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Gemma Hart
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© 2016 Gemma Hart

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              “I didn’t think people still wore those French maid outfits,” I said as I took off my earrings in the bathroom. “I never even really thought
had ever worn those in real life…like, ever.”


              Marco snorted as he unbuttoned his jacket in the bedroom. “Yeah, well, the bourgeoisie in Europe are a little different than the elite in the States,” he said. “They like to maintain some of that Old World charm.”


              “Oh is that what you call it?” I said dryly as I unzipped my dress.


              We had just come back from dinner at Cerc, a new boutique hotel in the outer end of London. It had been hailed as one of the finest places to stay in all of London, at least for the people who could afford it. They only had one hotel restaurant and its head chef was a four star Michelin rated chef with years of experience in various international kitchens.


              I had read about the grand opening plans in a magazine and had made an off hand remark to Marco about how I’d be curious what four star food would taste like. I had just been thinking aloud, not meaning anything serious.


              But lo and behold, three weeks later, Marco had an invitation to Cerc’s exclusive grand opening in hand with reservations at their restaurant.


              And the restaurant had been themed in a retro style that harkened back to what Marco referred as ‘Old World’ charm. Women were dressed in silken black maid uniforms that, while long enough to be appropriate, definitely cinched in the waist and gave a viewer a good look at a pair of fair bosoms. The bell boys and staff had on pill box hats and crisp cream uniforms with shining gold buttons. It had all felt incredibly luxurious and decadent.


              I walked into the bedroom clad only in my bra and panties. “How does that Old World charm grab
I asked, the smile clearly in my voice.


              Marco turned around slowly, his shirt half unbuttoned, revealing his broad chest with defined muscles. I watched as his dark eyes blackened with lust as he looked me over. I could almost feel his gaze roving over my body appreciatively.


              He crossed the room in three long strides and had his arm roughly around me within a second. He pulled me close, pressing my body against his hard length. I was able to make out the small amused twitch of his lips as his mouth descended on mine.


              “I’m from the New World,” he said. “I like New World charm the best.”


              And before I could reply, my lips were crushed against his. No matter how many times I had been kissed by Marco Desmond, I could not get over the dark thrill I felt when his lips touched mine.


              He kissed like no man had ever kissed me before. There was a need in his touch. It felt as if he had to have the taste of me, as if it were a requirement, a nourishment. He tasted, touched, explored, bit me with raw lust and love. I never walked away from him with my breath safely intact.              


              Immediately, his hand reached for my bra clasp, expertly undoing it, releasing my breasts. The breasts I had once cursed for the shapeliness. They had been what had always held me back in the FBI. They had been my curse, my burden.


              But with Marco, they were my joy.


              A large hand wrapped around a breast and squeezed, sending a delicious ripple of pain and pleasure down my spine.


              No, they were


              Marco made me luxuriate in my body. Through him, I saw my curviness and lushness as positives. I realized that there was nothing to hide and everything to celebrate. Though I looked exactly the same as I did before we met, I felt more beautiful because of his love.


              With a sweeping move, Marco lifted me off my feet into his arms. I gave a gasp and giggle at the suddenness.


              And with a grunt of pleasure, he tossed me onto our bed, letting me whoop as I bounced up and down.


              Quickly, he removed the rest of his clothes. There was a tiny bit of a pang as I saw him quickly divested of his pants and shirt. When Marco wore a suite, he just
it like nobody else. Shirts molded to his body like marble and the long dark well-creased pants made him look like a refined jaguar. He was the embodiment of what a suit should look like on a man.


              But seeing his sizeable cock quickly growing in hunger, I didn’t feel sad for too long.


              Naked or clothed, Marco Desmond looked good.


              Marco stood by the side of the bed, comfortably naked with his cock standing proud and tall. He looked down at me with eyes glimmering in wicked anticipation.


              “How about showing me some of that New World charm, baby?” he said, his voice low and smooth like dark velvet.              


              I bit my lip in anticipated arousal. God, would I ever get enough of this man? After every session of lovemaking, I was so exhausted, so completely worn out, and yet I left hungrier than when we had started.


              I was addicted.


              I was addicted to Marco Desmond.


              Crawling over on my hands and knees across the wide expanse of our bed, I kneeled, facing his cock.


              Gently, I grasped the appreciative length. I stroked him slowly, enjoying watching the muscles of his thighs twitch at my touch. I leaned in and breathed out slowly over the head of his cock, letting my warm breath tickle and tease him as I continued stroking him.


              Above me, a groan escaped his lips. A large hand wrapped around the back of my head, urging me forward. “You trying to kill a man?” he demanded.


              I put a hand on his thigh, stopping him from pushing me all the way forward. I looked up, eyes twinkling with mischief. “New World girls like to take their time,” I said, slowly pumping his throbbing cock. “And they go only when they’re ready to go.”


