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Rebuilt from the bones out, she finds her genes are her destiny and her fate is perfect.



Tyanni has spent the last two years in a hospital bed with no chance to live a normal life. Her sister has remained at her side and kept her interested in the world by looking through their family trees, and a genetics scan turns up surprising news, they aren’t completely human.

The Lrrko is a cloned race that is rapidly running out of usable DNA. The discovery of no less than five new sources gains a lot of attention, and they dispatch five of their best to bring the Terran women back.

Brex is one of the Familiars sent to gather up the lost Brides. He is assigned to Tyanni, and he feels a sense of relief. Out of the two sisters, he got the quiet one. When she leaves the healing tank, he learns of his mistake.

He takes over care for her body, soul and physical needs. He gradually becomes Familiar, in every possible way.


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Terran Times Second Wave






Viola Grace


Chapter One



Tyanni Nikkelson lay in the gel bed, listening to her sister read the latest in her genealogical research.

“Well, Ty, according to the genetic sample that I sent in for you, you are at least eleven percent unidentifiable DNA. The society was very excited, and the Volunteer Project has offered to identify it for us.” Lynni grinned.

Ty gave her a thumbs-up. The rest of her was covered in gauze. The acid that she had been doused in had scorched through most of her skin, and her continued survival was filed under miracle most of the time. Two years in the bed with no skin to call her own and she was still ticking.

From within her plastic tent, she chuckled. “It sounds interesting. Where did we come from? The other parts, I mean.”

“Oh, Western Europe, a bit of Northern Asia. Nothing spectacular. It is the unidentified stuff that I am interested in.”

“Ly, you are always chasing puzzles.” Tyanni let her eyes show her amusement.

“One of us has to. You seem to have given up on your cardio.”

Ty chuckled.

Nurse Redmon came in and cleared her throat. “Ty, you have a visitor.”

“Show them in.”

Ly snorted. “Oh, receiving guests. Aren’t we the queen of Sheba?”


When the figure of an alien entered her room, Ty wished she could sit up and stare. As it was, she looked at the small grey creature and greeted them as best she could. “Good afternoon. Pardon my lack of formal greeting, but I am indisposed.”

“An acid attack. I have read your file, Ms. Nikkelson. I am Recruiter Norz.”

“Recruiter Norz, this is my sister, Lynni.”

The Recruiter blinked in surprise, his huge eyes glossy and black as he looked to the corner where Lynni was curled up with her laptop.

“I am pleased to meet you, Ms. Nikkelson.”

Lynni sat up and looked between them. “Are you here to offer her a space in the Volunteer Project?”

The Recruiter looked over at Ty and said, “No.”

Ty had to admit to disappointment. “Oh.”

“The genetic sample that was sent displayed a steady stream of genes that go back over sixteen generations. We have done our research and have linked those genes to a species that was thought to be extinct.”

Ly leaned forward and said, “Oh, interesting.”

Ty made the harsh barking noise that passed for a laugh. “Hey, we are all exotic and stuff.”

Norz nodded. “Indeed. With your genetic traces, we have found an additional three representatives of that genome in your population. Contact with the Lrrko has been made, and they have offered to fund all of your rehabilitation, provided that you will make your genes available for a new generation.”

Ly blinked. “Babies?”

“Clones. The Lrrko are scientists above all, but they need additional samples of their own genes. A cataclysm reduced their genetic stores to nothing. They only have the manufactured population currently manning their cities and facilities. Your ancient genomes are just what they have been looking for.”

Ty made her coughing laugh. “In return for some blood and hair, they are willing to put me back together?”

“They are.”

“Sign me up.” She coughed a laugh again. “I am ready when you are.”

Lynni nodded. “Me too.”

Norz blinked. “Both of you?”

“I don’t need the healing, but if Tyanni goes, so do I. We are all that we have left.” Ly smiled. “Nikkelson girls stick together.”

Norz blinked and smiled, showing shark-like teeth. “In that case, you can sign the agreements and the next shuttle to Lunar Base is yours.”

Lynni extended her hands. “I have power of attorney; let’s rock this thing.”

Ty barked a laugh and lay back. Today was definitely looking up.


Being moved from one gel bed to one designed to be locked into a ship was not a comfortable manoeuvre, but she held back her screams and went along for the ride. She could remember what it felt like to sweat when that kind of pain ripped through her, but the thin layer of scarred skin that she had left didn’t sweat.

Lynni kept her company on the flight where the gravitational pull hauled hard on her flesh. Ly was good at keeping her distracted.

“So, they said that as soon as we get to the base, they are going to put you in a tank, and from there, the reconstruction is going to start without any pressure on you. You should be back to yourself in a few weeks. I mean, you will be bald, but you should be able to at least try to kick my butt again.”

“I will kick your butt so hard that your grandkids can feel it.”

“Hey, leave your grandnieces and nephews alone.”

