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pleasure prolonged

I would like to dedicate this book to you, all my readers. Without you, I wouldn’t be doing what I love most, writing sexy books. I’d probably be stuck in an accounting job where I’d be grumpy every day, as opposed to only once a week.

I’d only be dreaming of pursuing a writing career instead of living it, and I certainly wouldn’t be able to go to the office every day in my pajamas!

Thank you all for making my dreams come true.



Chapter 1

A gorgeous hunk of a guy like that could make…

Chapter 2

Erin reluctantly gave up struggling and let Laura escort her…

Chapter 3

A light dusting of snow fell over Kale’s much too…

Chapter 4

As Erin pulled her car into her assigned parking spot…

Chapter 5

Erin worked hard to keep her rubbery knees steady as…

Chapter 6

The sound of the cage door rattling heralded someone’s arrival…

Chapter 7

High overhead the crescent moon glistened in the dark sky…

Chapter 8

With predatory movements, Kale kicked his chair out of the…

Chapter 9

Sweat beaded on his forehead as life surged into his…

Chapter 10

Silence fell over them as Kale negotiated his truck into…

Chapter 11

Kale escorted Erin up the driveway to the front entrance.

Chapter 12

Kale’s hands automatically reached beside him as the alarm clock…

Chapter 13

Erin glanced up from her notes as Kale lowered himself…


The knock on the door was a welcome distraction from…

Chapter 1

gorgeous hunk of a guy like that could make any woman forget her morals.

Erin Shay’s gaze wandered down the length of her new lab partner, Kale Alexander, as he gracefully guided Hooker Barbie around the dimly lit dance floor.

With the exception of herself, the rest of the women in the bridal party hovered in the corner around a plump Christmas tree, clucking like chicks in a henhouse when the rooster strutted in. She couldn’t blame them, really. With a hot bod like his, Kale was every woman’s fantasy.

If she were a good girl, perhaps Santa would wrap him up and tuck him under her tree. A devious grin that would rival the Grinch’s curled her painted lips.

Pinching her eyes shut, she shook her head to clear it from
its delicious meanderings. How in the heck could she be expected to work side by side with that sexy distraction for the next month without losing focus on her task?

She darn well had to find a way because her career advancement at Iowa Research Center hinged on the success of their project. It was time to stop drooling over her temporary lab partner and concentrate on their assignment.

Perched on a stool, she gestured for the bartender to bring another strawberry daiquiri and worked at schooling her wayward thoughts. When the love ballad ended and “Jingle Bell Rock” boomed from a nearby speaker, her curious glance drifted back to Kale, despite a hard-fought battle to look the other away.

Raven black locks that were a tad too long for office standards brushed his collar as he bent forward. Warm tingles rushed through her bloodstream as she imaged how those silky strands would feel caressing her naked flesh. Taking an extra moment to indulge in the erotic slide show, she watched him whisper something into Barbie’s ear before backing away.

She noted with mute satisfaction that Hooker Barbie, otherwise known as Deanne Sinclair, a junior research scientist from her department who had fought valiantly for Erin’s new lead position, appeared to be quite miffed by his sudden departure. What a pity, Erin mused.

As Kale negotiated his way through the crowd, he shrugged off his tux jacket, tossed it over a broad shoulder, and rolled his cuffs to his elbows. With easy, casual strides
that displayed his self-assurance and charisma, he sauntered toward the bar.

Toward her.

As she leisurely admired him from afar, visions of sugarplums danced in her…

Wait. Her brain skidded to a halt and backtracked. She drew a breath and tried again. Visions of their assignment to test Pleasure Prolonged, a drug enabling men to have prolonged erections and multiple orgasms, danced in her head.

She smiled. There, that was better. Back on track.

Hell, who was she kidding? Work was the farthest thing from her mind. The man was a walking wet dream, and her skin grew warm every time he came near. Her smile crumbled as her gaze swept over him once again.

Good Lord, if he looked that delectable in a tailored tux, she could only imagine how scrumptious he’d look out of it.

And imagine she did!

Beginning with his linebacker shoulders, she visually undressed him. Every magnificent inch of him. Proceeding from the unbuttoned collar of his form-fitting dress shirt, her gaze began a slow descent. She felt her pulse race as she traced the pattern of his wide chest, sculpted arms, and tight waist. Her inspection halted and lingered at the junction of his impressive muscular thighs.

His black dress pants molded to his legs like hot wax to a candle. Her breath hitched; her pulse raced. Holy Mother of God, he looked as if he were packing a nine iron behind his zipper. The provocative mental image of where she’d
like him to sink his next putt flashed through her mind like a lightning storm. A shiver tightened her stomach while a rush of liquid heat dampened her silky panties. She bit back a breathy moan as beads of perspiration dotted her forehead.