              I gave a slow long lick down the underside of his cock. I saw the hard thighs twitch convulsively and a low groan reverberate above me. I almost wanted to laugh at the sadistic torture I was inflicting.


              Finally, I took him completely, mouthing as much of him as I could and using my hand to make up the rest. With smooth steady movements, I pumped back and forth, letting my tongue swirl around him, teasing and tormenting him.


              Marco gave a loud groan as my tongue swept against the sensitive underside. He thrust his hips, pushing his cock even deeper down my throat.


              Finally I felt a fist gently yank my hair back, pulling me away. I looked up into the most lethally seductive eyes I had ever seen. With one dark brow raised and a firm hand still gripping my hair, he said, “I think it’s time you see how New World men like to take their New World women.”


              Grabbing me by the hips, he turned me around with an easy strength that left me breathless. Pulling up my hips, I felt his cock brush against me from behind. My arms almost buckled, nearly collapsing me. God, I was ready for him. More than ready.
for him.


              Keeping my hips firmly in his grasp, he let his cock slip down against my growing wetness, teasing me just as I had teased him. I felt the head of his cock slide across my clit, making me shudder and moan in neediness.


              Then with sudden deliberateness, Marco plunged his entire length into me in one hard thrust. I buried my face into the covers, crying out in relief as my body was filled by him.


              My pussy stretched to accommodate him. It was an intoxicating mix of pleasure and pain that made the hairs on the back of my neck stand on end. My toes curled as I was filled and stuffed by his cock.


This is Marco Desmond’s cock. I’m having sex with Marco Desmond.


              Sometimes it still hits me randomly like that. I forget that just a few months ago, Marco Desmond had been a part of the notorious Desmond Mafia. He had been heir apparent to a ruthless empire that had a bloody and brutal past.


was the man who was now thrusting his hard cock into me, deeper and deeper with each filling plunge. I moaned as pleasure washed over me in consuming waves.


              But that wasn’t all of Marco Desmond. I had learned very quickly that Marco was not just a dangerous playboy for the Desmond Mafia. He was lethal. He was powerful. He was seductive. Yes, he was all of those things. But he also had a heart. And as scarred and battered as that heart was, it was incredibly loving and protective.


              I groaned as his cock thrust deep into me again, nearly brushing against my womb. And thank god I had found out how deep his love could be. Because I couldn’t imagine being anywhere in the world except right where I was.


              Suddenly, I jerked forward in surprise as I felt large fingers wrapping around my hips and stroking my wet folds.


              “Oh god!” I moaned as his fingers expertly began stroking my pussy in rhythm to his thrusts. His finger swirled around my swollen clit, egging it on towards the inevitable spiral of pleasure.


              Marco leaned over my back, nipping against my ear. “New World men believe in equality,” he said, before thrusting hard into me. “What’s fair for the gander,” he thrust in hard again, “is fair for the goose.” I grunted loudly as he thrust into me again, setting fire to all my pleasure nerves. Clearly, he was going to pay me back for my teasing blowjob.


              With his finger assaulting my clit and his cock invading my pussy, I felt overwhelmed. I felt completely taken and owned. I arched my back, crying out in pleasure as this new position angled his cock differently in me.


              “Oh my god,” I gasped, feeling that final and inevitable wave approaching.


              A hand pinched my nipple hard. I squeaked. “Don’t you come,” a voice warned behind me.


              “But—” I sputtered in protest as I pushed my hips further back, ready to be taken over the edge.


              Marco took firm hold of my hips so that I only got the thrusts
was ready to give. “Don’t you come,” he said again. “Wait.”


              I gave a miserable groan as undeniable pleasure swam over me. How could I stop myself from coming? He was literally pushing me towards my climax! With every deep thrust, an aching burst of ecstasy overcame me, teasing me, drawing me nearer towards the end.


              Hard fingers stroked down my swollen pussy, making me cry out in pleasure. I could hear Marco’s breath grow more ragged behind me. We were both ready for release. Our bodies were dying to join together in that ultimate end.


              “Alright, baby,” he said, his voice thick and husky. “Come for me. Come!”


              Hard fingers pinched my swollen clit as his thick cock slammed into me, deep and hard.


              I threw my head back and screamed as I came in shuddering glory. My vision nearly sheeted white as I felt wracking spasms of ecstasy run through my entire body, leaving my fingers and toes completely numb.


              A loud growl exploded from behind me as Marco found his own release, letting his cock throb deep inside me, filling me.


              Still joined, Marco scooted me forward so we could fall across the bed together. He wrapped his steely and steady arms around me, making me feel completely cocooned and safe. Enclosed in his arms with his cock still in me, humming from our recent coupling, I felt happy. Content. Safe.


              “I love you,” I whispered.

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