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He put on his own helmet and gave it a twist. Rev looked at her intensely.

"You know, since meeting you, I've gotten to think of space suits as very sexy. Especially since I can't touch you, it makes me WANT to touch you."

Sex. Always sex with this guy, Tracy thought. "You just keep thinking good thoughts. We can explore the deeper meaning of that thinking later."

They both turned back to the airlock and still didn't see any Jer'hym.

"We should rethink this, Rev," said Tracy. "Any hitchhiker should be ready, willing, and able to climb aboard their free transportation."

"Perhaps they are in more distress than they let on."

Rev hit the button to open the airlock seal before Tracy could protest. When it opened, he ushered her in.

"Shouldn't I wait in the ship?" said Tracy.

"What happened to fearless Tracy? Besides, we work on a buddy system and need back each other up."

"Uh huh," said Tracy, liking this less and less.

Rev sealed the hatch to their own ship.

"Now what?" asked Tracy.

"We knock on the front door." Rev reached out with his gloved hand and literally knocked on the hatch.

The hatch released, and Tracy was almost knocked off her feet by the whoosh of air that came from the Ceichis. She couldn't see much. Everything was totally dark. Rev switched on the light in his suit, and Tracy switched hers on too. He poked his head into the alien craft.

"I don't see anything," he said.

"Understatement of the year," said Tracy.

Rev eased inside the craft and motioned for her to follow him. They turned left and headed up a long passageway. The gravity boots were difficult to walk in, but without them movement would be impossible. Around them several things flew past them as they walked, unhampered by the force of gravity.

A flash of golden tan fluttered at Rev.

"Get out, get out," the creature screeched. "Trap. Tried to warn you."

Tracy stared in amazement as the creature fluttered in front of Rev. A tail as long as its body swished in agitated motion, its wings flapping backward. Two perfectly round silver eyes with black slits for irises sat at the top of its head, flicking back and forth.

A flash of laser fire burned into the Jer'hym and its wings stopped flapping.

"Duck!" yelled Rev as he pulled a laser pistol from its holster.

Tracy found trying to move swiftly in the spacesuit and in the weightless environment difficult. All she managed to do was fumble gracelessly. Suddenly, she felt an arm wrapping itself around her heck and pulling her head up. Something hard pressed against her head.

"Rev!" she choked out.

Rev turned and held his gun up.

"Don't hurt her."

The lights in the corridor lit up. Tracy saw two rough looking aliens standing at Rev's back holding laser rifles to his head. Another stepped around her and her assailant.

His skin had a reddish cast to it, and he was dressed in a leather jacket and pants. His head was bald, and a gold earring hung from his ear.

"What do we have here?"

Another creature came up to the man. He was short and had thick dark body hair everywhere.

"Captain, their ship doesn't have a thing. It's just a stinking transport."

"No, Tul," said the red alien. "I think THEY are some valuable cargo. There was something on the net about these two. Fugitives."

He turned around toward Tracy and looked her over. "Pink, yes. Not so pink as the ladies of my world, but still a pleasing blush, like a pale flower, and the green alien is a tracker."

He faced Rev again.

"At least he was a tracker."

He spit out the last word like it was a curse word.

"What made you run, tracker?"

"Got tired of dealing with scum like you," spit Rev.

"You have no reason to be impolite," said the man. "Especially in your current situation."

He turned toward Tracy again. "I ain't never seen your kind. Halc, take off her helmet."

The man holding her twisted off her helmet. The red alien walked up to her and inspected her neck.

"A mating bite." He pushed her head to the side to inspect it.

"Take your hands off me," spit Tracy.

"Got fire, this one. I approve, tracker. More than one bite? Isn't that unusual for your species?"

"Go to hell," said Rev struggling against the men that held them.

"I'll meet you there later," the man said. "I suppose we haven't been introduced. I'm Feltin Kor, captain of my little ship the Bone and Blood."

"Pirate," spit Rev.

"Have you not taught him better manners?" said Kor, looking at Tracy.

"He's only saying what I feel," said Tracy.

"Yes, I heard that. Mated hearts beat as one." He made a motion with his hand. "Bring him closer, boys. Unlatch that suit of his, and Halc," he said pointed to the one holding Tracy, "do hers." Rev struggled as a couple of the pirates undid the seals of his suit and pushed him forward. Tracy stood, her heart pounding in her chest, but she held her head high.

