'll take all your holes another night.” Another slap on the ass, and I obeyed.

I was so vulnerable, so exposed beneath him. His dark hazel eyes flashed. He took a good long look, bathing me in his hungry gaze.

“Lock those legs around my waist, and don't you fucking let up when I make you come. Consider this a test. We'll see if you're worth more than one fuck. I hardly ever do girls twice, and never when they've got hooks on 'em, trying to pull me into some shit. I'm a
man. You hear me, babe? You down with that? I'm looking for a fuck. Not a girlfriend.”

My eyes narrowed. I can't say he didn't give me many chances to run. He told me straight up he was the world's biggest asshole with a gladiator's body and a tiger's stripes going up his arms. The roaring bear inked in the middle of his rock hard chest should've been warning enough.

I ignored it all. I wanted him that bad. I'd play along to keep this going, to feel him shaking me again. I'd already gone too deep, and now I wanted my virgin innocence obliterated.

For one night, I just wanted to feel his cock inside me as many times as I could. I'd deal with the guilt in the morning.

Reaching up, I ran my fingers down his chest, stopping just above his throbbing cock. Steam shot out my pores when I really
how hard he was.
Holy shit.

“You talk a lot about wild and free, don't you, Roman? Why don't you shut up and show me what that means?” God, I sounded nervous, but I managed.

I hooked my legs around his waist and gave him a squeeze. I teased him, and I loved it.

BOOK: Outlaw's Bride
7.08Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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