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Pegged By My Filthy Girlfriend

BOOK: Pegged By My Filthy Girlfriend
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JT Holland

Copyright 2014 by JT Holland



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My girlfriend Taylor and I are in our hotel
room on the second night of our 3-night vacation in Phoenix, having
just finished off a killer dinner followed by enough drinks to get
me ready for what’s to come tonight.

Last night, after some spirited anal play, I
agreed to let her fuck me in the ass with a dildo next time we got
freaky and tonight it’s time for me to pay the piper.

Are you sure about this?”
Taylor asks, although we both know she’s just asking as a
formality. There’s no turning back for me at this point. I gave her
my word and we’re both sticklers about following up on what we say
we’re going to do.

No,” I reply, forcing a
smile onto my face. “But let’s do it anyway.”

That’s the spirit,” she
says, planting a kiss on my lips. “Now you just sit back and try to
relax as I get myself ready.”

So there I am, sitting on the edge of the
bed, watching Taylor as she straps the dildo onto her hips. It’s a
strange combination, seeing all the parts of a woman and then the
one part of a man attached, but I’m not going to lie; it turns me
on like there’s no tomorrow.

It’s not so much the fake cock itself that
turns me on, it’s the look of pure joy on Taylor’s face. She’s
obviously stoked to be in a position of control, to be the one
doing the fucking instead of the one getting fucked. And I don’t
blame her. It’s one hell of a powerful feeling.

Which is exactly why I agreed to let her
live out her fantasy on me. Not only because I know how much she’s
going to enjoy it, but because it’ll be good for me to know what
it’s like to be on the opposite side of the coin. The way I figure
things, if she’s willing to let me fuck her in the ass, then I
should be willing to let her do the same to me. And it’s not like
she hasn’t messed with my asshole multiple times before, licking
and tonguing it, even sticking a couple fingers in there from time
to time.

Nothing strengthens a bond between two
people like walking a mile in their shoes, and it’s always good to
know exactly what the other is going through. Getting fucked by
Taylor will give me a better appreciation of what she goes through
during a typical session, as well as letting her experience what it
is I get to see and feel. My only worry is that she’ll enjoy the
experience more than I will, which will lead to her wanting to do
it again. But that’s for another day. Right now there’s business at
hand. And I’m about to be on the receiving end of it.

I hope you don’t expect me
to take it easy on you,” Taylor says as she puts the finishing
touches on strapping the dildo to her waist.

I don’t,” I

Good, because you sure as
hell don’t feel the need to take it easy on me very

That’s true,” I say,
trying not to smile. “Of course, you like it rough. You ask for it
all the time.”

Don’t worry, honey,” she
says, patting me on the head like I was a dog. “You will

I don’t know about that,”
I say, laughing humorlessly under my breath.

Oh, I do,” she says. “By
the end of this session, you’ll beg for me to fuck you harder, even
if you don’t really mean it. I promise you that. Now get on your

I do as I’m told. I’m looking up at Taylor
as she starts to stroke her cock. From this angle pretty much all I
can see is her pussy, the dildo, her tits, and behind them, her
cute face, which is fixed in a huge smile.

Here’s how it’s going to
go today,” Taylor says, looking down at me from a position of
power. “First you’re going suck my dick until it’s all wet and
sloppy. Then I’m going to face-fuck you for a while, to let you
experience what it’s like. Then, after I smack you around with my
dick a few times, I’m going force you to deepthroat me. And once
you’ve done that to my satisfaction, then things are going to start
get interesting. Do you like how that sounds?”

I reluctantly nod my head.

Taylor grabs me by the hair and wrenches my
neck back. “That’s not good enough,” she says. “I want to hear you
say it.”

Yes,” I say.

Yes, what?”

Yes, mistress.”

That’s better,” Taylor

Still holding a handful of my hair, she
pulls my head towards her cock. “Now open up your mouth.”

I do as I’m told.

That’s a good boy,” Taylor
says. Then she shoves her cock in my mouth.

I’m expecting her to take it easy on me
because it’s my first time every doing anything like this, but no,
she jams the dildo deep into my mouth, not stopping until I’m
coughing and gagging all over the place.

I pull my head back, yanking Taylor’s cock
out of my mouth. Still coughing, with saliva pouring out of my
mouth, I try and recover.

Taylor is grinning madly. “It’s not so easy,
is it?” she says.

Not when you do it like
that,” I say. “Even I don’t just shove it all the way in right from
the beginning. I at least give you a chance to get warmed

I know, I know,” Taylor
says, still smiling. “And I will. I just wanted to fuck with you a
little bit first. Now come over and suck my cock like I suck

Biting down on my pride, I scoot forward and
wrap my lips around the head of the dildo. At first I just suck on
the tip, getting myself used to the idea of this depraved situation
I find myself in, not wanting to take things too quickly.