She wouldn't give this pirate the satisfaction of frightening her.

"Don't feel badly, tracker. We've had as many enhancements as you. Just as strong as a tracker, only there's more of us."

Kor put his hand on Rev's chest and then felt around until he found Tracy's heartbeat. Rev growled when Kor touched Tracy.

"Easy there. Just testing the legends." He closed his eyes, focusing on the feeling under his fingertips.

"The old legends are true! Your hearts are beating together. Remarkable. Tell me, tracker, can the bonding be broken?"

"No," croaked Rev.

"Are you sure about that?"

"Leave. Her. Alone."

"I'll take that as a disinterest in breaking the bonding."

"What are we going to do with them, Captain?" said Tul.

"Well, I could turn them into the Aligned Worlds for the bounty, but I know someone that is seriously interested in this tracker. Ar-Reven, right? Just recently testified against Jaal and company? You did some damage there, tracker, and the boss of that organization has a price on your head that is triple the normal bounty. That means serious profit for us, and I can keep the pretty pink one for myself."

"Lay a hand on her and I'll tear you apart." Rev growled

Kor made a dismissive move of his hand. "Lock him in the brig. Get this ship trim and powered up, and take her and prepare her the usual way. Take my lovely Ennhr to my cabin. He picked up the golden Jer'hym that was knocked to the side by the laser blast. "Ennhr, Ennhr, how many times have I told you it is useless to resist? We have another to keep you company so you won't be so lonely now. I do what I can for you."

Ennhr trilled weakly in his hands.

"Here, Jenno, take Ennhr to my quarters and chain him this time. I don't know why I listen to him. I guess I may have a soft spot, and you," he gestured at Tracy, "will keep him company until I return. I have some communications to make."

"You hurt her," said Rev, "and I'll end you."

"Tracker, how little you know of my people. We have a high regard for females. I would never hurt your lovely mate. In fact, I plan to show her pleasure such as she's never known."


Kor shook his head. "So impolite. My mother wouldn't like it that you insulted her. She'd beat you stiffly if she were still alive. She was so very good that way."

He sighed, then gave Rev a cold hard stare. "Take him away."

As Tracy was taken through the ship, she felt her body become heavy. Behind Tracy and her guard, Ennhr trilled plaintively.

"Shut up," said his handler. "I don't know why the captain puts up with you. If it didn't mean getting spaced, I'd stuff you out of the airlock myself to get rid of your bird chirping."

"You've turned on the gravity," said Tracy, "and his people live in a weightless environment. You're hurting him."

"He does look flat and a little green around his gills. Well, no matter, the Captain has accommodations fixed up special for the little twit. Here we are."

The pirate pressed his thumb to a panel at the door, and it slid open. The pirate who held Tracy pushed her roughly inside. The other walked in behind them and went to a large transparent box on a stand in the middle of the cabin. Opening the door, he put the Jer'hym inside. Immediately, the Jer'hym fluttered and flew around the box, batting against the clear panes.

"Stop it. If you hurt yourself, the captain will punish me."

"Thatssss whatss I'ss count onss."

"Little fucker." He looked at Tracy. "Strip."

"I will not!"

The pirate struck Tracy hard against the face. "Take off your fucking clothes or I'll rip them off you myself and enjoy every minute of it."

Glaring at the pirate, Tracy took off her spacesuit and clothes.

The pirate shook his head at Tracy's naked body.

"I don't see the attraction, but who am I to say? Kneel."


"Are you fucking stupid on top of ugly? On your pink little knees."

Tracy, face burning red, dropped to her knees. The pirate tied her arms behind her back and to her ankles.

"There, that will do. Now, stay in that position until the Captain returns. Once he's had his entertainment, he'll most likely send you to the brig with that tracker of yours. If likes you enough, he might keep you for a spell. We'll see. He usually doesn't keep them long, but there can always be that the first time."

The two pirates guffawed and exited the cabin leaving Tracy shaking with anger.

The Jer'hym settled in his cage and regarded Tracy.

"I'm sssso ssssorry. I tried to warn you; I did. But you didn't understand."

