Secret Confessions: Sydney Housewives - Virginia

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Secret Confessions: Sydney Housewives - Virginia

Rhian Cahill

Secret Confessions: Sydney Housewives Virginia
Rhian Cahill

From the hottest writers in Australia comes a scintillating new series. Enter the world of Sydney’s elite, and find out what goes on behind the doors of the most exclusive addresses in the country…

Meet the Housewives of Sydney. They are wealthy, elegant, poised, and constantly in the public eye. But what goes on behind closed doors, in the private homes and parties where the cameras and paparazzi aren’t welcome? Delve into the most personal details of their relationships, their friendships and their lives. The only question is: can you handle the heat?

Cool, collected, confident—those who know Virginia in her personal and professional life would never expect to find her in Boyd’s, a bar across town from her circle of friends and socialite world. But Boyd’s offers her something she can’t get among her rarefied acquaintances: sex. Rough, hard, mind-blowing, anonymous sex. In her casual clothes, she’s no one important. Incognito, unnoticed by everyone except one: the bartender who knows her drink order—and would like to know a whole lot more.

Secret Confessions: Sydney Housewives
Reading order:

1. Virginia—Rhian Cahill

2. Lana—Cate Ellink

3. Nella—Cathleen Ross

4. Sienna—Tamsin Baker

5. Jorja—Lexxie Couper

6. Meagan—Shona Husk

7. Christa—Keziah Hill

8. Emma—Viveka Portman

9. Willow—Christina Phillips

10. Camilla—Mel Teshco

11. Darla—Tracey O’Hara

About the Author

Rhian Cahill is the alter ego of a stay-at-home mother of four. With motherly duties rapidly dwindling, Rhian is able to make use of the fertile imagination she used to keep herself sane for all those years of slavery. Having spent some years living overseas and visiting tropical climates has helped inspire some steamy stories. Multi-published in erotic romance and contemporary romance, Rhian, with the help of Mr Muse, spends her days and nights writing.

When not glued to the keyboard you’ll find her, book in hand, avoiding any and all housework as much as possible. For more on Rhian visit her website
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A huge, HUGE, thank you to Kate for coming up with the idea and asking me to be a part of it.

And thank you to all the girls involved in making this series fun and exciting.

Mr C. You are my world and I don’t think I tell you that enough. Together forever.


About the Author


Bestselling Titles by Escape Publishing…

Episode 1—Virginia

Virginia tossed her Prada tote on the bed and strode into the walk-in. She went straight for the back wall where she kept the clothes she’d never dare be seen wearing anywhere but at Boyd’s. It might not be her usual night to visit but she needed it. Needed the anonymity Boyd’s gave her more than she needed her next breath.

Yanking out a pair of jeans and a blue jumper with a low V-neck, she headed for the set of drawers that held her lingerie. Tonight called for sexy—skimpy—something to titillate her chosen one with before she took him for a ride. She smiled. Just the thought of hot sweaty sex brought relief from the strain that had wound her insides tight over the last few hours.

She loved the girls. Loved the time they spent chatting, or catting, depending on who sat next to whom, and she totally loved the girl-only time. Except sitting next to Camilla and her sickly sweet newlywed happiness had dug a claw into Virginia that had ripped her wide open tonight.

It had nothing to do with the fact today would have been her fifth wedding anniversary if Colin hadn’t walked out.

“Damn him.” The words were uttered on a harsh breath.

Virginia selected a red bra and matching thong, and headed for the shower. She’d showered before going to dinner but it wouldn’t do to have a man between her thighs without freshening up.

It took only minutes to wash, the other fifteen she spent fixing her hair and touching up her make-up. Just a light swipe of waterproof mascara and a bit of lip-gloss. It wouldn’t do to have make-up smeared all over her face after she’d worked up a sweat. And she definitely planned on working one up. In fact, hot sex against a wall appealed tonight.

Hot. Hard. Rough.

Virginia needed to obliterate everything but pleasure from her mind, and that meant some nameless guy with a hot bod and the right moves was going to get lucky before dawn broke.


Carter watched Ginny weave her way through the tables until she perched herself on the stool across the bar from where he stood. “Well, well, well. Back again, Ginny? And so soon, too.”

“It’s Virginia and you know it.” She flicked a section of sleek blonde hair over her shoulder. “No one calls me Ginny.”

He leaned over the bar. “Do you really want me to treat you like everyone else, Princess?”

Her mouth opened, but after a few seconds of silence she snapped it shut again.

“Didn’t think so.” Carter turned to grab a glass and filled it with her usual gin and tonic. “So what are you doing here? It’s not your regular night.”

Rather than answer his question, she fired off one of her own. “Do you work every night?” Ginny picked up the glass he’d put in front of her.

He couldn’t stop his body’s reaction to her lips pursing slightly against the rim as she took her first taste. He’d wanted to sample that mouth from the minute he’d served her the first G and T on that long ago night when she’d ventured into his bar. “Nowhere else to be. No one to do.” Carter winked. “Unless you’re planning to change that no one to do part.”

Ginny smiled. “You’re not interested in what I’m offering.”

