Ruby Ink (Clairmont Series Novel Book 1) (30 page)

BOOK: Ruby Ink (Clairmont Series Novel Book 1)
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About L.J. Wilson

L. J. Wilson is the pen name of award-winning author Laura Spinella. The Clairmont series novels are her foray into seductive romance.
Beautiful Disaster
Perfect Timing
, her mainstream work, have earned multiple awards, including the distinguished Golden Leaf and Golden Quill awards for Best First Book, as well as being named a RITA finalist.

Written with a “best-of” mindset, L. J. Wilson novels are sensual reads for discerning book lovers—stories that delve even deeper into her characters’ relationships and romances.

She lives outside Boston with her family. For more information visit her websites,


I am the author of
Ruby Ink
, but everything about this book was a team effort. Thank you to Steve Bennett, founder of AuthorBytes, who helped me hatch the idea for the Clairmont series novels and was instrumental in this book’s publication. His encouragement and business-sense were invaluable. Appreciation also goes to a talented graphics team: Kristine Hanson, Peter Martin and Jess Marony, who designed Ruby Ink’s dazzling cover. Thanks to media mogul Rachel Thompson and her keen insights. Gratitude also goes to Karin Gillespie, whose big-picture instincts are always on point and to Judy Roth, a patient and meticulous editor. Much appreciation to the Wednesday night critique group. Their good humor and input was a welcome addition. Novels can’t be written without a dedicated BFF. Melisa Holmes has been this and more with every book I’ve written. Lastly, thanks to my family—I could never spend so much time imagining stories if all of you weren’t so grounded.

BOOK: Ruby Ink (Clairmont Series Novel Book 1)
5.37Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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