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Pregnant! By My Best Friends

Eliza DeGaulle


Copyright 2015 Darkest Secrets Publishing

Kindle Edition


All characters in this story are age 18 or older. Any similarity to characters living or dead is entirely coincidental.


Three guys and she can't possibly choose - Holly truly has too much of a good thing...


Holly has made a terrible mistake - she's fallen madly in love with all three of her best friends, all of them she's known her entire life. Even worse, she's certain they love her back, but she doesn't want to lose any of them by making a choosing one over the other.


The men she lusts after though, have a surprise for her. If choosing is so hard, why make Holly do it? Instead, they want to make her theirs, indulging in a grand unprotected bareback menage with the clear intent of making Holly carry all of their seed.


11,400 words.


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Oh, why the heck was I in this position? I never expected that I'd actually get the role.

Hell, the only reason I auditioned was because it would look good on a college application. It would show that I was someone who would show school spirit and participate. Or something. I didn't fully understand it, but the result was I was here, trembling in front of a mirror.

Juliet, one of the two most important roles in the play. Who was playing Romeo, though, was what really terrified me.

Colin. One of my best friends.

That was the problem.

He was handsome and a guy who in most situations I'd want to put my lips on, as well as his everything else.

Why did Kayla choose now of all times to get food poisoning? It was really inconsiderate of her.

The script was all in the fancy middle styled-English. Why did I lobby for the old style? This would be so much easier to remember if it were words I actually ever said.

My hair was done up right, the make-up girl had already done her jobs. The play would be starting in minutes, and it was on me not to fail horribly.

You can do this, Holly. Just memorize the lines for the next scene.

I heard the director's call. It was go time.

The first scenes went off well. I didn't make too many mistakes, but it did call for me to longingly look towards Colin. His soft brown hair that I wish I could pull at in the throes of passion, that firm body.

"You've done good so far, Holly. I really like the passion you showed out there. Great body language."

I wish that it was because I was a great actor. The scene that was coming up was the one I feared the most.

The one where I would kiss Colin, er, Romeo. I had to kiss him during other scenes as well, but the first - well, it would be my first kiss as well as Juliet's.

Did acting even count for that?

The green exit sign sat over the door and I was seriously consider using it. Maybe I could claim that Colin was my brother and it would be icky to do it.

They probably wouldn't buy it.

I took a deep breath, waiting for my cue. It was just a kiss. In other countries a kiss on the lips was a way to say hello. It was only romantic and passionate here because of how puritan our society is.

Get out there, Holly. It's acting. It doesn't mean anything.

I walked out onto the stage. He had pulled me away from the Capulet's party after sneaking in.

The first lines had gone off without a hitch. My coming anxiety, though, started to build as the time was quickly approaching.

"Have not saints lips, and holy palmers too?" Colin said, with perfect accent and form.

My line. "Aye, um, pilgrim, lips that they, uh use in prayers."

That wasn't meant to be a plural, Holly.

"O, then, dear saint, let lips do what hands do. They pray; grant thou, lest faith turn to despair."

What the hell was he saying anyway? Oh, my line. "Saints don't move, though granting prayers sake."

That was awful. It was almost here - I was filled with with a perfect combination of terror and anticipation. I was amazed Colin was so calm and collected, did he not share my nervousness?

"Then move not, while my prayer's effect I take."

His lips move forward, and met mine. In spite of fully expecting it, I was still shocked by the act. Lips met lips - and they didn't part immediately.

The scene called for a quick peck. Colin, though, was taking it much further.

I found myself letting him. His tongue snuck in, and my own followed his greater experience. A hand in my hair, running through it, the other going down my back. Me? I was still ninety-nine percent paralyzed. My tongue was the only thing moving, my eyes wide, my body limp.

It lingered longer, and I can't say I disliked it. Every second that passed was like an eternity, an eternity I wish could truly be forever.

Someone was clearing their throat. The director.

Finally, we broke.

My breathing was heavy. That wasn't an acting kiss. Did Colin feel the same way about me that I did him?

"Thus from my lips," Colin said, out of breath. "By thine, my sin is purged."

I was lost in his eyes. The way he looked at me wasn't merely done for acting either.

My silence, though, provoked another clearing of throat.

"Oh, uh! Then have my lips, and, uh, the sin that they've taken."

Wrong, wrong, wrong. I expected to give the director an aneurysm at this rate.

It didn't matter, though, cause he was still near.

"Sin from thy lips? O trespass sweetly urged! Give me my sin again!"

The second kiss - it was just as passionate as the first. It confirmed my thoughts without doubt.

Colin loved me.

The revelation was filling me, making me kiss him back. As we embraced, we spun around one another.

I saw over Colin's shoulders.

I saw the reason why I was so afraid of our mutual affection, the damage it would cause to our lives.

Two guys, in the audience, sitting with shock on their face.

Joel and Alan. The kiss broke, and a great load of shame was dumped on my shoulders.

