Rise of the Dark Sun (The Blood Lust Plague Trilogy Book 1) (5 page)

BOOK: Rise of the Dark Sun (The Blood Lust Plague Trilogy Book 1)

“Yea, but it was so sudden. I hadn’t even seen her, Constance
, and then I heard her name and it was like I was put under a spell,” Micah told her earnestly.

After gingerly placing the blanket over Samantha,
Constance turned to face Micah, asking seriously, “Well, do you wish to be freed of this spell?”

Micah quickly shook his head
. “No. Not at all. It was just such a strange reaction for us both, I feel, that I just wanted to tell you.”

“Well, there is something more to the lore
of Quenchers that I did not mention before,” Constance replied.

Feeling slightly sick himself, Micah answered, “If it’s bad, I don’t care.”

Constance shook her head. “No. There is nothing wrong with your relationship with Samantha. There is no evil or trickery. You love her and she loves you. I only did not mention it before because Samantha looked a little overloaded and…well, nobody asked.”

Feeling better, Micah sighed
. “Okay. So, I’m asking now. What is it?”

“Come out here. I actually have to work tonight. We can talk until someone comes in. Then just act like a customer
.” Constance moved out of the break room and back behind the counter. “Well, as the story goes, every Quencher, in addition to having protection and ownership from a vampire, will also have a distinct bond with the vampire. This bond can be severed by nothing. Once the vampire and the Quencher meet, they are drawn to each other for all eternity. This bond does not even falter when they are stripped of their power by death or by being changed. If the stories are true, you will never have to worry about her leaving you, or you leaving her. Your fates are entwined at the very roots. For couples who find each other, this obviously a gift. However, there were many Quenchers and vampires who were bound by these roots but could not give themselves to each other for one reason or another. This refuted bond was what caused bloodshed and wars.

In fact, if I am not mistaken, the leader of that small group of people who started the Quencher genocide and enslavement was acting out of revenge. His wife was a Quencher and, being a true human, he had no idea. Then one night, he found his wife and a vampire making love. When forced to choose, there was no choice to her besides the vampire. So, like most things, all of that blood and all of those poor, wasted lives were lost due to one man seeking revenge for an act that no one involved could control.”

Micah shook his head. “That’s terrible.”

Constance nodded
. “Indeed.” After a moment of reverend silence through which Constance was paying homage to the victims, she perked up again and added, “But the good news is that, so long as you love her and treat her right, which I know you will, you both will always be happy together, no matter what Samantha’s decision is.” Constance looked down at the counter for a moment thinking, and then she said, “Micah, just please do me a favor?”

“Anything,” Micah answered.

“If Samantha does choose to become a vampire, please teach her. Since what happened, my only regret was that I did not teach you more about who you are and where you came from. It was unfair that I was so impatient with you. After all, you did sacrifice so much for me. My sacrifice was little compared to what you willingly gave up for me. I am just pleased that you felt you could come to me with everything that is happening. So, thank you, and don’t make the same mistake with Samantha. If she has questions, either as a true human or as a vampire, please answer those questions truthfully. I will always be here for you both, but there are some things you must tell her yourself.”

Micah smiled and moved around the counter to embrace Constance. “Thank you for everything
, and I do not regret sacrificing anything. You have always been there when I’ve needed you, as a true human and as a vampire.” Moving back from her, they stared at one another intently for a long moment.

Constance nodded, breaking their eye
contact just as a customer came through the door. As Micah dropped down behind the counter, so as to not be seen until he could resume acting like a customer himself. Constance looked up at the man and smiled. “Good evening, sir. Is there anything I can help you with?”

The man took a deep breath in and smiled
. “Yes, ma’am. I am looking for someone: my girlfriend. We broke up yesterday and I can’t find her. I think she is going home. It sounds silly, but I have been driving all night trying to catch up with her and I just want to see if she passed through here.” The man pulled out a small picture and handed it to Constance.

