Porpoiseful Intent [Placida Pod 2] (Siren Publishing Everlasting Classic ManLove) (7 page)

BOOK: Porpoiseful Intent [Placida Pod 2] (Siren Publishing Everlasting Classic ManLove)
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Maybe she was more right than she thought.


* * * *


Sean left Emery a note when he headed out for work at six thirty Monday morning. He tried not to worry about Emery, because he had a day full of worries of his own. The storm’s track still placed the center of it onshore somewhere between Sarasota and Ft. Myers, meaning a work stoppage and securing all their equipment and vehicles, as well as boarding up the office.

His father was already there when Sean pulled into the parking lot at a quarter ’til seven. Sean walked in with his travel mug of coffee and found his father alone in the office and on the phone.

“Dad, what are you—”

His father waved at him to shut up and finished his call. When he got off the phone, he said, “About time you got here.”

“You’re retired, Dad. Go home. The crew is on their way in.”

“Yes, I know that. I just called them.”

“That’s my point, you didn’t have to call them. We already have a storm plan in place and I sent out texts to the crew leaders when I got up.” His crew had quickly learned to let whatever Sam Morita said go in one ear and out the other once Sean took over. It was easier to give Sam lip service than to argue with him and explain their new and improved streamlined system.

Sam Morita frowned. “What storm plan?”

“Exactly my point. You. Are. Retired. Go home. Help Mom get stuff ready at the house.”

“We are ready. And your mother wants to know where you’re evacuating to so we can stay together.”

Sean inwardly groaned and was about to answer him when his cell rang.
Once again, saved by the bell.
He was happy to see it was Emery. He walked into his office and shut the door behind him as he answered, hoping his father wouldn’t follow him in.

“Hey, babe. Any sign of him?”

“Nothing.” Emery sounded exhausted. “You okay?”

“Dad was here when I showed up, freaking out about the storm and calling all my guys. I need to figure out where to send my parents to evacuate. They can’t stay on the island, and we’re in a flood zone, too.”

“They can come with us to my parents’ house. Mom already told me we would be staying there. As in it was a Mom order.”

Sean glanced at his office door. He heard his father talking to someone, on the phone or in person he wasn’t sure. “Do you think that’s a good idea?” Having mixed family dinners was one thing. Having both sets of parents under the same roof for several days might not be the best idea.

“Not really, but I’m not about to tell my mom
any more than you’d tell your mom
. Besides, they’re friends. Mom was going to call Helen this morning about it anyway. I don’t know if I’ll be able to get back here before the storm hits. I’m going to be swamped at work. Don’t worry about packing for me, just grab stuff for yourself and head on up.”

“All right. Love you.” They were ending the call when Sean’s dad barged in.

“Good news! Louise Nadel just called your mom—”

“And invited us all up there to ride out the storm. Yes, I know, Dad. I just got off the phone with Em.”

Sam frowned. “You could have at least let me tell you.”

Sean pointed at the door. “Go. Home. H-O-M-E, Dad. Home.”

He finally managed to get his father out the door before any of their staff showed up. As he fired up his laptop to try to clear out some work e-mails before having to head out to secure equipment, he tried to think of how the situation could get any more complicated.


* * * *


“I don’t see how this could possibly get more complicated,” Sean grumbled at Emery late Monday night while sharing a guest bathroom with him at the Nadels’ home. Sean had arrived several hours ahead of Emery, leaving Sean to juggle his parents and his nerves without Emery’s comforting presence. The storm would hit sometime the next afternoon. Hopefully not any stronger than a Category 2, but Sean wouldn’t take chances with flooding.

“It’s fine.” Emery leaned in and started the shower.

“No, it’s not fine,” Sean quietly insisted. “Your sisters are here. Your brother and his wife. My parents. Four of their friends. And who are those other three guys again?” The Nadels’ ample house bulged at the seams, with people occupying every available bedroom, the couch, the pullout in the den, and even a few air mattresses on the living room floor.