If Santa could read her mind now, the only thing under her tree would be a humongous lump of coal.

Sitting under the multicolor strobe light, her whole body vibrated and moistened with indecent images, and for a brief moment she wondered if her flesh glistened like the silvery garland shimmering on the Christmas tree.

Kale’s lazy gaze sifted through the crowd and settled on Erin. Ripples of sensual pleasure danced over her skin, inciting tiny goose bumps to pebble her flesh when his piercing blue eyes searched her out. Seconds seemed to crawl into minutes as she held his lingering glance. Enticing lips turned up over perfect white teeth as he flashed her his trademark bad-boy grin, a grin capable of charming the skin off a snake, or the dress off a lascivious maid of honor.

Sucking in a shuddery breath, she linked her fingers together and brushed her tongue over parched lips.

“No doubt about it. With Kale swinging the driver, one thrust would guarantee him a hole in one.”

“Excuse me? What was that you just said?”

Damn, she hadn’t said that out loud, had she? Erin reluctantly tore her gaze from Kale and twisted around to face the bride. God, the sight of Laura in her wedding gown took Erin’s breath away.

Clearing her throat, Erin slanted her head sideways and
tapped her nails on the bar. She furrowed her brow and glared at her best friend in mock annoyance. “Shouldn’t you be on your honeymoon by now?”

Laura grinned and ignored the question. She smoothed her fingers over the bodice of her dress. “By the look on your face, I’d say you’ll be the next one dressed in white.” She leaned forward in her seat, her eyes wide. “Perhaps you’d like to borrow mine.”

Erin scoffed, held her hands up in a halting motion, and gave a defiant shake of her head. Tendrils of hair slipped from their moorings and tumbled down her shoulders, coming to rest on her pretty blue, strapless maid-of-honor gown.

“Uh-uh. Forget it. Not me. No way am I going to tie the noose…I mean knot.” She rolled her eyes heavenward and cringed like she’d just eaten rancid sushi.

Laura chuckled easily and brushed Erin’s hair from her shoulders. Her voice softened. “He who protests the most—”

With a wave of her hand, Erin cut her off and finished the sentence. “Has the weakest argument. I know, I know. But trust me, it’s not a path I ever plan on traveling. Men are good for one thing and one thing only. Sex.”

Visions of herself walking that path, or rather, church aisle, had been squelched years ago. After coming home early from work one day to retrieve a forgotten file, she’d found her fiancé howling like a hound, going at it doggie style in her bed with his slut secretary. What really pissed her off was that the cheating, lying bastard had felt justified
in his actions. He’d been quick to inform her that men had certain expectations and special needs, and not only had she failed to live up to his, he assured her that no man in his right mind would ever put up with her long hours at the research center.

So she’d been working extra shifts at the lab to build her career. Was it a crime to want to focus on her future, to strive for success? One little bump in the road and Dwayne had taken the first exit instead of supporting her when she’d needed it the most.

Since that eye-opening incident, she’d decided she didn’t want or need a man in her life. As long as she had her career, she had all she needed. No man was ever going to control how she lived her life, or determine how many hours she spent at the lab pursuing her dream.

Erin pushed a wayward curl from her forehead and pressed her lips into a fine line. “I’m into simple, casual, uncomplicated sex,” she said with conviction.

She sighed as the bitter truth dawned on her. Besides her ex-fiancé, Dwayne the Dog, she’d slept with only one other guy. In all honesty, she was all talk and no action. Obviously her strong physical reaction to Kale was her body’s not-so-subtle reminder that it was time for a little less conversation and little more action. Good Lord, now she was quoting Elvis. She was in worse shape than she realized.

“A hump and a bump, thank you chump,” Erin reinforced. She sank farther into the cushiony seat of the stool and folded her arms across her chest.

“Is that right?” A deep, sexy, masculine voice sounded from behind her. “How interesting. I’ve never quite heard it put that way before.”

Erin spun around, came face-to-face with Kale, and nearly bit off her tongue.


Kale leaned against the bar and let his gaze drift over Erin’s soft curves and sculpted angles. He studied her flawless features and took his sweet time to appreciate the exotic beauty before him.

One word came to mind. Exquisite. Billowy nutmeg curls framed her heart-shaped face and tumbled in disarray over the bare flesh of her delicate shoulders. A sexy pink flush bloomed high on her cheeks, and he fought the impulse to caress her, to see if her face felt warm to the touch.

