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BOOK: Ride Hard and Free (Biker Erotic Romance)
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This is a work of fiction. Any names, characters, places, and incidents are products of the author's imagination or are used fictitiously and are not to be construed as real. Any resemblance to actual events, locales, organizations, or persons--living or dead--is entirely coincidental.


Ride Hard and Free copyright @ 2014 by Emily Stone. All rights reserved. No part of this book may be used or reproduced in any manner whatsoever without written permission except in the case of brief quotations embedded in critical articles or reviews.




 nights were always an awful time to study. The distant thumping of party music reverberated through the halls of the dorm, too faint to be a problem for most people, but it was enough to drive Karen to distraction without earplugs. Partying was simply not her thing. She had straight As across the board, and she wanted to keep it that way.


Karen lived in a two-person suite with separate bedrooms, a small common room, and a shared bathroom. Even as she worked on her project, she was continually nagged by the knowledge that her suite-mate would soon be back, probably with a guy in tow.


Sure enough, the door opened and Maddy came in, giggling like a teenager on her first date and leading a guy—heavily gelled hair, leather jacket—to her bedroom.


“Hey, Karen!” Maddy waved in passing. Her date smiled at Karen, who smiled back politely as the couple disappeared into Maddy’s room.
Karen checked her watch. It was nearly one in the morning. Hopefully Maddy’s date would cum quickly and be on his way. In the meantime, Karen returned to her corporate finance homework.


A familiar moan of pleasure emanated from Maddy’s room. Even with the door to Maddy’s room shut, the sex noises were still clearly audible. Karen tried not to be distracted as she typed out the conclusion to her homework.
Another moan from Maddy—more like a squeal, actually—scrambled Karen’s thoughts again. The only reason she worked in their tiny common room was because her own bedroom didn’t have a desk, just a bedside table with a lamp. Otherwise, the extra layer of sound insulation would have been very welcome.


Maddy’s breathless moans of ecstasy returned, this time in a regular rhythm. The sound of her bed creaking as her date thrust his hips into her was also faintly audible. On second thought, the extra sound insulation of Karen’s bedroom walls probably wouldn’t help.


The moans became ecstatic squeals of delight and accelerated to a rapid, machine-gun rhythm followed by a loud grunt of masculine release. Finally, it was finished. Karen returned to her homework, finished the conclusion, and proofread it before emailing it to her professor. Now she could start the readings for next week’s class.


The door to Maddy’s bedroom opened and Maddy walked out wearing a towel.


“How was this week’s catch?” asked Karen, a familiar question by this point.


“He came faster than I would’ve liked, but damn, that boy knows how to use his tongue,” was Maddy’s drunken evaluation. “How’s the work going, professor?”


“Just finished my assignments for the week. Now I can start on the readings.”


“You work way too hard, girl,” Maddy admonished, “we need to find you a boyfriend.”


“Why don’t you lend me one of yours?” Karen suggested. “Since you have so many.”


“I would if only they’d call me back,” Maddy replied with a sigh, brushing off the sarcastic suggestion, “but they never do, so I have to content myself with one-night screw-and-snuggle sessions.”


“You are such a whore, Maddy,” said Karen, shaking her head wearily.


“I know!” Maddy replied with a shameless giggle as she 
 down on Karen’s lap and straddled her thigh. “You should try it sometime. Find a hot guy to keep you warm for a night, have some actual fun for once. I don’t think I remember the last time I saw you have fun.”


“I have plenty of fun,” Karen objected defensively.


“Like what?” Maddy challenged her. “What exactly do you do for fun?”


“I like to curl up with a good book in the evenings.”


“That’s not fun,” Maddy said, laughing, “that’s quiet time. ‘Fun’ is loud and exciting.”


“Like sex, I suppose,” said Karen, rolling her eyes.


“Exactly like sex,” answered Maddy. “You don’t have to have sex to have fun, but actual fun does require you to do something that makes you feel genuinely happy to be alive, not just something that stimulates you intellectually. That’s what classes and lectures are for.”


“We should probably go to bed soon,” suggested Karen, glancing at her watch, “and your male guest is probably getting cold without you.”


“I need a shower first,” Maddy answered, getting off Karen’s lap. “Speaking of which, you’ve got something on your leg.”


Karen looked down at her thigh and yelped in horror at the sight of the sticky, white dollop of semen that had dribbled out of Maddy onto the leg of Karen’s jeans.


“That’s fucking disgusting!” Karen shrieked, desperately trying to wipe the cum-stain off with a tissue as Maddy scurried away, giggling mischievously.


“Careful, Karen,” Maddy teased, still laughing, “it might ooze its way up into your pussy and make you pregnant.”


“You’re such a fucking bitch sometimes, you know that, right?” Karen shot back angrily.


“I love you too, darling,” Maddy replied playfully, “goodnight.”


Maddy locked the door to the bathroom and set the shower water flowing, leaving Karen fuming at her suite-mate’s dirty prank.



 morning came and went. Maddy’s date said goodbye and went on his way while Karen continued to churn through her rapidly shrinking workload. Maddy went to the library to study for the day before coming back to prepare for another night out.


“Hey Maddy,” Karen asked, “if possible, could you convince the guy you hook up with 
 to take you back to his place? I really need to finish these readings.”


“Oh, I’m not going out to another party,” Maddy replied as she tried on a new skirt, “I’m going with Roxanne, Diana, and Margot to a karaoke at the Hellfire Bar.”


“The Hellfire Bar?” asked Karen, “the one with all the bikers?”


