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His gaze swept back to the fresco.

‘So there was no war.’

‘The Majapan way.’

‘And all the tribes abided by your rules.’

‘All feared—’ She paused as if she had committed a transgression.

‘Feared what?’ He watched her face now, half in shadow, searching for some hint of emotion, some small betrayal, in the eyes behind the mask.

‘A—god. A god we once worshiped.’ Her voice had turned somber. ‘But,’ she continued more brightly, ‘that was in the time-that-was; it is not important now for that false god was banished from this land many

An overgrown building, partially destroyed; a headless statue; a plumed serpent.

‘Only the Chacmool has reigned in Xich Chih,’ she said. ‘His priests devised the sacred ball game-’

‘So the Majapan avoided bloodshed by playing the game,’ said Ronin.

Her head swiveled and the light caught her eyes, shining, tawny, like perfect topazes.

‘Whatever gave you that idea?’ said Kin Coba, startled and indignant at the same time. ‘The heads of the losing team were delivered into the arms of their tribal chieftains as a warning against further aggression. Their steaming hearts were used to fertilize our crops. The Majapan were a very practical race.’

There was a small silence while he digested this, then:

‘You mean the Majapan never lost a game?’

‘No,’ she said. ‘Never.’

A peculiar depression had descended upon him. In an effort to break it, he said: ‘What lies behind that Chacmool mask, Kin Coba?’

Her slender hands, which had been in her lap, rose into the still air, a silent explosion, more truthful than words could ever be.

‘Do you wish,’ she said, ‘to possess me?’

He thought her choice of words curious.

‘You mean make love.’


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BOOK: Shallows of Night - 02
2.66Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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