Carter arched one eyebrow. “Oh. And what is it you’re offering?”

“Hot, sweaty, no strings sex.”

He laughed. A belly deep laugh that shook him from head to toe and took a moment to subside. “I hate to break it to ya, Princess, but every guy with a prick is after hot, sweaty, no strings sex.”

One of her perfectly shaped eyebrows rose and he could all but hear the gears in her head turning as she eyed him up and down. Well, down as far as the bar would allow. “But you’re always asking questions about me.”

“I’ll stop that right now if it gets me hot sweaty sex with you.” He held his breath. Fuck. Would she finally take him up on one of his subtle come-ons? Not that he was being all that subtle. But he was over watching her come in here, pick up some strange—lucky—bastard and leave to go fuck his brains out.

Carter wanted it to be his brain she fucked out. He almost laughed. She kinda had fucked with his head. She had him dating his own hand because he couldn’t look at another woman without comparing them to her and his stupid fucking dick hadn’t risen to any of them.

“You want to have sex with me?” Both her eyebrows had winged up her forehead, and the shock on her face would be laughable if he hadn’t been walking around with a set of blue balls in his pants for the last two years.

He leaned towards her, made sure it was only the two of them that could hear. “I’ve wanted to fuck you since you walked through that door and sat down at my bar. Your mouth. Your cunt. Your arse. I want to take every part of you and I want to do it in every dirty position imaginable.”

She sucked in a breath, making her chest rise, her breasts thrust forward. Her eyes dilated until there was only a thin rim of blue around the black pupils. Then she did something that almost had him reaching across the bar and hauling her over the top to fuck her right now. She licked her lips.

Carter dragged in air and held it. Damn. He so wanted to fuck this woman.

“No more questions?”

He shook his head as he breathed out.

“Hot, sweaty, no strings sex?”

Pulling back, he stood straight and pointed at her glass. “Finish your drink.”

She brought the glass to her lips and sculled the contents. With a thunk, she put the glass on the bar and eyed him with a challenging look.

One corner of his mouth kicked up. “Bar’s yours, Devon,” he yelled at his brother over his shoulder and put down the cloth slung over his shoulder. Carter tilted his head to the back of the bar. “This way.”


Virginia slid off the stool and followed Carter. She had no idea where they were going and didn’t care. Not since he’d mentioned all the ways he wanted to have her. God. His language alone had gotten her wet. Add in the X-rated images flooding her head and she was soaking the crotch of her jeans, never mind her thong.

They hit the dark hallway that led to the restrooms and she wondered if he planned to fuck her in the bathroom. She had wanted sex against a wall…

But he bypassed the ladies, the gents, and kept going. At the end of the hall he flung open a door and motioned her to go first. When she stepped over the threshold she saw it was an office with a big desk and a long couch. Either of those could be—

She didn’t get a chance to finish the thought. Carter grabbed her arm and spun her around. In a second he had his mouth on hers and her back against the wall. His tongue thrust between her lips. A moan slipped up her throat as she opened wide and answered his greedy strokes with her own.

His hands went straight to work on her jeans. It took only a heartbeat for him to have them undone and a hand shoved inside. He met slick wet heat that made it easy for him to push his fingers deeper into her pussy.

Carter tore his mouth from hers. “Fuck, you’re so wet.” He glanced down and Virginia’s gaze followed.

What she saw had more liquid spilling from her body. She sucked in a breath as her channel contracted with need.

“Yeah, fucking hot isn’t it? Watch while I fuck this juicy cunt with my fingers.”

He tested her with a fingertip, then drove two fingers deep while pressing on her clit with his thumb. “Oh God.”

“He’s not gonna save you, Princess.”

Carter set a rhythm. Stroking in and pressing. Sliding out and circling. He did it faster and faster until she was clutching his shoulders and panting, little whimpers and moans falling off her tongue. She was going to come.

“Yeah, that’s it, Princess. Let go for me. Come all over my hand.”

Virginia came. Hard and fast. She’d never gotten off so quickly. Never had anyone talk to her the way Carter did and she wasn’t ashamed to admit she liked it. Liked it a lot.

He pulled his hand free of her clenching pussy and shoved at her pants. “Get them off. I have to fuck you now.”

Carter’s words were strained and even through her post-orgasm daze she knew he was on a thin thread of control. She helped him push her jeans down, taking her thong with them.

He let go and stepped back. “Finish stripping. I need to get a condom.”

“Got one.” Virginia reached into her bra and pulled out a foil packet. She smiled and tossed it at him.

“The order still stands. Get ‘em off. All the way. The top half too.” Carter yanked open his jeans and Virginia wondered how the material didn’t tear. “Hurry up, Princess, or I’m rippin’ those clothes off you.”

His growled words got her moving. Kicking off her flip-flops, she shoved her pants down and slipped her feet free. She grabbed the hem of her jumper and pulled it up over her head.


Virginia quickly tossed her top aside so she could see Carter. He stared at her with a blazing hunger that took her right back up to the peak he’d just shoved her off.

“You’re hotter than I ever imagined. And believe me. I imagined.”

BOOK: Secret Confessions: Sydney Housewives - Virginia
2.84Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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