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: An Alpha Male Romance


Copyright © 2015 by Perri Forrest

Publisher: Jessica Watkins Publishing


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This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places and incidents are either the product of the author’s imagination or are used fictitiously, and any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, business establishments, events, or locales, is entirely coincidental.







To my Village…my FAMILY. I love you

To my Guardian Angels…
Alcia Kellogg
Frank Forrest Lee
Ricky Lavender
Elijah E. Warren



~ From the Author ~


Believe me when I tell you that I didn’t expect to be here. I knew the day that I fell in love with
, that there was no turning back.
was my second attempt at publishing. But for me it was the first. I felt a true connection to that story, and to the energy that flowed through me as I created it. In 10,000 words, I brought forth a character that I saw myself in. I think it was why there was so much fire in my pen as I drove through page after page. I built Gabriella Alexis Sandoval into what I aspire to be, and that was why I was able to pour myself into the process, without restriction.
And then
when I found myself wanting to give Gabriella a full back story in the form of a novel, I
that there was no turning back. The end result was a 92,000 word story that I am
deeply in love with. It’s that one creation that can’t be topped—at least in my eyes and heart.


But yes, here I am, 15 novels later (four of those under a separate pseudony
), still going strong. I’m so thankful to my inner self for finally kicking fear in its ass! I knew I had it in me. I just didn’t know how much of it I had. But the proof is in the word count.


Continuing on


Those of you that have followed my work know that
, in a sense, is a first attempt for me. Though, if I were to be honest, I don’t know if it is or not. I say that because the word, “
Alpha Male
” is written in the subtitle. However, I’ve never written a weak man before. So, I guess it’s the label I feel inclined to explain. I don’t label my work. I’m not of that world. I like to let my characters speak for themselves. So, while I hope that readers of this particular subgenre enjoy what they read, I’m okay with everyone just liking my guy Rush. A lot went into his character, and he is modeled after a real-life alpha that I had the pleasure of calling my husband for a short time, who I lost to suicide back in 2008. I feel through Rush, I’m finally able to confront some of my ongoing turmoil about his death. Rush helps me to keep him alive in some way.


I’m all about symbols and my cover has deep purples and lavenders throughout. It’s for a reason—another one of my fallen angels,
Ricky Lavender
…my first cousin/my brother, who I lost on my birthday, in 2006. Since he died, my birthday has always brought about mixed emotions in me. While I want to celebrate, it’s not always so easy to do. This year, I had an idea while this book was being born…to release on my birthday in recognition of both of us. I tried like hell to make the August 10
due date, but it didn’t happen. So, here it comes, eighteen days later, but that’s okay. All the beautiful lavender on my marketing materials and on the cover work well enough to keep him with me. . I miss and love you, Rick Lav. You’re still very much a part of my evolution.



~ Acknowledgments ~


My baby, my life, my love:
, who takes great pride in his mama’s work enough to produce bomb ass graphics for her even when she doesn’t ask. I love this kid beyond this life, for so many things. He was born 12/3/97, but I also look at that as the day that I was born. He birthed me that day at 7:58AM. You willingly share me with the many characters that demand my time. He doesn’t laugh at me when I’m walking around the house in bandanas tied to the front like Tupac, and mix match footies, because I’m in writer mode and ain’t tripping off of seeing the sunlight. All I do is for you, from day one, little boy. You’re Mama’s baby for life.
My Mama
for calling me no matter what part of my story she’s on to tell me just how proud of me she is. “You write yo’ ass off!” coming from a woman who is a real life avid reader…
, when I tell you that the words, have sent me to tears many a’ days. 
, my editor, even with her busy, busy, busy work/mama/significant other schedule, she ALWAYS find the time to support her sister no matter what! I appreciate you more than you know. 
, my cousin, whose support and encouragement I appreciate so very much. With every book she makes her presence known!


To the friends who do wellness checks on me and who show me their loyalty all the time. There’s nothing conditional about what we have:
“Mz Jae” Ross,
Ashley Tanner,
Thomas, Allison “
” Berewa,
Monique Harston,


The many who message me on Facebook, and email, to tell me how much they enjoy my books…You can’t see me in those moments, but I’m
teary-eyed up and deeply humbled by the outpour of support. In our day and time people are quick, fast, and in a big hurry to say the negative, so when you take time out to tell me what my work has positively done for you, or how well you enjoyed the way I spun a tale…shit, it’s what I signed on for. Thank you!


If you would like to be a part of my reading group on Facebook, please email me @
[email protected]
or contact me on Facebook:
and I will happily add you.


I look forward to connecting with you.
Thank you,
in advance for taking the time to read Rapture! I hope you enjoy it.






