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Sharing Adam

BOOK: Sharing Adam
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Sharing Adam


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Madelynne Ellis






Whoever thought infidelity could be this hot?

Becca Caine had no idea until she caught her husband enjoying an erotic clinch with another man.

When Becca Caine happens upon her husband, Elliot, enjoying an erotic clinch with a darkly attractive man named Adam, she’s both hurt by his infidelity and left uncomfortably aroused.

However, the more she learns about her husband’s homoerotic past encounters, the more desirous she becomes to see the two men make love.

Despite the risk to their marriage, Becca persuades Elliot to arrange such a tryst with Adam. Seeing them make out may well be the hottest thing she’s ever seen, but what happens when Adam discovers her and invites her to join in?

Can Becca truly share her husband with another man? Is Elliot prepared to share his wife? Are either of them really prepared to share Adam?








To A. N. for believing in me.



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Chapter One




Becca had once seen lightning strike. The bolt had hit the pavement right in front of her feet and dispersed into the earth, its passage unremarked upon save in the fraying of her nerves and the knowledge that she’d just escaped a life-altering event.

She’d never hoped to survive it, let alone expected to face the same situation twice. But then she’d never expected to find her husband pinned in the shadows by a raven-haired vixen.

Their friends’ wedding had passed unremarkably, as most did after the vows were said and the drinks began to flow, until that moment when she left the ladies and glimpsed Elliot a few feet away, embracing somebody else. He wasn’t even being particularly circumspect about it, given that a deep alcove lay to his rear and yet he stood under the light adjacent to the cloakroom door.

Becca braced herself behind a marble column, terrified of being seen, though she wasn’t in the wrong. What had possessed him? She risked another glimpse.

As the breath squeezed from her lungs and culminated in a cough, Elliot made a half-hearted attempt to peel the pale hand off his arse.

“Not cool, dude,” he chastised, giving Becca her first hint that she wasn’t dealing with what she’d originally thought. “My wife—”

“Can’t give you what I can give you.” The deep rumbling purr confirmed it. Not a vixen, but a viper. One of the ushers—a man she recognised from the overly zealous exchange he’d shared with Elliot on the way into the reception. Maybe that ought to have set off alarm bells, but folks met up at weddings who hadn’t seen one another in years. Emotions tended to run a little high, and Elliot’s response, a firm pat on the back, hadn’t given her cause for concern.

The guy released his grip on Elliot’s iron-like buns, only to make a grab for the ridge of his cock beneath his trouser fly.

“Bet she doesn’t even know how you swing. Probably be horrified to know how much a little rear-door action turns you on.”

Damn, if that wasn’t a truth that hurt more than this little tableaux. Not the last part—she knew Elliot well enough to know he enjoyed a little exploration in that region—but the not knowing that his interests ran to other men. That was a little hard to swallow.

“Who said it does, any more?” Elliot said. The slight bristle to his words and the stiffening of his shoulders made no impression upon his pursuer.

“Your cock dancing about behind your fly desperate to get out says so.”

She didn’t need to see the ridge of Elliot’s erection to know that it was true. The guy’s large hand spanned the whole length of Elliot’s imprisoned cock, while the curve of his index finger and thumb provided an extra pinch of encouragement. A softness infused Elliot’s gaze, coupled with a slackness of his jaw that spoke of intense delight.

How could they have been married five years without her knowing this sort of detail about him? Oh, if she thought hard on it, she supposed there’d been hints. Little things about the way Elliot was and how he behaved with other men, and the stray glances he cast. The way he always knew when she was looking at other men and could debate their merits, but had never seemed to admire women in the same way.

“What say we slip upstairs and make use of the facilities?” The man leaned closer, so that their chests were touching. He angled his head, seeking a kiss. “They’re all boozing. No one is going to miss us.”

“Adam—you’re not listening. I can’t do this.”

“We’ll make it quick.”

Don’t, Elliot, Becca silently begged. At least talk to me about what you need first. I can… We can…work round it. How could they? If he wanted a man, no amount of dress-up and make-believe would satisfy him. But she’d try. If he’d give her a chance, she’d try whatever it took. They’d been adventurous in the past.