"I'm sorry we didn't either. Are there any others like you captive?"

"No, he killed my femalessss when he took my ship. He only kept me alive for his sssshows."

"What are his shows?"

"Youse sssseee. Sssssick."

With that the door to the cabin opened, and Kor walked in.

"You're all ready I see! I'm looking forward to this."

"Don't you fucking touch me," said Tracy.

Kor looked at her with disdain. "I wouldn't dream of touching you, Kerdim whore."

"What did you call me?"

"Kerdim. You don't even know the name of the species of that tracker. Pathetic. Whore, as to any who would mate with a creature outside her own species."

"Purissst asssss," said Ennhr.

Kor turned to the Jer'hym. "Shut up, you! You are here for one thing only."

Ennhr laughed, a strange sound between a trill and a cough. "Yousse sssee, Kor hassss a problem. No female of hissss species will have him, but he can't fuck anything elsssse becaussse to him itsss racial sssin."

"Shut up!"

"Ssso we have thesse little ssshows."

"Dim lights," said Kor, glaring at Ennhr. The lights lowered and little flames danced up in sconces around the room. A soft music starting playing in the background. Kor stood in front of Tracy and stripped his clothes slowly. Tracy turned her head away.

"Look at me!" he commanded.

"Fuck you!"

"Wouldn't you like that, you little whore?" He bent down and smacked her cheek enough to spread a burning feeling through it.

"Look at me!"

Tracy looked ahead, not acknowledging him, but she couldn't help seeing a thick long cock so red it was almost purple hanging between his legs right in front of her.

"Sing, Ennhr, or you know what will happen to you."

A soft trilling filled the room.

"Ah," said Kor putting his hands to his cock. "Do you know what the song of the Jer'hym does, Kerdim whore?"

"Yes," choked Tracy.

"What does it do?" said Kor his voice growing husky as his cock grew hard under the ministrations of his hands.

"It is said to bring orgasms."

"Correct, it does. For the male to sing, there must be a female present. The females inspire the intensity of the song, you see. So you will watch as Ennhr sings, and I come to completion. If you inspire him to sing prettily enough, I may let you live."

The trilling grew louder and more intense. It turned into a complex weaving of notes and sounds. Tracy thought it was beautiful and got swept up into the alien music. It also began to have a curious effect on Tracy.

She felt desire curling through her body, and her breasts tingled, her nipples hardening into tight nubs. Her surroundings fell away, and she completely forgot where she was. Each note seemed to touch her directly, unlocking a different sensation inside her.

She remembered the feel of silk against her nipples, the taste of chocolate in her mouth, and the feel of hot sun warming her wet body as she dried from a cold swim in the ocean. Her body relaxed in a delicious way, and the only thing that kept her upright were how her hands and feet were bound. She strained against the binding, which gave her a different pleasure of wanting and needing to do more.

Tracy moaned. The trilling become louder and more sweet, a delicious promise of things to come. She was so desperate now for stimulation of her sensitive places she groaned.

The trilling became long notes, almost like the notes of a flute. Tracy started breathing harder, and the notes became more intense.

"Yes, yes," gasped Kor. The sounds of his hands working his cock like slaps against his flesh were audible now along with his moans of pleasure. "Good, good."

Tracy whimpered, the sounds of the Jer'hym's song filling her mind and body, strumming it like the strings of a guitar. In her mind, Rev was touching her; Rev was the one igniting her passions. Every memory of every touch of his body washed over her, how he sucked her nipples, lapped her pussy with his tongue, and filled her with his marvelous cock.

She swayed back and forth, moaning loudly. Her nerve endings begged for release. The Jer'hym trumpeted long, deep blasts of low sound that slammed against Tracy, and she burst apart, fire exploding in her body. The Jer'hym trumpeted three more times, sending orgasmic shocks through her.

Kor let out a long groan, and Tracy opened her eyes to see his huge purple cock pointed at her. With horror she thought he'd dump his cum on her, but at the last second, he turned away toward Jer'hym's cage. His semen splashed on the pillar which held the cage, jetting several streams of his jizz on it before he shuddered to a stop. The room was nearly quiet then, filled only with the sounds of their gasps as their breathing quieted. Finally their breathing slowed, and Kor looked at Tracy.

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