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Oh. My. God.

Olivia picked one up and scratched its belly. Black rings circled the eyes. “Oh, she is so adorable. I just love these little fluffballs. This one looks like a nerd. These circles around her eyes, they resemble thick black glasses.”

Conner Addison faced the camera and responded. “We’re calling these cute little bundles of joy the Miracle Kitties. If they can survive all alone without a mother, we’re confident they can bring the resort good fortune.”

Olivia handed the kitten back. “Well, you’ll need it—the history of this property seems to be haunted.”

Addison and the resort managers laughed in unison. “That’s ancient superstition. In today’s world of modern physics and technology, there’s simply no place for that sort of nonsense. These little kitties will be the perfect pets to greet guests as they arrive for a time to be pampered at our luxury resort, one of the largest and finest in the Great Lakes region.”

Olivia leaned in and rubbed a few cats on their underside, her cameraman zooming in from above her shoulder. “Aww, they’re so cute. What are you going to call them?”

“Believe it or not, their names just came to me.” He rattled off their names while pointing at each individual kitten:













He paused, for a second. “Oh yes, and Madelyn.”

Debbie took a deep breath to gather her bearings. She was a thousand miles deep in a vast valley of sorrow and anger when a rap on the door jerked her mind back.

“Mrs. Stevens, everything okay in there?”

Sheeeesh. Maybe I should have given Rosie a tray of chicken wings to keep her busy, Debbie thought.

“I’m fine, Sergeant Pyke. Thanks for asking. Be right out.”

“Don’t forget to wash your hands. Remember ….”

“I know. I know. Infraction.”

Debbie forwarded the story to the one person she had saved in her list of contacts. Retired Chief of Police Thomas Darrowby. She then whispered a message into her wristband, the words displaying on the interactive touch screen image projected onto the stall door.

I know you don’t believe me when I say I did not kill any of those people. Especially my husband or my grandparents. I only ask that you think back to that night when Murcat Manor burned to the ground. You heard Emily speak inside your mind. I know you did. Your reaction revealed as much.

Take a look at this news clip and see for yourself the thirteen cats. They have the same names. Even Madelyn with the dark circles around her eyes that looked like nerdy glasses is there. You can’t deny it. These are the same cats. And they will kill again at this resort as they did to Murcat Manor.

The reply came quickly as Darrowby’s spoken response was displayed as text and visible on the interactive monitor. He used his own face for an avatar. Debbie hated that image and imagined wiping that stupid condescending trademark smirk off with a single, well placed punch to his jaw, much like Bob had done one night thirty-three years ago.

Mrs. Stevens, I see you’re still up to your old tricks. But you can’t fool me. I believe you still have your wits about you, as you always have. You got lucky with your attorney. You really should be with the murderers and serial killers in level 3.

Debbie spoke quick and quiet. She knew Rosie would burst through the door any moment.

You have to listen to me. Lives are at stake. We can’t let this happen again.

Darrowby’s words were stark, bordering on belligerent.

We? Surely you don’t think you can pull me into your little world of madness. Now you’re just pissing me off. My wife and I are preparing to entertain twenty family members for Thanksgiving, and you interrupt me with tales of your cats reemerging to do what? Kill more people? Do you think of me as some old goof with an advanced case of Alzheimers?

“Mrs. Stevens. Are you alright? What’s going on in there?”

“Nothing,” Debbie said as she hit the Mute key. “I’ll be out in a minute.”

Debbie touched Mute again and continued her conversation with Darrowby.

For the love of God, you have to listen to me. It’s happening—starting all over—again. The cats. Emily. Just think back to that night at Murcat Manor. Emily talked to us. You heard her.

Darrowby again was quick to respond.

No. What I heard was the power of suggestion. Caused by you, Murcat Manor burning to the ground, and you killing my partner Kowalski. That’s all. I didn’t hear anything. Understand? I’m a smart man. So please don’t interrupt my family holiday and insult my intelligence.

Debbie would have no more of Darrowby’s denial. She had a few precious moments before Pyke would barge in.

No, you arrogant bastard. Emily spoke to us. To you. She called you Detective Dickhead. Remember? How else would I know that?

“Mrs. Stevens. Please come out. Or I’ll have to haul you out of that stall myself.”

“Coming.” Good Lord, Pyke. Go dive your fat ass into that vat of mashed potatoes and gravy I made earlier. “I’ll be right out.”

Darrowby continued with a calm tone in his words. Debbie knew she had blown it, even after Bob’s face and words reached out from the grave and spoke to her about respecting authority figures, treating them with the proper respect they deserved. She slapped herself on the forehead.
Detective Dickhead?
How could I be so stupid

Mrs. Stevens, even though I’m now retired, I’ll be sure to have my friends at the Battle Creek Police Department send the request to a judge to have you once again re-evaluated and sent to trial for fifteen murders. Remember, there is no statute of limitations on murder. And they will only have to prove one.

“That’s it,” Pyke’s voice echoed through the bathroom. “I warned you. Infraction. I have to write you up. C’mon. Let’s go. And don’t forget to wash your hands. Or that’ll be another infraction.”

Debbie was flabbergasted. Emily had beaten her. Again.

Now that hellcat was back with her twelve murderous cohorts. And there wasn’t a damn thing she could do about it. Darrowby was her only hope to prevent another cycle of murder. And all the bastard would do was leer at her with that pompous expression on his mug.

Darrowby’s face remained, ghosted on the screen. He still looked the same. Full head of silver hair and a mustache now, but still the same. Frozen. Smiling. Smirking at her.

Debbie stared back, nauseous to the point of vomiting, and typed one final word before ending the dialogue.


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