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Hey darlin



happy you

re doing
this again with me. Here we are back in the town of Bishop with this book


. You know that
there are some parts of this book based on my life. I

ll never tell which ones, but you can guess.
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I saved her life
once – now I own her.


Trust me, this
isn’t what I wanted. Not that I mind a beautiful woman showing up at my door
first thing in the morning. What I do mind is the baggage she’s carrying with
her. My club tells me I have to press her for information. But I can’t get too
close to her.


The problem? I get
too close to her. I can’t help myself. It’s just my outlaw way. The second I
realize I need to get away, I discover there’s a connection between me and her.
A murderous connection that is rearing its ugly head into my present and into
my future.


This wild fling is
turning into something deeper… and Ava is about to learn the consequences of
when you mess with an outlaw and his heart.


chapter one






I sat on the edge of my bed and
watched her unbutton her shirt. Her breasts were already pouring out of the
damn shirt, even with a bra on. She really had no idea how beautiful and exotic
she was to me. Her fingers shook with each button she opened. She stripped the
shirt off her arms and let it fall to the floor. Then she opened her jeans and
leaned forward, wiggling those curvy hips of hers as her jeans ease down her
body. As she bent forward her tits just hung there, barely in her bra.

“Fuck, sweetie,” I groaned as I
gripped the edge of the bed.

She then stood back up, her hands
nervously touching her thighs. She looked at me with her amber eyes and
swallowed hard. I could tell she had lived a hard life. Shit, everyone in this
town had lived a hard life.

It took her a few seconds but she
finally reached back to unsnap her bra. If she thought for a fucking second I
was going to stop her she was out of her mind. I had given her time. I had
given her a goddamn chance to run. But she stuck around.

And now her bra was falling
forward, showing me her beautiful tits. They were full, firm, her nipples
perfectly pink, already erect, telling me she liked this.

My cock had already started to
slither down my leg. It filled easily, throbbing, showing through my jeans. Not
that I gave a fuck. I was proud of what I had swinging between my legs. And she
should have been proud for what she was doing to me.

“Come here, sweetie,” I said.

She stepped toward the bed. I put
my hands to her sides, feeling the softness of her skin. My hands then eased
around to her back and pulled her to me, smelling the sweetness of her skin a
second before my lips played with her left nipple. Her hands grabbed at my
shoulders as she shivered. Her skin broke out in goosebumps and I felt her
hands slid to the inside of my leather cut. She started to take it off… and she
climbed up on the bed, straddling me.

She pressed her pussy against my
jeans, grinding against my cock.

My mouth eased over her breast as I
sucked on her, loving the way she started to groan.

She put her head back, her dark
hair falling along her back.

I pulled off her breast and kissed
up her neck.

Then I stood up.

I walked her to the wall and held
her against it.

“Oh, fuck,” she whispered.

“Oh, fuck is right, sweetie.
Remember, you showed up looking for me. I wasn’t looking for you.”

She bit her lip and had no idea
what was in store for her.

Then again… neither did I…

I saved her life once - but once
’t going to be enough.



chapter two






My father told me to unbutton the
bottom half of the shirt and tie it in a bow. I needed to show more skin to
make everyone happy. I was literally a few moves away from being a full on
stripper. Or at least that’s how I felt. He should have sold the small store a
long time ago. But he insisted on keeping it in my mother’s honor. I was barely
fifteen when someone broke into the store and shot my mother to death. She had
been there working late, cleaning up the floors after a leak in the roof made a
mess. Dad told her to let it go but she insisted on keeping the place clean.

If she hadn’t been there…

If the roof hadn’t leaked…

If it hadn’t rained so much…

I spent ten more years finding any
and all sources of blame I could manage.

A year after that I was able to get
legally drunk and that was a good way to hide it all away. By then, Dad was
slipping into a hole that was dark and scary. The store barely broke even. He
lived in a room above the store. I wasn’t even sure if it was qualified as an
apartment. For me, I survived with the same work ethic my mother had.

