Sassy Ever After: A Witchingly Sassy Seduction (Kindle Worlds Novella)

BOOK: Sassy Ever After: A Witchingly Sassy Seduction (Kindle Worlds Novella)

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A Witchingly Sassy Seduction by Mychal Daniels





Mychal Daniels






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Thank you so very much Milly Taiden. Without your wonderful imagination to create such a fun and exciting world, none of this would be possible. You’ve shared your essence and heart with the world and allowed me to come into it to share in its wonders. Thank you for allowing this work to join the fantastical, magical and truly phenomenal world you’ve created and crafted in such an awe-inspiring way.


To the other authors sharing this journey with me into the Sassy Ever After Kindle World—let’s do this!





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New comer to town, Celia Thomas, has some big things in her life—a big mouth and an even bigger problem.


Said mouth has managed to get her into some serious trouble with a vicious coven, she's just so happened to have pissed off.


Celia’s a young, latent witch with no powers, trying to hide out in a powerful wolf shifter community, until she meets a man who won't let her hide--from him. Try as she might, she can’t hide from the mysterious lone wolf shifter, Owain Colfer. He’s just too damn hard to shake in more ways than one.


When she realizes he won't be easily ditched, she must come to terms with what she can and can’t do with this sexy wolf. What happens next is fun, sexy and oh so exciting.



This is a standalone, multicultural, curvy, BWWM, paranormal story that contains depictions of adult coupling. Suggested readers: +18



Georgia Mountains, 1819


“You’re a mean old woman!” Lydia said, not caring that she lay two feet, if not closer, to the matriarch of her family. Too angry to have enough sense to be scared, adrenaline drove her to keep fighting.

Wizened eyes, burned with the confidence of age and experience, stared back at her for the briefest of moments. Lydia’s words fell on uncaring ears. The old bitty had the nerve to think she was right. How dare she interfere? Lydia would have him if that was the last thing she did. She would find a way to defy this heartless hag and have the beautiful he-wolf. He was hers.

“Stop struggling girl, you’ll only make it worse. There’s no use trying to fight. Settle down and let it take. You might stand a chance at having what you want iffen you do.”

“Ha!” Lydia yelled. “Are you so ignorant as to think anyone, let alone him would want me without a little help? Huh?… answer me!” Lydia hated how the spittle spewed out and down her chin as she continued to argue with this wall of misery and power. She had to find a way to get the old crone to understand. She had to.

“If you done yelling and acting like a bitch in heat, I’ll explain what I done.”

“Save it, old woman. I don’t care. I already know what you did. You ruined everything and now I’m condemned to stay here for the rest of what I can only imagine will be my unremarkable life.”

“Oh, the drama with you youngens’. I guess that’s why y’all don’t have the good sense of a wild flower—you especially. Can’t you even see that I done this to keep you from destroying yourself and everything you could ever want? Not even a thank you or nothing. You—”

“Thank you! You’ve got to be kidding me right? You come in and wreck my life on a whim. You’re the one who has no common sense!”

“Watch it gal…” the old woman said, stopping her constant slow movement for a second to bring that watery-eyed gaze back to her, “You coming mighty close to learning how to respect me proper.”

Stings of renewed pain forced their way through her body, radiating out from her core to her limbs. Lydia felt, more than heard the powerful vibrations of the old woman’s words of warning and promise. This moment held of whether she lived or died. Lydia was at the complete mercy of the old bitch. She knew the woman could snap her neck or break every bone in her body with less than a thought, but she couldn’t stop herself. This old bitch had gone too far. Making another feeble attempt to sit up, she said, “You can’t stand any of us having even the smallest chance at keeping our beds warm. Heaven forbid we try to get away from this awful existence… or you! No, you want us all hold up on this mountain, stuck with you forever.”

“Naw gal, you got it all wrong—as usual,” the older woman said, moving to the back of the room.

Was she going to leave her here on this packed dirt floor? The pain of the energy still wasn’t enough to douse her anger. Lydia wanted to break this spell and she would do whatever she could to do that. The older woman continued to watch her great-grandmother move around the small space of the cabin as desperation drove her onward. She tried every spell she could think of to break this hold on her. The attempts were futile and she knew it. 

“What did you do to me?” Lydia didn’t like the way her body hummed with magic—foreign magic that was not her own. “Tell me Me-Maw, what did you do to me? I can’t move.” Lydia said.

The old woman came to stand over her and said, “Until a wolf of pure heart comes and unlocks the heart of a witch of pure heart, you and your descendants will know of but not how to use your powers. You gone learn child. You can’t claim what ain’t yours. That wolf is somebody else’s mate. Give it time and love with find you. You can’t force what ain’t there. The fact that you can’t see that is what got you into this mess. Learn and grow. When you do, you’ll be released from this binding.”