“Tom, Dave, and Denby. They’re younglings, and they’ve been helping search for Barry. So have Ed and Kate Sandford and Jack and Paula Davis.” Those were the other two couples. “That’s why they’re staying over, so they can go back out as soon as the storm passes. The four of them live up in Tampa. A bunch of people have come into the area to help.”

“Denby.” That name sounded familiar. Then an ugly stirring in his gut reminded Sean where he’d heard that name before. “Hey, that’s the guy that—”

Emery hushed him with a kiss on his lips. “
are my guy. My only guy. Don’t forget that. What happened before we met each other is in the past.”

“So I’m right?”

He didn’t miss how Emery rolled his eyes as he stepped into the shower. “You have nothing to worry about from Denby. Trust me.”

Sean followed him into the shower. “But does everyone know my parents aren’t in the loop about the dolphin stuff?”

“Yes, oh my god, Sean. Please, babe. Stop.” Emery grabbed him and kissed him again, hard, silencing his protests but awakening his cock. “Hush,” Emery whispered, pushing him back against the shower wall before sinking to his knees in front of him.

“You’re trying to distract me,” Sean accused as Emery grabbed his cock.

“Trying being the operative word here. I mean this with all love and affection when I say shut your darn pie hole.” He engulfed Sean’s cock with the silken, moist heat of his mouth, holding it at the base with one hand while his other cupped Sean’s sac.

Sean clapped a hand over his mouth to stifle his moan as his other hand tangled in Emery’s blond hair. Sex with Emery, whether slow and sensual in bed, or a hard and fast quickie in the shower, was better than it had been with anyone else. Emery skillfully worked his lips and tongue up and down his shaft. He took his time, flicking at his slit with his tongue, caressing the glans, tracing the ridge around the head.

Unable to move, Sean’s head lolled back against the tile. He thrust his hips in time with Emery’s ministrations. Every thought drained out of his head as it felt like all the blood and every single nerve ending in his body was suddenly located in his cock buried in Emery’s mouth.

Emery took him deep before lightly brushing his teeth over the delicate flesh in his mouth as he withdrew, just to do it again. At the same time he began working a finger along Sean’s taint, seeking his puckered rim.

Easing his legs as far apart as he could, Sean braced himself against the wall and focused on doing his best to not make any noise. That wasn’t easy with Emery’s skilled tongue and lips quickly coaxing him closer and closer to orgasm. Especially once Emery’s finger pressed against his ass.

That’s all it took. Sean’s hands dropped to Emery’s shoulders as he held on, trying not to fall. His balls pulsed, shooting hot seed out his throbbing cock and into Emery’s waiting mouth. As jet after jet of cum poured out of him, Sean couldn’t hold back the low moan that escaped him.

Sean’s body trembled as Emery released his cock from his mouth with a wet
. Emery’s strong arms caught him and gently helped him down to the tub’s floor.

“Better?” Emery softly asked.

Sean nodded, his eyes closed. He didn’t open them as Emery helped him roll over onto his hands and knees. Warm water sluiced over his back as he felt Emery kneel behind him and spread his cheeks.

Sean laid his forehead against his arm and kept his ass in the air while Emery gently probed his ass with a finger. He felt him squirt something on him, then a second finger easily slid into his ass.

Despite the first round robbing him of strength, Sean felt his cock twitch in response.

The fingers disappeared, replaced by Emery’s cock. He slowly worked the engorged knob in first, letting Sean get used to his size before sliding all the way inside his ass until their thighs touched.

Sean loved this, the feeling of Emery’s cock spearing him, owning him.

Emery hooked an arm around his waist and made him sit up a little, to brace his hands on the tub’s rim. “I’m going to take good care of you,” Emery whispered in his ear. His other arm wrapped around Sean’s hips, his hand finding Sean’s cock. Still not quite hard, Emery slowly squeezed and milked it until Sean’s body couldn’t help but respond.

