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“I know,” he responded.

Forever socially awkward, she asked, “Can I do anything for you?”

He smiled. “I don’t want you to do anything you don’t want.”

“I think you’re perfect,” she admitted looking down at the floor again. “In my eyes, you’re Superman.” This time she stared into his eyes.

Rasim’s heart beat wildly. Damn, this chick was for him. He was too young to feel like a grown ass man, yet Snow did that for him. “What did I do to earn a tag like that, Snow?”

“Whenever I’m around you, you make me feel stronger,” she whispered.

              That was it.

Rasim was done.

He lowered his head and kissed her gently on the lips. With their mouths connected, they eased down to the dirty brown carpet. Snow was on her back and Rasim was careful not to apply too much pressure. He could feel Snow’s body warming up and he was rock hard.

Since Rasim had brushed his teeth moments earlier, the minty flavor of his lips had Snow tickled wet. It was a far cry from Morris’s swinging jaw that was for sure. Snow found herself wanting to go to the next level, which was something she’d never done before. Emboldened, she stripped her lips from his and stared into his eyes. She swallowed and said, “I’m ready, Rasim. You can have sex with me if you want. I give my life to you.”

Now it was Rasim who would take a few moments to gulp some air because he held a secret not even his friends knew about. “Snow, I never… know.”

If he was talking to another girl, she would know exactly what he meant but Snow simply wasn’t the type. The strict routine she grew up around succeeded in stealing any creativity from her mind so she was always confused. If Rasim wanted to explain something to Snow, he had better come out and say it.

“I don’t understand,” she whispered.

Rasim sat up and leaned against the wall. Snow crawled in the same direction and sat next to him before allowing her head to rest against his shoulder. Both of them looked toward the window and Rasim played with his fingers. What he was prepared to share with Snow he’d never revealed. “I never been with a girl before,” he mumbled. “Sexually.”


Now Snow was hip.

“I never been with a girl either,” she responded seriously.

Rasim busted out laughing but Snow didn’t find the humor. She didn’t make jokes and she wasn’t making one then. That was something else he liked about her. She was robotic, beautiful and innocent at the same time.

How she do that?
He thought.

“I hope not,” he chuckled. At first, the fact that he didn’t have sex made him feel inadequate. But around Snow, all was well in the world.

She raised her head and looked over at him. “Do you want to have sex with me now? Because I want to have sex with you.”

“But what if I hurt you?”

“At least I’ll know I’m alive.”

Once again, Snow amazed him with her word play and they found their way back to the floor. Rasim removed her sweatpants first, followed by the big yellow panties he waved in the air. It was somewhat poetic that she had them joints on.

Naked from the waist down, slowly and carefully Rasim entered her tightness. Rasim was heavily endowed so he would stop whenever Snow bit down on her bottom lip to check for pressure. He wasn’t trying to hurt her. He wasn’t even trying to cum. All he wanted was to share this experience with someone he cared about, and someone who cared about him.

But, just like any good sex act, after awhile it got good for the both of them. Rasim felt the fine hairs over his body rise and his lower belly heat up.

Oh the feeling!

Pure bliss!

Even Snow, who never had an orgasm in her weird life, began to tremble. At least Rasim had the benefit of a dick jerk or two but this was Snow’s first. Her toes spread in her tennis and she convulsed as a tingling sensation with electric shock power coursed through her body. In the end, she was successful. She had reached an orgasm and Rasim was her first.

He was right behind her as he lowered his head and kissed her softly. Although he wanted to be nastier, he figured the first time should be special as he exploded his semen into her body. He moaned far louder than Snow, that’s for sure, as he was drained.

Something happened that neither one of them could deny.

Rasim and Snow had officially fallen in love.




Snow stood in front of the mirror in the small dance room within the group home. Dressed in black tights and a red top
, she hit play on the radio and Boyz II Men’s hit song “On Bended Knee” blasted from the speakers.

Before moving, she observed her reflection, and the body she had grown to hate. Her jaw was too squared. Her eyes were too light and her butt had zero curves. In no way was she attractive or sexy for that matter, to hear her tell it. She was an ugly monster who should’ve stayed with Slack Jaw Morris, gotten married and lived a miserable life.

But when she closed her eyes and listened to the words of the song and thought about Rasim and what they shared last night, something compelling occurred. She stopped coming down so hard on herself and felt powerful. She felt elevated and her body swayed to the moving notes.

Snow’s eyes remained closed as she rocked back and forth. Her arms became wings and she was free to fly.

The music pushed into her chest. Into her heart and forced her to cry. She denied her art for far too long and she was consumed with guilt, which made the performance all the more special.

An older dancer once told her that the only sin greater than suicide was denying a God given talent and she would never allow that to happen again.

When the song was over she opened her eyes, looked at her reflection in the mirror and smiled.

She was back and she had Rasim to thank.




The aroma of Pine Sol was powerful as Snow and Mute Candy cleaned the tables. Each person had one chore but Snow greedily requested two. As a result, she was in charge of decontaminating the cafeteria as well as the bathrooms. Using her hands prevented her mind from wandering so she appreciated the extra tasks.

To say she did a good job was an understatement. Snow got into her chores so well that one kid dropped his pizza on the bathroom floor on the cheese side. He wasn’t concerned. He just picked it up and ate it anyway. After all, Snow cleaned the fuck out of that floor.

