Ride for Two: A Biker Erotic Romance (Black Death MC)

BOOK: Ride for Two: A Biker Erotic Romance (Black Death MC)
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This is a work of fiction. Any names, characters, places, and incidents are products of the author's imagination or are used fictitiously and are not to be construed as real. Any resemblance to actual events, locales, organizations, or persons--living or dead--is entirely coincidental.


Ride for Two @ 2014 by A. L. Summers. All rights reserved. No part of this book may be used or reproduced in any manner whatsoever without written permission except in the case of brief quotations embedded in critical articles or reviews.





Logan Black stretched out his cramped leg. The bundle next to him also stretched and entwined her legs in his own. He tried to clamp down the swift wave of desire that coursed through him. Then, he nearly groaned when her little rump settled over his aching crotch. He glanced at the alarm clock on the side table. It was only four in the morning. They didn’t have to get up for at least another hour or two. He tried deep breathing. Then, he tried thinking about the work on his plate for tomorrow. He was almost asleep when she wriggled against him.


Dear god, woman
, he threw up in prayer. He wedged his hand between them and tried to push her lower back farther away. She murmured in her sleep and rolled away from him….and then rolled right back to her original position.


It was almost laughable. Except he wasn’t laughing. The best part about getting married to Paulina was that he could have her anytime he wanted. Now, he realized the catch was that he was going to want her
all the time
. Thank god he had a married a sexually driven woman; otherwise he’d be hard and aching for the next fifty years.


Only two more hours
, he thought to himself. He prayed for sleep or patience, whichever one came first. Then, he could wake her up without feeling guilty. He could plunder into her sweet, wet depths. He started to plan which part of her body he would kiss first.


When she shifted in her sleep, her hand drifted between them. It landed directly on the spot he wanted her to touch the most. He decided she could sleep after.


He gently turned her towards him and got a good look at her…
laughing eyes
. His mouth gaped open, while she smiled broadly at him.


“I wondered when you were going to get
,” she teased, as she fanned her hand over his tented crotch.


“Why you little minx!” he retorted. He rose over her and anchored her beneath him. “If only I had known what a traitorous woman you were before I gave my vows.”


She laughed, as she placed a hand on his face. In all seriousness, she said, “Best decision I ever made.”


His heart quirked a little. He kissed her jaw. “You’re just after my money.”


She punched him in the shoulder. She tried not to laugh, but failed. “You arrogant oaf.”


He trailed kisses down her jawline before settling his lips over hers. She sighed and returned the kiss with all the ardor of his own.


“Well, now that you’re awake,” he murmured. She laughed and arched against him like a kitten. This time he really did groan, as she stroked him with her hand. She rubbed him up and down, as she made a twisting motion. She knew what he liked. She put her mouth on his smooth chest and licked a trail down to his manhood. When he felt her hot mouth encase him entirely, his whole body shuddered. He looked down and saw her satisfied smile. He’d love to pretend he wasn’t enjoying this, but, he had married a woman of great skill.


She licked a hot trail up his rod and paused at the top to give it a sucking kiss. When she held him between her breasts, he almost passed out. Then, she stuck out her tongue to lick him on the upswing. He decided he had endured enough of her games.


He pulled her down onto the bed beside him. Breathless and laughing, she lay on her back for a second. Then, she propped herself up, gave him a
wicked come-hither look, and planted herself on all fours. She wiggled her ass in the air in a sexual invitation. He waited approximately two nanoseconds before he placed his arm around her waist. As he did so, he positioned her directly in front of him.


He inserted two fingers into her. They let out harmonized moans. He played with her for a few minutes. When she was wet and squirmy, he slid into her with one long thrust. He tried to breathe. God, she felt amazing. He pumped into her, faster and faster. When she was breathing as hard as he was, he reached around her to fondle her clit. It only took a few swipes before he felt her body tensing around his. When he felt her start to shudder and shake, he pushed in hard and held her tight to him. Then, he pumped her with round after round of his seed.


They both collapsed onto the bed. Her hand rested against his chest. He held it close to him. He finally heard her breathing even out. Then, he let himself rest, too. They had some time until they had to get up and get ready for their day.


He’d say that watching her get ready was his favorite part of the day. Actually, every part of the day was his favorite with her by his side. He loved watching her blink her eyes open sleepily. He also loved watching her trot off to the bathroom in the morning wearing his shirt, panties, and nothing else. He enjoyed their time together in the morning, getting ready at the same time. He treasured coming home to her at night and sharing their day’s news.


She headed down to the kitchen, while he shaved. Then, he trotted down the stairs and snagged her around the waist, while she flipped the eggs in the pan. She laughed and jokingly tried to push him off before she sank into his embrace.


“Hi you,” she murmured, as she leaned back against him.


“Hey yourself,” he answered. He settled his arms around her waist. “Are you sure you really have to go?”


There was a special multifaceted criminal case in a city three hours away. Those in charge of the case requested Lina’s help. She figured it would take her at least a week, so she was staying there. She invited Logan to go with her, but he had a couple of very important business meetings over the course of the week. Unfortunately, he couldn’t reschedule them and he also couldn’t commute that far every day.


“You know I do, Logan. I’ll make it as fast as I can and I’ll call you every night.” She unlocked his hands from around her waist and put his breakfast at the bar. “Now, eat before it gets cold.”


