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Vibrating Crib

I broke down and got a vibrating baby bed. My wife was against it, but we both tried rocking him, and that really didn't work. A friend of mine said it was great, and sure enough, it worked like a charm.
—Patrick G

Light and Dark

While holding the baby, move back and forth between light and dark rooms. It causes the baby to close her eyes and eventually fall asleep.
—Wayne Y

Countdown to Crib

I started this early on and kept it up with all my kids. It's called the Crib Countdown. When it's time for bed, I count from one to ten and match an action to each number. Here's my countdown: “One hug” (I hug him and carry him off to bed). “Two kisses” (one on each cheek). “Three night-nights” (I wave three times). “Four corners” (I tuck in each of the four corners of the blanket). “Five fingers” (I count his fingers). “Six toys” (I count his toys nearby). “Seven belly rubs” (I rub his belly). “Eight hair strokes” (I stroke his hair). “Nine pats” (I pat him lightly). And “ten steps” (I step backward out of the room, counting to ten).
—Mike M

Lay on Hands

All I had to do was place my big, warm hand on my son's back, and he would immediately relax and fall back asleep. My wife thought I had the magic touch.
—Geoff P

Lower Your Voice

I think it was my deep voice that got our baby to sleep. All I had to do was talk to him or sing a little, and he'd fall asleep.
—Charles M

Mickey Mouse

Take him to Disneyland for the day. He'll sleep like a log all night.
—Brad E

Let It Rain

Use a “rain stick” with your baby. It's a tube made from dried cactus, with little seeds inside that make the sound of rain when you turn it over and over. You can find them at toy and science stores, or make your own.
—David R

A Little Shot

My dad used to dip his finger in his whiskey and let us suck on it. I think a better idea is to take a shot of whiskey yourself.
—Greg P


Sleep Songs Recorded by Men, for Men

Papa's Lullaby
by Ellipsis Arts

Daddies Sing Goodnight: A Father's Collection of Sleepytime Songs
by Sugar Hill

Somebody's Daddy: Lullabies for Dad
by Joe Milton

Daddy's Lullabies
by Re Bops

Sing Me to Sleep Daddy
by Brentwood

Good Night
by Jim Weiss

Golden Slumbers: A Father's Lullaby
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Songs from a Parent to a Child
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Bedtime with the Beatles
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Disney's Lullaby Album
by Fred Mollin, Greg Diakun, and Disney

Chapter 5
Old Wives' Tales

“The only thing worth stealing is a kiss from a sleeping child.”

—Joe Houldsworth

Did you ever hear the one about getting your baby to sleep by placing an onion near his crib? I can only imagine that the noxious smell of the onion causes him to close his eyes in self-defense! Many old wives' tales are based on superstition, but some have roots in long-standing knowledge and experience that's been passed on from generation to generation, and offer well-established advice, such as breast-feeding. While I can't medically guarantee the success of all of them, some parents and grandparents I know swear by these traditional methods. This chapter includes some of my favorites I've heard over the years.

Creeping Cats

Rumor once had it cats can suck the air from your baby's mouth. That's just not possible, but the story persists, probably because cats are curious about the new addition, and they may smell the milk. You don't have to put Fluffy up for adoption just because you have a new baby, but do make sure not to leave your baby unattended with cats, dogs, or other pets, because they can be unpredictable and even jealous of the new baby.

Thumb-Sucking Update

In the old days, parents used to bind their babies' arms so they couldn't bend them at the elbow and therefore couldn't suck their thumbs. Parents were concerned that thumb-sucking led to buck teeth and a dependency on the habit. But sucking is a basic need in babies, and most begin sucking their thumbs even in the uterus. Babies have distinct preferences and either choose their thumbs or a pacifier for extra sucking. Studies today indicate that sucking may help prevent SIDS and does not cause dental problems, so let him suck if he wants to.

BOOK: Rock-a-Bye Baby
5.39Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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