Basically, she had two jobs at Strawberry Meadows, cleaning and caring for Rasim, and she did both with pride. Rasim’s side of the room was so immaculate that Southeast Brian and a few of his boys took to telling Ms. Brush Face that Snow was doing his chores in the hopes of stunting his groove. They were in for a surprise when each received a solid tongue lashing for smelling like weed and were thrown into a two-week suspension.

After Snow was sure the cafeteria and bathrooms were unblemished, she sat on the couch in the recreation room and pulled her legs to her body. It was her most comfortable position.

Since Rasim left Strawberry Meadows on a visit with his family, she was alone and bored. If she wasn’t with him, she was thinking about him and she liked it that way. It gave her something to look forward to because although he didn’t say he loved her, Rasim made it clear that he cared.

In her spare time, mostly on the days Rasim was not around, she danced. She danced so much that her ankles throbbed but it felt terrific.

In the mood for music, Snow turned the radio on just as Mute Candy walked inside.

Mute Candy was a cute girl with chocolate skin and long, fine, black hair that ran down her back. Some thought she was Indian but she was one hundred percent African American.

If it were true that Snow was Queen Awkward, then Mute Candy was the Princess. Born speechless, Mute Candy never said a mumbling word. Her mother, Diane Dallas, loved Candy as hard as any mother could and sometimes it showed. If only she could’ve kicked her crack habit, all would’ve been well in Candy’s world. Instead, throughout school she was picked on, abused and laughed at until recently.

One day a predator decided that since Mute Candy couldn’t talk she probably couldn’t defend herself either. He decided to push her into a pile of overgrown grass behind her high school in an attempt to rape her. Bad move. But how was he to know that Candy kept a switchblade on her person at all times?

The child couldn’t talk!

Mute Candy activated the knife so quickly that the blade flew open and clicked. She wasted no second plunging it into the flesh of his stomach and when he tried to crawl away she jabbed his spine too. Blood spurted on everything she wore but she was unfazed as she evolved from victim to predator. Before long, he was paralyzed.

When her work was done she looked down at him and felt it was good but it was time to get a little creative. Mute Candy pushed whatever she could find on the ground into his mouth to prevent him from making a sound. When he was stuffed like a Thanksgiving turkey, she stuck him again.

This is where it gets weird.

Every day for three days, Mute Candy would walk back to the same brush and stick the rapist at least five times in his thighs. Mice would chew on his flesh at night and she loved it. At one point she busted him in the head with a glass bottle, but that was for free.

When she came back on the fourth day the rapist was gone. An old woman looking for cans saw him and called 911 for help, after she searched his pockets for money of course.

When the rapist was in the hospital he had the nerve to tell the authorities that Mute Candy assaulted him without warrant. In a twist of events, mainly because Mute Candy never mentioned that she was almost sexually assaulted, she was thrown in Strawberry Meadows and he was set free. Things could’ve been far worse had it not been for the man having a record as a sexual pervert so for that, Mute Candy was grateful.

Sitting next to Snow, Mute Candy grabbed a box of Uno cards and started dealing Snow and herself a hand. She didn’t even ask if Snow wanted to play. She was just like Snow actually, able to express herself without words.

Snow looked at Mute Candy, smiled and proceeded to throw out a yellow four.

And that’s how Mute Candy and Snow became best friends.

It wasn’t until that moment that Snow realized that she didn’t come to Strawberry Meadows just for Rasim. She came for Mute Candy too.




After playing cards with Mute Candy and talking to her via pencil and paper, Snow decided to go to the library and locate a book on sign language. If Mute Candy was going to be her very good best girlfriend, she wanted to be able to talk to her without pencil and paper.

              When she found the book of her choice, she strolled toward her room and saw a picture lying on her bed. It was of her in the dance room on the day she was wearing the black tights and a red shirt.

Who took it?

Her jaw dangled as she eyed each detail of the picture. Someone managed to capture how she felt when she was dancing and she looked like a goddess.

              Her right arm reached into the heavens and her fingers curved ever so lightly. Her left arm extended toward the right and she was on the tips of her toes.

And then there was the silhouette of her body that was simply breathtaking. It was as if Michelangelo returned to earth just to assist the photographer with taking the perfect picture.

              On the back of the photo it read,
“If I’m Superman, you’re Mona Lisa. Love, Rasim.”

Just as she thought.

Rasim was perfect.

And Snow cried tears of joy. 




At first Snow was cleaning the bathroom but now she was doubled over the toilet vomiting. She couldn’t understand why she was so sick and she was about to call her mother until Ms. Brush Face walked in and discovered her.

Looking down at the ill child, she placed her hands on her hips and shook her head. “Not you too.”

“What do you mean?” Snow whispered.

“Come with me,” she replied with a shake of her head.

Snow did the best she could to get herself together. She followed Ms. Brush Face toward a small office, the entire time wondering what she’d done wrong.

Ms. Brush Face plopped down while Snow stood in front of her desk awaiting her next orders.

“Piss in this,” Ms. Brush Face said handing her a plastic cup. “The bathroom is over there.”

Like a robot, Snow walked toward the bathroom, pulled her clothes down, squatted and pissed in the cup over the toilet. When she was done, she cleaned the outside really well, dried it off and handed it back to Ms. Brush Face.

Ms. Brush Face dipped a stick into the urine, causing it to splash on her knuckles but she didn’t give a fuck. She waited a few seconds and read the results.

Shaking her head, she said, “You’re pregnant. Your parents are going to be devastated.”

Upon hearing the worst news of her life, Snow Bradshaw passed out cold.

BOOK: Prison Throne
2.9Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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