“Yeah, it’ll be lots of fun. You should come with us,” Maddy suggested, “get out of the dorm for something other than classes and meals.”


“No thanks,” Karen politely declined, “I’ve almost finished all of my class assignments for next week. I won’t have time to go out.”


Maddy sighed, walked over to Karen, and folded Karen’s laptop closed.


“Hey, I was looking at that!” Karen protested.


“Karen, what year are you?” Maddy asked in an uncharacteristically serious tone.


“I’m a second-semester senior,” Karen replied.


“College is supposed to be a fun time,” Maddy admonished. “You can’t spend it all slaving away at a desk. Put your work on hold and come out with me and the rest of the girls, just for one night. Please.”


Confronted with this invitation, and deprived of her laptop, Karen was forced to think long and hard about Maddy’s offer. It was true: while she enjoyed her classes, she hadn’t allowed herself to have any room in her life for genuine fun. In truth, focusing exclusively on work and achieving sky-high grades had made her feel very lonely at college, notwithstanding sharing a suite with Maddy. She was halfway through her final semester, and well ahead of everyone on the workload front. Perhaps she should take some time off for actual fun, just this once.


“Ok,” Karen agreed, “I’ll go with you 


“Great!” Maddy beamed with delight, pecking Karen affectionately on the cheek, “I’ll help you pick out a nice outfit.”


“I have my own, don’t worry,” Karen assured her friend.


“I’m afraid I do worry,” Maddy replied. “Show me what you’ve got.”


Karen got up and went to her wardrobe, pulling out a selection of outfits. With Maddy watching, she tried them on one by one.


“Ooh, you look good in a miniskirt,” Maddy commented approvingly as she 


“No I don’t,” Karen grimaced as she turned in front of the mirror. “This makes me look like a streetwalker.”


“Well why don’t you try on some jeans, then?” Maddy suggested.


“Because my only pair has a cum-stain on it,” Karen reminded her suite-mate disapprovingly.


“Oh, yeah,” Maddy remembered with a laugh, “hey, how about this one?” She picked up a black cocktail dress and held it up for Karen to look at.


“I could try that on,” said Karen, taking the dress from Maddy, “and would you mind turning around? I’m not sure I like you watching me change.”


“Why not?” Maddy asked. “You’ve seen me in my underwear plenty of times.”


“That’s because you don’t mind exposing yourself,” Karen retorted. “If you were a guy, people would call you a pervert.”


“Well it’s a good thing I’m not a guy, then,” Maddy replied with a cheeky smile. “That way I’m just ‘expressing myself’.”


“Fine, you can watch,” Karen said, rolling her eyes, “slut.”


“Bookworm,” Maddy replied, giggling at the friendly girl-banter.


Karen divested herself of her miniskirt and put on the cocktail dress, slipping it over her shoulders. The hem of the skirt stopped just over halfway down her thighs, and the skintight material made her curves stand out. The dress was strapless and stopped underneath her armpits, just above her breasts, exposing sizeable cleavage.


“Wow,” said Maddy, impressed, “you look damned hot, sweetheart.”


Karen surveyed herself from head to foot in the mirror. She did look hot in this dress. The snug material made her curves stand out like a model’s, giving her a glamorous-sexy look instead of the cheap-sexy look of a whore prowling for clients. Looking above the neckline, her auburn hair was still tied in an unobtrusive bun, and her blue eyes sparkled even in the dim light.


“There’s just one small flaw,” Maddy noted, getting up from her chair. She approached Karen from behind and carefully undid her hair band. Karen’s hair fell down and came sweeping past her shoulders, completing the picture.


“Now you look perfect,” Maddy commented, giving Karen a kiss on the neck. “Now every guy that sees you will want to father your babies.”


“Ugh!” Karen said, horrified, “I seriously hope not.”


“I’m not saying you HAVE to sleep with a guy 
,” Maddy clarified, “but it’s always good to have guys want to fuck you, even if you have no intention of letting them.”


“That makes me feel so much better, Maddy,” Karen replied, not a little sarcastically.


“That’s what best friends do,” Maddy answered. “Now, I still haven’t picked out an outfit for myself.”




Karen, Maddy, and their three friends took the campus loop shuttle into town and then walked to the Hellfire Bar. The cool evening breeze made Karen shiver as her dress exposed her legs to the elements, but it was a welcome change from the rising heat of early summer.
More importantly, Maddy had been right. It really was fun being in the company of a group of friends on a night out together. Karen didn’t like to leave work unfinished, but then again, she didn’t have that much work left to finish. A little time off wouldn’t do any real harm.


The girls arrived at the bar and shuffled inside, glad to be out of the cold. The establishment already had about 50 other patrons present. Some were sitting at the bar with their drinks, the rest were crowded around a makeshift stage for the karaoke. The singing had already started when they got there, and the girls melded into the crowd to enjoy the event.
A succession of people went onstage to test their vocal chords, often with mediocre results, but the poor singing skills of most of the participants only added to the festive atmosphere. People were singing the best they could and having fun with it.


Eventually, Karen felt thirsty and extricated herself from the crowd to get a drink at the bar. As she approached the bar, she noticed that several bikers had occupied the barstools. They were all burly men in their forties and fifties, clad in black leather covered in elaborate patches. Most of them had a large patch marked with the word “Hellfire,” presumably the name of the biker gang that owned the bar. They were huddled over their drinks and showed little interest in the karaoke party.

BOOK: Ride Hard and Free (Biker Erotic Romance)
10.18Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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