The change that was present on Constance’s face and in her words was only apparent to Micah, but he knew something was wrong. Although calm and perfectly collected, Constance handed the picture back to him and said, “I’m sorry, Sir. I have not seen her. If you want, you can give me your information and I will call you if she does happen to come in.”

The man smiled. “Thank you very much. That would be great. Here, I have a card.”

Taking the card, Constance’s smile broadened and she said, “Thank you, sir. Drive safe now and good luck in your search.”

The man nodded. “You have been very kind.” He then turned and walked out.

“Micah,” Constance said, watching the man pull out of the parking lot and back onto the highway.

“What’s wrong?” Micah asked, not sure if he should risk being seen.

“He was a vampire,” Constance replied.

Micah looked up at Constance, afraid of the reason behind her secrecy. “So?”

Taking a deep breath, Constance said, “No
t just any vampire. He works for the Vampire Government.”

Feeling a knot of fear growing by the second inside the pit of Micah’s stomach, he replied, “And?”

“And that picture he had was a picture of Samantha,” Constance replied, her face now pale with fear and confusion.

“What? Why?” Micah demanded, standing up and grasping for the card.

“Unfortunately, Micah, I think I know exactly why.”

Micah looked up at Constance, his head still bent from reading the card
, and although he knew the answer, he willed it so much to be untrue that he had to ask, “Because she is a Quencher?”

Constance nodded gravely
. “Yes.”

“Well, what do they do with Quenchers?” Micah asked, becoming angry.

“Honestly, I don’t know,” Constance answered.

Chapter 5

After Constance’s shift was over, Micah and Constance took a sleeping Samantha back to Constance’s apartment and put her back to bed.

Then, as the sun rose, Micah joined Samantha and Constance took another safe place in the house and everyone went to sleep, realizing that they had a big night ahead of them if they were ever going to figure out a way to escape the
Vampire Government.

When night fell, Samantha awoke first, having slept for almost 24 hours. Still tired, but feeling better, Samantha rolled over and hugged Micah close to him, snuggling against his bare skin. Although it did not entice her to drink fr
om him, Micah’s natural scent was heavenly to Samantha.

As he slept, Micah instinctively wrapped his arms around Samantha and held her close to him. Samantha nuzzled
into him and wondered where she was. However, she trusted Micah, so she was not concerned. She knew that he would not steer her wrong. Somehow, although they had just met, really for the first time, a few days ago, Samantha felt a connection to Micah that far surpassed any connection she had ever made with anyone else. She had always liked him—this was true—but it was not until she met him the other night on the beach that she really came to understand the depths of her feelings for him.

Samantha had never felt this intimate and passionate about anyone
, and when she found out that he was a vampire, that somehow only intensified her feelings. She had never had such a need before, and despite all that was going on right now, ultimately, this need was freeing and empowering. Samantha had never experienced this sort of bliss before. This passion and this sense of power that coursed through her veins gave her meaning.

All of her life, Samantha felt that she
was the jeered and misunderstood child. She was perceived as weak and naive. In high school, although she was popular, she felt she was only popular because of her good looks and the laugh that she seemed to provide everyone. She seemed to always do something stupid, even though she knew she was intelligent and she would always get that look. “That look” was that of almost pity and certainly disbelief, that she was that sheltered, that she had never experienced that situation or that she was that gullible. Seeing the best in people seemed to be Samantha’s bane and for whatever reason, no matter what she did, she could not escape it.

Even her parents, up until this point in her life, had disallowed many freedoms and experiences that Samantha had thought it would have been better for her
to have had. Try as Samantha might to please them and to better herself, although they were good, supportive and loving parents, Samantha felt that her accomplishments always fell short of her potential. If she got an A on a project, it should have been an A+. If she tried out for a sport, she had to be the best. If she received a 4.0 GPA from high school, she should have gotten better scholarships. Then, above all, she should start college right after high school and complete her degree before going on any silly field trips.

The last remark was her parents
’ reaction when she informed them of her plan to backpack around Europe. What they did not seem to understand was that the experience that trip would bring her would make her so much more worldly and so much more connected to the world around her. It would help her soul to break out of the shell she had encapsulated her true self within so many years ago, hoping to come of age and return a wiser, more confident woman.

