Sally's Wolf (Motor City Vampires Book 3)

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By Anjela Renee

Motor City Vampires  #3

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Egypt, 52 BCE, September

alihah, it’s time to wake up and feed.”

Dakarai was an ancient Vampire—older than time itself. He had tan skin, a unique feature for a vampire, as he had been a laborer before his turn. His skin had always been a very dark tan and now was the perfect shade of gold. He was tall, towering at 6’3 with black hair and grey eyes. He had seen Salihah and thought she would make an excellent vampire and mate. He had turned her only a couple days ago, and so far she only wanted to die and refused to eat. If she didn’t eat soon, she would perish or worse, go on a killing rampage. It would be fun to watch but they didn’t need unwanted attention.

“You ruined me. You separated my soul from my body. I will never walk the afterlife. I am a walking corpse, nothing but an empty shell!”

Dakarai knew of the silly afterlife tales she believed in. Hopefully, she would get over it and be a good Vampire soon enough.

“Salihah, don’t be so dramatic. You have been given eternity to walk the night with me. Together, we will walk the night, hunt and rule the world. You must forget all that religious nonsense; you will never die. It doesn’t matter; we are destined to be mated.”

Dakarai had brought a young man for her to feed from, thinking maybe if he left them, blood hunger would take over and she would finally feed. They were hiding out in a pyramid that the locals never visited anymore. It was perfect for a Vampire, safe to hide out and escape the Egyptian heat. The only downside was that it was dark and uncomfortable. “I brought you a present. This is Ebo; he has agreed to feed you. He is young and I’m sure he will be delicious. I will be back tomorrow.”

“I will never drink the blood of another; you are a creature of the night, worshiper of Apep.”

Dakarai left the tomb hoping Salihah would feel differently tomorrow. He knew she would make an excellent mate, given some time. Time was something he had plenty of.

alihah started praying to her god of the underworld. She hoped he would take pity and welcome her into the arms of death.

“Dear gods, Osiris, help me to pass into the underworld; help me to leave this undead existence.” She was on her knees as she prayed. She closed her eyes as tight as she could. Everything felt like a horrible dream.

Salihah noticed the boy was in the corner staring at her. He looked frightened; she could smell his blood pumping through his veins, calling out to her.

“Please, Osiris, help me. I can’t hold on much longer.” She lay on the dirt floor and closed her eyes, hoping she would find death in her sleep.

“Salihah, get up!” She heard a loud voice in her head and she quickly got up off the ground.

“Who’s there?” Salihah yelled, putting up her most fierce face and readying for whatever was out there. Out of nowhere, an image of a man appeared. At first, he was like a ghost then became a solid form. He was unlike any man she had ever seen, the perfection was mesmerizing. Osiris was like a dream. White soft fabric covered his lower body, and his features were strong and chiseled.

“I am Osiris. You summoned me in your prayers.” “Please take me; take me to be united with my Ba, my soul. Take me to the afterlife. Please help me, Osiris.”

“You, my child, are still alive. Your Ba is still quite intact. You are just on another journey, and there is nothing to fear. You will one day eventually die. It will just take much longer. Do not fear. Drink from the young man, and take his life force inside you. Live a happy and long Vampire life; live a life of the night.” Osiris disappeared in the same fashion he appeared. Salihah took off her wig. Her head was practically shaved bald, but she didn’t care. She walked over to Ebo. As much as she didn’t want to, her god said it was okay so she would force herself to drink from him.

“Ebo, I’m ready to eat.” She stood, waiting for him to come over to her. He was a handsome young man, shorter than her. He had dark skin and wore a traditional wig and a white kilt. He walked over to her, looking very nervous.

“It will be okay. I won’t take too much, just a little.”

She sat down and had him sit by her to make it easier. He removed his wig and moved his neck to the side, giving her access. Salihah could smell the sweetness of his blood; she could hear his heart beat in her ears. She could sense the way the blood flowed through his body, making her fangs descend in anticipation. She struck quickly, taking all he had to offer. He started to moan as his cock hardened and he started rubbing against her. She drank and wanted to drink all of him, but she stopped herself and finished and sealed the wound with her saliva. She quickly moved away, putting as much distance between them as she could.

