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Safe With Him




Tina Bass

Bree Winters grew up distrusting cops and all they stood for--with only her brother to take care of her. After years of being forced to live apart, Bree moves to the small town of Mt. Eve with two goals in mind: to once again have her brother nearby and turn the dream she’s worked years to accomplish into a reality. Now with one goal met and her dream so close, she’s thrust into a situation filled with the things she hates the most…deception, lies, and cops.


Draco Vittore grew up in a life he didn’t want. At a very young age Draco discovered the true meaning of ‘bad guys’ and the type of person he didn’t want to be. Now a Virginia State police officer in their specialty unit, he’s good at two things:being a cop and picking up women—and he’s never had a problem in either department. His rules are simple—be the best damn cop he can be and never bring a woman home.


Until—a chance encounter involving a broken shower, a situation he won’t back down from, and a woman he can’t seem to forget.


When Bree's life is threatened with a fate worse than death, Draco will do anything to keep her safe. Will he cross a line he can’t come back from? Or will both of their pasts keep her from being… Safe With Him?

This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places and incidents are either the product of the author’s imagination or used fictitiously, and any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, business establishments, events or locales is entirely coincidental.


Safe With Him

All rights reserved.

Copyright 2015 © Tina Bass



ISBN-13: 978-1508584100

ISBN-10: 1508584109


Published by Beau Coup Publishing


Cover by JRA Stevens

For Beau Coup Publishing


ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. This book contains material protected under International and Federal Copyright Laws and Treaties. Any unauthorized reprint or use of this material is prohibited. No part of this book may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means, electronic or mechanical, including photocopying, recording, or by any information storage and retrieval system without express written permission from the author / publisher.





Instead of a dedication, I wanted to ‘dedicate’ this book in memory of two very special people that not only I but my family lost this year.

In memory of my aunt, Brenda Hamilton. She was a sweet, caring, independent, tell-it-like-it-is-kinda’ woman who you couldn’t help but love. Being my mom’s sister, she was always a part of my life, one as a kid I took for granted. It wasn’t until I was older that I was able to appreciate the person she was, and the gift of ‘her’ in my life. Because of my aunt Brenda I got the opportunity to travel across the United States—from VA all the way to AZ and into NV—and it was her that shared with me the beauty of the Grand Canyon. There are so many memories I will always treasure of this very special person but being able to see the Grand Canyon—which is in itself breathtakingly beautiful—and to share that beauty with those you love and to know they love you as well. That’s one I’ll always hold close to my heart.

In memory of Saundra Jordan, a woman who’s always had a smile to share or a laugh so joyous you couldn’t help but return. She was sweet and caring and just a joy to spend time with. And she loved to read. We could—and did—spend hours talking about books. When I decided to put my ‘characters’ to paper she encouraged me to write, write, write! And could not wait for my first book to be published. She’d asked so many times “Is your book out yet?” Because she didn’t want to read parts of it. She said she wanted to wait and hold my book in her hand—or on her kindle—and read it and be able to say “Hey! I know this person!” Unfortunately she lost her battle with cancer before it was published. But I’d like to think she’s kicked back on a fluffy cloud, book—or kindle—in hand with her own copy of my book(s).

Both of these women will forever hold a special place in my heart and will be loved and missed always. I hope they know, they may be gone but will never be forgotten. Love to you both.

Special Thanks




First and foremost I want to give a special thanks to my mom, without whom I wouldn’t be here today—in more ways than one. She’s the strongest person I have ever known and I love her more than words could ever say.

Now the shout outs: First, Ellen, for ALL the help and encouragement along the way. I could never do it without you. Airman First Class Worley of the United States Air Force and Private First Class Wingfield of the United States Army, thanks for all the military ‘speech.’ And to the Virginia State Police for the tips and knowledge of the ‘specialty units.’ As well as my Facebook Book Buds group, the input you give may seem small but it’s appreciated in a big way. And last but not least, YOU, the readers! Y’all are the best. From the bottom of my heart I want to give a big…THANK YOU!


