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Authors: Michael Gilbert

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Petrella at 'Q' (33 page)

BOOK: Petrella at 'Q'
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Young Petrella
Patrick Petrella is considered something of a curiosity by his fellow police officers. He is the son of a Spanish policeman and an English school mistress. He speaks four languages and is as good at picking fine wines as he is locks. The short stories contained in this volume follow his career as a constable, dealing with burglars, delinquents of various shapes and sizes, bent lawyers, gangs, drugs trafficking and murder. They are classic police procedural stories and show Michael Gilbert at his best with an eye for detail, wit and humour, and above all suspense right up to the end of each episode in Petrella’s varied life.

BOOK: Petrella at 'Q'
2.01Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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