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Rupert’s eyes gleamed. ‘I’ve got a feeling you’re going to be far, far more use to me than I ever dreamed. We’d better get married at once. I’m allergic to the word fiancée; even you can’t glorify it.’
‘I certainly can’t spell it,’ said Taggie.
Later, downstairs, they discussed marriage plans.
‘I suppose it’ll have to be Cotchester Registry office,’ said Maud, who was thinking about her wardrobe.
‘I got married in a registry office the first time round,’ said Rupert. ‘As it’s the real thing this time —’ he raised Taggie’s hand to his lips and kissed it – ‘we thought we might get married in church. I’m sure we can find some trendy parson in London who won’t mind my being divorced.’
‘I’ve got a better idea,’ said Declan, reaching for his telephone book.
‘Tabitha’s going to be a bridesmaid,’ said Taggie to Caitlin. ‘Would you like to be one too?’
‘Only if I can wear jeans,’ said Caitlin.
Declan, having for once dialled the right number, was put straight through to the Bishop of Cotchester. He immediately apologized for being so shirty on the telephone the other day and wondered whether the Bishop would reconsider coming on to the Venturer Board after all.
After some huffing and puffing about having to take a stand over Rupert Campbell-Black’s disgusting memoirs, the Bishop said he would be delighted, and wrote down the date of the first board meeting.
‘There’s just one other thing,’ said Declan. ‘My daughter, Taggie, is getting married and her one wish is to be married by you in Cotchester Cathedral.’
Taggie turned crimson. ‘It isn’t true!’ she squeaked, looking at Rupert who had started to laugh.
The Bishop once again told Declan that he’d be delighted. He’d become extremely fond of Taggie in the past year.
‘Just the simplest service,’ said Declan. ‘Only family and very close friends and, of course, all our Venturer supporters.’
‘Splendid, splendid,’ said the Bishop. ‘And who is the very, very lucky young man?’
‘Well, I’m just coming to that,’ said Declan.
BOOK: Rivals
4.49Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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