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(I Want) Forever Tonight by Peter Cetera ft. Crystal Bernard

Royals by Lorde

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Made In the USA by Jessta James

You Don’t Have To Go Home by Gretchen Wilson

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I Breathe In, I Breathe Out by Chris Cagle

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If Ever You’re in My Arms Again by Peabo Bryson

Celebration by Kool & The Gang


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Safe With Him Translations




*Note: Most or all of Draco’s Italian phrases are translated thought-out the book, but just in case you can’t wait to find out, this list translate all of them.


Regole familiari da parte le proprie leggi =
Family rules by their own laws

il mio cuore = My Heart

Miniera  = Mine

Ti adoro = I adore you

Ti amo = I love you

Sei mia = You are mine

Fottuta miniera = Fuckin’ mine

Buon fottuto mattina alla mi = Good fuckin’ mornin’ to me

Il mio cuore, la mia anima, la mia Breezie = My heart, my soul, my Breezie

Papà = dad

La vendetta e’ mia = Vengeance is mine

Tu sei la mia casa = You are my home

Mi manchi = I miss you

Ti amo tanto = I love you so much

Mi sei mancato tanto = I missed you so much

Chapter One




Draco sat there, riding in the passenger’s side of the official cruiser, looking out the window, only half seeing his surroundings. Hell, as small as Mt. Eve was, it wasn’t like he would miss a whole helluva lot. In his opinion it was a quiet town, unless you counted the shit that went down a little over three months ago. Shaking his head, he thought,
now that was some fucked up shit
. But overall the day-to-day was pretty laid back, especially considering he had been transferred from Richmond about—hell, over a year ago. He glanced over at his partner. He wouldn’t exactly call him a ‘new’ partner, though they had only been partnered officially for about five months, but he had worked with him and his last partner quite a few times since his transfer. It was the man’s previous partner, or more accurately, his woman, who had gotten caught up in all the shit that went down. He had met her twice, briefly, before he was involved in helping to save her life from the sick bastard who had been terrorizing her and countless other women. Now that badass cowboy—retired-cop—and his woman, a woman he had grown to like and admire, were married. Just a few weeks ago he had been there as a guest at their wedding. Although marriage and relationships were not for him, he wished them nothing but the best.

It had taken some getting used to, moving from a high crime rated city like Richmond to the small town of Mt. Eve, but now that he had spent some time here, he really liked the place. It was quiet and heading into September in this part of Virginia. The days weren’t quite as hot and the nights were cool enough to open the windows, something you never did too much of in the city.

He still would rather head to Roanoke for the bars and bitches; didn’t want that shit hitting too close to home. He had lived and learned that lesson years ago. Now, he felt he had learned a new lesson because he was tired, too damn tired to be dealing with this shit again. Yeah, he knew he stayed up way too damn late, but shit, what was a guy to do with two hot as hell bitches wanting to spend some
with him. Now, fuck, but he was paying for that time. He just wanted this shift to be over and go home to get out of this damn uniform, kick back with a beer, and pop in that new DVD he borrowed.

“Remind me to go the hell home on Thursday nights from now on,” Draco spoke aloud, only to hear laughter in response.

“What you need is a good woman to go home to. Then your ass wouldn’t be burning the roads from here to Roanoke all the damn time.” His partner informed him, still chuckling.

He turned his head, cutting his eyes in the direction of his partner, Lee Velgada. Yeah, he thought, if a man had a woman like Lee had at home, a man
be going home instead of out to the bars. But he knew women like his partner’s wife were few and way far between.

“Why the hell would I want one at home? I get what I get from the bitches I pick up for a night, and then I carry my ass home alone. Don’t need no damn woman complicating my life, and I sure as hell don’t need that shit in my place.” He informed Velgada.

Shaking his head, “Draco,” was all Velgada said, mirth obvious in his voice, as he turned into the small apartment complex. Hell, it was the only apartment complex in this small town.

“Damn!” Draco expressed as his eyes were glued to the woman he saw by a parked green Escort. Or more precise, the ass of a woman who was bent over in the open car door, struggling to reach into the backseat. “Now that, my badass partner, is what you call an ass. That’s the kind you wanta’ grab on to and never fuckin’ let go,” he said with a sigh and before Velgada could even utter a word, he continued, “That is until the bitch starts getting all clingy and shit. Damn shame she’s here in town, though.” He finished with just a hint of longing in his voice.