“You can leave now, Ebo. Thank you for letting me drink.”

“I want to stay with you,” Ebo said as he looked at her in awe. Ebo looked young, just entering puberty. She could tell he would grow up and become a handsome man.

“Please leave,” Salihah demanded.

Ebo looked disappointed but obeyed, and hurriedly ran out of the tomb. She felt better after drinking the blood and decided she needed to leave before Dakarai returned. That crap he was spouting about her being his mate didn’t sit too well.

Who did he think he was; the Pharaoh?

Walking along the darkened tomb, she could see almost as well as she did during the day. She approached the entrance with extra caution. She didn’t know what time of day it was and didn’t know if her kind could be out during the day. She had no idea of her abilities and what she could and couldn’t do. There was no way she would stick around to have Dakarai teach her. She would have to learn on her own. She saw it was dark out so she used her Vampire speed and ran out. This would be the beginning of her long, undead life. She didn’t know what this new life would entail, but one thing was for certain, she wouldn’t be spending it with that crazy man.

Chapter 1

ally sat in the salon chair after getting her hair relaxed for the first time. She never had a desire to have it straightened before and now here she was, defying her hairs natural curliness. She had brown, Egyptian skin, black hair, and almond shaped dark brown eyes. She always chose to wear her hair in its natural state of spiral curls, but decided on a whim to see what it would look like straightened. She wasn’t sure how she felt about her hair yet. She knew a lot of women with her skin color liked a straight hairstyle. “So, Miss Sally, how do you feel about your new hairdo?” asked Lanie, her hairdresser.

“Honestly, I’m not sure. I don’t really look like myself.” She touched her hair and started shaking it from side to side.

“It will take some getting used to. I think you look cute as a button.”

Sally studied herself in the mirror. With her hair cut straight across just above her shoulders, she thought she looked more like she did when she wore a wig before her turn. She remembered how much she hated those wigs; so itchy and uncomfortable.

“I think I will get used to it and love it,” she smiled.

“I’m so glad you think so. I was worried you would hate it. Would you consider a change in hair color?”

“Thanks, Lanie, you’re a doll, but I think one change at a time is all I can handle.”

Sally got up to leave and noticed that Abby was just walking into the Salon. Abby was now six months pregnant and had a baby bump showing, getting bigger by the day. The pregnancy definitely agreed with her—she had that glow women in her condition were rumored to have. She looked so happy and Sally envied her for that. She was wearing a floral sundress, since the weather in Michigan had finally decided it was, indeed, summer. Abby ran up to Sally.

“Sally, I didn’t know you were coming here today. You changed your hair—it’s so cute.”

“Thanks. Where is Javon this evening?”

“Parking the car. I don’t know why he insists on tagging along.”

“I do; he’s a paranoid daddy to be.”

“So does your new hairdo have anything to do with your date with a certain sexy werewolf?”

“It’s not a date. Connor is just a friend; we’re just getting to know each other and that’s it.”

Sally could feel warmth in her face. If she could blush, her face would be beet red. She liked Connor. He was definitely hot. She just wasn’t sure it was going anywhere besides friendship.

“Well, you look elegant with your new hair. Enjoy your non-date.” Sally gave Abby a kiss and hug goodbye as she left the salon.

It was a warm evening and she was glad she chose to wear a sexy tank top and flowing knee length skirt. She wished her breasts were bigger, but it allowed her to go braless on occasions like that. 

onnor was waiting impatiently at the restaurant Sally chose. He wanted to pick her up, but she insisted it wasn’t a date so they should just meet somewhere. He always took care to dress nicely on their non-dinner dates. He knew she appreciated the effort he put in—sometimes he would catch her looking at him in a way that let him know there was still hope. Sally chose a Japanese restaurant; he’d never eaten Japanese before. He was hoping they had steak. He saw her enter the restaurant and was shocked to see she had a completely different hairstyle. He wondered if she changed it for him. If she did, it was a waste of time. He thought she was beautiful no matter what she wore or what hairstyle she chose.

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