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Authors: Cindel Sabante

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Pretty Cow - The Making of a Hucow

BOOK: Pretty Cow - The Making of a Hucow
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Pretty Cow – The Making of a Hucow

Cindel Sabante

Copyright 2013© Cindel Sabante

All characters in this story are fictitious. Any resemblance to actual
persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental.

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Pretty Cow - The Making of a Hucow

The bass boom of the subwoofers in the corner made it
nearly impossible for me to hear anything. "What?!" I yelled back at
Kim, "I can't hear you at all!"

Kim, my best friend, pulled me off of the dance floor
and towards the bar. Her thick painted lips were moving, but I still couldn't
understand anything she was trying to say.

"I seriously can't understand you!"

Kim kept trying, eventually pulling me into the
bathroom where the music was muted and her voice was amplified by the tiled
walls. She was hysterical by the time she pushed the door closed.

"They took her!" she said as she paced
frantically. "They fucking took her! Right from the bar!"

My good mood instantly vanished. There was only one
person that Kim could be talking about. It was my twin sister Nicole who'd come
out with us tonight. My blood ran cold. "Who took her Kim? Who took

The poor blonde was shaking and mumbling to herself.
"I tried to help. Tried to stop them. No one could hear me..." Her
head rose from the floor and her blue eyes, wide with fright, stared right at
me. Kim sent chills down my spine. "I tried to stop them Jenny! I tried to
help her!"

I grabbed Kim, pulling her into a hug. She was shaking
like a leaf and wouldn't stop crying. My mind was running a mile a minute. What
the hell was I going to do? If Kim was right, someone had taken my sister. I
had to find her.

Pushing my hysterical friend away from me for a
moment, I pressed her for more information. "Hey, I need you to focus. Who
took my sister?"

"B, B, Biiig guys! Two of them. I tried to stop

I ran a hand through her hair and tried to keep a
smile on my face. Kim was barely keeping it together. I couldn't let her crack
right now. "I know you did Kim. Just calm down. What did you do next? Did
you try and call the cops?"

The addled blonde nodded and pulled her phone out of
her purse. "Tried. I tried to help her! They smashed my phone..." I
looked at the smartphone in Kim's hand. The pink phone, covered in Hello Kitty
stickers, was a mangled mess. The screen was shattered and was bent in the
middle as if someone had tried to break the phone in half. There was no way it
worked anymore. "I tried to call..."

Kim's eyes glassed over and she was gone. Though her
body was still upright and her eyes were still open, there didn't seem to be
anyone behind them anymore. I shook her, hoping to get some kind of response,
but she just stared at me. "Damn it Kim! You need to snap out of it! We
need to find Nikki!"

My sister was gone and my best friend just went
zombie. I didn't have a phone. Nikki and I shared to save money.
What the
hell do I do?

"Come on Kim," I said as I pulled on her
arm. Kim shuffled forward a step, but it was clear that she didn't want to
move. Not anymore. "Kim, I need you right now! We have to find her!"
She still didn't move. She wasn't even blinking anymore. I needed to find my
sister and right now, Kim was nothing but dead weight. "Alright, new plan.
You stay here. I'll come back and get you once I find Nikki."

Kim didn't respond and she didn't chase after me when
I bounded out of the bathroom either. Full of energy and high on adrenaline, I
pushed the door open and ran into the club as fast as I could in heels and a
party dress. But I didn't make it more than a few feet before two large hands
grabbed my arms.

The hands tightened on my tiny arms, with thick
fingers pressing into my skin. "What the fuck?!" I screamed even
though I knew no one could hear me. I looked left then right and saw two men,
both large and smiling, holding me in place. "Let me go!"

But the men didn't loosen their grip on my arms.
Instead, their smiles grew, showing me rows of crooked yellow teeth. I tried to
shake them off, but the men just tightened their grip. I screamed in pain as
dirty fingernails dug into my skin. Why wasn't anyone stopping them? The club
was packed and no one was doing anything!

One of the men pointed towards the bathroom and I saw
a third burly man with a thick mop of curly black hair head towards the closed
I'd left her all alone. There was no way she could fight
off the man. Whoever had me and my sister was going to take her too.
the fuck is going on?!

