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Authors: Ellen Kottler,Jeffrey A. Kottler,Cary J. Kottler

Secrets for Secondary School Teachers

BOOK: Secrets for Secondary School Teachers
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About the Authors
  1.   Learning Your Way Around the School
Orient Yourself
Make Friends With the School Secretaries
Rules and Regulations
Meeting Your Department
Your Classroom
Building Orientation
Safety Concerns
School Traditions
Lunch Options
Meeting Others
Induction Programs
Take a Breath
  2.   Organizing Your Room
Inventory Resources
Flow and Movement
Bulletin Boards, Wall Space, and the Ceiling
Equipment Checklist
Supplies Checklist
Makeup Work
First-Aid Supplies
Supplies for Traveling Teachers
Other Considerations
  3.   Knowing Your Students
Collecting Information
Students’ Cultures
Sexual Orientation
Diverse Abilities
Learning Styles
Multiple Intelligences
Gifted and Talented Students
Special Events
Student Relationships
  4.   Dressing for Success
First Impressions
Clothing Considerations
Spirit Days
Clothing as an Instructional Tool
  5.   Beginning and Ending Your Class on the First Day
First Contact
Setting the Rules
Some Sample Rules
Theories and Models of Classroom Discipline
Class Syllabus
Get to Work
Ending the Period
Time Considerations
A Cheat Sheet
  6.   Developing Plans for Instruction and Assessment
Long-Term Planning
Unit Planning
Daily Lesson Plans and Assessments
Integrating Input From Testing
Final Thoughts on Planning
  7.   Managing Time and Paperwork
Paperwork Considerations
The Mailbox
Planning and Calendars
In the Beginning
Organize Your Workspace
Managing Time
At the End
  8.   Avoiding Boredom—Theirs and Yours
Capturing and Maintaining Interest
Attitude and Values
  9.   Eating Lunch
Choices, Choices
The Consequences of the Decision
Final Advice
10.   Connecting With Students
Being Visible and Accessible
Listen, Don’t Talk
Reach Out to Students
Some Quick Interventions
Things to Consider When Connecting With Students
Connecting With Difficult Students
11.   Communicating With Parents
The Importance of Parent Involvement
Building Parent Relationships
Contacting Parents
Open House
Face-to-Face Contacts
Ongoing Contact
Understanding Limited Responses From Parents
Recruiting Parents as Allies
12.   Dealing With Difficult Students
Classroom Management
Guidelines for Engaging Students
Students With Attention Deficits
Avoid Direct Confrontation
Implementing a Discipline Policy
Taking Action
Processing the Experience
When the Student Returns
13.   Getting Involved in Activities
Activity Adviser
Class Sponsor
Coaching Athletics
Honoring School Traditions
Other Traditions
14.   Networking With Professionals
Support System
Team Teaching
Working with People in the Community
You Are Not Alone
15.   Using a Substitute
Of Necessity
Meeting Substitutes
Providing Information
Substitute Lesson Plans
16.   Taking Care of Yourself to Minimize Stress
Being Evaluated
Things to Expect
Other Sources of Stress
Take Care of Yourself
Develop a Support Group
Internet Support
Finding Balance
17.   Planning for Your Future
Become What You Wish for Your Students
Continuing Education
Professional Organizations
National Board for Professional Teaching Standards
Reflect on Your Future
Look for Change
Resources for Further Reading


xcitement. Curiosity. Apprehension. No, make that
! These are just a few of the reactions that new teachers have as they anticipate their first year in the classroom.

The book work is done. The closely supervised field experiences and student teaching are over. No more taking tests or writing papers—now you are the one who gets to grade them!

You now have the freedom to organize your own life, away from the confines of the university. You will develop the lesson plans and implement them. Finally, you will start earning money doing something you hope you will truly love. You will be responsible for molding impressionable minds in positive directions. It will be so great, you think, creating the kind of classroom that you always wanted as a student—a place where real learning takes place, where kids have fun, where there is order and support, where differences are honored, and yet everyone works together as a team.

BOOK: Secrets for Secondary School Teachers
5.14Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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