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Bad Blooded Rebel Series #3



By Mellie George


Text copyright 2014 © Mellie


All Rights Reserved


Edited By D.B./J.W.


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This book is a work of fiction. Names,
characters, business, places, events, and incidents are either the products of
the author’s imagination or used in a fictitious manner. Any resemblance to
actual persons, living or dead, or actual events is purely coincidental.




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and all that noise: Creedance Clearwater Revival, The Eagles, KISS, AC/DC, Led
Zeppelin, Lynard Skynard, and Aerosmith.


Once again, this book is
dedicated to all the readers that have fallen in love with Ryder, Everleigh,
Danni, Jessie, and all the boys of Bad Blooded Rebel as much as I have. I love
telling their stories and thank you for loving them enough to let me keep doing


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sure that he’s stayed away from the house since the incident?” I asked Kip, one
of our bodyguards, holding my phone to my cheek with my shoulder as I opened
the door of the cab. I tossed a few bills at the driver, much more than the
ride from the studio cost me, and nodded a goodbye.

been tailing him night and day. Trust me, that asshole can’t even blink or take
a shit without us knowing about it. Trish is being protected, Mr. Matthews, I
promise,” said Kip.

well thanks for the update. You and Nate keep watch on the house and call me if
anything happens, no matter what. If that fucker even thinks about looking at
the house you call me,” I growled through gritted teeth.

will, sir. Goodbye,” he said, and the line went dead. I blew out a frustrated
breath and shook my head as I walked to the front door of my building,
determined not to let any thoughts of that crazy fucker ruin my night.

back, Mr. Matthews,” said the doorman as I walked into my apartment building
out of the snowy January winds. “How has your day been?”

I shrugged, brushing off my coat. The days I’d spent in the recording studio
seemed longer and longer to me lately. “Is she back yet?” I asked, shaking
freshly fallen snow out of my hair.

doorman smiled at me. “Of course she is. I think she mentioned something about having
dinner ready for you when you came back tonight.”

was cooking for me tonight? My mouth watered and my stomach growled. “Well, on
that note, I am getting the fuck up there,” I said, and he laughed. “Have a
good night, man.”

to you, sir,” I heard him say as I jogged to the elevators. I punched the
button to my floor and as soon as the doors opened I walked inside and made the
long ride to the top floor.

had been three weeks since I came to New York with my band brothers Kris, Jude,
and Beau to finish recording our band Bad Blooded Rebel’s latest album and we
were close to being finished. I had also asked my beautiful girlfriend
Everleigh Stone to make the trip with me to New York from her hometown of
Muncie, Indiana.

after I went to her hometown to find her after we met back stage at one of our
concerts, Everleigh had gone through some majorly traumatic life changes. Her
father, Max, lost his battle with pancreatic cancer and then shortly after her
psychotic ex boyfriend Scott Adams attacked and tried to rape her in a public
bathroom of a night club we’d gone to.

she was getting checked out at the hospital that night (and my rage toward
Scott was barely containable after I’d beaten him half to death) I’d received a
call from the band’s manager Steve Roberts informing me that the guys and I
were being forced by the label to record the remaining tracks for our album in
New York City. Stanley and Rick Isaacs, the two asshole brothers that owned our
record label, wanted to be able to “keep an eye on us” and made us come here. I
wasn’t about to leave Everleigh there alone and vulnerable after Scott attacked
her so I asked her to come with me and thankfully she agreed. Plus, I am a
selfish bastard. What man wouldn’t want the girl he loved sleeping beside him
night after night?

leaned my head back on the wall of the elevator and smiled to myself thinking
about her. Everleigh was hands down the most incredible woman I’d ever known.
On top of being drop dead gorgeous she was caring, sweet, and
bed. As the lead singer of a rock band I’d had plenty of girls in every
conceivable way but none of them held a candle to Everleigh. She was so perfect
in every way that every time we slept together was better than the last.

dick started to twitch at the thought of her hot curvaceous naked body but my
thoughts were interrupted when the elevator dinged, letting me know I’d reached
my floor.

bought my penthouse apartment in New York City years ago while we were
recording our third album. I hated living in hotels when we were here and I
wanted a place to call home in case we were ever in town. As soon as the
penthouse went on the market I snatched it up for a good price and always
stayed here when we came back to the city.

stepped out of the elevator and walked to my front door. I put the key in the
lock and turned it, letting myself inside. The smell of heaven hit my nose when
I walked through the door. “Ryder, is that you?” I heard a sweet voice call

gorgeous, it’s me,” I said, taking off my leather jacket and hanging it on the
hook by the door.

in the kitchen. Dinner’s almost ready,” Everleigh called out. I smiled and
walked through the spacious living room into the kitchen.

was standing in front of the stove, stirring a small pot of what looked like
gravy. I leaned against the door frame as she put the finishing touches on our
dinner. She had her long midnight hair pulled up into a messy bun with a few
curls falling down her long neck. She was wearing her “naughty teacher”
glasses, had on a pair of jeans that hugged her curvy hips, and one of my Bad
Blooded Rebel tee shirts that she loved to wear tied at the waist. She looked
so sexy that I almost started drooling.

as she took something out of the oven, she looked up at me and smiled. “What is
it, rock star?”

