Seth's Cravings: An Endless Series: Book 2

BOOK: Seth's Cravings: An Endless Series: Book 2
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Seth’s cravings


Series Two of An Endless


Published by:

Sara Hess


Copyright©2015, Sara



Cover Artist:


All Rights Reserved. No part of this book
may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means, electronic or
mechanical, including photocopying, recording, or by any information storage
and retrieval system, without permission in writing. This is a work of fiction.
Names, characters, places, and any resemblance to any actual person, living or
dead, events, or locales is entirely coincidental.












Chapter One



“Pit! You’re

     I drew in a deep breath at the unwanted moniker. The
nickname ‘bottomless pit’ had been bestowed on me my freshman year by Evan, one
of my roommates, because they said I was constantly eating. Unfortunately, not
long after it had gotten shortened to the obnoxious epithet ‘Pit’.

     I was a six foot six, two hundred and fifty pound male;
I should have a better nickname than ‘Pit’. It was rather undignified.

     Shouldering my way through the front door carrying my four
suitcases I grumbled. “Don’t call me that.”

     Landon walked down the stairs toward me with a shit ass
grin on his face. They all knew I hated the nickname, but that didn’t stop them
from using it. I really needed to start busting some heads together so they
would take me seriously.

     “Man, its good to see you. I got back two days ago and
I’m in serious need of some action. I hope you’re rested up because we are so going
out tonight.” Landon slapped me on the back as he walked past me to the

     I set my suitcases down next to the stairs and followed
him. “Hell, I just drove three hours. I don’t want to get back in a vehicle.”
I’d gone back to Virginia Beach to my parent’s home for University of Virginia’s summer break. Summer was over though and now I was back for my senior year. Classes
didn’t start for another two weeks, but I needed time to reacclimatize myself to
the house…and everything else.

     Walking into the kitchen I saw three pizza boxes on the
counter and headed straight for them. I hadn’t had anything to eat in three
hours and I was hungry.

     “You have a few hours to relax until Jax’s party
tonight where a few of the guys want to play some poker, so make sure you bring
you’re A-game.” Landon said tossing me a paper plate.

     I already had a slice of supreme pizza in my mouth and
I added another two to my plate. Grabbing a bottle of water out of the fridge I
sat down at the table. “Poker, huh?” That might be okay. I wasn’t big on
arbitrary partying. I liked to hang out, drink, and pick up girls like most
guys did, but I wasn’t into having empty conversations with people I didn’t, or
barely, knew.

     Landon sat down with his own plate and water. “Jax said
it would be particularly interesting tonight because there someone new at the

     Jax was a teammate of ours on UVA’s lacrosse team, an
attackman. I was a defenseman and Landon was a midfielder. “Who?” I asked
around my mouthful of bread, sauce, and cheese with everything.

     “He wouldn’t say, just said it would be worth it even
though we’d probably lose our shirts. And then he giggled; I swear you
not…giggled like a fucking girl. Of course the ‘lose your shirts’ comment was a
red cape to me so I’m going.” He took an aggressive bite out of his slice of
pizza like he was gearing up to take a bite out who ever thought they could
actually prevail against him.

     I shook my head. Landon was pretty competitive; telling
him he was going to bomb at something before he even did it was sure to get his
juices flowing. He was almost too easy to manipulate sometimes because he was
so competitive. That was how Carrie had gotten into that game months ago
because she’d called his precious poker a child’s game. He had basically forced
her to play and then she’d won a big money hand on a bluff without even
realizing that they’d been playing for big money. Nic, her boyfriend and our
roommate, had almost fallen to the floor laughing when she’d revealed her hand.
I’d lost money as well but even I’d laughed my ass off. Landon was still trying
to get his man card back after that.

     Thinking about Carrie brought a slight twinge to my
chest. Both Nic and I had been interested in her when we’d first met her eight
months ago, but Nic, the fucker, had gotten lucky and was able to snag her up
first. Nic had been a basic man-whore at the time but I’d recognized after a
few weeks that what he felt for Carrie was more than his usual ‘get in and get
out quick’ rote.

     At first I’d been anticipating a quick end to his
interest so I could move in, but Nic and Carrie were one of those connections
that were fated to happen. It was like they were destined to be together they
were so damn perfect for each other.

     So I had to let go of my infatuation, because that’s
really all it had been, and it had gradually waned over time so that by the beginning
of summer I was able to look at the two of them without feeling resentful of
their relationship. I was actually really happy for them. Carrie had lived
through some horrific years before meeting Nic, and Nic was like a brother to
me and hadn’t had the happiest of childhoods either, so they more than deserved
their happy ending.

     I had my own girlfriend now. While at home this summer I’d
met someone. I had been sick of lacrosse groupies and one night stands for a
while. Meeting Carrie had shown me that there were some awesome girls out
there, and while I couldn’t have her I’d met someone just as nice.

     Melissa was sweet, kind, beautiful, and seemed to
worship the ground I walked on. I’d met her at one of my parent’s parties
during the summer and we’d been together for about two and a half months now.
She was great, and the sex was pretty good too. It would probably be better if
I didn’t have to contain, to a large extent, my sexual proclivities, but I just
wasn’t certain that Melissa was ready for them…yet.

     Hell, I’d basically been controlling my sexual
appetites my whole life with only a few exception now and then when I’d run
across a woman that conveyed an interest in them vociferously. I might even
have pushed to have some type of relationship with one of them if they hadn’t
all been very liberal in their views on what constituted a relationship.

     I wasn’t going to share what I considered mine.

     So sex with Melissa could be better, but I was hoping
that in time she’d be open to things I wanted to do to her. It wasn’t like
she’d been a virgin or was scared of sex, but I could tell that she was comfortable
with vanilla and would require time.