Lydia tried one last time to make an appeal to the stubborn old crone. “Me-Maw! Don’t do this to me. You’ve curse me! You’ve cursed us all!” Her words fell on deaf ears as her Me-Maw turned and walked away from her and the space, disappearing into the night.



Chapter 1


Present Day, Blue Creek Wolfe Scenting Ceremony


  Celia didn’t like the fierce look in the wolf’s eyes. Yet, she couldn’t tear her own away. On wobbly legs that didn’t cooperate at the moment, she’d been caught watching the ceremony by this wolf. Now, a full stare down had commenced between them and she didn’t like her odds of getting out of here in one piece. Large, piercing gray-blue eyes glinted through snatches of moonlight, as he advanced into the opening of the thicket of trees.

Was this a regular wolf or one of the shifter members of the ceremony? She thought she’d been far enough away from the group to go undetected. This was the very edge of the woods and she’d been careful to be quiet and not spotted. So how did he find her so fast?

Celia had to admit, he was one huge wolf; unreasonably so—but it was those eyes that made a statement. Against the black of his coat, they sparkled and held her mesmerized. He had to be a member of the ceremony. Normal wolves weren’t this large or stealth. Celia wanted to run, but by the looks of him, he’d overtake her in a few strides. Her out of shape legs were no match for the powerful ones of a wolf in what looked to be his prime.

“Great, I managed to locate the largest one of them. Probably the captain of their security for some big wig of this shindig,” she said, muttering under her breath and not liking her predicament in the least.

Sounds of dry leaves and twigs crunched under her feet, as she took a few more steps back. This only managed to magnify the situation. She had to get out of here. Celia knew her only recourse was to say something, anything to break this crazy trance he held over her.

“Good boy… this is NOT the meal you seek.” An involuntary wince surely spread across her face at that bit of nonsense. Now wasn’t the time to crack under pressure in the forest with this wolf advancing. She had to keep it together.

The dryness of her throat let her know this was a real serious situation. Usually she could talk her way out of anything. Her stupidity of using a
Star Wars
reference at a time like this was the clue that she was beyond scared. Celia always managed to say stupid shit when she was scared. That reference was as stupid as it got and the last thing she needed to say to make a successful escape.

A low rumble from the wolf was the only sound the sleek, jet black beast made as he continued to close the distance between them.

She was fucked, and not in a good way.

Celia knew she had no business trying to sneak a peek at the famous Wolfe Scenting Ceremony, but how could she pass up this once in a lifetime opportunity? Unquenchable curiosity had gotten her into most of her troubles. Once again, curiosity had gotten the best of her. This was the same curiosity that currently had her about to be eaten alive by this humongous wolf.

Moonlight be damned.

No matter what she did, the luminescent light continued to point an arrow to any place she thought to hide. Thoughts raced within as she chastised herself for not paying attention to the moon calendar and then for forgetting that wolves didn’t need the light from the moon to stalk their prey anyway. Not only was she trespassing, she sucked at hiding. On second thought, this might be a better way to go—considering who and what she was already hiding from.

Snap out of it, you don’t want to die tonight. Think. Get a clue and get out of here

Celia took in her surroundings. There were too many ways this could go wrong. He had the advantage, and it was like he knew it. Running was out; so was trying to climb a tree. She couldn’t climb or heft her considerable weight up that fast to save her life.

“Hey let’s talk about this. …I’m not a good snack. I’m mostly fat and bones—no real protein here.” She gestured to the midsection of her full body for greater emphasis. “Yep, I bet there are a bunch of better options over there,” she said, pointing into the distance. Maybe he
just a guard for the ceremony, trying to scare her away. That would work. She was so out of here. “Look, I’m leaving. I apologize for crashing your party. No harm, no foul, right? Just let me leave and I promise to never come back. Okay?”


The wolf ignored everything she said, continuing his silent advance. Hell, Celia had caught herself trying to talk with a wolf in the darkness of the woods, trying to persuade him to go the other way. This had to be one of the craziest things she’d done in a while. If she’d watched this as an outsider, she’d say it was cuckoo trying to reason with him. For all she knew, he was a true wolf. But, he was so large and she could swear there was real intelligence behind those eyes, like he knew what she said. Cuckoo or not, she had to try again, one last time to save her life.

Maybe compliments would help

beautiful—for a wolf.

Celia stopped—he stopped. Good? She’d give it one last try. Either way, it couldn’t go that well for her. She’d been caught red-handed, trespassing.

With a big inhale and a last prayer for grace, she launched her last stab at reasoning with him. “All right handsome, you don’t have to spend any more time on me. You can get back to your festivities. I bet there’s a she-wolf out there pacing and waiting for you to show up. I get it. This is a private party only. I’m going—promise.”

He took another step. She inched back a little more. Each step she took backward, he matched with a measured one forward. Eyes locked, the wolf refused to release her gaze from his.