But as the dildo gets more and more slick
from my saliva, I start taking it further and further down, until
I’m bobbing my head forward and back at a regular pace, taking
Taylor’s cock halfway down every time, only gagging on it a little

That’s a good boy,” Taylor
says in a patronizing tone, obviously enjoying herself immensely.
“Suck that fucking cock like you mean it. Like you’ve got something
to prove.”

And I
have something to prove. That’s
the whole point of this exercise, to show that I can take the same
thing that Taylor does. And to allow her the enjoyment of taking
control over me, of course. And she seems to be liking that more
than I’d even thought she would. Which could end up being an issue
later, especially if she wants to do it again.

But right now I have to concentrate on
sucking Taylor’s cock. It isn’t easy, especially with her getting
more and more into it now, pumping her hips forward as my head goes
towards her, forcing the cock deeper into my throat with every
pass. Saliva is pouring down my chin like a waterfall and wet,
gurgling sounds escape from my mouth.

There you go, there you
go!” Taylor says, grabbing ahold of my hair and using it to control
my head while she slams the dildo in and out of my mouth. “Choke on
that fucking cock. Choke on it! Just like you make me choke on your
cock, you choke on mine.”

She holds me in place until I gag a couple
of times then releases my hair. My head snaps back and I gasp for
breath. It’s rough and degrading but I can’t say that I don’t enjoy
it. God help me, I’m having fun. And we’re just getting

Taylor gives me a few seconds to catch my
breath then shoves her cock back into my mouth.

You like that don’t you?”
Taylor says as she pumps my mouth with her cock. “You like having
my fat cock in your fucking mouth.”

My mouth is too full to answer so I just nod
my head.

Taylor pulls her cock out of my mouth and
smacks me in the face with it. “Answer me when I ask you a fucking
question,” she says.

I love sucking your cock,”
I say. It’s still a little strange being on the other side of the
coin but I’m starting to get used to it. Most of the embarrassment
is gone. I have a feeling it won’t be long until it’s not bothering
me at all.

I don’t believe you,”
Taylor says. “Say it again. Like you mean it this time.”

I love your fat cock down
my throat,” I say. “Please give it to me again.”

That’s more like it.”
Taylor forces my mouth open again and slips her cock back into my
mouth. With her hands on the back of my head again, she pumps my
face a few times, then tries to force me to deepthroat

She doesn’t get very far. I barely take half
of the dildo into my mouth before I start to cough and gag and try
to pull away. But Taylor doesn’t let me go anywhere. With her hands
on the back of my head keeping me in place, she holds her cock in
my throat for another five seconds before pulling it back out.

Coughing, I gasp for air. Spit is pouring
out of my mouth and onto the floor.

Not too bad,” Taylor says.
“Not too bad at all considering it’s your first time deepthroating
a cock.” She tilts her head and flashes me a little grin.
your first
time, right?”

I nod. She laughs.

You’re a good little
bitch, aren’t you?” Taylor says. She is still grasping a handful of
my hair and yanks on it so I’m forced to stare up at her. The dildo
is just a few inches above my face, hanging right over

I nod.

Taylor gives me a dirty look.

I take the hint. “I’m a good little bitch,”
I say.

That’s better,” Taylor
says. She slaps my face with her cock a couple more times before
continuing. “Do you know where I’m going to put this?” she says.
“Do you know what I’m going to fucking put it?”

Yes,” I say.

Where?” she

You’re going to put it in
my ass,” I say.

That’s exactly right,” she
says. “I’m going to bend you over and stick this fucking cock in
that tight little asshole of yours. That’s what you want,

I’m not so sure it’s
want but
it’s definitely what Taylor wants, so I say, “Yes. That’s what I

Say it,” Taylor tells me.
“I want to hear the words come out of your mouth.”

I want you to stick your
fucking cock in my ass,” I say with just a hair of reluctance. Some
things are just flat-out difficult to get out of your mouth, no
matter what the situation.

I’ll bet you do,” Taylor
says. She’s smiling so widely her face looks like it’s going to
split in two. She’s enjoying herself so much it should be against
the law. Which means that I’m doing something right. “But first you
have to do something for me,” she continues. Pointing at the floor,
she says, “Get on the ground. On your back, your face towards the
ceiling, your legs together, your hands at your side.”

I do as I’m told without hesitation. Now
this is familiar ground. There’s been plenty of times where Taylor
has been the dominant one, bossing me around and doing whatever she
wants to me. It’s just when we get a strap-on involved that things
are still a little strange.

After I’m in position, Taylor steps towards
me, planting one foot on each side of my head. Then she squats down
until her dripping wet pussy is hovering just above my mouth. The
dildo is hanging out above my forehead, the tip of it just touching
my hair.

Lick it,” she

BOOK: Pegged By My Filthy Girlfriend
13.11Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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