“Looks like you’d want one in town. Less commute,” Velgada said.

He turned back to look at Velgada. “Nope, man. Don’t fuck with no bitches where I live. That’s just askin’ for complications. Next thing you know, they’re at your place and all up in your shit, bringin’ their shit in and bam! You got fuckin’ flowery curtains, throw pillows, and decorative towels. Tell me the purpose of decorative towels? You hang a towel up, you use that towel. That’s the purpose of a towel. To dry your ass. Not to fuckin’ look at but don’t touch. That’s just bullshit.” Draco went off on a small tangent.

When Velgada parked and they got out, the woman and all thoughts of her and her ass were gone. They walked up the breezeway, straight toward the very familiar apartment they both knew so well.


*  *  *


Bree turned the knob and sure enough it was unlocked. Shaking her head, she walked inside. “Storm!” she yelled as she looked around the small living room; sofa, two end tables, and a coffee table. All surfaces were covered in drink cans, beer cans and bottles, empty take out bags and wrappers, and who knew what else. Best not to look too closely, she told herself and started walking down the short hallway when she heard his voice.

“Bedroom,” he mumbled right before she saw Storm walk out of the room. His dark blond hair was mussed as always and his unusual gold eyes were smiling back at her.

“Thanks for letting me use your bathroom. I’ve called maintenance twice now about my shower and haven’t heard a peep. Bet if I didn’t pay the damn rent I would be hearing from somebody,” she stated matter-of-factly.

“Not a problem, Ree. Told you that.” Storm stepped into the doorway of the bathroom, and with a bow he swept out his arm like he was presenting her with a grand prize.

She smiled back at him, took one step into the bathroom, and froze. The living room looked like it had a freakin’ showroom shine compared to his bathroom.


*  *  *


Draco stepped up to the door and knocked once, then like always, opened the door and walked in followed by Velgada. They both immediately heard a female’s none-too-happy voice. “You have got to be kidding me! How long have you known me? Seriously! Where in that head of yours would you think for one freakin’ second that I would ever,
, take a shower in…in…in
!? Damn, Storm! Have you even cleaned in here since you moved in?” the female said.

“I got the ladies for that.” Draco heard Storm answer, and he thought this was just one of the many reasons he didn’t bring the bitches home. Not to mention, when you had one, it was not a good idea to mention more. Unless the ‘more’ were all there at the same time.

“Well, since your
ain’t doing a bang up job, think maybe you would pick up a broom or—I don’t know—maybe a hazmat suit, and clean your freakin’ bathroom? I wouldn’t even take my shoes off in here much less anything else for fear of something crawling out and biting my ass!” Draco heard the female complain loudly.

Draco looked at Velgada. “See. Don’t bring the bitches home, won’t have to hear them bitchin’. Sounds like our boy Storm needs to learn that shit.” He finished that thought about the time the female came walking toward them, her head down, digging into a big ass bag she had across her shoulder.

“All I wanted was a freakin’ shower. You would think in this day and time that would be a simple thing, but oh, no! Stupid maintenance can’t fix a damn thing! Now I got to—” She looked up, finally realizing someone else was in the room, and Draco caught his breath. She stopped whatever it was she going to say, stood still and just stared at Draco for a beat or two.

He stared back at her because he couldn’t look away. She was indescribable. To say she was beautiful would have been an understatement. Hair the color of a sunset—not red and not orange but combined in a way that looked incredible, even with it piled up in a messy knot on top of her head. Golden skin that you would swear was just barely caressed by the sun, and curves in all the right places.

“How did y’all get in here?” she asked them both, but her eyes were roaming over Draco’s uniform? Was she eyeing him or his uniform? But she didn’t give either of them a chance to answer. “Do you have a warrant?” she demanded of them, but again didn’t wait for an answer. “Storm! You got cops in here!” she shouted but never took her eyes completely off of Draco.

“We walked through the door and no, we don’t have a warrant.” Velgada managed to say, and Draco watched her eyes cut to him.