But every now and again my father
would use the storage room in the back of the store to entertain some friends.
That’s the way he always put it to me. Probably to save me in case something
went wrong and he ended up in jail. He would grab my face and smile.

’m just entertaining
some friends, Ava. That
’s all.

And everyone who showed up was

Uncle Tommy. Uncle Bill. Uncle

Most of them wore nice clothes,
drank straight from a bottle, and they played a lot of card games and when
nobody was looking, they all passed around notes and other things. Yeah, okay,

It was scary.

My job was to just walk around and make
sure everyone was happy.

Dad opened the door and his face
was sweaty and red. He lived under too much stress, but who was I to tell him

“You look beautiful, Ava. Watch the
front and check in on the back. Right?”

“Of course,” I whispered.

I had to manage the store on my day
off of work and then slip into the back and walk around to make sure everyone
was enjoying themselves. Remember, Dad was just entertaining friends.

I stood at the register for twenty
minutes and then walked toward the front door. The parking lot was empty. It
was dark outside. I slowly started to pull the chains on the neon lights,
killing any and all attention to the store. I reached for the door and had my
hand on the lock when the door busted open.

It almost hit me as a man came
rushing through.

He was dressed nice, his hair
slicked back, gold chains and rings everywhere.

“Well, hello to you,” he said. “Locking
me out, beautiful?”

“No. I’m sorry. Can I help you?”

“Of course you can. Do you remember


“I’m Uncle Frank,” he said with a

Real Uncle? Or the
’ Uncle?

His hand touched my waist and he
stepped at me. I backed away and he put his hand to my lower back, wanting me
closer to him.

“Are you here for…”

“I’ve got plenty here to give,” he
said. “We can go for a ride right now, Ava.”

“That’s okay.”

“I can take you places you’ve only
dreamed of.”

I forced a weak smile.

Every time I took a step back,
Uncle Frank stepped at me. I backed up into a display of chips, knocking two
bags to the floor.

“Ut-oh,” he said. “Clean up on
aisle four.”

He grabbed my wrist and pulled it
toward him.
Down there.

I wiggled away and jumped back. “What
are you doing?”

“It’s just us, Ava. Your father
owes me plenty. We can settle up right now. I’ll put my hand over your mouth
even. Nobody will hear us.”

I kept moving back and Uncle Frank
kept coming at me. I went all the way down the aisle, this out of shape, too
much cologne guy staring at me with bad intentions. When I bumped into one of
the coolers, I decided to make my move. I jumped to the right  and hurried to
open the door. I put my hands to the glass and pushed hard, slamming it off
Uncle Frank’s body. He actually stumbled back. So I hurried to grab a half
gallon of iced tea and that was going to be my weapon.

“You little cunt,” Uncle Frank said
with a laugh. “That’s how you like it? Like an animal stalking its prey?”

He showed me his teeth and then
lifted his hands, curling his fingers.

He was trying to mimic an animal
and it was actually kind of scary.

He took one step at me and I swung
the half gallon at him. I missed, turned, and Uncle Frank grabbed me, pressing
his front to my back.

“There, there,” he whispered. “I’ll
take such good care of you.”

“Ava!” a voice boomed through the

“Dad!” I cried out. “I need…”

Uncle Frank covered my mouth. He
then threw me forward and tripped me. I hit the ground hard. He then showed me
he was hiding a gun.

He pointed at me. “Say one fucking
word and I’ll fucking kill you.”

Dad came running down the aisle toward
me. “What the hell happened?”

“Hey, Jake,” Uncle Frank said. “I
came in and she was on the ground. You okay, Ava?”

“I tripped,” I said. “I’m fine.”

Dad helped me up. He looked at me. “Are

“I feel a little sick.”

“Whoa, hey,” Uncle Frank said. “Keep
that shit away from me. No offense. You should send her home.”

“Maybe you’re right,” Dad said to

I touched my stomach. I was
actually sick. From what almost happened with Uncle Jake.

“Go home, Ava,” Dad said. “Get some
rest. You call me in the morning. I’ll make some of your mother’s famous soup.
That could cure anything.” Dad kissed his fingers and shook them in the air.