Elliot extracted one arm from his would-be lover’s embrace long enough to glance at his watch.

“Ten minutes,” Adam coaxed, continuing to palm the bulge in Elliot’s trousers. “And I swear I’ll make every second count.”

Becca saw it in her husband’s eyes, the moment when temptation became capitulation. His mouth came crashing down upon Adam’s lips. He held him tight, groping his arse—desperate. Hungry, as if he was starved of affection.

Damn, that hurt.

They still had regular sex, even if it had become a little routine and a little dull.

This couldn’t be happening. She’d just drunk too much, was having double vision. Except this was her Elliot, in his crisp white shirt, drinking down kisses from another man.

What had happened? They’d shared passion like that not so long ago, when a shadowy alcove or a moonlit veranda had been the only excuse needed for a tryst. Even broad daylight hadn’t stopped them from sating their appetites for each other. She’d slip off her panties and straddle him while they were both otherwise fully clothed, the only skin to skin contact where it mattered most. But as each anniversary passed, the spark had faded a little. Somehow they’d become out of sync, never available or desirous of the same things at the same time. The raw, sexual excess that had dominated their early days together was now just an abrasive memory.

They ought to have worked harder at maintaining that bond. Now he was slipping away.

She didn’t want to yell and cause a scene and risk pushing him away any further. She’d said ‘I do’ and meant him, for keeps. But that wasn’t the only reason she’d remained rooted to the spot. Despite her grumbling feelings of outrage, Becca’s nipples had tightened to points. Seeing her husband being groped by another man was turning her on.

Really, that shouldn’t have been a surprise. She had a secret desire or two of her own. She hadn’t acted upon them—reading material and the odd glimpse of something naughty online didn’t count. Besides, spying was wrong. There were words for women who liked watching gay men—none of them kind. Not that they applied in this instance. Her husband wasn’t gay.

Yet, as Becca shifted her stance, awareness of her own arousal spread. She desired more, even as she smarted from the pain of Elliot’s infidelity. What manner of fool was she? Here was her husband, doing a tongue tango with another man, his hands clasped tight upon the guy’s arse, and the predominant thought running through her head was how good they would look together naked with all that smooth, sleek muscle rubbing together. And how Adam’s long, black hair would appear fanned out over Elliot’s chest or his hips as he sucked on Elliot’s cock.

Did Elliot like to be fucked? How did Adam know?

She knew he sometimes liked to be held down. How much more would he enjoy it, if it were a strong man doing the holding? She hadn’t the physical strength to do more than pretend to pin him down. Actual scarves and ropes, and—God forbid—handcuffs, made her uncomfortable.

The thought alone made her squirm, but heat, not a horrified shiver, tingled in her innards. She could see it all so clearly. The delightful Adam wouldn’t have any such qualms about restraints. He’d bind Elliot with steel and silk and fuck him until he begged for mercy.

The heat reached her cheeks, making them burn, and no doubt making a mockery of her carefully applied foundation.

The most horrific part wasn’t that Elliot would consider doing that, but that she wanted to watch it. She wanted to see him stretched and bound, with a trickle of sweat running across his brow, and to know whether all that straining made his final release that bit sweeter.

She wanted to see Adam fuck him, riding him from behind, with one hand clamped around his hair and another holding tight upon his shoulders. Their lovemaking would be harsh and brutal, and swift, slick and raw.

Shocked at herself, Becca covered her face with her hands, but even that didn’t blind her to the vision of her own desire.

Elliot broke off the kiss. “No—this is wrong. I can’t.” His words faltered as he caught sight of her.

Becca didn’t move.

“Oh, fucking hell!” He brushed off Adam’s hold and hurried towards her. “Babe—I’m sorry. I didn’t mean for you to see that. I mean that I didn’t mean to do it. Not that I was trying to hide anything. We were just goofing around. It didn’t… It wasn’t…”

“Don’t you dare dismiss me like that, Elliot Caine, and don’t lie to her. Don’t lie to yourself.” Adam loomed behind Elliot. His dark hair rested on his shoulders. “I’m sorry, we haven’t been properly introduced. I’m Adam.” He offered his hand and smiled when she automatically took it. “Enchanté.”

BOOK: Sharing Adam
5.83Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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