Wednesday, October 1, 2014



Although it was only a little after six in the evening, nighttime had set in. The pavement was slightly wet from an earlier bout of rain. The overhead street lights dimly lit the path, and were stretched far too many feet apart for her to feel safe. But maybe the darkness was good and could work to her advantage. She
it to work to her advantage.

Alika Collins ran as hard and as fast as she could. The only thing in her possession was the small purse she’d managed to grab during her escape.
Run fast, Alika
Your life depends on it
. Alika couldn’t believe that she was even in her current predicament. She was usually much more cautious than to impulsively fly three-hundred miles to connect with somebody she’d met online.
Why did you do it
? She scolded herself harshly as she thought back over events leading up to her trip. Everyone told her not to do it. Well, saying ‘everyone’ implied that there were many in her circle—there were not. But rather her roommate, Tracie, had told her not to go. Tracie had even shared her own experience of a failed online relationship. “He’s never been here to see you in all the time you’ve been talking to him! Now all of a sudden there’s an interest? I’ll bet you he’s married, just like Omar was!” Tracie had yelled, as she tried to get her point across. Unfortunately, hours earlier, Alika discovered that it was much worse than him being somebody’s husband. But, it was now too late to reverse her actions because she had already thrown all caution to the wind based on the fact that she had been communicating with the individual for nearly a year. She felt she
him. She had spoken to him frequently; he’d even gone so far as to send flowers to her at work! Not to mention, he was fine as hell. It was what sold Alika on him in the first place. He had smooth, dark brown skin, light brown eyes, and beautiful teeth that sat behind a set of full lips. And if he wasn’t six feet, then he stood just a bit under. He also had a nice form that she
came from his job as a personal trainer. However, after recent events, she wouldn’t be the least bit surprised if his rips were more the courtesy of weight-lifting on a damn prison yard!

Let’s make this thing work,
he’d suggested to her
. I’m ready to take this to the next level, but we can’t do that if you’re there and
I’m here. I got you. We can be the next power couple, girl. Just get here


He had even paid for her airline ticket, and was there to pick her up from the airport looking suave and debonair, just as she thought he would. He wore dark denim jeans, sparkly white tennis shoes, a diamond stud in his left ear, and an Oakland Raiders graphic t-shirt, with the cap to match. She wanted to eat him up on the spot. The first thing he did once she was in the car, was tongue her down and request playfully, that she forfeit her phone under the guise that he wanted her all to himself.

During the drive to their destination, he affectionately rubbed his hand across her thigh. And periodically at stoplights, he’d reach over to bring his lips to hers, causing her desire for him to increase more and more by the second. He made her feel wanted. She couldn’t wait to wrap her legs around him, while he roamed inside of her, exploring every untouched crevice of her womanhood. The anticipation had built to volcanic heights. The plan was for them to go out to eat, have a few drinks, and maybe even some dancing before spending their first night together at The Executive Inn. It all sounded so romantic. However, instead of the picture he had painted so clearly, they’d driven straight from the airport and right past The Executive Inn to a Motel 6 down the road. She turned to him giggling, and then pointed to the sign for where she thought they would be staying. And that was when things went horribly left. While the car was still moving, he pulled her cell phone into view, then proceeded to press the lever to roll down his window and then tossed it as far as he could outside, and onto the concrete.


You didn’t think I was gonna just treat you to the good life without seeing how good the pussy was, did you


Alika’s eyes widened with fear. She realized in that moment that she was in fact, in danger, and the first thing that came to mind was Tracie’s pleas for her not to go. Her heart began to palpitate. Her body began to quake in small tremors as the panic set in. Pulling into the hotel’s lot, he reached into a pocket attached to the driver side door and revealed the butt of a gun. Then, as the car idled, he posed a question:


We’re not gonna have any problems are we
? Her head twitched from left to right in confirmation.
Good. Now come on so you can show me that you’re even worth my time or the money I spent on that plane ticket. And smile. I’ll make it good.


Once in the room, any affection that had been displayed before was as dead as her cell in the street. Alika was smart, however. She knew not to fight him. She was in a strange land with nowhere to turn, and nobody to turn to. Her primary goal became one of survival. So, she did the only thing she could—everything he said.
Take your clothes off
, he’d ordered. She complied. She stood nude before him while he invaded her insides with his fingers. Although she cringed at his touch, she was angry that juices were still able to form.
See, you’re just as ready for me, as I am for you
. Alika was pissed that despite how she felt towards him, her body had somehow defied her and had this creature thinking that he had actually turned her on.
! He ordered her to lie down on top of the comforter that she was sure had the DNA of many, living inside its linings, and almost immediately, he set forth on his sick invasion. Alika closed her eyes and emotionally removed herself from the scenario. The one thing she was grateful for was that he brought condoms with him. And not just that, he changed the condom out after each of his ejaculations, for the next hour and a half. He told her early on that if she screamed or tried to make a move in any other way than compliance, that he was a straight-shooter, and had no problem using the ‘piece’ that he had briefly brandished. She allowed him to do whatever he wanted with her body, and just prayed that he would finish with her soon so that she could strategize on just how the fuck she’d get away from his ass. She hated him with every fiber of her being. She wanted to laugh in his face at just how little his dick was, and forcing his dick inside someone was probably the one way he’d get pussy. But since she couldn’t say those things, tears flowed in place of the words. They were tears formed out of pure hatred and disgust. Only it angered him to the point of slapping her across her face.
Shut up
! he’d growled. When he couldn’t prevent the emotion he reacted by calling her everything from
, to
, to
He told her…all while still fucking her…just how dumb she was for her actions. He told her how she had nobody to blame but herself, and how happy he was that the world was full of dumb bitches to get free pussy from.
But it won’t be free for long
he’d said on his final jab inside of her.
I’m getting ready to get paid off this tight hole right here.