“He’s right,” Uncle Frank said. He
touched my shoulder. It send chills through my body. “You’re too beautiful to
be sick, Ava.”

I wanted to throw up.

I would throw up, outside, next to
my car.

Before that I watched Uncle Frank
put his arm around Dad and walk him toward the back of the store. Uncle Frank
looked back at me one last time, giving me a wink.

Later, at home, in bed, crying, I
wished someone would save me. My mother would have slapped me in the face if
she heard me. She had always been a fighter, a survivor. But she was the one
who ended up killed.

Was it so wrong to want to lean on
someone for once?

Wasn’t there any good guys out

The truth was this…

Someone was going to save me -
but he wasn
’t a good guy at all.



chapter three






Amy slipped her pants up her left
leg and stood up. She didn’t have any panties on when I tore those jeans off
her tight little ass the night before. I knew Amy from years back. She had been
a cheerleader, but not the best one. Desperate for any kind of attention sent
her out of Bishop where she got pregnant in her first semester of college. The
kid’s father was some dickhead football star that actually ended up going pro.
Lucky for Amy because she collected a hefty child support check each month. But
that she blew on a fancy car, luxury apartment, and a lifestyle that was too
far out of reach for her.

Yet she loved the outlaws. I was
pretty sure everyone in the MC had been inside her at least once. Don’t worry
though, I’m smart enough to know when to wrap my shit up before I go diving
into someone.

Amy and I had been messing around
for the entire weekend. Her kid was flying back in from Florida after spending
some time with his old man. All of that non important shit I had to hear about
the night before as she slurped down whiskey. It all paid off once she was
drunk enough to forget about her problems and put her hand on my dick.

I threw the sheets off me and got
out of bed. I was in jeans and nothing else.

Amy reached for me, her fingertips
running down my chest. “I’m going to miss you, Jace.”

“Cut that,” I said and swatted her
away. “Go home to your kid.”

“Don’t be a fucking asshole to me.”

“I’m not. You got what you wanted.
I got what I wanted. Now leave.”

“Fuck you, asshole.”

I walked to the door and opened it.
“Hurry. Before the rest of the guys see you. They’ll applaud you all the way to
your fucking cab.”

“My cab?”

“I called one twenty minutes ago.”

Amy’s jaw dropped. “Are you fucking
kidding me?”

“Listen to me,” I said. “You’ve
worn out your welcome here. Go be a mom now.”

“You think I asked for this?”

I put my hands up. “I’m not your
therapist here. Go home to your kid.”

Amy swung her hand but stopped
short. She then touched my face. “Can I call you next weekend?”

“Probably not.”

“You’re such a fucking asshole,
Jace. But your cock is amazing.”

“So I’ve been told,” I said.

Amy leaned in for a kiss and I got
the hell out of the way. There was no kissing goodbye with me. Once we were
done fucking, you were out. I gave Amy a pass and let her sleep in my bed only
because she passed out hard.

When she left the room without
slapping me I considered that a victory for the day. Normally when I booted
women out, they always gave me a nice slap across the face. Which I always

I watched her tight little ass
wiggle in her jeans until she was out of sight.

“Not bad,” a voice said next to me.

I turned and saw the President of
the Bitter Aces standing there.

“Sid,” I said. “You’ve been in
that, right?”

“Who the fuck knows?” he said with
a grin. “I don’t keep track. As long as I shoot my load, I’m good.”

“Well said, Prez,” I said.

He nodded to me and said, “Put on a
shirt. We need to talk.”

I went back in my room and grab an
old t-shirt and my leather cut. I ran my hand through my messy black hair and
walked down to main hallway to the clubhouse. To the right was a door and that’s
where we all met to talk business.

Sid sat at the head of the table
with the gavel and the rest of us sat, listened, talked, argued, drank whiskey,
and voted.

I sat down in between Logan and

“Ready for this?” Sid asked. He
reached for a bag and dumped out stacks of cash. Clean cash. Beautiful cash.
Real cash.