Ty snickered and went quiet for the remainder of the trip to Lunar Base. Perhaps there was a chance for little cloned grandkids of her own.

The thought kept her going through the insertion of tubes and wires. Focusing on the future kept her from concentrating on the agony she was going through.


Ly stayed at her side day and night until there was a visible change. “Hey, Ty, you are looking better.”

Ty pressed her hand to the inside of the tank. She felt her face twitch, and she smiled.

“That is the first smile I have seen in a really long time. Well, we got some news from the Lrrko. They are sending some kind of guardians for us. They call them Familiars. They are going to be here in the next few days. The reason that I am telling you this is that everyone found with the Lrrko genes are going in to tanks for enhancement. I might not see you until you get out or until I do.”

Ty drew a question mark on the inside of the tank.

“They have a technique that will strengthen the genetic markers. The Lrrko have asked us to undergo the procedure. It is pretty risk-free, so I said why not? You are here and can’t chat, so I will be in the next room getting a similar treatment. Well, with less skin and muscle growth. I have to say, you are looking more and more like a girl again.” Ly winked.

Ty looked down, and she was a little surprised at the breast tissue. Somehow, being female had lost its appeal when she had had her skin burned away. Survival had become everything.

She shrugged and blew her sister a kiss.

Ly winked and sashayed out. “See you on Lrrko, Ty.”

Ty waved farewell and closed her eyes, floating in a tank and waiting to become herself again.


Two days later, the heavy thuds of footfalls got her attention. Ty floated to the front of her tank and angled to get a good look at the doorway.

Holy smokes, they are huge!

Five giant robots entered the room and spoke with the physicians who were attending to the nutrients in Ty’s tank. Their words were surprisingly quiet considering the size of the bodies.

Metal skins with the physiques of professional wrestlers and a lethal elegance in every delineated muscle made them lovely to view. Their uniforms of tight black trousers and brilliant-blue sleeveless tunics made them look close to men in costumes. The four cameras mounted in each faceplate reminded her that they were robots.

Ty looked at them carefully, and she noted small differences in each one. Yes, they were huge, but they had alterations in design that made them individual. If she saw them again, she would be able to tell them apart.

The physician nodded toward Ty’s tank and spoke her name. One of the bots moved from their gathering and walked toward her, taking up a position in front of her tank.

Doctor Grimwell came forward and made the introductions. “Tyanni Nikkelson, this is your Familiar, Brex. He has been assigned to you by the Lrrko government. He will assure your safety at all times.”

She nodded and smiled at the robot, inclining her head in a welcome.

The bot’s head nodded, and his four lenses moved slightly to take in her body and expression.

She pressed her hand to the glass, and to her surprise, he mimicked her. It was their first meeting, and she felt calmer with him in the room. If she couldn’t have Ly, she was happy to have someone looking out for her.


* * * *


Brex looked at the damaged creature regenerating in the tank. With his body on Lrrko and his mind in the Familiar, he could only inhale and exhale slowly on the slab and press his metal palm against the tank.

Her history had been laid out for him. The damage had been a side effect of being a hero when a man tried to attack his ex-lover with a large container of acid. She had shoved the other woman aside and taken the brunt of the burn that had worked through flesh and into muscle.

She had been taken to the edge of life, but she survived. Brex admired that. When he had been matched with her, he had researched her preferences, and he felt he would be a good caretaker. He didn’t envy Leko for dealing with her sister. Easing Tyanni through her recuperation was going to be simple in comparison to dealing with Lynni’s tongue.


Chapter Two



When her lips came back, she knew she was close to being finished. Her hair had already been fluttering around her in a dark cloud, so her time in the tank must be nearing completion.

Ty noticed her eyelashes the same day that the doctors told her she was ready to emerge. Brex climbed to the top of the tank and lowered his hands in. Ty looked up at his warped image through the liquid, and she lunged upward, grabbing his hands with hers.

He hauled her out and massaged her back as she threw up the liquid that she had been breathing for a few weeks. When she had coughed up what was in her lungs and thrown up the rest, Brex uncoupled her leads and carried her down to the med team waiting to remove the inserts.

Brex held her hand while they pulled and sealed all the holes they had made in her to start with.

Ty was grateful that he was a bot. He had watched her development and intimate exams while the physicians worked her over. He was definitely familiar with her by now.

When the scans were over and she was dressed in a medical tunic, Brex picked her up and carried her out of medical with the promise to bring her back the following day.

She was going to argue that she was strong enough, but she hadn’t done much cardio in the last two years. This wasn’t the time to get up and fall on her face.

Her throat was raw, but she asked, “Can you take me to see Lynni?”

He paused, turned and walked back down the hall to a smaller lab that held a tank and another Familiar.

“Lynni did not have an easy time during the alteration. Leko identified her distress and got medics in in time.”

Ty looked at her sister, pale and floating in the tank. Well, she was partially pale, partially hot pink.

“Bring me to the tank, please.”

BOOK: Perfect
3.34Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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