Passions Pique (Passions Pique Satin's Passion)

BOOK: Passions Pique (Passions Pique Satin's Passion)
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“Satin’s Passion”




Adrian Milan


Passions Pique: Satin’s Passion
© 2013 by Adrian Milan

This book is a work of fiction. Any references to historical events, real people, or real locales are used fictitiously. Any names, characters, places and incidents are the product of the imagination, and any resemblance to the actual events or locales or persons, living or dead, is entirely coincidental.


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“Satin’s Passion”




Adrian Milan






Chapter 1:

“Satin’s Passion”

Satin Silverstone and Derrick Billings, both 32, had been very good friends for over 10 years. Right out of College they were both blessed with the job of their dreams in investment banking for the same firm. And because they would be working for the same company, Satin made it clear to Derrick at the very beginning of his advances that there was no way that she would ever entertain a sexual relationship with a co-worker. Not only is it a conflict of interest, the potential for unnecessary drama in the work place was simply not an option that would ever be acceptable to her. Besides, she had genuinely grown to really respect Derrick on a professional and personal level. Few men had his integrity or his work ethic. He was trust worthy, dependable and always on time. She enjoyed their friendship and didn’t want to do anything that might jeopardize the purity of what they had already established. Satin thought to herself;

“So how did we end up here?”

10:45 on a Wednesday night and Derrick had treated her to wonderful meal in celebration of their latest acquisition. Very profitable for them both. This catapulted them to a new level of success, individually as well as a team. They had every reason to be happy. But while nursing her second margarita, Satin felt her inhibitions giving way to her own desires. And Derrick, ever the gentleman, was still doing his best to honor her wishes as he has done for the last 10 years. Satin smiled. She could tell that he was really putting forth an effort to keep it strictly platonic. But she knew that Derrick was at his wits end. And as fate would have it, tonight Satin has found herself in need of more than just some manual satisfaction. She looks at Derrick slyly from her peripheral vision and catches him staring at her lovingly. It’s not lust that she sees in his eyes. And she knows that if she takes this step with him, she runs the risk of having him chasing around after her like a lost puppy. But her need right now is too strong and Derrick is just too tempting a treat to let slip through her fingers. 6 foot 2 inches, caramel colored complexion, fit and firm in all of the right places, well groomed, very easy on the eyes. She could have done worse, but tonight, she won’t have to.

“You know, Derrick, we have to get up early tomorrow, why don’t we go up to my place for a quick night cap and talk about our presentation for the meeting in the morning?”

Derrick’s eyes lit up.

“Sounds like a plan to me. Let’s go.”

Neither one them expected it to happen the way that it did. As soon as the door closed behind them at Satins penthouse, they fell into each other’s arms. It’s as though a dam had burst and thoughts, feelings and emotions that had been stored up for the 10 years that they had known each other suddenly came rushing down on them both. Piece by piece, they peeled each other out of their clothes. All the while, kissing, caressing, feeling, learning each other’s bodies. Discovering for the first time, what had been so close, yet so far away. Derrick whispered in Satins ear;

“My God, I want you so bad.”

   Satin could not help but to smile to herself.

“I know you do, Derrick. I know that you’ve waited a very long time for this. Take me, Baby. You can have me any way you want me.”

Derrick took his time. This was a relationship that he truly valued. And he was fairly confident that this was going to be a onetime thing. To keep down the confusion he knew that Satin would never again allow this kind of intimacy between them. That’s just how Satin was. She didn’t want any ties. She was dedicated to her career. And would never allow anything that might possibly interfere with her future plans or independence. Derrick had already resolved it within himself that he would not be that guy. That emotional, clingy, whining, sap that is just two steps shy of being a stalker because he wants more from the relationship than just their friendship. To him, this is nothing short of a gift from the gods. One he would treasure forever.