Gunner and Gage let out a whistle.

“This is what we’ve been working
on,” Sid said. “Serious money by keeping things safe around here.”

“Where’d that come from?” Diesel

“A little side project,” I said
with a grin.

“You were in on this?” Luka asked.

“It was me, Bret, and Jace,” Gage
said. “Just a little thing on the side.”

“Busting up some bullshit gambling
rings,” Sid said. “That brings a lot of bad heat into town. Too many eyes on
it. The PD couldn’t keep tabs because of the political bullshit in and out of
the department.”

“So they kicked it down to us,” Gage

“Chief is on board,” I said. “Not
necessarily a friend of the club but he’s willing to let us do what we need to

“That’s big,” Diesel said.

“That’s what she said about my
dick,” Logan said and slapped the table.

“Who? Your sister?” Brady asked.

“Fuck you, man,” Logan said.

“Fuck everyone,” Sid said. He
pointed to the cash. “This brings risk to the club. A lot of eyes on us. So we
play it straight. This gets tucked away for a long time. But we need to keep an
open eye around Bishop. Make sure the town is clear. When that’s done, we need
to survey outside the area. Just keep this shit out of this town. Because it’s
not just about gambling and cash. There’s movement of drugs and pussy.”

“Can we move some of the pussy in
here?” Niko asked.

“Trust me, brother,” I said, “you
don’t want that kind of pussy here.”

“So what’s our move on this?” Gunner
asked. “Why are we getting involved if this is so deep?”

Sid picked up a perfectly stacked
wad of cash and waved it like a fan. “Money. This is clean. This cannot come
back to hurt us ever. There’s no record. There’s nothing that matters with this

“Except the people we took it from,”
Gunner said.

“They know the risk of bad
investments,” Gage said.

“So what now?” I asked.

“We vote to tuck this money away
for a rainy day. Then we get out there and do what we always do.”

The table took a vote. All
to put the money away. We had a great accountant who had done time in prison
for cooking some books, but now he was straight. He spoke to high school and
college kids about prison. He handled our money in a legit way - except the
fees he skimmed off the top that he never reported to Uncle Sam. But that was
his problem, not ours.

Sid called it a meeting and
everyone split up to do their own thing.

As I shuffled out the door toward
the bar to grab a bite I noticed Sid was right on my ass. That was never a good
sign. One on ones with the Prez meant something was going down.

Fuck, I just wanted something to

I sat down and ordered a beer and a
burger. That was how I did breakfast after a long night of fucking. Plus, it
was already the afternoon.

“I need to talk to you,” Sid said
as he sat down and waved two fingers, signaling for a shot.

“I can see that,” I said. “I don’t
like our talks, Prez. Not when we’re alone.”

“I need you to check a place. On
your own.”


“You heard me.”

“We never roll alone,” I said.

“This time you do. I can’t have a
bunch of you rolling up on a store.”

“A store?”

“The last fucking corner shop in

“That shit hole down on Barker?” I

“That’s the one. Chief wouldn’t get
into details but he casually hinted about it. A lot of foot traffic. Back door
foot traffic. Doesn’t make sense that a place like that stays open either.”

“So you want to… what? Go in and buy
a soda and some potato chips?”

“Whatever you need to do to get a
feel for it. Check for cameras. Tell me who’s working there. Just get the
general vibe and see how you’re treated.”

“So if someone comes out of the
back with a shotgun and blows my fucking head off…”

“Then we’ll know not to send anyone
else there.”

“Thanks, Prez,” I said.

Sid laughed and slapped my back.

My beer and his shot came. He held
his glass out and I held mine out.

“You’ll do this?” he asked.

“Of course I will,” I said. “Anything
for the MC.”

“Good man. Enjoy your food.”

I ate my burger, drank my beer, and
then left the clubhouse. I walked to my motorcycle and climbed on. When I
started up the steel beast, I looked around. I always took stock of what I had
and what I knew.

I learned a long time ago that you
never knew when shit was going to hit the fan.

Or when shit was going to crush
your heart.


9.65Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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