Serving the Billionaire Alphas (Werewolf Shifter Menage Steamy Romance)

BOOK: Serving the Billionaire Alphas (Werewolf Shifter Menage Steamy Romance)
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Serving the Billionaire Alphas


knew the rules. I knew how it all worked. I played the game, and I played it extraordinarily well. Kept a straight face, did was expected of me, and then got the hell out of dodge with the money.


Such was life. As an in-demand call girl for one of the hottest agencies in Vegas, I had been with some incredibly strange clients before.  I’d seen them all before. There were the guys who liked the fake stepdaughter stuff. Then you had your guys who were into the whole pain and submission thing, either giving or taking. In my experience, it was usually giving – and that let me let out some frustration as I whipped them, humiliating them the way they wanted me to.


After a year of working my way up the ranks, building up an impressive clientele and some extremely pricey demands, I lived extraordinarily comfortably on the dime of some of the richest men to step within a fifty-mile radius of the city. I never let emotion into it, always played it cool and acted the part until after I was home and freshly bathed.


But I think my last clients, the shifters, probably take the cake.


I knew the type. You see, shifters kind of go either way. You get the ones that are all about their destined mates, these soul-bound lovers who find their “one true love” and defend them to the end of time, even against others of their kind. Then, you get the
kind, the sorts of shifters who are
into the whole “pack mentality” thing. These
particular ones like to take their lovers
, in a whole big mating frenzy. It’s a regular ménage fracas, I can tell you that.


Go on
, you say?
Tell you more?


Well, aren’t we on the demanding side?


Sure, I can go on. Go ahead. Get comfortable. Saddle up for the hot stuff…because what I’m about to tell is going to rock your freaking


You ready?






The tale of my most extraordinary night begins with a man named Cedric Furlough. Cedric was an incredible specimen of man in every sense of the word. For starters, the guy was
handsome. As in, the whole nine yards: he had broad, cut shoulders…rippling muscles and washboard abs…and a mischievous, panty-dropping smile that could make even the sturdiest women blush.


But he wasn’t just gifted with the physique of a god – no, Cedric Furlough also happened to be filthy rich. As the inheritor of some big money from a few generations ago, he was a guy who managed to turn compounded decades of some extremely
business investments around. At the ripe young age of 18, he inherited his struggling fashion empire, a fraction of its former self. Within half a decade, he’d turned it around and made his flagship
line some of the most sought-after designs in among the rich and famous the world over.


Of course, Cedric didn’t design any of his work himself. He was a consummate businessman, hiring hidden gems in the fashion world, with an instinct for raw, overlooked talent and making things happen. With a carefully curated team of hand-picked former nobodies in the biz, usually under the age of 30, he took a handful of small, failing overseas factories and spun that entire thing around. By the time he was 25, he was gracing the fronts of magazine covers, his face almost recognizable to every household. You see, he gave back to the environment, being sure to source sustainably for his burgeoning empire as he expanding into other fields, doing his part to revitalize forests and snatch up land wherever he went, only to turn it into conservational gifts to the public. When a Furlough building sprung up somewhere, it was usually joined with a pledge to keep carbon emissions low, match its carbon footprint with ecological improvements all around, and support for local charities that helped underprivileged youth and conservation.


When the whole “shifter” thing came out, he stepped forth as one of them. In retrospect, this made his whole “nature obsessed” angle somewhat completely plausible. What made his case odd was that
particular shifter was a billionaire, and a highly regarded one at that – when their kind became public knowledge, nobody expecting someone as high up as
Cedric Furlough
to be one of them.


So, as I was given his name over the phone while I ascended the elevator to his penthouse suite, here in Las Vegas, I was more than a little surprised.


Not that he had hired a call girl. Shifters are somewhat ravenous in the sex department, and it was unfortunate public knowledge that he had been through some trying times on the dating scene.


No, I was more thrown off-guard that I was going to experience my first shifter encounter. And if my instincts were right about what I suspected of my latest client, knowing what I did of his general public love life…




Cedric’s incredible attractive, chiseled face answered the door. “Good evening, lovely. What’s your name?”


I thought about lying, giving my call girl name, but I thought better of it for some reason. “Amanda,” I told him coyly. “And yours?”


“Oh, you flatter me. I’m well aware that you know
who I am, just like every other soul in this ravenous city…” He stepped aside, holding the door open for me. “Go ahead and come in. Make yourself comfortable.”


“Don’t mind if I do,” I politely replied as I stepped inside, my eyes falling across ornate crown molding, the exquisite design of the woodwork, and the comfortably lush carpet that ran deep into the suite.


Turned out that my usual instincts were correct. As I stepped into the luxury suite, I spotted two other men in designer suits, just a little younger than the client.


“I’d like you to meet my brothers, Valen and Criss,” Cedric mentioned warmly as his hand indicated each in turn. Lounging near the counter, they smiled wickedly but seductively at me.


Yep. They’re THOSE kind of shifters.


I wasn’t a stranger to threesomes, although a
was outside my comfort zone. Some of my clients really enjoyed roping another upscale gentleman into the mix, sometimes sharing me with a business associate or partner to their firm. However, I knew shifters to have somewhat higher stamina than most middle-aged businessmen I dealt with, and I knew that if I was
going to take them all…I was going to be in for a wild ride.


Didn’t take me long to realize why I had been chosen for this particular assignment, although I was mildly furious that I was only finding out
why that was.