“Yes ma’am,” he joked. When she tried to walk around him, he reached out with one arm and pulled her on his lap. He put a forkful of his eggs into her mouth and they shared breakfast. Afterwards, he helped her load her luggage into her car. They kissed each other goodbye and headed in opposite directions to work.


Throughout the day, they chatted over email. Because of Logan’s past, he was still somewhat suspicious and protective in nature. As a result, he forced her to learn a secret code. They used their secret language while they were at work; so, if anyone read the email, they would think it was strictly work-related. She thought it was ridiculous, but a little hot, too. It made her feel naughty. Sometimes, he
very naughty in their conversations; yet, no one would ever guess the hidden meaning behind his words.


He asked her about the Whett case. This really meant he was asking her if she was wet for him. She blushed when she read it and hoped no one was watching. She responded back asking for aid with the case, so as to move it along to completion. When he didn’t respond right away, she followed up with:
The case is moving along well. Do you need me to bring you the red file?


In their code, the color red always indicated someone needed help. Usually, Logan was the one trying to protect her. He was prone to jump to conclusions. She didn’t know why, but today she felt the need to check on him. She just had a bad feeling.


He responded about an hour later. He said that he had been in a meeting and that he was not ready for the file, yet. Then, he thanked her for the offer. They went back to chatting.


She appreciated the effort he made to keep in contact with her. She still worried he would get caught up in his old, exciting, powerful life. The good thing was that she no longer worried about them. She wanted and loved him more than she had ever thought possible. Her love for him became stronger every single day.


Around lunchtime, after dealing only with superficial paperwork, she was called down to the records office in the far wing of the hospital to view the bodies for the case. From what she had read, this was a top secret case. These two men were part of a crime ring that the FBI was watching very carefully.


She finally got to the room, but the lights were off. It looked completely deserted. She figured that she must be the wrong room, so she turned to head out.


Something heavy and metal hit her in the face. Then, she fell to the floor with a thud. Thankfully, she wouldn’t remember what happened after that. The next thing she knew her attacker stuffed her into a trunk of the car, started the engine, and started driving. She passed out again when the engine was cut off. When she reawakened, she was bound and gagged in a small concrete room. She guessed that she was in a basement or some kind of safe room.


At first, she tried to fight against her bonds. Quickly, she realized it was futile. She was just injuring herself. She tried to spit out the gag, but it was forced too far down her throat. She settled and waited.


She had no idea how long she waited, but finally someone came to the door. The person was masked and held a voice changer against their throat.


“Where are the files?” the person asked.


She was caught off-guard. She tried to ask why she was held captive, but the gag prevented her. The masked individual appeared to realize that she couldn’t speak with the gag in place and stepped forward. As her abductor removed her gag, she screamed.


The masked person just laughed and waited until she was done. She thought that she must be somewhere abandoned or sound proof. This person didn’t care if she screamed her fool head off.


Her abductor repeated the question, “Where are the files?”


“What files,” she spat.


“Do not make me ask again. Where are the files your husband keeps tucked away?”


“He doesn’t have files like that. If they’re work related, then they’re at work,” she said, glaring at her abductor.


“Oh, my dear. My poor, poor, dear. It appears that this is going to be a very long, very slow process for you,” her abductor laughed. “You’re about to spend some quality time in this place, so I hope you like your surroundings.”


Lina tried to hide her shudder as best she could. Who were these people? And what were they really after? Sure, she knew about the files, but she wasn’t even entirely sure what was
the files. It was definitely nothing Logan spent a great deal of time on. Either they were very important and Logan had kept something from her or they weren’t very important at all. This person seemed to think they were the former. She assumed this
was a man. She didn’t think a woman would have the height or the strength to pull off her attack and abduction.


He left the room. Then, he returned every couple of hours to check in with her and ask again where the files were kept. He asked a couple of other meaningless questions, as well. For some reason, he was curious about several accounts and random people. She could honestly tell him she knew nothing about those accounts and individuals.


When she got sleepy, she wondered if it was because of the ordeal she’d been through or if it was actually late at night. She scratched a small number one on the floor with a slab of concrete that had become loose. She hoped that it would only take one day for Logan to find her, but she understood that she might have to endure a few days longer.


It wasn’t so bad, really. Yes, she was scared. Yes, she was hungry and tired. Luckily, they hadn’t hurt her…not really. She had a couple of scrapes and bruises, but nothing serious. She was terrified for Logan. He would be frantic when he realized she was not enjoying a bubble bath in her hotel room like he probably thought she was.


Then, she had a scary thought. What if he didn’t even realize she was missing? She had promised to call him in the evening, but it wasn’t the first time she had forgotten to call. Sometimes she got caught up in work and failed to check in on time, as well. If he didn’t hear from her, would he just assume she’d gone out with the girls? Would he assume she fell asleep after an exhausting day at work? For the first time, she was actually scared. She could hold out a day or two, but each hour that went by would make it harder for him to find her.


What was it that they said on those stupid cop TV shows? After twenty-four hours, the chance of finding a missing person goes down over halfway. After forty-eight hours, it’s almost down to zero.

BOOK: Ride for Two: A Biker Erotic Romance (Black Death MC)
6.6Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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