I couldn't have Colin. I couldn't have any of them.






I pulled myself out of bed. Thirty minutes and I'd have to meet up with all the boys.

All I could think about was that the time I had with them was running out. I couldn't afford to head to the same college as they had, my family being significantly less fortunate.

It was probably for the best. I started to get dressed, remembering that kiss with Colin.

We never talked about it. It was as if it didn't happen at all. It did though. It made me realize that I was surrounded by too much of a good thing. Many girls would kill for just one awesome, hot guy clamoring after them. Me? I had three.

I loved them back. Without question. Not like brothers, either, because that would have made it so much easier.

The sun burned my eyes as I looked out onto my driveway. So many things that I had to look at that reminded me of them.


Four months ago...


"Come on, Holly, take it to the hole," Joel taunted me. A local basketball game, me warming him up. "What's the matter, can't jump?"

His taunts only drove me further. I ran up tried to dunk it.

I remembered that I wasn't all that good at this basketball thing.

The ball just hit the ground and rolled away.

"I wasn't even blocking you. That'll all you got?"

"Fuck you, Joel." I grabbed the ball and started to dribble. It was all in good fun, but I was driven to make him eat his words. He started to play actual defense, but I was going to do it. Sure, he was ahead by like fifty points to nothing, but I wasn't going to let that stop me.

Driven, I faked him out, and rushed towards the basket. I had a clear straight away. I rushed to it, and put every muscle, every bit of my focus to leaping up and making it to the basket.

I left the ground, and made it. I had dunked the ball. I was hanging off the basket.

Then my lack of proper upper body strength came back, and my grip was lost.

Joel, though, was right behind me, catching me before I planted my spine on the concrete of the court.

"Holy shit, Holly. You actually did it."

A tearing pain hit my calves. "Ow."

"What I'd do?" Joel was looking around to making sure he wasn't stabbing me with something.

I did sense something poking at me, but I don't think it was there until he was holding me like this.

"Calves. Thighs. Feet. My legs in general."

"You overexerted yourself." He placed me on ground, without letting of me. "Can you stand up? Walk?"

I could, although I was slightly limpy. "Yeah, I think I'm done basketballing for the day."

"Good call," Joel said. He glanced over, and a bunch of boys our age were coming. "The other guys are here, anyway. You're good practice, Holly. No matter how bad you suck."

I punched in the chest, he stumbled back laughing. "Let me reiterate, Joel, fuck you."

"You good to walk home?"

"Yeah, yeah. I'll be fine. Just went too far."

"If you're sure."

I hobbled a bit, but I started to head home. I looked back, and Joel was still watching me. Huh, nice of him to care.

It didn't take me long to get home. The world, though, conspired against me. Instead of being able to pass out on the couch, there was a ten-year-old boy crying in my driveway.

"Lady! Lady!" He ran up to me. "My plane! It's stuck!"

He pointed up at one of my gutters. An RC plane was wedged in there. How did he even do that?

"Let me just get a stick and knock it down," I said.

"No! You can't do that! You'll break it! My brother will be mad if I broke his plane!"

"Alright, alright. I'll go up and get it." It couldn't be that hard, I figured. I didn't make climbing on my roof a regular thing. In fact, I'd never done it before.

I grabbed the ladder, and carried it out of the garage, my calves bitching at me the entire time.

"Stay here, I'll get your toy for you." I set up the ladder near it, as close as I could get it anyway. Wild bushes and hedges surrounded the house, and the only place to place a proper ladder was going to require a bit of stretching on my behalf.

First rung, my legs nagged. Second, they nagged harder. Third, they were screaming. I thought about telling the kid 'no', but looking back at him, he looked so hopeful that I was going to get him out of trouble with his brother.

Guess I had more mothering in me than I thought, pushing myself to go up the ladder. My body rebelled, but I told it to shut up.

I was at the top. The toy was just out of reach of my finger tips. I leaned over to try to get a hold of it, finally touching it, but not enough to get a good grip.

The ladder trembled as I shifted my weight. Wasn't there usually some person holding the ladder steady? Oh well, I couldn't ask the kid to do that.

More reaching. Almost had it. I had a grip on it, yes! I grabbed it, then realized the ladder was falling over.

Shit. I was falling too!

I desperately tried to grab for the gutters, the roof, anything to hold myself up, control my fall.

"Holly!" someone called out.

I wasn't going to be able to do that, I was falling too fast. Fingers just grazed my last chance for control.

The sidewalk was right below me - I was about to face-plant on there!

At the last possible second, though, he rescued me. Again.

Not the little boy. Joel.

He held me tight, my weight knocking his ass on the grass. He was breathing hard, hard as I was. Why was he so frightened? He wasn't the one about to face-plant on concrete.

The boy took his toy, which landed safely in a bush. "Thanks, lady!"

Joel helped me to my feet without a word. I glanced at the kid. "No problem. I meant to do it like that."

BOOK: Pregnant! By My Best Friends
4.03Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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