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Manhattan Dreaming

Anita Heiss

Lauren is a curator at the NAG '€“ the National Aboriginal Gallery in Canberra. She'€™s good at her job, passionate about the Arts, and focused on her work '€“ that is, when she'€™s not focusing on Adam, half-back for the Canberra Cockatoos.

But Adam is a player, on and off the field. Lauren knows he'€™s the one, but he doesn'€™t seem to feel the same way about her. If she just waits long enough, though, surely he'€™ll realise how much he needs her?

Then her boss offers her the chance of a lifetime '€“ a fellowship at the Smithsonian in New York. Lauren has to make some big decisions: The Man or Manhattan?

Not Meeting Mr Right

Anita Heiss

Alice Aigner is successful, independent and a confirmed serial dater '€“ but at her ten-year school reunion she has a sudden change of heart. Bored rigid by her '€˜married, mortgaged and motherly'€™ former classmates, Alice decides to prove that a woman can have it all: a man, marriage, career, kids and a mind of her own.

She sets herself a goal: meet the perfect man and marry him before her thirtieth birthday, just under two years away. Together with her best friends Dannie, Liza and Peta, Alice draws up a ten-point plan. Then, with a little help from her mum, her dad, her brothers, her colleagues and her neighbour across the hall, she sets out to find Mr Right. Unfortunately for Alice, it'€™s not quite as easy as she imagines '€¦

'€˜Sassy, intelligent, strong, independent and brilliantly funny'€™ '€“
Deborah Mailman

Avoiding Mr Right

Anita Heiss

Peta Tully has found her Mr Right... the only trouble is, she'€™s not sure she'€™s ready to settle down. Not just yet, anyway,€“ so when she'€™s offered a twelve-month contract interstate that just might win her the job of her dreams, she puts her Sydney life on hold, packs her bags and jumps on a plane, leaving her doting boyfriend behind.

Peta takes a voluntary vow of celibacy, but sticking to it proves to be rather hard.

This is Anita Heiss'€™s second book about Peta, Alice, Liza and Dannie, four deadly thirty-something chicks from Sydney'€™s eastern beaches.

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Chapter 1: I'€™m on a man-fast

Chapter 2: The One!

Chapter 3: Cultural Canberra

Chapter 4: I'€™m no Blackpacker

Chapter 5: Festival du film français

Chapter 6: The NAG, the P4P and the MQB

Chapter 7: Monogamy bores me

Chapter 8: Adieu, Canberra!

Chapter 9: Bonjour, Paris!

Chapter 10: The red beret

Chapter 11: Man-fast to man-feast

Chapter 12: Becoming Elizabeth

Chapter 13: Champers on the Champs-Elysées

Chapter 14: Feeling sexy in Paris

Chapter 15: The Nude Poet

Chapter 16: Le poet turns le prick

Chapter 17: Banning the burqa and the Blackfella

Chapter 18: The universe was being kind

Chapter 19: It'€™s on

Chapter 20: This is not love, this is lust

Chapter 21: Oohlala, it'€™s Christmas in Paris

Chapter 22: It happened again

Chapter 23: The universe is a bitch

Chapter 24: Au revoir, Jake

Chapter 25: I'€™ll be fine with or without him


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BOOK: Paris Dreaming
7.45Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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