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Playing Around

BOOK: Playing Around
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Playing Around

Elena Moreno

Published by Double Fantasy, LLC 2015*

Copyright © 2015 Double Fantasy, LLC

Cover design / Photo by Miky Merisi


Model: Filippo Malangone







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This book is a work of fiction. All names, places and dialogue are all a product of the Authors imagination. Any type of resemblance to people or events living or dead, is purely coincidental.



This book is dedicated to all the women who love men in tight football uniforms.



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A big thank you to Miky Merisi for another fabulous cover. This cover is graced by Filippo Malangone, The moment I saw the look on his face, I knew he was Jed Diaz.  



Jed Diaz was living the high life, until his knee was taken out in a game. Now he's licking his wounds and running home to mom and his family. Little does he know, that mom has made several plans for all her five boys? It was time she had grandchildren and she would not wait a minute longer.


Yet we are about to find out, mother doesn't always know best; for our course in life has been written. Too bad Jed still keeps Playing Around.


It will take a strong woman to finally reel him in and win the game.















Playing Around

By: Elena Moreno













Chapter One


Jed’s blood roared in his ears as the tunnel vision set in. The only thing in sight, and on his mind was the touchdown. Jed needed it just as badly as he needed his next breath. There was no way the defense wouldn’t have his back, or so he thought. Before the air was forced out of his lungs, as the floor was pulled him from under.


It all happened in the blink of an eye. His hand extended out with the ball clutched tightly. He heard the screams of the crowd just before he heard the pop from his knee.  It took all the strength he had not to scream. “Get the fuck off me Conner.”


“Sorry man, I had to stop you. Sounds like I was a little too late.”  Once on his feet, Conner Langley extended his hand towards him. “Sorry about the knee bro, I heard the pop. Like coach says, all’s fair in love and war.” By then, his teammates had come to celebrate and Conner was lost in the crowed.


“Get the fuck up you attention whore.” His best friend Teddy called down to him. Jed shot him a sneer. Did he really think he was down here for attention? Maybe all those concussions had finally made the boy stupid. “Oh damn, you’re hurt?” It felt like an eternity before he was carted off to the team doctor.

Three days later….

Jed Diaz found himself walking to the Jukebox at the end of the bar. There was so much on his mind, it seemed like it was pounding harder than the knee was. After browsing through the list, he found the song that had become his mantra these last few days. “243” those buttons allowed the melody to reverberate throughout the room. Jed closed his eyes as truer words had never been spoken. “I have 99 problems and a bitch sure as hell ain’t one.”


A smirk appeared when the ladies that had just seconds ago been fawning all over him, registered the words. Yes, Jed truly did have a hell of a problem on his hands. It took great effort to sit on the stool without bending the knee too much. Damn all the bad luck and the fucking monster that landed on his knee. The swelling had lessened, but there was enough to cause great pain if he bent it even slightly.


“Can I get you anything else?” the bartender asked making sure to bend down enough to display her overly plump breasts. Not even that helped to ease his mood. After a great mournful sigh and one last look, they made eye contact.


“Unless you can rewind time sweet cheeks. Then there’s nothing you can do for me.” The look of disbelief on her face told Jed she wasn’t accustomed to being turned down.

His leg always hurt after sitting with it bent for too long. So after visiting the men’s room, it was time to leave.


Once outside Jed stood before his prized Harley and after taking a deep breath, slung his bad leg over the seat. It was time to go home and nurse his aching body. In hindsight, the injury couldn’t have come at a better time. Tomorrow was his mother’s birthday. What better gift than to allow her to do all the fawning she wanted. If there was one thing Jed loved more than playing the game, it was his mother and father. God only knew what life would have been without them.


The wind swirled around as his brother Sergio popped into his head. Sergio always knew how to calm him, maybe it was because of the twin thing. The plan was for them all to gather tomorrow. It had been ages since they last went home at the same time. “Family, that's what this old boy needs.” What a family it was indeed. It consisted of his two Mexican parents, two Latino sons and 3 white sons. A laugh made its way up his chest as Jed remembered all the strange looks people gave them while growing up.


Jed wouldn’t be so happy about going home, if he knew what good old mom was busy planning. Michelle Diaz was on a mission and nothing was going to get in her way. She had waited far too long to hold her very own baby in her arms. If she couldn’t have one of her own, she was sure as hell going to hold her grandchild.