However, this experience with Micah and Constance had
already done this for her. Although it was scary and she had no idea what life had in store for her very next breath, Samantha knew that she was becoming her own. She was now a creature to be revered. Sure, at first, she was appalled at the treasure an entire race found in her living blood, but the more she came to terms with it, the more Samantha realized her own obvious worth.

Backpacking through Europe, Samantha had planned to study vampire l
ore and history, because all that she had read about them fascinated her so much. The thought that a race of humans dating back to the dawn of time and surviving for so long, continuing to successfully hide their raw form in plain sight, was a magnificent feat which stretched far beyond true human comprehension. She felt the strength of the true humans as a race as paling in comparison to vampires.

Now, to know not only that her suspicions about
the existence of this race were completely true, but also to learn that she held the key that would truly make a difference in the lives of this race, was an accomplishment that gave Samantha great joy and provided for her a higher purpose. Samantha felt needed and wanted now, but besides that, she felt as though she had found her place.

Samantha’s life path was now laced with her own blood, but this was something that
, in time, she would be entirely at peace with. Samantha now had a direction through which she could make a difference in the lives of others. She could help vampires by giving them their dream of seeing the sun, which is the one true dream, Samantha supposed, for all vampires. She had always dreamt of having the power to change the world, even if it were just for one or two beings. Now, she had that power and she would not squander it.

Even better, now she had someone to share her life with. She knew that Micah meant forever because of the way he looked at her, the way he touched her and the way he said her name. Although he looked nothing like her father, she saw him in Micah’s intentions.

Growing up and still to this day there was something about her father that made Samantha sure he loved her mother always. Samantha had vowed from the time she was a little girl that until she found that person who looked at her, breathed her name with a smile always on his lips, and had the power of true love behind every touch, she would not settle for anything less. From the moment she had met Micah, she felt that connection. Now, only time would reveal whether she had made the right decision; but in her heart, which now beat close to his as he held her close, she knew that there could be no other meaning to this feeling of everlasting love and devotion.

Micah’s eyes moved behind closed eyelids and as always, he smiled as he said her name.

“I am right here, my love,” Samantha answered, brushing stray hair out of Micah’s face.

Micah leaned in to kiss her. As their lips met, a spark ignite
d! Samantha felt that her whole body was consumed in a wealth of astronomical feelings. Quickly, Samantha threw her arms around Micah’s neck and allowed him to pull her naked body towards him.

The fire erupted inside Micah too. Feeling her lips
taking him in, her bare breasts against his chest and her legs entwining with his, Micah felt released, already beginning to build up to a euphoric climax. Micah’s hands searched Samantha’s body slowly, reacting to every movement, every motion and every breath Samantha encouraged him with.

Samantha wrapped her legs around him and they wrestled around in the bed, playfully adhering to each other’s needs. Just needing one another was cause for excitement. The feel of their skin, the passion behind their lips and the tango of both body and soul that surpassed anything that either of them had ever felt before was cause to excel in their foreplay.

When Micah entered Samantha, a breath of excitement, pleasure and surprise erupted from her. Samantha’s body had begged him to do this at this moment, but it seemed as though the power of that initial thrust, that consummation of their love astounded the couple’s wildest fantasies and surpassed any expectation of lovemaking they had set thus far.

As they loved and held one another, Samantha, during a pleasure-filled moan, exposed her throat to Micah.

At first, Micah refused, but Samantha pulled his head toward her neck which was pulsating even more now because of the endorphins that had built up, ready to explode inside of her. “I want you to, Micah,” Samantha whispered.

Feeling his own blood pressure rising, in addition to the hunger of not feeding for a day, he hoped that Samantha knew what she was doing, for Micah could not resist. They tangoed for a moment longer before their orgasm had reached its full potential. As Micah bit down on her throat and began to drink, Samantha yelled out with pleasure, entirely enjoying the moment with Micah as he released and began to drink.