You just look so fucking adorable in my shirt that I’m having trouble keeping
my gun in the holster.”

giggled and smiled. “Well, you are going to have to because I made a pot roast,
homemade mashed potatoes, asparagus, and fresh yeast rolls. Dinner first, sex
later,” she said.

promise?” I asked, closing the distance between us and placing a kiss on her

shivered and I grinned. “I promise. Come on, let’s eat.” She gave me a quick
kiss and picked up the bowls of potatoes and asparagus and walked into the
dining room.

picked up the basket of rolls and a chilled bottle of wine that was sitting on
the counter and followed her. “Is there anything you want me to do?” I asked,
placing everything on the table that was set like we were at a restaurant.

no, I’ve got this. Just sit down and get comfortable while I go get the roast.”

groaned and shook my head. “Everleigh, you aren’t my waitress. You don’t have
to do everything, you know. I do have two hands, I can help,” I called out as
she disappeared into the kitchen.

quickly reappeared carrying the roast, which smelled incredible, and after she
placed it on the table, she said, “I know you can, but I like to do this. I
cook and you clean. We both win.” I smiled at her and I held out the chair for
her to sit in. “Thank you. Besides, it keeps me busy while I’m here since I
don’t have a job to go to now.” She looked at me over her glasses and half

took my seat across from her and said, “Everleigh, you still have a job. You
know Deuce said your job is safe until you go back to Muncie.”

know that, Ryder. I just get bored here while you’re in the studio all day.
Danni’s still back in Muncie for now so I can’t hang out with her and Jessie
will be in Cincinnati for a few more days before she comes here so I’m all
alone most of the time.”

baby, if you want to get out of the penthouse you can. You can go anywhere you
want as long as you-”

John with me. I know, I know,” she sighed. “It’s just a little embarrassing
that I can’t go anywhere without a bodyguard.”

frowned at her. I wish that the girls had come to New York with us so Everleigh
wouldn’t be alone but I also had my own reason for wanting them here. When we
all came to New York we all assumed that Danni would be coming along as well
but, surprisingly, she didn’t.

had told Everleigh that she and Beau had both agreed to keep this a casual
thing and she decided to stay in Muncie. Beau was being Beau and was too proud
to admit that he’d fallen hard for Danni, and she was apparently doing the same
thing. They both were totally into each other but neither wanted to cave and
admit their feelings had went any deeper.

and Kris’s wedding was a few months away. They were planning on getting married
in our hometown and there was a lot to do on that end. Since Kris couldn’t be
as involved as he wanted to be the burden fell on Jessie. It was up to her to
handle the planning and she had a few things to finalize in Cincinnati before
she flew to New York.

both added food to our plates and I moaned as I took my first bite. I loved
Everleigh’s cooking almost as much as making love to her…almost. “Evie,
sweetie, you know you can come with us into the studio. I’d love for you to be
there and see us record.”

love that too but I am afraid I will be a distraction for you.”

you will be motivational for me. Not only would I get to impress you with my
awesome skills but I’d be motivated to hurry the fuck up, get you back home,
and then get your sexy ass naked,” I said, and she giggled. “I hate that you
are here alone all day. Promise me you’ll think about it?”

will, I promise. Now eat before I have to punish you,” she said, grinning.

took all the self control I had to keep the fork in my hand and not clear off
the table and fuck her right then as she winked at me and took a bite of her
food. She moaned as she slowly pulled the fork out of her mouth, licking her
lips. I narrowed my eyes playfully at her and told her, “You’re in fucking
trouble, gorgeous,” and I took another big bite of my food.

repeated her slow bite again and said, “I hope so, rock star. So how was your
day?” We sat at the table eating our dinner like a normal couple, making
conversation and just enjoying being with in each other.

loved this…having a nice, quiet dinner with my beautiful Everleigh as the snow
fell down on the New York City streets. I was also a little sad because our
album was almost finished and we would be leaving the city sometime in the next
few weeks. I’d been so busy in the recording studio that I hadn’t gotten to
show her the sights and I knew she was bored here in the penthouse all day.

knew Scott wasn’t in New York but I still wasn’t taking any chances with
Everleigh’s safety so every time she went out she left with John. She felt
embarrassed to be out with him. She didn’t think it was necessary so she hadn’t
left the penthouse much while we’d been here. Tonight, I was off early enough
that I planned on taking her out and showing her a good time.

we were finished eating, Everleigh stood up and started to clear the plates.
When she reached for mine, I grabbed her wrist to stop her. “What is it,
Ryder?” she asked me.

BOOK: Renegade (Bad Blooded Rebel Series)
6.62Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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