That was the last clear thought I had in the club. A
moment after and I felt the sting of a needle as it pressed into my neck. It
felt like ice water was being shot into me as the plunger on syringe slid
forward. My mine fogged almost immediately, with the sounds and sights of the
club fading away into an ethereal fog. My head grew heavy and fell to my chest,
with my dark brown hair falling in waves around me. Nothing mattered anymore. Whatever
drug they'd pumped into me made me so happy that I didn't care what happened


man, Asian, bespectacled with a thin nose over
equally thin lips, stood in the front of the room. He wore an expensive suit, handmade
to fit his small frame. And over the suit he wore a white lab coat. His name
was embroidered over the breast pocket. In black silk stitching, the name read
"Doctor Tsutomu Sato."

The small Asian man wasn't the only one in the
darkened room. A dozen people, some men, and some women, were also present. They
huddled together, with all eyes on the doctor in the white lab coat. They were
dressed in the highest fashion and most expensive suits money could buy. They
were the power players of the world. Money was no object for the group gathered

They made Sato smile.

"I welcome you all to my workshop," said Tsutomu
as he smiled at the crowd. "I will not waste your time here today with
long speeches. You are all very important people. No, we will get right to the
heart of the matter. You want something that I provide. And I am more than
willingly to supply to you what I have created here."

A man in the crowd coughed, a sheikh from the look of
him. The doctor bowed to the crowd, then pushed the door behind him open.
"If you will all join me, we will tour the facility floor. I am sure you
will be impressed." Sato slipped through the doors, not bothering to see
if anyone was following him. He knew they would. They all did. No one could
resist at least seeing the creatures he created.


he world around me slowly swam back into focus. My
head was pounding and the lights around me were blinding, but I forced myself
to keep my eyes open. I tried to call out but my throat was dry and my tongue
didn't want to cooperate. All I could manage was a grunt.

I was cold. And when I tried to lift my arms to rub
some warmth back into my skin, I found my wrists restrained.
No! No no no!
painfully, I lifted my head and looked down. Everything was still blurry, but I
could make out the naked curves of my body, and the chair underneath me. The
chair resembled something you would see in a dental office, with one major
change. This chair had built in restraints. And right now, my arms and legs
were tied down, preventing me from moving more than a few inches.

This can't be happening! This isn't real!
shook my head from side to side and for the first time, I noticed I wasn't the
only one in the brightly lit room. To my left, I saw my sister Nicole. And to
my right, I watched two men strip Kim naked before pushing her into a chair
similar to mine. The men were laughing as they attached wires to Kimmie. And I
noticed immediately that some of those electrical leads were being attached to
her private areas.

I looked back down. I wasn't sure how I hadn't noticed
them before, but wires ran over my body as well. Sticky disks with electrical
leads covered my nipples and I saw multiple colored wires snaking up from the
floor only to disappear between my open legs. More leads attached to my chest,
my temples, and my stomach, but none of them worried me.

I looked back towards Nicole. She was wired up too. We
were identical twins but I hoped I didn't look the way she did at the moment.
Whoever had taken us had cut off most of Nikki's long brown hair, leaving her
with uneven tufts over her small head. Her face was swollen too, with
noticeable bruises over her arms. My sister had tried to fight back.

She was still asleep and I hoped that she stayed that
way. Whatever was happening, I didn't want her to be awake for it. I tried to
look around, but as soon as I raised myself up off the chair to look behind me,
pain shot through my body. I screamed loudly as electricity poured through me, channeled
through my most sensitive body parts.

"Stay still and stay quiet," said a tinny
voice from a speaker in the wall. "Testing will begin in a moment."

"Fuck y- IIIEEE!!" Another round of pain
flooded me before I settled back into the chair and pressed my head against the
soft pillow behind me. Tears slipped down my cheeks but I didn't make a sound.
I wish I could say the same for Nikki and Kim.

