Rockstar Daddy (Decoy Series)

BOOK: Rockstar Daddy (Decoy Series)
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written by K.T.Fisher
























Rockstar Daddy

(Book 1 in the Decoy Series)


Copyright @2013 Kellie Fisher

Coverart @2013 Melody Simmons


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This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places and incidents are either the product of the author's imagination or are used fictitiously. Any resemblance to any actual persons living or dead, businesses and events or locales is entirely coincidental.








A message
from K.T.Fisher


Thankyou so much for purchasing Rockstar Daddy. I have wanted to write for a while now and I finally thought I should start doing what I love. I have enjoyed every minute of writing Rockstar Daddy and I hope you enjoy reading it just as much. It means a lot that you have decided to read my book.

You can get in touch with me through my facebook and Twitter.




























"Is it time yet?"


I look to my best friend Jessica, we're both sat on the edge of my bed. She checks her phone and nods her head slowly, yes it's time. I walk towards my little bathroom where I have left the pregnancy test on the edge of the bath. I couldn't sit in the same room with it just a touch away, it felt like it was screaming out at me. I feel sick, I can't believe I am doing this! I'm twenty years old, I'm too young to be a mum. On the plus side at least I know who the father of my baby is I suppose. I definitely know who my baby's daddy is and as wonderful of a man he is, that's the big problem here.


   I have been with my boyfriend Jax for two years now, his amazing. His six foot tall, has big, broad shoulders, jet black messy hair and smokey gray eyes that can heat my body with the right look. He screams sex appeal with his smooth muscles and he has the sexy V on the bottom of his toned muscled stomach. I get horny just looking at him, sometimes just thinking of him does the trick. That's probably why I'm in this mess because we have so much fun enjoying each other's body's we can't seem to satisfy that need for each other. The only problem is that other girls also get flushed when there around Jax. A lot of girls throw themselves at him a lot of the time, even when I'm with him which can piss me off but it's all part of the deal because his in a rockband called Decoy.


   The band is getting really popular and that means more attention from the girls. When his on that stage all sweaty and singing down to his crowd his all theres and they scream for him. He assures me he loves me and he doesn't want any other girl. I believe and trust him with all my heart but this is the beginning of his dream. Playing and singing to people who love his music and the band because all four of them are good looking men. They have quite allot of groupies already and his band mates Rhys, Leo and Max take good advantage of all the beautiful girls. I feel like I'm keeping Jax back but Jessica always tells me to shut up whenever I mention it. She's the only one out of my friends who actually like the band and the guys. It's not that I hate what Jax does, it's more that I don't want to keep him from living his dream 100% and having a girlfriend whilst in a rising to fame rockband can keep you from a lot of things. I love him so much and I feel like I'm keeping him back, crazy right? What kind of girl wants to dump her sexy rocker boyfriend so he can tour with his band and enjoy the life of groupies and sex? Oh yea. Me.


   The guys Sam, Mark and James act like my big overprotective brothers and the fact my boyfriend is in a rockband doesn't go over well with them. Sam is the most pissed out of the three of them because I take Jessica to Decoy's gigs with me and Sam and Jessica are a couple. Sam doesn't like that I take Jess along to a rock concert with all types of people jumping around. I assure them that were perfectly safe and the guys look after us but I think that's one of the reasons Sam doesn't like Jessica there. All the guys in the band are seriously good looking, obviously I think Jax is the hottest but the other guys get just as much attention. Max, Leo and Rhys can be very flirtatious, they keep it to a minimum with me because I'm with there friend but there not really friends with Sam so they don't keep back where Jessica is concerned. So lately I have started to take along a girl I met at college, Tanya. She's pretty cool and loves their music, plus shes single so no jealous boyfriend on my back.


   I reach for the pregnancy test and risk a glance. My heart sinks and my whole world stops. Two lines, that means It's positive! Shit, I can't be pregnant but I am fucking pregnant! I'm sure we were safe all the time. I mean I forgot my pill a couple of times but then I made sure Jax wrapped up or did the naughty pull out trick. I suppose that was dumb of us and didn't work because why else would I be standing here staring at two lines.


   I walk out the bathroom and as soon as I lock eyes with my best friend of ten years I break down. She comes running over to me and I cry in her little arms for what feels like hours. She smooths my bright red hair out of my face and looks me right in the eyes.


      "What are you gonna do Kendal?"


I know I can't have an abortion. That's just not me, I could never do that. My parents are going to kill me! Oh no I'm going to trap Jax. I have college to finish too!


      "I'm keeping the baby Jess but I don't know what I'm going to do about Jax."


