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Seized by the Star Wolf

BOOK: Seized by the Star Wolf
Seized by the Star Wolf
Jennie Primrose
Geek Gurl Erotic Romance (2014)

The shifter space pirate captured her booty… And her heart.
--A highly sexual, explicit sci-fi Shifter erotic romance--

The Star Wolves are a group of notorious shifter space pirates… Fierce interstellar rogues who, according to legend, can only mate with human females.

Curvy BBW Sarah and her petite friend Emily are dragged from their shuttlecraft--and taken to the shifter starship. There, they are claimed by the Alpha Captain and his First Mate, respectively. 

Emily is quick to accept her captor’s possessive claim on her…

But Sarah is not so sure. The Alpha captain who has seized her, Sawagga, is arrogant and ruled by his feral instincts.

The Star Wolves battle in the form of towering, two-legged beasts… And mate in the form of men. 

But can Sarah accept a mate who has the soul of a wolf inside of him? Who, even in human form, has the rough mating instinct of a dominating male beast?

When a rival Star Wolf decides to steal Sarah for himself, Sarah will have to join with Sawagga and embrace the feral she-wolf inside of herself in order to survive…





“You know what I’m going to do now,
he asked me.

His hands were low on my hips, and he pushed me towards the big couch in the center of the holo-chamber.

“No,” I whispered. “I don’t know.”

“I’m going to bend you over,” he said.

“Really?” I gasped.

“Bend you over and breed you properly, like a wolf bitch. I will bond with you and tie with you in the Star Wolf way.”

I was flushed with excitement to hear him say the words. I remembered how much I’d envied Emily earlier when she’d been so passionately mated by her male and now… My time had come.

“But don’t you want to do this in front of the pack?” I asked him. “To show them that you claim
me, that I am yours alone and you will accept no challenge? I would let you mate me in front of them, I would not be ashamed. I know it is your way.”

“They will know,” he told me simply. “They will smell it once I have claimed you. I want to do it here and now. Amongst these trees, this forest… Even though it’s not real, now, it is a promise of what we will have. Someday soon we will join our bodies in the real forest on our new home world.”

He wrapped his fingers in my hair, pulling tightly. There was a little pain but more excitement…

“Don’t hold back, my wolf,” I told him. “I want to experience a complete mating, a Star Wolf mating. Make me your mate, your bitch. I want you to possess every inch of me, inside and out.”

A throaty rumble arose from low in his throat…



y Jennie Primrose



Copyright: 2014 Jennie Primrose

All rights reserved


Chapter 1


I suppose I could blame my uncle for what happened to me. I had been raised in his care since my parents died when I was only nine years old, killed by one of the plagues that swept through the frontier star systems.
My uncle was a gruff and stern man, and he worked me hard on his farm, raising a strain of potatoes which had been transplanted from Earth centuries ago. We all worked hard, myself and his hired hands… It was the way of the folk of the frontier systems: till and toil all the year round.

This was the way we all lived in the frontier systems. So far away from the core of the Galactic Confederation, we had only outdated technology and a coldly patriarchal social system which had developed over centuries
of isolation. Woman were second-class citizens… often treated as property.

I am not a petit
e woman, standing five foot eleven inches in height, wide at both shoulders and hips. With my thick, sandy blonde hair and heavily freckled face, I knew I was no raving beauty. Just another big, strapping farm girl.

I had a wide behind and a bosom that was too small
in comparison to cut a pretty figure. But I did more than my share of work in the fields and in the house… So I was shocked one day to discover that my uncle had traded me for a ton of high-grade bioengineered bacterial fertilizer.

At the very least, I would have thought that my uncle, who had lost his own wife in a violent steam-storm during a solar flare-up some years back, would have wanted a woman around the farm, to give things a feminine touch. But perhaps not.

At any rate, one evening shortly after I had turned twenty-one years of age, he came to me and gruffly proclaimed, “Sarah, you ‘bout to be wedded. I’m shipping you off to the Fallow system. I made a deal for a nice ton of Mega-Grow cultures.”

