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Copyright 2014 Cover Art by Anthony Walsh

Bred for Love: Tika is Chosen
Copyright 2014 by Eve Langlais

Taming the Wolf
Copyright 2014 by Anne Ferrer Odom

Replicated Consequences
Copyright 2014 by Jessica E. Subject

Oh, What the Hell…
Copyright 2014 by Maren Smith

Moon Trainer
Copyright 2014 by Kate Richards

Jen & Maddy
Copyright 2014 by Cathy Pegau

No More Lizards
Copyright 2014 by Sue Lyndon

A Public Caning
Copyright 2014 by Natasha Knight

Research Purposes Only
Copyright 2014 by Eva Lefoy

Red Moon Rising
Copyright 2014 by Erzabet Bishop

Double Trouble
Copyright 2014 by Louisa Bacio

Copyright 2014 by Leigh Ellwood

A Lifetime
Copyright 2014 by Olivia Starke

Flame on a Fire
Copyright 2014 by Carole Cummings

Copyright 2014 by Anastasia Vitsky

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To our beloved readers,

As a reader and author, I have a dilemma. There are too many books and not enough money or time to read them. I find myself dazed at the millions of books available, and I don’t know how to choose books best for me. Best seller lists might appeal to a stereotypical reader, but I prefer my stories sweet, naughty, and with a bit of spank. I might buy books from authors I find interesting, only to be disappointed after a few pages. Or I pick up a book accidentally and find myself immersed in an amazing story. Some of my fondest memories of book-hunting include finding unexpected treasures in used book stores, clearance bins, and garage sales. Anyone can look up the latest best seller in a major bookstore, but finding out-of-the-way authors and titles has become a more infrequent pleasure.

Sci Spanks (and its companion events, Spank or Treat for Halloween and Love Spanks for Valentine’s Day) was created to offer readers the opportunity to browse new authors, free of charge. The “Sci” in this term represents the broadest interpretation of dystopia, fantasy, hard and soft science fiction, paranormal, urban fantasy, and speculative fiction. If the story contains events not found in an ordinary human world, it qualifies for Sci Spanks. As the name implies, adult consensual spanking (often for erotic pleasure) is often included. Authors publish stand-alone spin-off stories of published works, or they showcase excerpts of books not yet published. Fans of authors get exclusive sneak peeks, and new readers get to sample authors’ work without committing to an entire book. Publishers, freelancers, and related vendors donate dozens of prizes toward a pool valued at over one
dollars. For Sci Spanks 2014, I introduced an exclusive author meet-and-greet for all participants. The event was so successful that authors are already preparing a special surprise for Spank or Treat 2014, October 24-26.

Sci Spanks
the anthology offers fifteen of the Sci Spanks stories for you in an easy-to-read, portable format. You’ll find everything from sweet, tender romance (Cathy Pegau’s “Jen and Maddy”) to laugh-out-loud humor (Maren Smith’s “Oh What the Hell”) and references to old-school science fiction popular culture (Eva Lefoy’s “Sweet Punishment”). You’ll find a mixture of romantic pairings, from M/F to F/F and M/M. Some stories are harsher (Natasha Knight’s “A Public Caning”) while others appeal to the softest-hearted romantic (Kate Richard’s “The Moon Trainer”). Sit back, relax, and enjoy!

Anastasia Vitsky

July 10, 2014


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Bred for Love: Tika is Chosen



Eve Langlais



Abducted and raised in a commune on a planet with two indigo suns, Tika has no idea she’s part of a specialized breeding program created to provide healthy human females to men of power in need of a perfect mate.

But Tika has no intention of behaving.

What she doesn’t count on is her new owner enjoying the challenge.



Rudely awakened at a ghastly early hour…

Forget blinking the sleep from her eyes. When the matrons came for her, they did so without warning or gentleness. Yanked from her bed, Tika knew better than to protest when they barked orders at her. Experience had taught her to expect the sting from their crops should she balk at their commands.

The last of her sleepiness was driven from eyes and limbs as she was thrust into the bathing chamber, the scalding hot water of the shower rinsing from her skin the cleansing suds they spritzed on her from head to toe. The shock of cold water, though, had her screeching. “Argh! What’s up with the temperature?”

She received no reply unless the rough shove that sent her stumbling from the shower stall counted.

Clean and dry, she was allowed a light breakfast of fruit and water as attendants bustled around her. One even crawled beneath the table to tend her nails. Something was afoot and not just the little gold ring they stuff her baby toe in.

“Dress her in the pink one.” The matron in charge, a bird-like female that Tika had long ago nicknamed The Harpy, ordered, and her bevy of underlings hurried to comply.

As her arms were lifted and a gauzy fabric wound around her in an intricate set of loops and knots that did more to display her body than hide it, Tika asked. “What’s the rush? And why am I wearing the ceremonial gown?” Tika hadn’t yet graduated from her courtesan studies—on purpose. She had more than an inkling of what happened to those who excelled at what the matrons sought to teach. Rumor said the girls who finished were sold off to the highest bidders, never to be heard from again.

