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Struck by Lightning


Arden FD, #2


Sometimes a dream life is really a nightmare.


Rebecca has big plans. She's going to be a famous artist, even if she has to sell her soul to do it. And so far, it's working for her. She's gaining notoriety in local art circles, but the "crap art" she's selling makes her miserable. Ducking into the local fire station during a rainstorm, she finds the perfect way to distract herself–a hot firefighter with a big ego begging to be toyed with.


Dan would be the first to admit he has a big ego, but there's something about Rebecca...


Hunting her down after that first kiss in the rain turns out to be the easy part. Making her happy might be impossible. But Dan is willing to do whatever it takes, including helping her buy back her soul.


Maybe it was the rain, maybe it was the uniform. Or maybe Rebecca and Dan were simply struck by lightning.


WARNING: Violent weather, workplace disasters, and life happening despite the best laid plans.



Spark of Desire


Arden FD, #3


Jessica dreams of putting out fires but can she cope with fanning the flames of Kevin’s smoldering heart?


When she turns thirty, Jessica realizes time is running out if she wants to pursue her dream of being a firefighter and paramedic. Kevin offers her the opportunity to make her dream a reality, but both are unprepared for the flames of desire their meeting ignites.


But what’s with Kevin? He flirts with her, then pushes her away. Not that she needs the complication of starting a new job with a reputation anyway. Jessica decides she’ll just concentrate on her training instead of the dreamy guy who can’t make up his mind.


Friends complicate the matter even further, wreaking havoc on Jessica’s plans to stay focused solely on her goal. As Jessica’s tests approach, she and Kevin must come to terms with their burgeoning love for each other. Will circumstances snuff their chances for happiness?


WARNING: Light BDSM, kink, explicit sex





Secrets Everybody Knows


Weaver’s Circle, #1


Love can't flourish in the dark.


Fifteen years ago, Elaine fell in love with Johnny McMannus, the local bad boy. He was nineteen and she was jailbait. To keep them both out of trouble, Johnny left town.


But years later his father's heart attack brings him back to run the family garage. Hoping to reconnect with Elaine, Johnny has to first fix the mess his parent's alcoholism has made of things. Before Johnny can deserve Elaine, he has to salvage his family's reputation, save their home, and rescue the business.


Too bad Elaine doesn't want to be deserved. She wants to be loved. She never got over Johnny and she's done sneaking around with him as they had before. If he can't love her in public, to her way of thinking he doesn't love her enough.


Warning: Nosy neighbors, hypochondriac mothers and underage girls.




Long Memory


Weaver’s Circle, #2


Who makes memory?


Beth Wilson has been caring for Nonie Bennetti for years. She can see the end looming, but she doesn't expect it to arrive in the form of Nonie's grandson.


James is visiting his grandmother to hide from the publicity of a massive real estate scandal he revealed. While he's there, his mother decides it's a good time to audit Beth's handling of Nonie's finances. James wants to audit something else about Beth, but his mother is relentless. He's not hanging around anyway.


But Beth, and the small town his grandmother lives in, have a lot of appeal. Maybe it's time to stop moving around and start making some memories.


Contents warning: Meddling mothers, medical emergencies and little league games.




Melody Unchained


A newly freed three-thousand-year-old genie and a widowed cop with baggage. What could go wrong?


Plenty goes wrong when Melody finally gets her wish and is freed from her lamp. With her previous master dead, Melody assumes she's free to pick her next one.


Jerry, the cop who’s trying to help her, isn't going for it. He tried to save his wife from cancer, and failed. Which means he’s no one to depend on. And why does he get all the crazy-lady cases? He doesn't want to run anyone's life, even one belonging to a hot self-professed genie who insists he should be her master.


As Melody learns to become her own master, she also discovers a thing or two about friendship...and dating men. The more independence Melody gains, the more Jerry realizes being needed isn’t such a bad thing, and being wanted feels downright good.


But, is Jerry too late to win Melody from a handsome firefighter?


CONTENT WARNING: Meddling coworkers, complicated bus fare and crime fighting.




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BOOK: Satellite of Love
2.12Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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