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Authors: Jaymie Holland

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Playing Rough: 3 Hot Tales of Sensual Submission

BOOK: Playing Rough: 3 Hot Tales of Sensual Submission
Playing Rough:

Three Hot Tales of Sensual Submission





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Roughing It


When Kayla Knoll breaks down in the mountains
between Denver and San Francisco, she never expects to be rescued
by someone like the sexy Tate Branson. When she finds out she’s
stuck without a car for the weekend, thanks to a mechanic who has
left the small town for a couple of days, she takes Tate up on his
offer to join him camping.

Tate Branson didn’t know what he was getting
himself into when he picks Kayla up on the side of the road and
then extending an invitation to her. She is a beautiful woman—who
has a thing for tying up strong, powerful men.

Tate turns the tables on Kayla and she
becomes the one in bonds and he’s the one with the control.





Rachelle Derry has secret fantasies that no
one knows about until she meets Chase. She tells him how fascinated
she is in kink from all of the books she’s read. She wants to try
it and she wants Chase to be the man who takes control.

Chase McAllister has a hard time holding
Rachelle back. As much as he loves kink, he doesn’t want to rush
into anything. He wants to get to know her better and to allow her
to trust him. Because BDSM and the trust that is required, often
creates strong emotional attachment.

When Chase finally makes her fantasies come
true, “playing” is better than she ever imagined. While she’s
having fun, he wants to play for keeps.


The Boss


Tanya James has been in love with and in lust
with her boss from the moment he started the company, just three
months ago. As his executive assistant she is privy to a lot of
personal information. What she doesn’t expect to see are bondage
pictures on his computer. Bound women in different positions, women
submitting to men. It surprises her how much it turns her on and
how much more she wants her boss, and she wants him to do what is
being done to the women in the pictures.

Austin Graham has to hold himself back from
showing his assistant how much he wants her. No employee
relationships are allowed in the company or he could lose his job.
That doesn’t stop him from wanting, desiring, and fantasizing about
the lovely Tanya.

One night that all goes to hell when Austin
and Tanya meet at a bar. Their game of true confessions goes a
little too far and she ends up going home with him, giving a whole
’nother meaning to boss and assistant relationship.

Tanya learns all about what it’s like for a
man to take control of her, to submit to him in every way. And when
the sun comes up, she wants it to never end.





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Come to






Roughing It
Chapter 1



“Dammit.” Kayla glared at her Mustang as
plumes of steam rose from the radiator like rolling San Francisco
fog. “Mustangs aren’t supposed to break down. Ever.”

She put her hands on her hips and looked
around. “Trees, trees, and more trees. And look over there—more

This back way from Denver to San Francisco
was a beautiful one. But taking a wrong turn and then breaking down
in the middle of nowhere…not cool. She looked at her cell phone
again. No reception, not even one bar. She could be stranded here
for who knows how long.

A cool breeze caught her shoulder-length
hair, whipping it around her face and she pushed it behind her
ears. She leaned up against the car, arms folded, and looked one
way down the deserted road and then the other.

All she heard was the sound of the wind in
the trees which always made her feel like water was close.
Something about it sounded like a fast-moving river. She rubbed her
arms with her hands and looked into the forest. She didn’t have any
camping gear. She did have water and granola bars.

She opened the driver’s side door, reached in
and grabbed her road map then spread it out on the roof of the car
and held it so that she could see it. She traced her finger along
the route she had taken. The last town she had passed was fifty
plus miles behind her. The next one was twenty-eight miles ahead.
If someone didn’t stop, she was in for a long walk. She hated the
thought of leaving her car, and who knew what could happen to a
woman alone in the forest.

After tossing the folded map onto the
passenger seat, she popped the hood so that she could raise it.
Eventually somebody would be passing by, right?



Two hours later, Kayla was banging her head
against the roof of the car. The sun was now on the downward side
of noon and she didn’t know what she was going to do. Sleeping in
her car was the only option she had if someone didn’t come before

While she had waited for salvation, three
deer had crossed the road, a squirrel had bombarded her with pine
cones, and blue jays had been chattering for what seemed like

She had never frightened easily, but a bear
wandering out of the woods to investigate her and her car was a
possibility she didn’t want to face.

Kayla felt the small canister of Mace in the
pocket of her jean shorts. Would Macing a bear only piss him off?
Probably. Better to save it for other predators and just hide in
her car if a bear happened to come along.

Something caught her attention and she went
still. It was a low rumble, like the sound of an engine. She
straightened and looked to her right where it was coming from. It
grew louder and her heart beat faster.

She slipped the Mace can out of her pocket
and held her hand in a way that it couldn’t be seen as she stepped
around to the front of the car. A sport truck rounded a bend.
Relief combined with trepidation made her hesitant and she gripped
the canister tighter. One never knew if a crazy would be the one
who came by.

The vehicle came to a rolling stop. The
reflection on the driver’s side window made it impossible to see
who was inside.

