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Selling it All (8 page)

BOOK: Selling it All

“Yeah, they were friends of Roxy's. They're
available for private bookings as well.” She sang in a teasing

“Actually, I'm watching them handcuff the
minister to a chair right now. I wonder if there's a safe word or
something to make them stop...” Joe mused idly, while he watched
their enthusiastic performance continue against the minster's
wishes. He finished the burger and wiped his hands on his gray
Armani slacks.

“You should come over. Ernesto's cooking
burgers and hot dogs.” He offered sincerely.

“I would, but I have to stay until the fire
department secures the large hole in the house. There's a news crew
here too.” Sarah said over the blaring sirens.

“I'll handle it.”Joe said absently.



“Why did you have Roxy lie to me?”

Joe reached into the cooler to grab a Coke.
While he popped it open, Ernesto sampled one of his burgers and
nodded in approval. Joe though a little before he said

“ I wanted to keep the playing field level. I
didn't want sympathy. I've achieved everything in my life by my own
hand, not by someone feeling pity for me. It was something my
adoptive father always imbued in me.”

“I see. So, where does that leave us?” She
asked with her hand cupped over her phone.

Joe clapped Ernesto on the back and put his
sunglasses on. He strolled past the oily muscle bound dancers, as
he made his way to the front door. Outside, he unlocked his car
with the key fob and said, “I guess I'll see you at the

Sarah arrived at the award in her rental car.
After she paid the valet, she straightened her slinky little black
dress, and checked her makeup one last time. She was surprised to
be assaulted by such a press turnout. They all thrust microphones
and cameras in her face, while they kept asking about the
competition she and Joe had.

The entire story went viral, and she was
spending every day fending off paparazzi and offers for talk show
appearances. As she stepped into the fancy banquet hall, the entire
crowd shushed and turned towards her.

She felt her stomach flip flop, as she
scanned the vast crowd in a panic. Upon seeing Jessica sitting at a
table, she made a beeline through the throng of people and sat down
next to her. Mr. Nelson sat down across from them with a drink in
his hand and winked at Sarah.

“You look great!” Jessica said. She had to
shout over the din of the large crowd.

“Thanks!” Sarah shouted back. “I just want to
get this over with and go sleep.” She admitted. While she stole a
sip from Jess's Martini, the entire banquet hall became completely

Amongst hushed voices and whispers, Joseph
Blake made his way slowly too the podium. He was wearing a tuxedo
like it was something he did every day. As he set his champagne
glass down, he took his time straightening the microphone and
clearing his throat. Sarah knew he was just playing up the moment
to manipulate the crowd. She still had to smile regardless.

“Those of us that are members of the Gold
Coast Realtor's Association know how important this award is.” He
said. In his hand was the laser cut glass monolith with the
Association's name engraved in the front.

“In spite of your best efforts, I usually win
this every year.” He paused as the laughter at his joke died down.
“But this year, I made a bet with a motivated young woman to see
who could sell the most from one housing tract in one month.”

He gestured to the large press pit at the
back of the hall. “Needless to say, we both got a little carried
away.” Everyone erupted in laughter again, while Joe paused to take
a drink from his glass.

“But this competition reminded me that I love
the game. I love the rush from finding a lead, or really earning
that commission. I was in a real slump until Sarah Bella came along
and agreed to my ludicrous wager. And now, I would like to present
the Gold Coast Realtor's Association award to the best in the game!
Sarah, get up here!”

The crowd jumped up, and there was a
thunderous amount of applause as she made her way to the podium.
She stood there and looked out while camera flashes blinded her
momentarily. She felt Joe place his hand on the small of her back,
and she turned to smile at him.

He leaned down to whisper in her ear. “You
really earned this, Miss Bella.” He said with a genuine smile.

Sarah took the large glass trophy and held it
in her hands. She was surprised by the heftiness of it, and she set
it down carefully on the table next to Joe's champagne glass.

While the crowd sat waiting for her speech,
she drew a complete blank on what to say. How do you even put into
words what happened over the last month? She looked up at Joe, who
gave her a confused shrug.

“Say something!” He goaded quietly.

“I don't know what to say!” She said with a
timid shrug.

“While they're waiting, I wanted to give you
something else.” Joe said.

In one smooth motion, he hooked his leg
behind hers and dipper her low. She reflexively grabbed his lapels,
and gave him a wide eyed look. It was then that he leaned in and
kissed her. Just the way she wanted. While the crowd broke into
another round of raucous cheering, it was all just distant noise.
Joe tilted, and pivoted, and kissed her like it was some kind of
dance. She just held on and curled her toes while she got the award

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