“Just because y’all are cops, doesn’t mean you can break and enter into any place anytime you get an itch.” The woman informed them.

“We didn’t break and enter. The door was unlocked.” Draco said and she swung her eyes back to him and he could see now that they were amber in color. Like the gemstone.

“That’s still unlawful entry which, by the way, is illegal.” She leaned toward him. “But let me guess! Being cops, y’all just think you’re above all that silly stuff like laws, huh?” She finished with both eyebrows raised.

“Hey, Ree. Chill, girl, it’s cool. They’re cool. They’re friends of mine.” Storm explained as he came down the hall and into the living room, walking right up to her and putting his arm around her shoulder.


*  *  *


Bree turned to stare at him. Was he serious? Cops weren’t friends! They didn’t even know the meaning of the word. “Friends?” she blurted and watched Storm look up at the ceiling. He took a breath, just like he always did when he didn’t want to deal with her mouth, but knew there was no getting around it.

“Ree. No shit. They’re all right. And yeah. They’re friends,” he stated and the way he answered, saying each word slowly, she knew there was no point in pushing it.

She rose up on her tip toes and kissed his cheek. “Love ya always.”


*  *  *


Draco watched as she kissed Storm and felt something stir. Jealousy? Then he heard her speak the words, ‘love ya,’ and felt it like a punch in the gut. He didn’t have many rules, but one he did have was never move in on a buddy’s girl—no matter how many they had—and the way Storm acted with this one, she must be a repeater. Did she know about all the others? Why the hell would Storm even want all the others when he had her?
Not my business
, he told himself.

“Watch your back with your
” Draco heard her say, but she said ‘friends’ like it was a nasty disease, right before she walked out the door.

“Sorry, guys. She’s not a huge fan of the uniform. But gotta love her,” Storm said and shrugged his shoulders. “Sisters. What else can you do?” he added in explanation.

“She’s your sister? Like same mom, same dad, sister?” Draco asked quickly.

“Yeah, something like that. She’s my sister.” He heard Storm say, but he was already moving toward the door.

“Think I left my phone in the car,” he mumbled aloud as he patted his pocket where he could feel his phone. “Need to check.” He quickly went out the door before they could ask him anything.


*  *  *


Bree was frustrated. All she wanted was a shower. “A freakin’ shower! Is that really too much to ask for?” she spoke to herself. She was desperate. Looking at each apartment door as she passed, wondering who lived in each one. She hadn’t met any of her neighbors yet. She hadn’t really lived here that long. Okay. Eight months wasn’t really
long. Plus, she worked nights, and between studying and sleeping most days, it didn’t leave a whole lot of time for socializing.

“Think any of them would think I’m crazy if I asked to use their shower?” she asked herself. “You’re walking down the breezeway talking to yourself. Of course they’ll think you’re crazy,” she answered herself. “Grrrr! I would pay good money for a shower right about now.” She growled again, maybe a bit louder than she meant to.

“Hey!” She heard and without thinking turned her head to look behind her.

“Great,” she mumbled when she saw it was one of the two cops who had let themselves into her brother’s apartment.

In about two steps he caught up to her. She stopped and looked at him and there was a lot to look at. Olive skin tone and dark hair that she wouldn’t say was black but was definitely a very dark brown. With him standing as close to her as he was—
a little too close
—she could see his eyes and they were also dark, so dark she could almost say black. Tall too. He had to be at least a foot taller than her and maybe more than that. She took a step back and was still looking up to see his very nice face.
Damn shame he’s a cop
, she thought, but didn’t say anything.

“Ree, right?” he asked.

“Bree, yeah. Why?” she asked in return.

“I thought I heard your brother call you Ree.”

“You did. But he’s the
one who calls me that. Everyone else calls me Bree.” She stressed the ‘only’ because she allowed no one but Storm to ever call her Ree.

“We weren’t really introduced. I’m Draco.” He held out his hand.

She looked down at his outstretched hand and then back up to his face. “Yeah, well, whatever, Officer Draco. I’m kinda busy right now, so…bye.” She ignored his hand and turned to walk away.

BOOK: Safe With Him
4.41Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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