After the moment of sheer and sustaining bliss lingered in the air and pulsated like the plumpest vain, providing the purest of all living honey, the couple held each other close. They did not let go of one another for a very long time. When Micah knew he had had enough to sustain him, he pulled his fangs out of her throat.

Immediately, Samantha kissed him, either ignoring or entirely disregarding the taste of her own blood
, still heavy and thick in his mouth.

As they lay back down, holding one another and cuddling closely, they both smiled and felt at peace.

Despite the visitor to the convenience store that Samantha had yet to know anything about and the looming danger that event presented, this moment, for both lovers, was perfect. Her heart beat in time with Micah’s and all that was wrong, in this moment, none of that mattered. All that mattered to one another was each other’s touch, and the love they felt and had expressed so passionately.

Micah relished in the completeness that he felt and smiled.

“I love you,” Samantha sighed, contently.

“I love you too, Samantha,” Micah replied.

After another moment, Samantha said, “You know, maybe we should go back to my parents’ house. That way, you can hide there until I leave for Europe and we would not have to inconvenience Constance any longer.”

The thought of Constance made Micah feel a little bit guilty. He hoped that she had not heard them making love. So many nights, Constance and he had shared this same bed and made love between these same blankets. Now that the
throes of passion had subsided enough for him to realize what they had done, it made him blush. “Constance? She doesn’t care and besides, I would rather stay here so that I can protect you. Your parents still think you are at the beach, right?”

“Yes, I am supposed to mee
t them at the airport tomorrow,” Samantha replied.

Micah thought about the visitor from the
Vampire Government and imagined Samantha’s last known address would be an easy target for them, but he knew he could not prevent Samantha from her will or from seeing her parents. It would not be fair, so he said, “Well, if you want to go home, I’m not going to stop you. I understand, but maybe that isn’t the best idea…”

“Why?” Samantha asked curiously.

Micah shrugged, not really wanting to scare her, but knowing she deserved the truth. Micah hesitated for a moment, and in that moment, a knock came at the door. “It’s just me. Can I come in?” Constance called.

Micah reddened and Samantha
pulled the covers over herself. “Just a second!” Micah called, grabbing for his pants and Samantha’s clothes.

Once they were finished, Samantha opened the door.

Constance smiled, seeing her up and about. “How are you feeling, Samantha?”

“Much better, thank you,” Samantha replied, glancing back at Micah.

Micah felt her eyes, and although he was flattered, he still felt the back of his neck get hot as he wondered what Constance was thinking, for she had to know. She had the gift of true perception, so she probably knew that they were going to make love in her bed even before the lovers knew what they were going to do. “So, what’s up? Are you okay?”

“Yes, although we have a situation
.” Constance put her hands up. “It’s actually better than we thought, though…I think.”

“Okay, what is it?” Micah replied, eyeing the letter, obviously handwritten
, that Constance held tightly in her hand.

Constance handed the letter over to him.

Looking at the emblem on the top of the paper, Micah’s heart sank. His eyes skimmed over the page and then returned to meet Constance’s gaze. “What do you think?”

“I do not think we have a choice.”

“Hey! Um, not to interrupt, but what don’t we have a choice about? The Quencher would like to know what you guys are looking at each other like that for,” Samantha said, passing a concerned glance of consternation between the vampires.

Micah sighed, “It’s the
Vampire Government. They came looking for you last night.”

Samantha’s eyes got wide, but Constance put a hand on her shoulder to calm her
. “We were alarmed as well, but now it seems that they would like to sponsor your trip to Europe. They sent you money and everything.”

Samantha peered at Constance, “What? Why?”

“I don’t know, but I don’t like it,” Micah growled, remembering the sneaky way in which the Vampire Government official conducted himself the night before, and distrusting their motives.
If they wanted to award Samantha a trip to Europe, why not be more forthcoming?
Micah thought.

“I can’t say I don’t agree, but really, what choice do we have?” Constance replied.

Micah moved protectively over to Samantha.

“Well, they found me once
. If we do not comply, it would at the very least upset them.

“But we’re going with you, right Constance?” Micah asked.

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