Once Emery felt him grow hard, he chuckled. “I knew I could get another one out of you.” Then he slowly started thrusting his cock inside Sean’s ass, keeping time with his hand on Sean’s cock. Bracing himself with both hands, Sean fucked his hips backward, impaling himself and urging Emery on faster and harder.

He kept his eyes closed. He’d made love to Emery face-to-face enough times to know the look in his lover’s eyes, how the blue flecks in his grey eyes turned a deeper shade as his passion took over. Between the delicious feel of Emery’s thick cock in his ass, and how he also stroked Sean’s cock, it didn’t take him long to fall over the cliff a second time.

When he did, Emery grabbed his hips and slammed home, his cock exploding in Sean’s ass. He fell still, draped over Sean’s back and breathing heavily against the nape of his neck.

They both jumped at the knock on the door.

Emery’s sister Reese. “Dude, can you please hurry up? All the bathrooms are full and I need to go!”

Sean tensed to move, but Emery kept him pinned down. “There’s always the pool out back, brat,” Emery yelled back.

Reese’s aggravated scream echoed through the door. “You’re a pig, that’s what you are, Em.”

“Oink, oink, kiddo.” He nipped Sean’s neck. Sean had to clap a hand over his mouth to keep from laughing. “We’ll be done in a few. Take a number, unless you want to come in and see us naked.”


After a moment of silence, Emery sat up, laughing low. “I knew that’d get rid of her,” he softly said. He stood and helped Sean to his feet before engulfing him in an embrace. “Better?”

Sean nodded. “Better. But we should clear out.”

Emery shrugged. “Hey, I spent my fair share of mornings waiting for the girls to get done in the bathrooms. Let them wait on me for a change.”


* * * *


With all the upstairs bedrooms taken, Sean and Emery volunteered to take the pullout in the den, which afforded them at least a little privacy. Emery’s two youngest sisters and the three male younglings would have to duke it out amongst themselves as to who got the couches and who had to sleep on air mattresses in the living room.

No one would be getting much sleep, however, as they all stayed up to watch the weather reports.

Including Sean’s parents, who were normally in bed before nine every night. When he’d cornered his mom in the kitchen a little after eleven and quietly told her it was okay if they wanted to go to bed, she’d brushed him off.

“We won’t be rude to our hosts, Sean. If they want to stay up, we’ll stay up with them,” she said before getting her glass of water and heading back to the living room.

Sean closed his eyes. “Oy,” he whispered to himself. He jumped, startled, at the feel of a hand on his shoulder.

Emery leaned in and kissed him. “Couldn’t convince her?” he whispered.


“It’s okay. Remember, we’re used to going around and pretending we’re no different than anyone else.”

“I guess this is one area where dolphins’ sucky communication skills are a good thing.”

“Bite me,” Emery said with a smile.

“Sure. Where?”

They returned to the living room to watch the weather with the others. One thing that took Sean’s mind off his discomfort over his parents’ presence was watching Denby repeatedly striking up conversations with Laura, Emery’s youngest sister. Over the course of the next hour, he watched the two of them seemingly grow closer and talk more.

Emery was oblivious as he talked with Brad, Joseph, and Sean’s dad. Sean was going to gently rib Emery about it when they finally went to bed a little after two in the morning, but he forgot all about it.

When he awoke at six Tuesday morning, he heard Louise, his mother, and his dad out in the kitchen, talking.

What is it with early-morning people?
He carefully extricated himself from underneath Emery’s arm, which he’d slung over Sean during the night, and went to use the bathroom before heading to the kitchen. Everyone in the living room was still asleep. He noticed Reese had ended up with the couch, while Laura slept on an air mattress not too far from Denby.

The wonderful smell of coffee greeted him when he stepped into the kitchen. His parents and Louise were gathered around the table in the breakfast nook and watching the weather on a small TV on the counter.

Sam Morita glanced at his wristwatch. “About time you got up, Sean.”

BOOK: Porpoiseful Intent [Placida Pod 2] (Siren Publishing Everlasting Classic ManLove)
4.22Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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