Satin stared up into Derricks eyes a little sad that this would be the first and the last sexual encounter they would share. It was rare that she met a lover whose passion rivaled her own. She found herself very at ease with him.  He was clearly comfortable in his own skin, lying naked next to her, tracing slow lazy circles around her nipples, while gazing back into her eyes. A partial smile began to form at the left corner of his mouth. His lips, thick, moist and sensuous. He whispered to her;

“There is so much about you I still want to know.”

It was her turn to smile now.

“For tonight, Derrick, and tonight only, I am yours. But you know that we cannot afford to let our emotions get in the way of work. Ask yourself, can you really handle this emotionally, or is this going to be an issue in our relationship?”

Derrick smiled back at her.

“No, not an issue at all.”

Satin felt confident that she and Derrick were solid enough to take this step.

“Well, what would you like to know?” She asked as she kissed him on his cheek. “You can ask me anything. I have no secrets.”

Her scent was intoxicating. Jasmine and honeysuckle rose. Classy. Seductive. Exhilarating.

“Oh, I’m asking you questions, Satin. I’m just not using any words.”

Derrick slowly laid Satin back on her California King bed and said, “Whatever you do, don’t speak. Words will just mess it up.”

Then, placing his right thumb behind her ear, he gently grasped the back of her head and drew her face to his, eyes wide open, slowly, deliberately. He wanted her to have full eye contact with him. To draw her in emotionally. To mentally make her a willing participant in the surrendering of her body to him. He placed his nose right alongside hers. Still staring into her eyes as his lips gently brushed across her own. He parted her lips with his tongue, feeling her slight resistance instantly crumble. Her mouth tasted of mint and margaritas. His hands began to caress her body. Gently drawing her in. He squeezed her thigh, slowly moving up to the roundness of her butt. It was round and firm. He gently massaged her cheeks and slowly moved up to the small of her waist. Satin gave an involuntary moan of approval as his hands gently slid up the side of her rib cage and underneath her breasts. His kisses were getting deeper. He was taking slow deep drinks of her mouth. Sucking in her tongue and still massaging her breasts. Satins nipples had become so hard they were now aching. She began to arch her back and instinctively Derrick’s kisses began to move down the length of her neck, to the delicate curve of her collar bone, down the center of her heaving chest. And there he teased her. Placing dozens of soft sensuous kisses all around her nipples. Close enough to almost touch them, but not quite. Satin found herself cradling his bald head between her hands. Trying to guide his kisses. She wanted him to put her nipples in his mouth. And then suddenly he had her left nipple between his lips, gently suckling it while firmly cupping her breasts in his strong grip. Satin was biting her bottom lip.

“Oh my God,... He is really giving me the business!” Butterfly kisses blanketed her rib cage, down to her navel. Satins sighs were evolving into low moans of pleasure. Derrick was kissing a trail beneath her navel down to the very core of her being. Satin felt her legs begin to part of their own accord. He had her hungry for him now. He lifted her knees and without a moment’s hesitation, his mouth descended upon her. Again Satin felt her back arching and her hips suddenly giving a little thrust as Derricks tongue gently sliced a path down the center of her slit. Softly he licked between the gentle folds of her vulva until her clit peaked out from underneath its hood. Satin was slick and wet in an instant as his tongue began slow, steady, insistent lashes across her clit. Over and over and over again. She grabbed his head between her hands again. She felt herself ready to explode, but it was too much, too powerful. She was gently pushing Derrick back trying to catch her breath and regain control, but Derrick wrapped his arms around her thighs to secure himself to her in a permanent position. There was no stopping him. There was no escaping him. He continued licking, kissing, sucking, literally drinking her in. And as her juices began to squirt into his mouth, Satins legs tensed and clamped down around his head as her body began to convulse in wave after wave of sweet delicious ecstasy. It was more than she could bear. Satins eyes rolled back and she surrendered to the sweet release. Derrick held his position but slowed his tempo. Giving her the chance to adapt and revel in the moment. Letting her appreciate the sensations as well as his skill set. Gentle licks now. Less aggressive. Longer strokes. Slower motions. Until he finally stopped. Satin had a finger in her mouth, head moving from side to side as the waves slowly ebbed and her heart beat returned to normal. That’s when she opened her eyes, only to see him staring up at her from between her thighs. He gently kissed the lips of her now well cleaned pussy, as if to say, “thank you.” And she could see from the expression on his face that he was very pleased with himself for taking her over the edge the way that he had. Satin struggled to catch her breath. She didn’t want him to know just how good it actually was.