They woke up screaming and I knew the cause. Whoever
had us, whoever was doing this to us, he had used the wires to wake up the
others. To my right I could hear Kimmie crying softly to herself. But off to my
left, Nikki stayed silent. And when I looked over, she was staring back at me.
One of her eyes was swollen shut and her lip was split, but her other eye, green
like my own, burned with fury. She just stared at me, with neither of us saying
anything, before she faced forward and leaned back.

The speaker hummed. "Testing will begin in thirty
seconds. Please keep your eyes open and on the screen. If you do not, we will
shock you until you comply."

What is all this?

The room darkened and the wall in front of us lit up
like a movie screen. Ethereal music filled the space. I felt my whole body
relax as the sounds washed over me. But as I watched random images and words
flash across the screen at a rapid pace, I couldn't figure out what was going
on. And when I noticed that the wall in front of me was showing different
slides than the walls in front of Nicole and Kim, I was even more confused.

I couldn't help but watch. Images of puppies, horses,
pigs, and cows were interspersed with random words like bitch and milk and good
girl. And randomly, images of naked men and women would flash across the
screen. The images came and went too fast for me to make out details, but I
swore I saw one woman being walked around on a leash, while another wore some
crazy leather outfit with a feathered plume. I noticed quickly that most of the
images were of men and women on all fours, smiling.

The music cut out and the speaker crackled to life
again. "Series one complete. Next series will begin in two minutes. Please
keep your eyes on the screen in front of you."

The lights came back on and movement to my left caught
my attention. I turned toward Nikki in time to see the men from earlier appear
next to her. They were pulling the electrodes from her body and loosening the
restraints. I watched as Nikki kicked her legs free and wrestled her arm from
one of the straps. Her hand moved so fast that I nearly didn't see it when her
fingers scraped across the face of one of the men.

He yelled loudly and my breath caught in my throat.
His body blocked the blow from where I was sitting, but the unmistakable sound
of skin slapping against skin filled the room, followed quickly by a gasp that
could have only come from my sister. The man she scratched grabbed her by her
short hair and threw her to the ground. When she tried to stand, he kicked her
in the small of the back, sending her sprawling. In the thick voice, he growled
at her. "No. You crawl like the bitch you are."

My sister just looked up at him from her spot on the
floor. We might have been twins, but we couldn't have been more different.
Nikki was a fighter, always quick to argue. I was also the quiet one. The one
who thought things through. And right now, it looked like Nikki was trying to
get herself killed.

"Fuck you," she said from her place on the
floor. I couldn't see the man's face, but I saw him tense at her words. And
when he dropped to a knee and grabbed her hair, I knew he hadn't taken the
insult lightly. He slammed her head back against the ground and whistled to his
partner who wasted no time attaching a heavy, metal collar around my sister's
neck. A leash was clipped to a ring and with a tug, my sister was forced to her

The man laughed as she pulled at the collar. He tugged
the leash again, forcing Nikki to drop her hands back to the floor before she
fell face first against the tile. She tried to stand, but the man pulled her
back down again. The third time she pushed off from the floor, the man pulled
her back down then laid his belt across her naked ass. Nikki gasped in pain and
a red welt rose where the belt had landed. She didn't try and get up again.

I realized once Nikki was led from the room, crawling
on all fours behind the men like an animal, that I'd been holding my breath the
entire time. My body shook as I sucked in lungful of fresh air.
Where are
they taking her? Why are they doing this to us?!
But I didn't have time to
think. The music started up again and the lights dimmed. Images and words began
to flash across the walls once more.

They were more focused this time. Farm animals became
a clear theme, with words like milk, cow, stable, field, grazing, and bull
flashing randomly. And the nude pictures of men and women stayed on the screen
longer this time. A picture of a cow would flash momentarily, and then an image
of a woman on all fours would hang on the screen.

The women were all pretty, with easy smiles gracing
their plump faces. Naked and on all fours, their curvy bodies were on full
display as they all posed on their hands and knees. Huge breasts hung beneath
them, with large, perky nipples. The only thing any of the women wore were
bells around their necks, attached to thick leather collars. And every time one
of their images appeared on the screen in front of me, I felt a tingle between
my legs.

BOOK: Pretty Cow - The Making of a Hucow
7.22Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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