My jaw hung open as he pulled out a tiny holo-disc with the image of my future husband displayed in the air over it.

I studied the projected image with dismay. The ruddy-skinned farmer whom I was to marry was much older than myself, in his forties it appeared. He was bald except for a ring of wiry hair around the crown of his head, and he had tiny eyes, a snub nose, and a cruel mouth missing many teeth. He looked strong, but also had quite a belly on him. He hadn’t even bothered to clean himself up for the holo-image; his coveralls looked as if they were covered in many years worth of soil and manure. Honestly, he reminded me of one of the pigs we kept on the farm.

This man was old enough to be my father, and I had never met him… But my uncle had signed the contract, he proudly proclaimed, and the bride-deal was done. Such arrangements were not uncommon in the frontier systems, and the female who was bartered in such a fashion had no legal right to protest.

My uncle offered me no explanation, other than he’d made a good trade and he wanted me to prepare immediately for the journey.

And so, scarcely a day later, I found myself clutching a small bag containing a few outfits and the precious few possessions I owned, boarding a small inter-system shuttle which would take me to the planet Fallow.

I never arrived there, however…

Chapter 2


I was seated in the budget section of the shuttle, to the rear of the small inter-system starship. Seated next to me in the window seat was another young lady from a farming community on my world. Her name was Emily, and she was also a purchased
bride, just a few months younger than myself.

As we chatted, she explained that she would be taking a transfer shuttle from Fallow to the
Broadplains system, where her own intended husband, a prosperous rancher, awaited.  Apparently, he had transferred a hefty amount of credits into her family’s account in exchange for her hand.

Emily seemed cheerful about the whole arrangement, though. She showed me a holo of her own future groom. He was tall and lanky, somewhere in his thirties, with ta
nned skin and an unruly beard. He was hardly classically handsome, but his smile at least looked pleasant, kindly.

Emily was a definite contras
t to myself.

She was tiny and pale, with delicate features and dark hair that curled into dainty ringlets as it hung down beside her face. She looked like a little porcelain doll. She had spent most of her time working indoors in her family’s dairies, and thus had escaped the ravages of the sun on her skin.

Something told me that Emily’s rancher-man wanted her for her beauty, and not for her ability to do back-breaking labor. It would be a sign of his prosperity that he could afford to keep such a dainty, pretty bride who would not be much use with heavy chores. That might have explained why her family wanted to trade her off, too…

I tried to quell my own feelings as I listened to Emily nervously chatting away in the seat beside me, discussing her hopes for the future. I wished I
could soak up her perky optimism.

In truth, I had little hope for my own future. My own intended, the piggish-looking farmer, had made it clear to my uncle that he wanted t
o use me heavily, in his fields… and in his bed.

I would work from sunup to sundown, then submit to his breeding in order to produce the brood of strapping sons he hoped to spawn.
No doubt I would die as a withered crone, all of the life squeezed out of my, only to be buried in some crude grave and swiftly forgotten.

Musing on this, I felt my eyes tearing up and my limbs trembling with impotent rage. I bit my lip and tried to staunch such emotions, knowing that they would not help me.

Suddenly, the ship lurched.

I fell half out into the aisle, and
Emily’s little head was almost in my lap. When the ship righted itself, people were shouting.

There was a flash of orange light outside the window… Odd, since we were in deep space, with no stars around. I looked out and, against the distant stars in the void, a brilliant orange beam cut just over the wing of the shuttlecraft.
It was followed by another beam, whizzing by the wing but not striking it.

“They’re using grazer weapons,” someone shouted.

“Who is?”

“Pirates!” a man answered. “They’re firing warning shots. They’re going to try and capture the ship.”

“Oh my gods,” another woman exclaimed. “It’s the Star Wolves!”

I could see the attacking ship through the window now, as I peered out over Emily’s shoulder.