Was this a good thing or bad? No one seemed quite sure. Some speculated that a better life awaited them. More pessimistic ones compared it to slavery. Tika thought it depended on who they got bartered off to. But no matter their eventual fate, there was no escaping the fact that the things they were taught, the classes they took, were all designed around one central theme. How to please a man. They were being bred as playthings for the wealthy.

In Tika’s case, they could teach her all they wanted. Tika wasn’t interested in becoming anyone’s whore. Captured from earth when she was a little bit older than some of the other girls, and definitely more streetwise than most, all the punishments and lessons in the world couldn’t change her thinking that the life of a courtesan, even if pampered, didn’t appeal. She had too much backbone to want to obey the dictates of one man. There was just one major problem with her decision. I don’t get a say in my future.

And it seemed her foot dragging and intentional failing at her tests wasn’t going to save her.

“You are being prepared for a viewing,” The Harpy finally deigned to inform her.

“Viewing? By who? I haven’t graduated yet.”

“It doesn’t matter. He’s rejected all the others.”

“He? Who’s he?” And why was he considered important enough to waive protocol, something the matron and her bevy of followers lived and breathed for? It was their religion.

A stinging zap brought a gasp to Tika’s lips.

“Enough with the questions. He’s asked to see more candidates, and despite your unworthiness, you will be shown. Don’t worry. I have no doubt you will remain unchosen. Although, for your sake, you should make an attempt. If you think life as a breeding mate is unpalatable, you will find that of a whore in a brothel even less so.”

A what? Before Tika could digest The Harpy’s threat they were ushering Tika from the room. She didn’t resist, her feet following where they directed as she mulled this newest revelation. When she’d concocted her plan to fail, she’d only partially wondered what would happen to her as a result. In her stupidity, she’d assumed they’d simply cast her off at one point or put her to work somewhere on the compound. But the threat to sell her off as a whore? That cast a whole new menacing light on her situation.

The halls they traveled gleamed in the dual bright suns that rose, the indigo rays streaking the white marble floors and walls with a violet gleam. Her bare toes, the nails chemically shaded a light pink to match her wispy gown, peeked from under the flowing hem as she walked, and the stone in the jewelry she wore glinted. Her long hair, left unbound and swinging in gossamer strands, tickled the base of her spine where a dip in the fabric left it bare.

All too soon they arrived at a grand set of double doors that towered over her and were flanked by the insect-like guards who patrolled the compound and its grounds. Every so often, an attempt to raid and kidnap the inhabitants occurred, usually by pirates, sometimes by the hungry beasts that called the desert home. None of them got far. The guards might not speak in a tongue humans could understand, but they wielded their weapons well and rebuffed, with deadly force, any who would dare trespass.

Spears were thrust to the side in one pincer, a shield in another while a third appendage swung the doors wide open, allowing Tika a grand entrance, an entrance she marred with hesitation.

“Go forth. He awaits,” hissed The Harpy.

Still, Tika paused. What manner of being were they offering her to? What did they expect her to do? Did she continue with her plan to fail, or should she use this as her chance to escape the compound?

A firm shove in the middle of her back propelled her into the room. So much for a graceful entry. She stumbled and almost fell. Arms windmilling, she caught her balance quickly. The doors behind her swung shut with an ominous click.

Inhaling deeply, she lifted her head and glanced around. Bright sunlight streamed through a set of balcony doors and blinded her. She blinked to no avail. While she couldn’t see much, apparently someone else could.

“Come closer.” The deep baritone slid over her and caused a shiver to follow in its wake. Velvety. Smooth. Authoritative. Her skin heated in the oddest manner, and something within her stirred to life.

She didn’t like or trust the odd sensation. Hence she ignored the command. Anyone with such power in their voice shouldn’t be obeyed.

“Are you deaf or stupid? I said to come closer that I might inspect you.”

His rudeness and disparaging tone galvanized her. Tika straightened her spine, crossed her arms over her chest, and with an arched brow said, “No.”

“Are you defying me?” There was no doubting his incredulity. “You do know I am here to examine you. That I am the one with the power here, not you.”

“I am a human being, not merchandise, which means, in case you didn’t realize this, that I have feelings and thoughts. And I think if you want to see me so bad then you can just come out of whatever shadow or corner you’re hiding in and introduce yourself properly.”

Oh, if the matrons could hear her now, they’d surely deplete the electrical charge in their discipline rods for her impertinence. But Tika didn’t care. She wasn’t about to bow to the dictates of a stranger, especially not one whose voice kept causing her body to react in the most unforeseen fashion.

She expected anger, outrage, perhaps even for him to call in the matron or the guards to take her away. What she got instead was a low, masculine chuckle and a figure striding forth, his towering, broad body blocking the stream of daylight while leaving his features in shadow. She did manage to note, though, that he seemed human in shape with two arms and legs, but the refracting light around him made it impossible for her to notice more detail.

“Do you know you are the first simpering maiden to appear before me who has refused to do as she’s told?”

“I think if you are looking for a simpering maiden then you should send me away, because I can tell you right now that title will never apply to me.”

“You admit to being obstinate?” Eyes of an emerald green flashed, brilliant and captivating even as the rest of his features remained indistinct.

BOOK: Sci Spanks
4.25Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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