In order for you to understand the need Michelle had for a child, you must first learn her story….   


She met Diego Diaz one day while visiting her cousin. Diego Diaz lived in the neighborhood yet they had never run into each other. Most of her younger years were spent with her nose in a book. “I love to be able to disconnect from my life and be someone else and somewhere else, even if it’s just for a few hours. Reading becomes my own little world that nobody can penetrate.”


That was what she always told her mother every time she was yelled at. Her mother made Michelle go outside, so at least the sun could warm her skin. Thoughts of her mother always made her smile. That is, until one day Michelle was asked to return a pot to her Aunt.


After walking in she made her way to the kitchen. It was then that a pair of strong hands grip her waist. Michelle was turned around and still in a daze when a pair of soft lips covered hers. The strong hands on her waist tightened causing her to gasp. The person took advantage and his tongue went into her mouth. The feel of it invading caused her teeth to sink into the meaty flesh.  


He pulled back in shock giving her hand enough time to make contact with his face. "How dare you kiss me?" Wiping furiously at her mouth she glared at the culprit. 


"Forgive me. I saw you walk by and just went on instinct when you passed." The guy said then had the nerve to tweak her nose. "You're even sexier when you're mad," was this guy for real? Later that night her cousin explained that his friend Diego Diaz was impulsive and had been wanting to meet her for a while now. Michelle had never laid eyes on Diego before that day, but he had been wanting to meet her for weeks now. Thanks to her over protective cousins, he was warned away.


After that day Diego made sure to get himself invited to every family party and every event. He pestered Michelle for over six months. During that time he would still sneak a kiss from Michelle every now and then. He would still get slapped when she could manage to do it. Being persistent paid off for she caved one day, and they married one year to the day of their first kiss. 


The night of their honeymoon, Diego asked Michelle what he could ever give her that would make her as happy as she made him.  There was no thinking about it on her part. What she wanted more than anything in the world was a baby. Blame it on the fact that she helped to raise her two younger sisters. Whatever the reason Diego took great pride and interest from that night on to make sure his wife became a mother. 

Alas, every month the pregnancy test was negative. And every month Michelle would cry herself to sleep. The obsession became so bad that lactation started all on its own. It was with great happiness that they visited the doctor only to receive the crushing blow. When he told them that you can make your body go through the whole pregnancy symptoms; yet there is no baby. 


It was then that Diego realized how much pain his wife was in. So he suggested they visit a fertility specialist. Fertility treatments, insemination and even standing on her head after intercourse followed. Yet nothing ever happened, they were soon burning through their savings.


One day, the specialist told Michelle it would never happen, that her body may not hold a fetus full term. The immense hurt and feelings of being a failure were tearing her apart. The pain only became worse when her younger sisters married and conceived. 


At the time, Diego was opening his own garage and all her energy went into helping him succeed. In return he was really patient and would hold here on the days when it hurt too much. Then one day he came home with a stack of brochures from different adoption agencies. Michelle felt hope blossom in her chest. They set up an appointment and went to visit a site. Long story short; after a series of interviews and a stack of paper to be filed out, they were cleared and went to meet some children. 

They had decided on a baby. Boy or girl it really didn’t matter. Once there, a group of older children playing in the back of the room caught Michelle’s attention.  She watched in awe as the one that seemed older corralled them. By the way they played you could tell that they had each other's back. There was a pair of identical twins among them. Yet it was the group she watched as they waited. When the woman came with a baby, Diego held it while Michelle was still captivated with the other children. The oldest was no older than six or seven and the youngest was about four. 


"What's their story?" Michelle asked the case worker who turned to look at the children in question. A smile spread her features as she spoke fondly of them. They were not related with the exception of the twins. Yet like every other person who decided to adopt. They wanted babies; not older boys.


Grady who was the oldest had taken the younger children under his wing and protects them. Michelle was fascinated and turned to look at Diego. "Which one?" He asked already knowing his wife inside and out. His eyes bugged out when it clicked. "No," he said in shock. Yet her head nodded yes. 


Michelle’s mother had passed away the year before. Unbeknown to them, she had taken out a life insurance policy years ago. So it came as a shock when they were informed they had inherited a very hefty amount of money. It was split three ways between her sister's and she. Their business was also doing well.

BOOK: Playing Around
11.6Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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