After we dispensed with the formalities, and my rich shifter partners had carefully removed every expensive stitch of their suits, I found myself naked between them in the center of the spacious den. These shifters were all about the business, wanting to dive straight to their bonding around me. I wondered how long it had been since they had been able to mate a human woman, so much that I wanted it animalistically – no bed, even. The cleared den was good enough for them, and I figured that the lush carpet was probably their high-end substitution for their ancestral grass.


I caught the slight scent of some tribal fragrance in the air. Although they were insanely rich and had their expensive tastes, it amused me that they still wanted to restore some of their primal environment with the jungle smells.


“Before we start,” I spoke seductively, “why don’t you show me those big, shifter wolf forms of yours? I want to see them for myself…”


“Do you doubt?” Cedric asked, observing me coolly. “Surely you’ve seen me transform before.”


“But baby, nothing beats seeing the real thing in person,” I cooed.


“…Very well. Suit yourself.”


Nodding to the others, they stepped back, and the air around them glimmered. I was caught in a mixture of complete awe and fascination as their bodies dropped to all fours, limbs twisting as their hair shot down across their skin. As their forms swelled, their faces contorted into thick snouts and their jaws engorged and snapped open, bearing massive fangs. Within seconds, I was facing not three incredibly rich men, but three incredibly large


The wolves regarded me calmly for a moment, taking up the entire room. After a moment, they transformed back, an exact reverse of the process. Once they were done, they rose back up, smiling widely but sexily.


“Will that suffice?” Cedric asked. I nodded quickly.


They gazed upon me, lustful and naked. Their chiseled bodies and jaw-droppingly mighty physiques were enough to almost melt me at the spot.
I won the fucking call girl jackpot,
I remember thinking to myself, my eyes caught on their swinging cocks as they approached me. I mentally prepared myself for the mating – after all, shifters are
lovers, and I knew that if I was going to truly please them, I was going to have to break my big rule.


I was going to have to sincerely love them.




Cedric’s warm, strong embrace was inviting from the start. His lips crashed against my throat as he kissed deeply and fully, inhaling my scent with rapturous delight. Insatiable and eager for more, his kissing grew passionate, his teeth nipping at my ear, tongue sliding across the vein of my neck. I held onto him all the while, succumbing to the heat of his attention, drinking in every drop of it that I could find.


But the passion against my leg drew my attention more – emanating too much heat to ignore, the huge tool pressed against me and demanded my touch. I dropped to my knees in the carpet before him, unfastening his slacks and drawing it out from behind its fabric prison. As it slid into view, I saw how terrifyingly large it was – the bulbous head twitching with desire, a bead of passion already forming along the slit. I began to stroke the tool lightly before accepting the droplet across my tongue. It was incredibly salty to the taste, yet I felt a beam of internal satisfaction as it slipped to the back of my mouth and down my throat.


The other shifters required attention too, and they dropped their slacks as they hovered around me. My hands instinctively slid around their shifter shafts as my lips descended around Cedric’s ready cock. Pushing them down as far as I could manage, I was pleased to realize that I could draw over half his cock into my mouth from the start. Drawing my lips back up, then down, then back up again, I began a steady rhythm of bobbing as my tongue slid around the sensitive seam of his glans, teasing him ever so slightly. As I did this, my fingers briefly withdrew from the shafts of the other two shifters. I gently cupped his balls with my hand, stroking him with the other in a rotating, rolling motion. My mouth still gliding down his cock against the sliding fist, I could tell from his deep groans that he considered my efforts to please him above and beyond.


At his grunt, and the husky murmurs of his other shifters, I soon returned my hands to their bobbing cocks. My deft fingers resumed stroking Valen and Criss who, judging from their growls of contentment, were rather appreciative of my efforts. They were slightly smaller than the alpha male, but just as enthusiastic and eager for satisfaction as their leader. I couldn’t fathom how cocks could even grow to this size – I wondered if it was their shifter physiology, or perhaps the simple answer that they were more men than the others I had experienced in my life.


Cedric’s hands settled on my head, pushing my lips further down his slick shifter dick. I mentally pushed myself to relax my muscles, accepting more of him with each thrust downward. It seemed he was eager to experience me to take the entirety of him within my mouth, which I considered laughably implausible at best – frighteningly impossible at worst. Although my throat was starting to burn, I was eager to continue pleasing him, and to my pleasure he stopped the efforts and allowed me to blow him at my own depth. Meeting him halfway was my priority at the moment, and I bobbed faster, my tongue swirling along quickly along his shaft as he held my head and let out a steady gasp of contentment.


But none of us were going to remain pleased with this arrangement for long, and I was eager for my own pleasure. Drawing up from my knees, I drew the shifters close, feeling their lips kiss across my body, hands sliding along my contours to explore me. My clothes were soon ripped from my body, the sounds of shredding fabric snapping into warm air. Soon, I was as naked as the rest of them, and they peppered my body with explorative kisses. Hands snaked up to grasp my breasts, with calloused fingers brushing my peaked nipples. Teeth descended upon my shoulders, my neck, biting at various strengths in a cacophony of need. The hands left my breasts now, replaced by warm, powerful lips that engulfed the erect peaks as strong, wet tongues slid across the nipples. Grasping hands soon clasped my ass, fingernails dug into my skin, and fingers pushed tenderly between my lips as my tongue sought out the spaces between them.

BOOK: Serving the Billionaire Alphas (Werewolf Shifter Menage Steamy Romance)
9.53Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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