Raw Medicine (A Medical Romance Short Story)

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2015 by Elizabeth Hawkes

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What’s inside this dirty medical


Curvy Abby Deveron is a sexy pharmaceutical
rep with a bad attitude towards doctors and a penchant for pushing pills.

But it doesn’t last for long when
she happens to meet her match in Dr. Gabe Jeffries. Because when the good doctor
tires of her insistence, he decides it’s time for a spanking, with or without

Now she’s about to get a little
dose of her own naughty medicine, and fortunately Dr. Jeffries is there to
administer it to her, hard, fast and without protection!


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Raw Medicine


I didn't know what I hated more
about being a pharmaceutical sales rep: how unethical it all felt, or how crassly
I had to present myself.

It was bad enough that my job
required pushing doctors to prescribe more prescription drugs to people who
didn't need them. But on top of all that I had to present myself as somewhat shallow
and flirtatious, which wasn't me at all. Believe it or not, there were actual
thoughts going on in my blond head, but all they saw was a bimbo in a
form-fitted outfit with a brainless sales job that basically entailed pointing
my rather large tits at doctors in the hope that they would prescribe kids more
amphetamines or whatever.

And one more problem: I had to
travel all the damn time. All the wasted, stressful hours spent in airports and
driving rental cars around unfamiliar cities was starting to wear me the hell

Of course, a lot of the girls who
had my job loved it, because they only had to work for a few years before some
hot, rich doctor wanted to make you his trophy wife.

But I wasn't that type.

I sighed and put down my issue of
the Sunday New York Times, pushing up the thick glasses I wore when I wasn't on
the job. If doctors were so damn smart, where were all the smart ones? I'd take
a nerdy doctor any day over one of the shallow, money-hungry, type-A alpha
males who seemed to dominate the medical profession; but I couldn’t seem to
find an honest, decent, intelligent physician to save my life (no pun

The seatbelt sign dinged on above
me, and the plane began its descent into Phoenix Sky Harbor International
Airport. It was my fourth sales trip out West.

I said quietly to myself as I looked out at the approaching city below, my mind
running over the last several years of my life.

My dilemma had been even worse
when I was a college cheerleader. I loved the athletic aspect of cheerleading.
In fact, I'd been so good at it I went to college on a scholarship paid for by
the athletic department. Of course, it didn't cover room and board, and I had
to take some loans out to cover those expenses. Paying them back was a

Anyway, it had been fun to run
with the popular group in college, and to socialize with all the pretty girls
and the swaggering frat boys. But secretly, all my life, I had always lusted after
the nerdy smart guys, the ones the other girls seemed to enjoy rejecting and
putting down. They were the ones with a rich interior life, who were
interesting to me. I liked to think my own inner life was pretty interesting as
well, and it was something I wanted to share with someone else, someday.

But I hadn't found that guy in

So, sadly, when school was
finally over I was still single with no prospects. I did, however, have a
couple of career options. I could have tried to start a career using my degree
to teach English, but the economy had just collapsed, and schools were being
shuttered left and right. The prospects for a teaching career at that moment
were pretty dim.

And so I grimly decided on the
other option.

The major pharmaceutical
companies recruited straight from the ranks of college cheerleading squads.
They knew better than anyone that a perky, hot young thing was the key to
getting the attention of their target market: doctors. So I absorbed the
minimum amount of medical knowledge I would need pretty fast, and armed with my
beauty, my powers of persuasion and a suitcase full of samples, I'd been
pushing pills to the pill-pushers, all across America for the last two years.

I sighed as I finally arrived at
my hotel room and swiped the card.

Phoenix, Arizona.

After so much time on the road,
all these cities started to look the same.

The bellboy brought my luggage in
shortly and I plopped down on the bed after he left, exhausted. Then I rolled
over and opened the minibar, curious as to what goodies were inside. My expense
account didn't cover the minibar, but I learned long ago that flashing a smile
at the desk assistant was all I really needed to do to have all my minibar
charges quickly dismissed.

There were perks to being hot and
blonde, definitely.

I plucked a pint of organic ice
cream and a miniature bottle of Jameson out of the bar and settled into bed,
switching on the TV.
Ooh: Criminal Minds
was on!
One of the main characters looked just like Dr. Jeffries, one of
the gynecologists on my account, whom I was visiting on this trip. Dr. Jeffries
was hot, yet nerdy, with a slight touch of awkwardness that contrasted with his
self-assurance in a peculiar way.

Watching the show was like catnip
for me. Well, maybe more like crack. I watched the episode transfixed, and
after it was over and I felt bloated by the amount of ice cream I'd just eaten,
back in bed with a sigh.

I might as well take care of
myself before I took a shower, I decided. If hot Dr. Jeffries was going to be
on my mind anyway, then I might as well just let my imagination run wild.

I closed my eyes and ran a hand
up my rapidly heating body. I let it ride my curves, all the way up to my
breasts, and then I felt both of them with my hands, letting my fingers tease
my nipples until they were totally hard, like little pebbles.

Oh yeah,
" I
moaned, imagining we were in his office, and I was leaning against the exam
table as he violated me. "
Feel my tits, doctor. Do you like those?
I grabbed the hem of my skirt and pulled it up. When it was a hot summer day
like today, I never wore panties, and just the feeling of the cool,
air-conditioned air against my bare sex made me feel even more aroused. I
heaved in the sheets for a moment, feeling hot and crazy. Then I slowly ran a
finger up my wet slit. I gasped when it bumped over my clit, and then I started
to rub myself, slowly and softly.

"Just like that," I
breathed, imagining I was still pushed up against the side of the exam table,
and that Dr. Jeffries was fingering me under my skirt.

"You're not wearing any
panties," I imagined him growling.