It was a battered old freighter that looked like it had been through several wars. The ship wasn’t much larger than the shuttle itself, but it had been fitted with many guns and missile-pods, and the giant thrusters in the rear of the ship dwarfed the rest of the hull. I didn’t know much about starships, but this one looked like it had been built to hit fast and hard…

The ship had the silhouette of a wolf’s head painted on the side, its jaws open, fangs bared.

A pirate ship… Star Wolves.

Suddenly, the shuttle began to shake, vibrating. There was a rough jolt and I found myself pushed towards the seat in front of me, bracing myself with my arms.

The captain’s voice came over the intercom. “Please remain calm,” he stated, his voice betraying a touch of anxiety. “We are applying the emergency braking thrusters.”

The shaking and rumbling subsided after a few moments. It seemed that the shuttle had stopped, and we were now floating dead in space.

Meanwhile, outside my window, the battle-scarred hull of the pirate vessel loomed larger and larger, until it blocked my view.

There were heavy thumps and clanks, and the whole ship vibrated again. Pa
ssengers were crying, shouting and screaming now.

“What’s going on?” Emily asked. Her hand was on my arm, her nails digging into my skin in her fear.

“I think they’ve docked with our ship,” I said. “That means we’re going to be boarded.”

“Attention,” came the captain’s voice from the intercom. “We have been intercepted by
an… unregistered vessel. We are complying with their request to access the cargo hold. Please remain in your seats and remain calm until the transfer of cargo is complete.”

Emily still gripped my arm hard, while rocking anxiously in her seat. “Does that mean that they only want the cargo?” she asked me. “Then they’ll leave us alone?”

“I don’t know,” I told her honestly, unable to give her false reassurance.

“But the crew could fight them if they come in here?” she asked.

“I don’t think a civilian crew has weapons. Or, not ones good enough to fight off pirates, anyway.”

really didn’t know that much about space pirates. Only a little that I’d read… There were some pirates that were more like gentleman privateers for one of the breakaway systems, raiding foreign ships for cargo while leaving any civilian passengers alone.

But then, there were many pirates who really were just brutal scum, men too violent for any society who made their way through the galaxy pillaging, killing, raping…

What of these “Star Wolves,” then? That was a special case. I remembered reading about them in one of the old books stored on the antique reader my mother had given to me.

They were some kind of Shifter, weren’t they? It seemed that, centuries ago, some insane bio-engineer, in an attempt to preserve the DNA of endangered species from Earth, had fused the animal DNA with that of humans. He had then sent these creatures out into space.

The Star Wolves were supposed to have the DNA of
Terran wolves, and were said to be able to shift into animalistic form when enraged. Each of their ships held a pack of the creatures, headed by an Alpha Male who served as their de facto captain. Too wild and dangerous for human society, they often served as mercenaries… or raided the space lanes as pirates.

A wolf pirate… That doesn’t sound like the gentlemanly sort of rogue,
I thought.

More likely these were killers, bloody in tooth and claw.

Wasn’t there something else in one of the books I had read? Something about Star Wolf mating customs, and pure human females? I couldn’t recall exactly what the info had been… And at the moment, I really didn’t want to.

My heart was beating fast, and my stomach was churning. I was beginning to think that there might indeed be a fate worse than becoming the chattel of that piggish
farmer on Fallow.

But then again, perhaps I didn’t have to worry. If these pirates were in a hurry, and really did only want to loot any valuable cargo on the shuttle

We all waited for long minutes, hearing
thumpings and clankings from the cargo hold below our passenger compartment. After a while, most everyone stopped talking.

Suddenly, there was more thumping. It seemed to come from right beneath my feet. Actually, I realized, the noise was coming from the access hatch set into the floor in the middle of the aisle a few seats ahead of us.

As I watched, I heard the hiss of pressure seals disengaging—

--And the hatch in the floor suddenly flew up, and open.

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