“What are you smiling about?” She chuckled nonchalantly.

Derrick simply pulled himself up between her thighs and sat back on his calves. Letting the fullness of his erection raise up and land right on top of her mound. He began a slow rocking motion, back and forth. The underside of his cock sliding up and down, back and forth, in between the folds of her dripping wet slit. Covering him in her juices. He looked down at her and said;

“That was for you. And my work here is done.”

Satin stared up at his handsome face, confused.

“What do you mean, Derrick? Are you saying that you’re done? You don’t want to make love to me? I’m not a selfish lover. What about you? Don’t you want to cum Baby?”

Derrick smiled at her again.

“That’s not what I came here for. I came here to make YOU feel good. To take YOUR stress away. And to give YOU pleasure. I’ve done that. As far as me getting my mine; I get off on getting you off. That being done, I’m going to let you get your rest. We both have a long day ahead of us tomorrow. And honestly, I don’t want to risk our friendship changing.”

Was this man being serious? Satins ego came into play.

“So he thinks he’s just going to come up to my spot, give me the best oral sex I’ve ever had in my life, backed by a mind bending orgasm and I’m just going to let him walk out the door? Uh uh, hell no. I don’t know if this is some kind of test or what, but before he leaves here, I’m going to make sure that this is a night that he will never forget.”

Satin reached down between her thighs and took a firm hold of Derricks cock, never once taking her eyes away from his. She was going to make it crystal clear him; this is her crib, her pussy and her rules. And it’s not over, until SHE says it’s over.

Derrick was still slowly rocking his hips back and forth, forcing his cock to be squeeze through Satins fist. Both seemed determined to prove mental dominance over the other. Eyes locked, bodies rocking. Satin reached over to the side of her bed to her nightstand with her free hand and grabbed a condom, tore it open with her teeth and slid onto Derricks raging erection in 5 smooth strokes. He was a big boy, but she was ready for him. Satin guided the head of his manhood to the center of her being, closed her eyes when she felt the head of his cock penetrate her and set him free. She was so wet. She had not realized how all of the foreplay had affected her. In 4 gentle strokes, Derrick found himself buried to the hilt. Satin raised her legs high to give him full access, but Derrick simply lifted her up into his arms and sat her square in his lap. And there they stayed. Slow gyrations as Satin began to adjust to his size. His length and girth were impressive. It filled her up without being invasive. It was all pleasure. And he was so sensuous. It’s as if he was riding the waves of passion that she was feeling with her. They were in rhythm with each other. Synchronized. And the sensations just kept building and building as she rode atop him. Stroking him with the fullness of her sex. All the way out to the tip of his head and then slowly all the way back down.

“Fuck me, Derrick,... ugh,... FUCK ME!” 

She stroked him. Rode him. Fucked him. Made love to him. And suddenly, for the first time in her life, Satin found herself in the grip of her first multiple orgasm. It was like a chain of 20 orgasms washing over her entire body. One after the other with no end in sight as Derrick kept pumping inside of her writhing body at a steady pace.

Derrick sat up, his mouth finding hers and he whispered to her as he gently stole hungry kisses from her convulsing body.

“I love you, Satin. I always have. And I know that we have agreed to not let this or anything else interfere with our job. And I can do that. I’m not a child. But before I leave here, you will know what it means to be loved by a man who has never wanted anything from you except the opportunity to love you.”    

BOOK: Passions Pique (Passions Pique Satin's Passion)
11.59Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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