Why would I wear
panties, doctor?
" I squeaked, right before I pushed two fingers deep
inside of me. I gasped at the slick sensation. Being filled felt good, even if
it was only by my own fingers.

Oh yeah, put your cock
inside me, doctor! Fuck me with your thick hard cock.
" I loved
pretending I was a dumb blonde doll when I fantasized about Dr. Jeffries. I
didn't know why, but pretending I was dumb when I talked dirty just made it
feel even nastier and hotter.

Fuck me hard
I sobbed, as I stabbed my fingers over and over against my spot. I arched my
back as the pleasure swelled and swelled, and a few seconds later I was right
on the edge of cumming.

Oh yeah,
" I
moaned, feeling my orgasm begin to crawl up my legs. I pushed against my clit
one final time before the pleasure exploded through my flesh, and then I
collapsed into the sheets.


I woke up bright and early the
next day.

Because of my secret crush on Dr.
Jeffries, I wanted to arrive at the hospital early. I rifled through my dresses
hanging in the closet, picking out the one that was the sexiest and most
revealing. I usually dressed far more conservatively and professionally than
the other girls, but I wanted to catch his eye, and I knew the short, strapless
red thing I always kept at the very bottom of my suitcase would do the trick.

Half an hour later, I put my
makeup away and examined myself in the mirror, turning around and looking over
my shoulder so I could see myself from the back.


Of course, I barely knew a thing
about Dr. Jeffries except that he ignited my own particular appetite in men,
and he probably had no idea that I dressed this way only for him...but a girl
had to have fun somehow, right?

Ugh, this life was making me lose
my mind. I wanted to save some money and try to learn another career, but right
now I had student loans to pay off. I walked to the minibar and slammed another
tiny bottle of Jameson before throwing it across the room into the
trash can
Slam dunk
If I
got sick of hawking shit to doctors I could just do porn. It
was probably a step up from this horseshit. I wondered how desperate I'd have
to get before it finally happened.

I picked up coffee and donuts for
the doctors at a little donut place along the way before arriving at the
hospital and double-parking my rental car.

"Hey, lady," a middle-aged
hospital employee called as I stepped out, pushing my oversized sunglasses onto
my face. "Would you mind parking your car in one spot?"

He looked like a lowly OR scrub
tech. "Would you mind shutting the fuck up?" I retorted before
strutting towards the hospital entrance in my heels, the box of donuts balanced
on my shoulder, and six coffees hanging from their disposable holder in my
other hand.

"Bitch," he hissed
under his breath. I contemplated turning around and unleashing my tongue, or
maybe dousing his face in hot coffee, but I decided it probably wasn't worth
it. I waited impatiently for the double-doors to slide open, and then I got in
the elevator and headed upstairs.

A gaggle of doctors was sitting in
the physician’s break room. I looked around the little group of MDs, but Dr.
Jeffries was, as usual, in his office.

"Good morning, gentleman,"
I said, forcing a natural-looking smile onto my face and setting their coffee
and donuts down on the table. They responded with an enthusiastic chorus of
hellos and good mornings, and I stood there looking radiant or whatever as
their eyes ate up my body in various degrees of discretion.

Then out came my sample case and
the spiel about all the new drugs and hormones and shit my company wanted the
doctors to start using. As usual, I could tell that my words were going in through
one ear and out the other. They literally thought they were so far above me that
anything I said couldn't possibly be useful to them; it didn’t help that they
were probably more interested in what I was wearing than what I was selling.

Annoying, to say the least.
But whatever, just part of the job.

Then I passed around samples and
pamphlets and the usual free goodies.

"Are you swinging back this
way again today, Abby?" one of the older doctors asked

"Of course," I smiled,
making myself giggle and touch his arm. Then I packed up my shit and headed
down the hall to Dr. Jeffries' office.

His secretary was absent, and he
was leaning back in his chair, reading the newspaper. A crappy little 3-cup
coffee machine was percolating in the corner, and it was the only sound other
than the hum of the air conditioning.

"Good morning, Dr. Jeffries,"
I breathed, sidling into his office like a wraith. "I saved a coffee for

"Got my own already,"
he grumbled. "And don't try to push those donuts on me either. The ones
from that shop down the street give me heartburn."

"Well, how about some free
samples of Welltravenex? We also have little foam stress balls this time, and
keychain purses."

Dr. Jeffries looked at me askance
over the tops of his glasses. Then he nudged the
trash can
out of the corner with his foot and stepped on the pedal, opening the lid. He
pointed into the open can, as if indicating where all the pills and free
trinkets could go.

I laughed, unable to contain
myself. I really did like him, especially when he was this curmudgeonly.

"Well humor me
somehow," I retorted. "Can you at least stare at my tits?"

He put his newspaper down, giving
me his full attention.

"Well, in that dress, I
think I can." He smiled impishly and pushed his glasses all the way up his
nose. "Did you have a good flight out here?"

" I frowned.
"It's a fucking red-eye all the way from Cincinnati, and I got to my hotel
room around one. And of course I have to be all bright and perky the next

"I see. Doesn’t much sound
like you enjoy what you do. You may sit down if you like."

"Thanks," I said,
sitting down in one of the chairs. "I hate it, but I have to pay off my
student loans. I've got a history degree, and I wanted to teach, but now is not
the best time to be a teacher. I was a cheerleader, too, so it was pretty damn
easy to get into pharmaceutical sales. And lucrative."

"You don't seem like the
cheerleader type to me." Then he leaned back a little. "After a few
years in this profession, you start to get a good read on people. You look a
little pissed off under all that makeup."

"Just a little," I

"And you look like a smart
girl who wants to do something other than walk the street for the drug
companies. No offense."

I nodded silently. Dr. Jeffries
had me.

BOOK: Raw Medicine (A Medical Romance Short Story)
11.69Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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