He regarded her for a quiet, thoughtful moment, wondering if that seductive blush inching its way over the silky column of her neck would travel all the way out to the peaks of her well-rounded breasts. Breasts that had been coloring his dreams, as well as his every waking thought, since he’d shared a dozen or so cramped car rides with her over the last week as they traveled to and from the prewedding activities.

“Casual, uncomplicated sex.” Nodding in agreement, Kale echoed her sentiments and raised an inquisitive brow. “Is there any other kind?”

Erin’s pretty pink tongue darted out to moisten plump, cinnamon-painted lips.

His favorite. He’d spent countless hours fan
tasizing about smothering those smooth lips of hers with his own to see if they tasted as sweet as they looked. His muscles bunched and pulsed in heated anticipation as fire pitched through him. Well, at least one muscle in particular.

Locking her arms more tightly over her chest, she said, “Not to me.” She gave a defiant tilt of her head, but for a fleeting second he detected conflicting emotions in her expressive brown eyes. Her breathing hitched and she broke eye contact with him. With her long black lashes fluttering nervously, she glanced around the room, looking everywhere but at his face.

Her bizarre reaction didn’t escape him. Her nervous gestures and body language spoke volumes. Erin Shay wasn’t as nonchalant about sex as she led everyone to believe.

Erin unlocked her arms and exhaled what appeared to be a relieved breath when the bartender arrived with her drink. Clearly no longer wishing to pursue their conversation, she twirled on her stool, leaned forward, and wrapped her fingers around the wide, frosty glass. With an innocent sensuality that aroused all his senses and rocketed his hormones into hyper speed, she poised the pink straw inches from her glossy mouth and parted her delectable lips.

Christ, he really wished she hadn’t done that.

Kale gulped and felt his blood rush at the sight of her luscious mouth and fleshy lips. Lips designed for kissing.





Her tongue snaked out and drew the straw inside. Puckering her mouth, she took a long suck, mirrored a sexy bedroom purr, and swallowed the icy concoction.

Desire twisted inside him as a burst of heat shot straight to his groin, making it tighten painfully. He suspected this woman had no idea how sexy she was or that she’d been getting under his skin for the past week. Hell, since the minute he’d looked into her seductive eyes, the attraction was instant, potent, all-consuming, and anything but casual. There was no denying how much he wanted her. And right now the sight of her wet, sensuous lips wrapped around that long, tubular straw filled his mind with all kinds of wild and wicked images.

Kale eased himself onto a stool and draped his tux jacket over his lap. He angled closer, close enough to breathe in her arousing feminine scent. His nostrils flared as her hypnotic aroma curled around him and seeped under his skin. She smelled like a fragrant spring flower on a warm sunny day. Heaven help him, he’d make a deal with the devil himself to be the bumblebee in charge of pollinating that blossom.

He exhaled an agonized groan and clenched his jaw. If he didn’t banish his thoughts and curb his desires, his jacket would soon be performing a magical hovering act.

When she swirled on her stool, their outer thighs connected. Lust clawed its way to the surface and clamored for attention. A thin sheen of moisture dampened his skin. The soft scrape of her silky smooth leg against his drove every sane thought from his passion-rattled brain.

Without fully considering his actions, he reached out and brushed a tendril of nutmeg hair from her delicate shoulder.

Would the silky curls at the apex of her legs be the same buttery soft texture, the same rich color?

Surprise registered on her face, and she flinched at his intimate touch. Her warm hand darted out and closed over his. The sweet friction of skin rubbing skin made his cock pulse and thicken.

Twining a wavy curl around his finger, his hand hovered near the creamy swell of her full cleavage for an extra second. Long enough for him to absorb the heat radiating from her naked flesh. Gorgeous chocolate, come-hither eyes stared at him in utter shock.

She shivered under his invasive touch. “What are you doing?” Erin asked. Her tone might have sounded alarmed, but the spark igniting her eyes told an entirely different story.

Wondering what color the soft tuft of curly hair between your thighs would be if you were drenched with passion.

Pulling his hand away, he swallowed. Hard. Like he had a dry piece of steak lodged in his throat.

“Your hair was about to dip into your drink.”
And I was about to come on the spot.
He felt it best to keep that last thought to himself.

“Oh.” She blew her wispy bangs off her forehead. With lips close enough to taste, her sweet, strawberry-scented breath wafted across his face. His mouth salivated, eager for a deeper, more satisfying taste. A fever rose in him. He had
no idea what kind of spell she had over him, but he wanted her with a passion he’d never before experienced.

As she ran her finger around the perimeter of her glass, his thoughts fragmented. How could she make such an innocent movement so damn erotic? He shifted to alleviate the tight ache in his groin.

BOOK: Pleasure Prolonged
10.1Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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