He was a monster. A monster of the worst kind.

When he was done, his face and body were covered in sweat. He removed the final condom, and smiled. He was aware that he had put the fear of God in her, and the look on his face told Alika that it was something he was used to doing. It was sport for him. He notified her that after he was clean, the two of them would be discussing her next ‘career’ move.
And don’t even think about running, because where you gonna run to
You ain’t got no phone, and you already told me you ain’t got nobody. But guess what? Now you do. I’m yo’ somebody
. But not having anything or anybody, worked in Alika’s favor because it meant that she had absolutely nothing to lose. He headed into the restroom, taking several items with him—his keys, and his gun, included. He thought that in doing so, coupled with the threats to her life, Alika would be less likely to abscond. But she had other plans. The moment the water was no longer hitting the base of the tub, she quickly dressed, grabbing only her purse. He had never brought her bag inside, and it was a good thing because too much of a load would’ve hindered Alika’s efforts. She was determined to make it somewhere—anywhere—and subsequently back to Las Vegas, where she should never have left in the first place.


Stop crying
It’ll only slow you down,
she urged herself. She couldn’t afford emotion in that moment, she needed vigor, stamina. So, Alika pushed herself to run faster, to run harder, even when her chest began to hurt badly, and her legs felt weak beneath her weight. However, even with as far as she had made it, there still seemed to be only pavement and closed businesses ahead. She began to feel as though she wasn’t running towards anything in particular. There were no signs of car traffic or foot traffic, and no cops! For the first time in her life, she wished like hell she could see the police.

She reluctantly turned around to look behind her. She was sure she had managed to get a pretty good head start since the water was still running when she took off. While the dark scared her…
, since she was so far away from home, she was thankful for it because even if he did come after her, it would be easier to spot his lights and she would have enough time to hide from view.

Right when she felt that all hope was lost, Alika spotted something in the distance that looked to be a large structure. The visual was a bit blurry from the tears gathered in her sockets, but it gave her a newfound strength. She stopped for a few seconds to remove her heels. She couldn’t believe she had run so far…four inches off the ground, but she attributed the milestone to her adrenaline rush. She made sure that she checked her surroundings periodically for a cab or anything with a live person in it.
This can't be happening
. Alika’s heart was now beating so fast that her chest began to ache from the inside. Clutching the area, she began to do something that she hadn’t done since she was a small girl—she prayed. She wanted to feel solace and comfort, so she asked: “
God, please help me
Please, God, help me

Alika made it to the bright lights of the parking garage, and she could see a few guys huddled and engaging in friendly chatter, not too far away. But as she was about to approach, she spotted oncoming headlights. Although she couldn’t tell if it was him or not, she decided that it would be best to keep going. In this day and time, not everyone helped and she didn't know if the group would believe her story and turn her over to him, or if they would help and she couldn’t risk the former. She made a sharp left and headed into the underground parking structure that sat below street level, nervously checking behind to ensure that the group of men hadn’t spotted her. Once she felt the coast was clear, she began to assess the lot of cars that they were responsible for monitoring.

Not wanting to risk being caught, but not seeing any other way out, Alika tested the door of the first car she saw: a newer model, two-door all black Dodge Charger. She closed her eyes, and perched her lips together tightly, as she reached for the handle because she was sure that such a beautiful, expensive vehicle had a top of the line alarm system on it.
Fuck it
! She squinted and began to pant as she made the decision.
Just yank it
! To her surprise, the door opened, and while the complete inside illuminated exposing the beautiful interior, there was no alarm.
Thank you
! She quickly maneuvered the driver’s seat, hopped in the back, closed the door, and ducked down as far as she could onto the floor. And there she sobbed with throaty cries so thick with emotion that her body began to convulse. When the crying had subsided to a slow sniffle, and when she couldn’t fight the fatigue any longer, Alika curled up in a tight spot, and there she fell into a deep sleep brought on from the exhaust of the day.



BOOK: Rapture
2.87Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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