She scrunches up her nose in confusion.


   "Jax? What do you mean? His the baby's dad."


      "I can't do this to him Jess. He has his band, I've nearly finished college, I can get a job. Support me and the baby on my own."


   "Kendal you can't do that. He has to know your pregnant. It's his baby too, it's his responsibility aswell. He will help you through all of this. It's not your fault, you both did this. Let him help you."


I shake my head, no. I know he will stand by me that's why I can't tell him. He will hate me for taking away his dream. I don't want to trap him and make him get a job he hates to just provide for me and our baby. I can do this, Jax doesn't need to know.


      "I can do it on my own. I will get my own place so I'm not under my parents feet. I can't do this to him Jess, I love him too much. I can't take away his dream."


Jessica lowers her head and sighs deeply.


      "I think it's a very bad idea but it's not my choice to make. I will stand by you whatever you choose."


We hug and I cry some more. I have to end this with Jax tonight before I change my mind. Funny how just moments ago I felt like my world was falling apart and now I know exactly what I'm going to do.





Chapter 1



Four years later.....




      "OK, let me take that. I think you've looked at it long enough."


Jessica snatches away the newspaper that I'm staring at on my kitchen table. It has a big picture of Decoy inside listing the awards they won at the music award show last night. None of them are in suits which is typical, Jax is looking delicious in tight black jeans, converse and a black tight t-shirt. She shoves it in her huge handbag away from my sight. Yeah, I guess I shouldn't be staring at it. Finley is due black from my parents anytime now and I need to be happy mummy, not sad mummy. My parents like to have him over every other Saturday which does give me a bit of peace of quiet every now and then. I feel a stab of pain in my heart from looking at the picture. His still unbelievably gorgeous and I've never gotten over him, I guess it's payback for leaving him and not telling I'm having his baby. I will never be able to move on.


      "Yeah I know."


I take a big gulp of my tea wishing it was something stronger.


      "Have you heard from Harley?"


She sits opposite me and takes a sip of her tea. Jessica has an olive skin tone that I've always been jealous of and dark brown hair, chocolate eyes.


      "He text me yesterday asking how me and Finley were."


Harley is my ex, I ended it with him three months ago. His a great guy, he loved Finley and Finley seemed to really like him too. But I didn't have the same feelings he had for me, he asked me to move in with him and that came as a huge shock. We had been sort of seeing each other for a year and I just thought it was casual but I didn't realize it was more than that for Harley. I couldn't fall for Harley like that because Jax still owned my heart, so I did what I had to do and ended it with Harley. His a very sexy man, all muscles and tattoos but I suppose when you've been with someone like Jax other men just doesn't measure up. Jax had some tattoos when I was with him but over the years it looks like his added more to his rockstar image, along with a few more piercings. I didn't think it was possible but he looks even more delicious.


      "His a good guy Kendal, you just need to let him in."


I shoot her with a are-you-kidding-me glare. She knows how I still feel about Jax.


      "Alright, I get it. His not Jax."


Before I could answer her remark there's a loud bang and running footsteps in the hallway.


      "I back mummmmy!"


Well that's my peace and quiet over, at least Jessica can stop talking about my love life now. I turn to look towards the doorway and my heart skips a beat. Finley is standing there in his black skinny jeans with converse and a red t-shirt. Hair all mad with a big smile on his face. How am I supposed to forget about Jax when I have mini version of him living with me? Finley jumps onto my knee and wraps his little arms around my neck and squeezes. God I love this kid, I just can't help feeling guilty that Jax is missing out.



~ Jax ~



   As I wake up I wince as the killer hangover begins. My head feels tender as I run my hand through my hair. Last night was a crazy and eventful night. After we won our four awards we did what rockbands do best. Party. Hard. There's a certain part of last night where my memories go fuzzy and I can't remember anything. Must have been a good night. God only knows how I managed it back to my hotel room. Probably the works of one of our good friend and roadie, Steve. He helps out when were too drunk to function. I stop rubbing my hands over my face when the bed shifts next to me, I peak through my fingers which is difficult as the blinding light coming through the window makes my eyes close again. I guess I was too drunk to think to shut the dam curtains. When my eyes are able to focus I see a mass of blonde hair spawled out on the pillow next to mine. I silently groan in frustration. Fuck! I bought a girl back, fingers crossed she's not a groupie. Knowing my luck she will be one of the ones we like to call the crazies. There the worst kind of groupie, they have never met you but they think there in love with you and that your destined to be together. Get married and all that shit. There tough to get rid of which is were Steve is also useful.

BOOK: Rockstar Daddy (Decoy Series)
7.38Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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