     “So, you’re coming, right?” Landon asked finishing up
his slice.

     I was about to answer when the front door opened and
slammed shut. There was a scuffle of feet, some giggles, and then Nic and
Carrie stepped into the kitchen. They made a striking couple; where she was
petite and dark with exotic Spanish ancestry, he was tall and blonde.

     The two of them were pressed together, Nic’s front to
her back, and his hands were roving wherever they could while she giggled and
gasped. When they saw us Carrie blushed brilliantly and jumped away. Nic let
her go but got one last squeeze to her ass which she gave him a blistering look
for. However, you could see the sparkle in her eyes showing she’d loved it.

     Damn! I hadn’t seen the girl in three weeks but she
still took my breath away with how gorgeous she was. She had to be one of the
most beautiful women I’d ever seen. Whenever she stepped in a room guys goggled
and girls cringed in inadequacy. She was makeup free with ice blue eyes, black hair
in a braid down to the middle of her back, and her five foot four frame was
encased in a plain white t-shirt and khaki shorts. The entire ensemble would
put the most made up woman to shame, and it all came in the sweetest package
you’d ever meet.

     “Seth!” Nic exclaimed with a happy grin. “You just get
here?” He and Carrie grabbed a plate and some slices. As they moved around the
kitchen I noticed Nic getting in touches here and there. The guy couldn’t keep
his hands off of her.

     This caused an entirely different twinge in my chest;
this one because I didn’t feel the need to do that with Melissa.

     I shook it off. Melissa was great, and just because I
wasn’t all over her like Nic was with Carrie didn’t mean anything. It would

     “Yeah, about fifteen minutes ago.” I answered finishing
off my last slice.

     Nic and Carrie sat down at the table with their food
and water bottles. Carrie gave me a smile. “Hey Seth. Melissa didn’t come down
with you?”

     I gave her an answering smile because there was no way
not to smile at her. “No, she’s got work.”

     Melissa was twenty-three, a year older than me, and
already out of school working at her families business. She’d also gone to
school for business, the same as me, and was working at her families drywall company.
They were one of the leading wallboard manufacturer’s for the United States. It was sort of fortuitous that we were going out since my families business
was construction. In fact, we were one of the leading construction companies in
the north east, and a construction company was always in need of drywall.  

     “Well, I for one am glad you’re flying solo, and shit,
you’re probably longing for those bachelor days when you can go to a poker game
and not have to worry about what the little woman wants to do. No offense
Carrie.” Landon said, and he actually sounded like he cared if he caused

     That he cared if Carrie might have been upset at his
comment revealed that he’d warmed to her. Landon was the leading cynic on women
and asshole extraordinaire. Carrie and Amanda were some of the few females that
he truly believed worth his concern.

     Carrie smiled, her eyes twinkling. “No offense taken,
Landon. I know it was said out of deep-seated fear that your man card will be

     Nic burst out laughing almost choking on his pizza. It
was a good thing I was done eating because I would have been in the same
predicament as I snorted as well.

     Landon scowled and pointed his finger at her. “I’ve got
a wallet filled with man-cards for the taking when you’re ready for a rematch,
but don’t think you’ll get away with a bluff like that a second time.”

     “I told you I’d play anytime as long as it’s not for
money. We can play right now if you want to?” Carrie offered with a come hither
wave of her hands.

     Landon’s expression was one of disgust. “There’s no fun
to it without the thrill of winning or losing something.” A sly smile twisted
his lips and he leaned forward. “We could play for something else besides money

     Nic straightened in his chair and growled warningly.

     Innocence replaced the sly smile instantly. “What? It
was just a suggestion since she won’t play for money.”

     Carrie’s head swiveled back and forth in confusion between
the two while I tried to keep the grin off my face. Nic was a little too
protective of Carrie because of her background, but he also didn’t like other
guys saying suggestive things toward her…around her…about her. He was a bit of
a caveman with her. But while Carrie might blush at suggestive comments she
would most likely zing something right back.

     “What are you guys silently communicating?” She

     “Landon was going to suggest that you could use your
clothes as collateral.” Nic responded with a dark scowl.

     Just as I’d called it Carrie blushed, but she held
herself together. “You mean take our clothes off…like strip poker. Why would I
want to do that? I would have to want to see what he looks like naked…and I
really don’t.” Carrie was shaking her head vehemently looking horrified by the
very thought of it. 

     Oh Shit! That was too funny. I snorted and coughed out
laughter, as did Nic. I saw Carrie trying her best to look innocent, but
failing terribly as her mouth twitched uncontrollably.

     Landon placed his hands slowly on the table and shook
his head sorrowfully. How he could look so serious after that was a mystery to
me. “That hurts, Carrie. I think you have just emotionally scarred me for life.”

     Carrie placed her hand on Landon’s, patting it. Nic’s
laughter tapered off as he watched. Mine ramped up at his jealousy.

     “It will be okay, Landon. Some girl out there somewhere
will want to see you with your clothes off.” She patted his hand
affectionately. “I’m sure of it.”

     Those words set me off all over again.

     Landon sandwiched Carrie’s hand between his and gazed
at her hopefully. Oh, he was milking this, and Nic wasn’t appreciating it at
all if his tightened jaw was any indication. “Do you really think so, Carrie?
Could it happen soon do you think…like maybe tonight…with a tall leggy blonde
with big…”

    Carrie pulled her hand away swiftly with a short ‘
at the same time Nic growled again reaching out for said hand.

BOOK: Seth's Cravings: An Endless Series: Book 2
5.24Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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