When the bark from the tree scraped the highly sensitize flesh of her back, she jumped. How in the hell had she managed to let a huge black wolf get her cornered against a tree, in the woods, alone? Short, shallow breaths burst from her chest as she tried to practice every technique she’d ever watched on
to control fear and anxiety. Maybe she could tap pressure points to get a clue as to what to do next?

Tapping? Now… Seriously?

Tapping it out at a time like this was for fools. She could see herself trying to tap the spot between her eyes and wish for a better outcome—yeah right. That idea managed to irritate her more than the advancing wolf.

Nothing worked. She wanted to pee her pants, but of course she was frozen to the spot and her bladder was just as scared as she was.

The wolf inched closer. She made a vain attempt to press impossibly harder into the tree’s unyielding trunk. He paused. She panted, no longer caring whether or not he smelled her fear. This was where he was going to take a chunk out of her, she knew it.

“Do it, just get it over with. I can’t fight you.” She would have to be a punk in the end. Celia couldn’t gather enough fight over her fear to fight this beast. She stole a glance down to the still advancing apex predator.

He came within a hair’s breadth of her and stopped—staring. Yes, he was too large to be anything but a wolf-shifter. His head was level with her waist, not to mention his long sleek body was unbelievably impressive this close up. Muscles flexed and moved as he seemed to snake that gorgeous body up closer to her. In spite of her fascination with his presence, Celia’s breath shied away from escaping as she watched him watching her, as if considering something that involved his next move on her.

Before her trapped breath could escape, he placed his nuzzle in the juncture between her thighs and sniffed her womanhood. The scent of something alluring, calming and achingly sexy emanated up from him, enveloping her. It made no sense. There was a wolf with his nose planted between her thighs. He was definitely smelling her pussy and all she focused on was how aroused she was by some wild sexy musk floating on the air. Was this part of the ceremony? No matter, she wasn’t on the menu and was determined to get out of here.

“What the hell?” Her whisper broke the stillness of the night air. Still she didn’t make a move.

Another low rumble from the wolf reverberated through her core, reaching to a spot in her that she’d never experienced. Hot breaths bathed her thighs as the beast continued to nudge her thighs apart.

She obeyed, allowing him to continue to nuzzle, sniff and nudge her to open up more for him.

“Hey! What are you doing? I’m not into this sort of thing,” she managed to get out when instead of fainting from the fear of the situation, she felt moisture from her sex well up.

He must have scented it too. Massive eyes looked up into hers holding her captive for the longest time. Before she could reason what was happening, he transformed before her.

Within a moment, a super-tall man with the blackest of hair and bright gray-blue eyes loomed over her, continuing to stare at her. This time, hovering over her by at least a good half foot, most likely even more. She couldn’t make out his features in full. She’d picked the one tree that obscured the moonlight. But, she could tell he was beyond handsome, matching the majestic beauty of his wolf form.

Silent as the stillness around them, he bent down, captured her lips with his full ones, and kissed the hell out of her.

Celia could swear sparks sizzled and crackled around them as he took what he wanted from her, coaxing and seducing her with each flick of his tongue. Delectable scents of Sandalwood, forest and spicy maleness enraptured and played with her senses. He consumed her while escorting her into a special suspension of arousal, woven exclusively for them.

As if knowing what she needed and how to give it, he yanked her by grabbing a handful of the thick mass of unruly curls that had the nerve to call itself her hair. With a gentle tug, he commanded her chin to tilt, exposing the column of her neck to his searing hot tongue.

Sexually disoriented and highly stimulated by the audacity and sexiness of him, she couldn’t do anything else but obey and hold on. Celia wrapped arms around his neck. He moved in closer, linking strong arms around her waist. When he pulled her into him, his large, stiff cock made an impressive imprint against her stomach.

His essence was primal, commanding and so damn alluring. Was this some sort of spell, cast by her enemies? Otherworldly would be a good way to describe this—if she was willing to explore that side of reality.  

She sizzled with arousal for him. He was spectacular, mysterious, overwhelming and just about everything she didn’t need right now.

In spite of logical thoughts, her body took over, responding to his. She ran hands up and down the taunt skin of his back. Muscles rippled in response, beneath her touch. Celia was too far gone to care as her hands made their way down to grab handfuls of the tightest ass she’d ever encountered.

He tensed.

Oh shit—too much, too fast.

Her hopes for more crashed as he pushed away from her. Looking away, he seemed to hear something in the distance.

She didn’t know how much time lapsed, but it was too short.

He looked back down to her, and with a short kiss, smiled and said in the deepest of voices, “Now don’t be going too far, I’ll find you soon enough, love.”

Then he was gone.

“Shit, dammit to hell and fuckity fuck, fuck.”

The stream of curses wasn’t enough to replace the ache and yearning she was left with. Celia throbbed in the depths of her core for this mystery of a man.

She was fucked, and not in a good way.

Before she could move to make it out of the woods, she knew he was already her obsession.


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