The window came down and Kayla saw gorgeous
brown eyes focused on her by one of the sexiest-looking men she had
ever met. He had brown hair and a genuine smile that quirked at the

“Would you like me to take a look at your
car?” he asked. “Unless the hood is up to catch unwary travelers
like me.”

He was teasing her and she couldn’t help but
come right back at him. “I’ve got a grizzly hiding out in the trees
and a squirrel with a dead on aim just waiting for you to get out
of your car.”

The man looked amused then pulled forward and
parked alongside the road directly in front of her. For a horrible
moment she had thought he was leaving.

He climbed out of his truck and walked toward
her. He had an easy gait and a body built for athletics. He wore a
T-shirt, shorts, and hiking boots, and she noticed camping gear
tied down in the back of his sport truck.

Even though he was hot and sexy with a
friendly smile, she gripped the Mace can tighter.

“I’m Tate.” He reached out his hand.

She paused for a moment then switched the
Mace can to her left and took his hand. It was warm and he had a
firm grip.

He glanced at her left hand as he released
her and he grinned. “Smart girl. Unless you plan on using that to
disable me and take off with my Tahoe.”

“Now there’s a thought,” she said and
returned his smile.

“Nice Mustang.” He looked at the red car with
approval. “Do you know what the problem is?”

She gave a sigh of frustration. “No. I never
was interested in mechanical stuff. I always let my father and
brothers have fun with that.”

He braced his hands on the car as he looked
under the hood then he glanced over his shoulder. “Your car has
cooled. You must have been here a while.”

“A couple of hours.” She glanced around her.
“Just the squirrels, blue jays, and a few butterflies to keep me

Tate looked under the hood for a while then
returned his gaze to her. “It’s nothing obvious that I can see. I
think it’ll take a mechanic.”

Kayla groaned. “Where am I going to find one
of those?”

“If you want a ride I’ll take you to town.”
He jerked his thumb in the direction she had been heading.

She glanced at her Mustang then back at Tate.
“All right.” She started toward her car. “I just need to lock up
and grab my purse.”

When she was ready, she climbed into his
Tahoe and buckled up. She still had her can of Mace, but she felt
at ease with him and didn’t think she would need it.

“Where are you coming from?” He glanced at
her once they were on their way then returned his attention to the
road. “And where are you headed?”

“I’m from Denver,” she said. “I have two
months between jobs and I thought it would be fun to drive all over
this country.” She relaxed against the seatback. “I’m on my way to
San Francisco to drop in on my sister and see how she likes the
surprise. Then it’s on to wherever.

“What about you?” she went on. “Do you live
around here?”

He grinned. It was friendly and a little
boyish. “Nah. It might be nice to live out in the middle of
nowhere, but I prefer to live closer to civilization. I’m from
Denver, too.” he said.

“So, what were you doing going this way
instead of a main route?” He looked intrigued more than anything as
he continued. “There’s a much easier way to get to San

“I like back roads, scenic drives.” She
shrugged. “I just took a wrong turn I guess.”

“Well, there are other scenic routes that are
easier,” he said. “I think you wanted to take the turn a mile
earlier. You’ll get scenic this way, all right.” He guided the car
down the road. “But it’s not safe for a woman traveling alone.” He
glanced at her. “A lot can happen in isolated places.”

“What brings you out here?” She gestured to
the forest speeding by.

“I played a lot of rugby and I like to stay
in shape. I come up here and bike and run. The altitude kicks my
ass, but it’s a good thing.” He drove with a hand on the one
o’clock position on the steering wheel and the other at six. “Had a
buddy who was planning to train with me but he shattered his leg
rock climbing.”

“Rugby is crazy.” She took in his rugged good
looks. “You can’t be a wimp to play that.”

“I’ve had my share of bumps, bruises and even
a broken rib,” he said. “But I love the game.”

Nothing like a good looking tough guy, she
thought. My favorite type.

She cocked her head. “So you decided to come
out alone?”

“Yep,” he said. “I made sure a couple of
people know where I’ve gone and I’m here on my own. Had to get out
of town.

“So tell me,” he said as he continued,
“What’s your name? You never did give it to me.”

“Oh.” She shifted in her seat. “Kayla.”

He slowed the truck down as they rounded a
bend in the road. “Pretty name. I like it.”

They talked easily and non-stop during the
twenty-eight mile drive to the small town, Tate stopped at a gas
station and pulled up to an older gas pump then killed the engine.
A man who looked to be about in his sixties came out of a garage
next to the gas station.

Kayla left her purse in the truck and climbed
out at the same time Tate did. They both met up with the man.

“Cash or credit?” the man said.

“Cash.” Tate held out his hand and the man
shook it. “We’re also looking for a mechanic.” Tate inclined his
head toward Kayla. “Her Mustang broke down close to thirty miles

“I’m Jake.” The man held out his hand to
Kayla and she took it. “What’s the problem?”

Kayla looked to Tate who proceeded to tell
Jacob what wasn’t wrong with the vehicle to narrow it down. “It’s
going to take someone with a little more knowledge than I have to
get in there and figure out what the problem is,” Tate said.

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